Sorry to Interrupt…

You must be wondering why on earth you’re getting a notification from Diary of a Dubain.

I have a good reason… well I think it’s a good reason. 

Diary of a Dubain has reached a million views! (WOAH)


When this blog ended I think I had around 650,000 views, roughly?

And I think it’s pretty amazing that this blog is still being read! 

I get messages from people telling me they’re re-reading Diary of a Dubain.

Inwardly I cringe because (lets face it) this blog has more typos than I can count and is such a cliche!

Which is why I’m in the process of editing it, so if you find that the storyline is not exactly as you remember it, that’s why.

But nevertheless, Diary of a Dubain is my baby. It’s where my writing journey began and it’s where I found a core of loyal readers!

So thanks all for the million views. 

Here are a bunch of gifs to express my happiness and gratitude…






You can now carry on with your lives : )