Part 1 – The News

Dubai. The city that never sleeps. The city that is known for it’s luxury and wealth. Everyone tends to go ON and ON about Dubai, as if its the greatest city in the world.

Newsflash: It isn’t. Its scorching hot 90% of the time, theres sand everywhere and ‘m pretty sure the beaches have no waves at all. So why all the praise for a city that seems to have so many flaws?

Its all because of the shopping! I’ve been to Dubai enough times to know that the retail is what attracts people towards it. Take me for example. Dubai Mall is what attracts me to the city. I can shop from dawn till dusk, never leaving the mall. It’s like my second home… SECOND home.

Now Dubai is going to be my ACTUAL home, when I want it to be nothing more than a holiday destination. Not that I’ll be getting my way this time. I have no say in this. It was all sprung on me so quickly that I’m still coming to terms with the life changing news.

It was an ordinary day. I had just gotten home from an exhausting day at school, to find my parents sitting quietly in the living room. It was odd to see my father home so early, but I didn’t question it and instead plopped my self into the massage chair.

The chatter between my parents died and I knew right then that the conversation that was about to come would be a serious one.

MUM:  Yasmeen you look exhausted. How was school?

ME: It was like any other normal day. Whats going on?

MUM: Why would anything be going on?

ME: Well, Daddy is home very early. Whats up?

A quizzical look passed between my father and mother.

MUM: Well, we have something to talk to you and your brother about.

ME: Armaan will be home soon enough. Whats going on?

MUM: Yasmeen, you like Dubai right?

ME: I guess. As long as we don’t go there in the Summer, Dubai is really nice. But please don’t tell me we’re going there for holiday again? We were just there two months ago

MUM: No no, not for holiday-

My mother was about to carry on speaking, but she was cut off by the sound of the door slamming loudly.


MUM: We’re here in the lounge.

My brother Armaan made his grand entrance into the house, attacking the couch opposite me. He looked at me as if asking what was going in. I simply shrugged my shoulders and turned my attention back to my mother. He did the same and we both waited in silence for my mother to carry on speaking.

Armaan and I weren’t your average siblings. We fought, hell we would physically wrestle when he was 5 , but now that we were older we got along very well. Sure he could be the pain in my neck younger brother, but he could also be a friend and believe it or not he gave great advice. Even though I was three years older than him, we both looked out for each other.

My mother continued to babble on about Dubai until I looked at my father and cut her off..

ME: Seriously, whats going on? I feel like you guys are just rambling on and not getting to the point of this- this discussion. Why is she talking about Dubai so much?

DAD: Well, I’ve been offered a job there…

I froze and for a moment I forgot how to breathe.

My father kept on talking, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I felt like I was a million miles away as my brain whizzed, reacting to what my father had just said.

Dubai. He got a job in Dubai. He wanted us to move to Dubai.

But my whole life had always been in Durban. My friends and family were here. This is where I grew up. Now my father wanted us to just pick up our lives and move to Dubai?

It was all too much and I didn’t want to hear my father say the words I already knew he was going to say, so I excused myself and ran out of the living room. I dashed up the stairs and went straight to my bedroom, throwing my self onto my bed. And before I could control my emotions, the floodgates opened. I cried and cried, and cried.

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the first part of Diary of a Dubain. 

Stay tuned to keep up with what happens next in Yasmeen’s life….



28 thoughts on “Part 1 – The News

  1. fawkes says:

    Awwwh me missing this blog so mUUUUch 😦
    & Yas and my Zah! ❤ and Nuha (notice pointed exclusion of Uzi :p
    all the other awesomenssss of my DOAD!!
    So I'm doing a re-read *whooo* so excited 😀
    Miss me fave blog so much…please write again soooon
    Mwah….love xxx

    • dubain01 says:

      Me misssss blogging too too much as well!!!!
      Lolz, why you excluding Uzzzzi 😉
      Hope you enjoooyed re reading it! Makes me feel all happy that you still read this 😛

      Much Love xoxox

  2. als18 says:

    You won’t believe this but this is going to be my 4th time reading your blog! I just love this story so much I practically read it once a year😂❤. Thank you for this!🙌❤

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