Part 123 – Love is Everything

Picture a castle, standing alone and strong in the middle of a lush green field.

Picture flowers growing all around, the sun out and not a cloud in sight.

This was the venue of Uzair and Aishah’s wedding, or what they liked to call their ‘Garden Reception.’

Either way, it was a beautiful day and we were all spending it at a beautiful place!

Zaheer, Zayaan Fathima and I arrived together, deciding that we would car pool instead of trekking to the castle alone. We weren’t car pooling for any economical or social reason. It was the fear factor that we would get lost travelling to this land far far away!

Trust Uzair’s mother to find a venue that was an hours drive from home…

We got off the car and a gush of wind greeted us. Fathima and I held onto our dresses making sure they wouldn’t fly up our legs.

Dressed in a flowing summery peach dress was Fathima who was carrying an equally peach Hafsa.

Yasmeen: Cute, you’re wearing matchy matchy!

Fathima: You would not believe how she insisted to wear the same colour as me. I bought her such a pretty white dress but no. Madame has to wear the same as her mother. She’s so young yet so bossy.

Yasmeen: Not bossy, sassy! Like her mother.

Hafsa looked every inch of a Princess, donning a mini crown on her head while prancing around in silver shiny ballet flats.

Yasmeen: I love her shoes! They are adorable.

Fathima: Zayaan bought them for her.

I was shocked!

Yasmeen: Seriously?! He has good taste. Who knew…

We made our way onto the lawn. There before our eyes was a massive white canopy tent. Underneath it were tables and couches and chairs and bean bags!

Fathima: Wow… this is-

Yasmeen: Breath taking!

It wasn’t just the tent that was done up really nicely. It was everything! It was the tent, and the castle in the background, and the glorious summer weather we were blessed with.

Yasmeen: Aren’t I glad for wearing flats!

Fathima: Thank god, otherwise your heels would have been sinking into the grass. And heels wouldn’t have been the most ideal footwear for a pregnant woman!

I rolled my eyes.

Yes, I was 20 weeks pregnant and my baby bump was hidden beneath a flowing lilac dress. Ever since my pregnancy started, lilac seemed to be the colour that caught my eye!

It was an Alexander McQueen dress that jumped out at me begging me to buy it a few months ago in London. The cut was loose and I knew that it would be the perfect dress to wear for Uzair and Aishah’s reception.

Fathima, Hafsa and I took our seats where our name cards were placed.

I noticed that it was on the same table that Aisha’s mother and her sister were to be seated at.

Fathima: Mrs Lilac! Is there anything you have worn in the past week that isn’t lilac?!

Yasmeen: Well yes! I wore black a few days ago…

Fathima: Your jeans were black! You wore it with a lilac top!

Yasmeen: Oh whatever! I’m enjoying my lilac phase, leave me be.

She shook her head and laughed.

Fathima: I must say the dress looks really nice worn.

Yasmeen: Why thank you! You know, a lot of people say being pregnant makes you bossy and moody. But I feel like I’m floating on cloud nine.

Fathima: That’s because you’re normally bossy and moody so it had the reverse effect on you

Zaheer: Tsk tsk tsk, insulting a pregnant woman. You should be ashamed of your self!

Zayaan and Zaheer appeared behind us and we chatted a while longer with them before they went to the mens side of the tent, Hafsa deciding to go sit with her father. Fathima and I took this opportunity to do a round of the place.

Aunty Salma had out done her self!

Every detail you could think of in terms of food and decor, was covered!

Just looking at the dessert table, my mouth was watering and I knew that I’d be eating double desserts, for my baby and I.

Fathima and I were in awe and we weren’t surprised to see live cooking stations. The reception hadn’t even begun and they had chefs making bite size starters for the guests.

Yasmeen: Mmm… I officially love Aunty Salma! These starters are to die for!

I’d already downed three mini chicken tikka starters and I was onto my fourth.

