Even though the journey of DOAD has come to an end, the story still remains to keep on entertaining beautiful people like you! (yes, I’m talking to you)

If this is the first time you’re reading this blog, I suggest you DON’T scroll down any further (seriously…don’t) unless of course you want to spoil it for yourself

Either way, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed reading this blog!

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Much Love DubainGirl xoxo

Season 1 Intro

(Part 1-30) Link to Part 1

Yasmeen Raheem’s life has always been in Durban. From her best friend Fatimah, to her loving cousins and grandparents, everything has always been situated in the same country. But when her father accepts a job in Dubai, Yasmeen realizes that her ‘ordinary’ life in Durban is in for a real makeover. Is she cut out to be a Dubain Girl?

Season 2 Intro 

(Part31-61) Link to Part 31

All’s Fair in Love and Louboutins, Yasmeen Raheem’s new motto in life! After leaving behind all her troubles in Dubai, Yasmeen is back in Durban for Ramadan to help her Best Friend, mend relationships with people from her past, and start wearing scarf full time. Will Yasmeen be able to cope under all the pressure and Ramadan? And are Zaheer and her ever going to get past their argument?

Season 3 Intro

(Parts 62-94) Link to Part 62

Yasmeen Raheem could not be any happier! Not only has she learnt to love and enjoy her new life in Dubai, but she’s also managed to bag the man of her dreams. But how long will her relationship last? You know what they say, once a bad boy always a bad boy…. Is there any hope for the two love birds? And what is up with all the girls in school all of  a sudden? Talk about a weird vibe… Has Yasmeen done the wrong thing by focussing all her attention on a guy? And will she figure out why the girls are being so weird?

Season 4 Intro

(Parts 95-107) Link to Part 95

So much has happened in Yasmeen’s life! Both her best friends are engaged to be married! And what’s better, they’re having a Double Wedding! So with short notice, and much excitement Yasmeen finds her self back in Durban after 6 months of her Dubain life. But she returns to find a whole lot more hidden behind Uzair’s childhood friend Yasmin. The wedding fever is kicking in big time as Nuha takes over wedding plans, and Yasmeen’s feeling left out. With everyone around her moving full speed ahead in life, will Yasmeen move on? Will she change? Or will she stay stuck in her rut?

Season 5 Intro

(Parts 108-123) Link to Part 108

5 years after Fathima and Nuha’s double wedding, so much has changed. Yasmeen is married, Fathima is a mother and Nuha is pregnant. Only Uzair seems to be behind in getting a move on with his life. Even his cousin Ismaeel is getting married, that too in Dubai! Follow the Yasmeen, Zaheer and the Bobat clan as they attend the festivities of the wedding in Dubai. There they find adventure, memories and love. Will Uziar be able to find his dream girl in Dubai? And will Yasmeen join the baby club by having a mini Mahomed?

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84 thoughts on “About…

    • dubain01 says:

      Sorry, it wont get emailed to you from season one… Only new posts get emailed if you sign up and since DOAD is finished, now new posts will be emailed out so its pointless to signup

  1. Munch1440 says:

    As Salamu alaikum
    I browsed through this popular blog and I like the fact that being in love is shown as not the objective of life. However…it was a let down to find she travelled with her ex boyfriend(forbidden), that secular studies were shown as the primary goal and that she remained close friends with her ex. It is impossible for feelings or shaitan to not hinder one. Islam doesn’t allow friendship and hugging and travelling with the opp gender, surely there is more to life than following what we see on TV?
    And now you don’t have to be a dry dour pious bichari, you can sparkle like a pure diamond and have halaal fun

    • dubain01 says:

      Halaal fun I like the way you think😉

      Well I guess I grew as writer and the journey does teach you a lot about right and wrong.
      Shukran for pointing out how the blog was a let down. If I ever write again I shall in sha Allah take your criticism on board🙂 xoxo

  2. Munch1440 says:

    may Allah reward you for being open minded to ‘criticism’ perhaps you can wield your power as prolific blogger and alter that part or write something that shows,that having a ghair mahram in your life as “just friends” is not on. was-salaam

  3. zahragatta says:

    slmz. can someone plzz tell me the blog with the characters “Uwais” and “rizu”. it totally slipped my mind i just cant remember the blogs name. thx.

  4. amz says:

    anyone know what happen to relatable101? i miss rameez and armaani soo much. its almost 3 months since the last post

  5. rediscovery57 says:

    Oh and I forgot to add something in my other comment, but I feel it’s more general so it’ll be here😛
    In one of your posts, you mentioned ci gusta…
    Oh My Word! The flavours! *drool*
    (I inhaled the pistachio..lol🙂 )
    Anywayy, I thought of you when I was there😛 it had ‘dubaingirl’ all over it…not to mention Uzair and Yasmeen and Nuha😥
    OMG I miss this blog😦
    Please start a new one (soon)!
    Much Love xoxo

    • dubain01 says:

      Wanna know something funny: I’ve never even been to Ci Gusta😛 Someone just told me about it…
      Ahahaha hope you had some gelato ice cream for me😉 OMG I miss writing this blog😦 In sha Allah, make Dua I find time to write🙂 xoxo

  6. amzz says:

    so on saturday i also passed ci gusta and i could just see uzair and yasmeen there. and i felt light sort of heart sore since theres no more DOAD. please write another blog or something that we can read

    • dubain01 says:

      Aaaaaaaagh gurl you making ME heart sore😦

      This whole Ci Gusta thing, its kinda like a landmark for DOAD :p ahahaha in sha Allah! If i get the time I will xoxo

  7. rae says:

    So many memories! ;( missing Dubain like crazy! To all the girls / boys? Who are starting to read this awesome blog: buckle up! It’s gonna be a wild [and unpredictable] ride!
    Missing you xoxo ♥

    • dubain01 says:

      I love this comment ♥
      Im just getting so sentimental :$
      Yes yes buckle up, its one helluva ride😉
      Misssss writing doad even more xoxo

      • rae says:

        double eep! when i saw you replied i literally started squealing!😀 and my sister just gave me this look…
        yes yes yes, DOAD is sooo amazing, and it has a lot of twists and turns hehehe >:) so new readers… that’s all i have to say to you innocent, unaware bucchoos… *pats the newbies on the back*😀
        love you xoxoxoxox .<

  8. Khadeeja says:

    I would like to thank the author for writing this truly amazing blog. Thank you for this blog. When I just began reading it, I got so addicted to the extent where I use to worry the whole day what’s going to happen next and now the blog is over and at least I know that they’ll be living a happily ever after sort of life. What I’m saying is I will truly miss your writing and of course your imagination and I would like to thank you for making me look forward to the next day just that urge of waiting for a new post 😄. I do hope you return and when you do I’ll be ready. Thank you once again 😊 xoxo

    • habba786 says:

      Hy dar author of diary of z… I miss u… y did u close down ur blog… really really miss u… plz cum bak😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. me! says:

    If I remember correctly there was a blog about a girl seeking revenge on her father and step mom…I think…..does anyone have that link??? xoxo

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