Part 28 – Making Friends

Cirque Du Soleil definitely lived up to the hype it had. It was mind blowing. It was spectacular and I was really glad that my father took us to watch the performance.

This particular show was Chinese themed and so there were rich Asian designs and art incorporated into the performance. It was amazing!

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Part 16 – Swings & Sandcastles

God gave us a voice so that we could use it, but for some reason I could not get mine to work! I cleared my throat, fearing that if I spoke I would sound like a croaky frog, but even after coughing and spluttering up a lung, I couldn’t speak. So I stopped trying. Instead, I handed Zaheer a few of the packets I was holding and followed him down a hallway as we approached a door. We walked in and once again, my breath was taken away.

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Part 10 -Family Day

The following day was  Friday which meant family day in my house.

The moment I stepped through the front door, arriving home from school, I could feel the tension in the air from the night before. Running up to my room to change, my mother stopped to tell me that Aunty Salma had phoned. Apparently, she was available on Saturday night for dinner.

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Part 6 – Oh No!

As we drove in Uzair’s convertible, I couldn’t help but glance at him and take in his profile.

The wind blew through his hair as his piercing green eyes looked straight ahead. As if he knew I was watching him, Uzair turned to look at me. He met my gaze, smiled that smile that could melt a glacier and turned back to look at the road.

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Part 4 – Comfort Food

Looking at the time, I was shocked. It was nearly 4pm. How long had I been crying for? My stomach seemed to agree as it rumbled and I raced downstairs to rummage around in the kitchen for something to eat. The fridge, as always, was stacked with leftovers: curries, lentils and rice dishes. I ended up pulling out a box of frozen pizza and warming it up for myself. Continue reading

The Story of DOAD

What do you do when you’re forced to leave the only home you’ve ever known?

Yasmeen Raheem’s entire life has always been situated within Durban South Africa. But suddenly she’s thrown into the deep end when she finds out she’ll be moving to the land of Arabians in a matter of weeks.

She has to learn to let go of the past, adapt to a new city and most importantly, she has to learn to survive in a whole new world without her family and friends back home.

Will she make it and be the Dubain she was always meant to be?

Or will she remain an outsider forever, friendless and without family?

Read the story of a Durbanite finding her way in Dubai…


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