Fathima: Right, thats enough for you missy! I’m cutting you off. No more chicken tikka for you! Now lets go look for Nuha.

And so we walked a little while longer before we found Nuha and Omar fussing around with Rayaan’s pram.

Yasmeen: Someones having pram trouble I see?

Nuha: Can’t even make salaam nor offer to help us!

I laughed aloud.

Yasmeen: Hey, I’m the pregnant lady here! You should be asking me if you can rub my feet or get me anything.

Nuha: Yeah, that isn’t going to happen Yass. Fathima please help with this pram!

Omar: You ladies can figure this out. I’m taking my son to play over there.

And he walked off with Rayaan in his arms towards the children’s entertainment section where a clown and jumping castle awaited.

Yes they had a jumping castle!

Fathima: So what seems to be the problem?

Nuha: I can’t get this to close!

Yasmeen: Remind me again, how long have you been a mother for?

Nuha: Oh shush you. This pram is new! His grandparents bought it for him and this is the first time I’m using it and its too fancy for me.

Fathima: Oh wow! Something is too fancy for Nuha?! Who knew this day would come!

Nuha: You guys are being really unsupportive and unhelpful right now.

Yasmeen: Fine fine… Fathima help her!

And with that I turned on my heel and walked away before they could shout me for not helping.

I went off in search of Aunty Salma to ask her if I could do anything.

Aunty Salma: No sweetie, you just sit tight. You’ve got a baby coming along so you just enjoy the day my darling!

Yasmeen: You’re too sweet. Is everything set for today? No hiccups?

Aunty Salma: Well I think the bride and groom are running a bit late-

Yasmeen: Typical…

Aunty Salma: And I see Aishah’s family walking in. Come, lets go greet them.

And so I accompanied Aunty Salma to greet Aishah’s family. Some had come from abroad to attend this spectacular reception.

It just so happened that this was the time my parents arrived with Armaan.

Mummy: Oh so you’re part of the welcoming party now hey?

Yasmeen: I was greeting the bride’s family. Have to show my hospitable side!

My mother hugged me and looked around, taking in the venue.

Mummy: This place is, breath taking! Salma you did a fantastic job!

Aunty Salma: Oh it wasn’t just me…

And she dived into the topic of who helped her with what, and what wedding planner she recruited and which caterers were here.

The list goes on and on.

I greeted my father and brother before making my way back to my table.

My feet were starting to ache.

I will admit, in the past month I was getting tired really quickly, and standing around didn’t help with that.

I was soon joined on the table by Fathima and Nuha. By now, Aishah’s mother,  sister and a lady who I learned was her grandmother, were also seated.

Everyone awaited the arrival of the bride and groom.

And then they walked in, hand in hand, smiling.

Aishah was dressed in a beautiful white lace dress while Uzair donned a white blazer.

This was no ordinary wedding reception. There was no stage and there was no couch on a stage where the couple would normally sit.

Instead Uzair deposited Aishah at a table where her closest friends were seated while he went to the men’s side of the tent to sit.

Everyone gushed over the radiant glow on Aishah’s face and the stunning lace work on her dress as we ate lunch.

Lunch soon turned into dessert, and dessert into tea and the whole time we all talked about the bride and groom, about the venue and about my growing baby bump.

‘So when are you due?’

‘Are you going to find out if its a girl or a boy?’

‘So you’re having the baby in London?’

Question after question was hurled at me and I finally had a sense of what Nuha and Fathima went though when they were pregnant. Only I was lucky because I’d only have to endure this for a week before I went back to London. They endured it for months!

The bride and groom walked around socialising with guests while everyone had dessert and tea.

Yasmeen: Aishah! Get over here you beautiful bride!

Aishah: You do know I was a bride 5 months ago?

Yasmeen: Yes, well now you’re the total image of a bride! Your dress is beautiful, this day is beautiful, I’m just so happy!

Aishah: I see that. The mother to be is really excited and happy. Its good to see you being nice for once.

Yasmeen: Ha ha, funny!

Aishah: I love you really.

Yasmeen: Sure you do. So hows married life treating you?

Aishah: Is it weird that I’m still in the honeymoon phase?

Yasmeen: Not weird at all. I’ve been married for nearly 2 years and I’m still honeymooning with Zaheer.

Zaheer: Did someone say my name?

Zaheer appeared and pulled up a chair next to mine before he started talking to my belly.

Aishah looked at the sight in front of her and was shocked.

Aishah: Wow…. I am speechless!

Yasmeen: Oh this? This is normal. He talks to my belly all the time.

Aishah: Wow… I’m still speechless!

Zaheer: You’re interrupting my baby talk time.

Aishah laughed.

Aishah: Sorry, sorry. I’ll leave you to your ‘baby talk time.’ I’ll see you later Yas.

She bent down, hugged me and walked away into the sea of people to carry on greeting and meeting.

I turned to Zaheer and raised an eyebrow.

Zaheer: Why are you looking at me like that?

Yasmeen: Is it necessary for you to publically speak to my stomach?

Zaheer: I was missing my baby boy. I had to come and say hello.

Yasmeen: For the last time Zaheer Mohamed, you dont know if its a boy! And I refuse to find out early!

Zaheer: For the last time Yasmeen Mohamed, it would make our lives so much easier if we knew!

I sighed and rubbed my temples.

Yasmeen: I like surprises and I want to be surprised. End of story.

And we left the conversation like that. Sure he was a pain, but I knew he was going to be the world’s greatest father! My unborn baby was getting a LOT of attention being inside me, imagine how much more love and care it would get once it came out into the world!

As the reception was coming to an end and as people were getting ready to leave, Uzair and Aishah made their way to the front of the hall with a mic in hand.

Well this was unconventional.

Aishah greeted everyone before saying a few words.

Aishah: I just wanted to thank everyone for being here today. To all my family who have travelled so far, this day would not have been as joyous without you. To the Bobat family, thank you for welcoming me into your homes with open arms.The transition to Durban was a lot easier because of you. I’d like to thank the guests that travelled from abroad, Yasmeen and Zaheer  in particular. I would not have been standing here today if it wasn’t for you guys. And finally, I’d like to thank my husband, for believing in me and loving me, flaws and all.

And there was an eruption of applause.

Uzair hugged Aishah and in that moment I swear every heart in that tent swooned.

Everyone could feel the pure love Aishah and Uzair had between them.

And to feel someone else’s love was by far the most magical moment I had ever experienced.


Zaheer and Yasmeen continued to live in London for another 5 years. Yasmeen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital. She was the apple of her father’s eye and she was her mother’s little princess. They named her Aziza, precious, for she was precious to them.

Fathima and Zayaan had another girl 4 years after Hafsa. Zayaan got promoted and moved to Cape Town with his family. So after spending all her life in Durban, Fathima had the chance at a new life in a new city.

Nuha and Omar moved to the countryside when Omar’s father could no longer take care of the farm they owned. Rayaan grew and soon became the older brother of his sister Radhia. Nuha adapted to the countryside and began to love it, to the extent that she didn’t want to move back home anymore.

Uzair and Aishah never moved out of Durban for that was where Uzair’s home would always be. Aishah adapted to the life there.  5 years into their marriage, Aishah gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy was named Mohammed and the girl Yasmeen.

Yasmeen’s parents, after spending 10 years in Dubai, moved back to Durban retiring to the life of family and friends.

Armaan studied medicine in Dubai and became a doctor. Inspired by Uzair, he too set off on an adventure to help others in destitute areas.

And Tariq, after many years and much pestering, married a Brazilian muslim girl. The wedding was grand.  Yasmeen and Zaheer were in attendance with Aziza. Tariq had become like an uncle to Aziza, spoiling her with gifts and love while in London.

Though her life was full circle as Yasmeen ended up back in Durban, a part of her would always miss living in a foreign country. The excitement that came with living abroad could not be found in her home city. But home is where the heart is, and wherever Zaheer was,  that was Yasmeen’s home…


Author’s note

Sooooooo long,


auch wiedersehen

good night!

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Part 122 – The London Anniversary

We touched down in London and I shook Zaheer in an attempt to wake him up.

Yasmeen: Zah, I know you’re awake, now haul butt and wake up!

His one eye opened as a smile spread across his face.

Zaheer: Haul butt?! Who are you and what have you done with my wife?

Yasmeen: Yeah, haul butt! I would say the other word but theres a little girl sitting next to me and…

Zaheer: Motherly instinct kicking in I see. Already watching your language and you don’t even have a kid.

I gave him my best fake smile.

Yasmeen: Just wake up already!

Zaheer: I’m awake I’m awake! Geez, someones excited to be back in London.

Yasmeen: Surprisingly, I am! I missed my bed and my clothes and the lady at the cashier at the supermarket down the road.

Its true! That little old lady was one of the nicest people I had ever met! She was in her late sixties yet she ‘hauled butt’ and worked everyday at a small supermarket close to our house.

We went through passport control, gathered our luggage and hailed a taxi. It was midnight yet the weather was quite warm. It was a summers evening after all!

I snuggled up to Zaheer in the taxi and he kissed the top of my head.

Zaheer: Home sweet home.

After offloading our bags, we paid the driver and made our way into our house.

I know I complain a lot about moving and about lack of space and bottom line I complain about a lot of things. But truth be told, our house was magnificent! It had a vintage charm to it and I loved it.

Practicality wise, it was no environment for a baby to be raised in, but we still had time to think about baby proof homes and all that came with that!

Zaheer and I collapsed onto the bed the minute we changed out of our clothes. We caught up on all the sleep we were lacking and awoke the next morning with fresh faces and smiles.

We lay in bed the entire morning talking, about our trip to Dubai, about Durban, about baby Rayaan, about Uzair and Ashley, about our future children…

Zaheer: But I want a son…

Yasmeen: Zaheer! You cant say that! You have to say you want a healthy baby!

Zaheer: Well of course I want a healthy baby… just a baby boy!

I shook my head, giving up with this man.

I fired up my laptop and decided that a Sunday afternoon skype call to South Africa was just what I needed.

Hafsa’s face was what greeted me!

Yasmeen: Hafsoooo! My jaan, you are growing so big!

She began to smile and laugh as I spoke to her in baby talk. After a minute or so I was talking to her mother.

Yasmeen: Hey heyy!

Fathima: Where is your salaam?!

Yasmeen: Oh chill mama Fathima. I must say Hafsa is looking like a little madame today.

Fathima: That’s because we’re all at a brunch my darling. Got to dress fancay!

Yasmeen: A brunch, how ‘fancay’.

Fathima: Mmm.. indeed it is. Its in honour of Uzair’s fiancée. And since all the parents have given the go ahead, I can finally refer to her as his fiancée.

Yasmeen: Hmm.. I think you just like saying the word ‘fiancée.

Fathima: Mm… maybe.

Yasmeen: Better not let Uzair hear you say that. He’ll get into one long argument about how that term doesn’t apply to him!

Fathima: That’s so true!! Nevermind now! He’s the centre of attention whether he likes it or not, he and his fiancée!

I shook my head! Fathima always loved french sounding words. Too bad her french accent was more amusing than accurate.

Yasmeen: Right, so where are you exactly?

Fathima: The garden of Aunty Salma’s house. The house was a bit too noisy for a skype call so I came outside.

Yasmeen: Ah I see. Well can I trouble you? I want to congratulate Aunty Salma. Mind going inside for me?

Fathima: Ah, the things I do for you!

A few minutes later I was speaking to Uzair’s mother.

Yasmeen: Aunty Salmaaa! Mabrook on becoming a soon to be mother in law!

Aunty Salma: Oh thank you Yasmeen! I heard you were quite the cupid in Dubai?

Yasmeen: Oh you know me, I try! But you have to admit, I did a pretty good job.

She laughed and shook her head.

Aunty Salma: You haven’t changed a bit. How are you my dear? Are you back in London so soon?

Yasmeen: Yeah, we arrived last night and I said I had to skype Fathima because I knew Zaheer and I were missing out on whatevers happening there.

Aunty Salma: Shame you’ll should have stayed. It would have been so lovely.

Yasmeen: I know! It must be so nice to have a joyful atmosphere. First Nuha’s baby, now Uzair! What’s next?

Aunty Salma: Shukr, can’t complain. Nuha has a healthy baby boy and my Uzair found a lovely girl! Aishah doesn’t stop talking about you.

I smiled.

Yasmeen: Is Aishah there?

Aunty Salma: Yeah, hold on one second I’ll call her.

She disappeared from sight and Aishah appeared in her place.

Aishah: Yasmeeeen!

Yasmeen: Aishaaah! By the smile on your face I take it everything is going well?

Aishah: Oh, everything is going amazingly well! Its so great! I wish you were here with me.

Yasmeen: I wish I was there too, but since I’m not fill me in on whats been happening!

Aishah: Well…

And she dived into the story of her trip to South Africa with her parents so far.

They had all travelled together, the Bobat clan and Aishah’s family with the intention of all having lunch together at the Bobat household the following day.

Aishah described Uzair as the perfect gentleman; he took them to their hotel, settled them in, picked them up the next day. He was the perfect host throughout lunch, always asking if anyone needed anything.

Aishah: I think my Dad was even falling in love with him! He’s just so great, sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Oh how I loved Aishah’s sense of humour!

Yasmeen: Oh you kill me! That’s Uzair for you, the perfect gentleman.

Aishah: I feel so lucky and happy all the time. I’ve already started the honeymoon phase and I’m not even married!

I shook my head and laughed.

Yasmeen: So how did lunch go?

Aishah: Well our parents met for the first time and they talked and talked and talked about our backgrounds, jobs, life! We were there until 2 in the morning Yas! It was insane how time flew by so quickly. My parents had a good time and so did I.

Yasmeen: Yeah Aunty Salma sounded ecstatic earlier on!

Aishah: Oh and don’t even get me started on how lovely she is! So sweet and she’s so honest about everything! I love it.

Yasmeen: I am so glad that you’re happy! Even if its a scary level of happy.

Aishah: What to do? I’m just that content! How was Dubai without me?

Yasmeen: We met up with Tariq. He was shocked when we told him about you! And then I told him its about time he gets married!

Aishah: I agree! We can cupid together for him, assess which girls he’d like.

Yasmeen: You’ll be too busy planning a wedding!

Aishah: Oh yaa… I forgot about that! But that’s not for another 4 months! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you… We decided to have the nikkah next week Friday.

Yasmeen: Wow! I knew Uzair wanted it to be soon, but I didn’t think this soon.

Aishah smiled a secret smile.

Yasmeen: I’ll pretend I didn’t just see you smile really slyly!

She burst out laughing at my honest remark!

Aishah: Oh please! Go find your husband and interrogate him and his smiles.

Yasmeen: Well he’s sitting right next to me and it seems he’s gone back to sleep… lazy thing!

Aishah: Aww, shame you both must be exhausted! I better be heading back. Miss you Yas! I might be in the UK next month. Family thing!

Yasmeen: Really? Well phone me if you’re here. Or phone me if you need anything like now or whenever!

Aishah: I will I will! Take care

And then the call was cut and all was silent, except for the quiet sound of Zaheer’s chest rising and falling…

Rising and falling…

I watched him a while longer until I began to get pins and needles.

Unable to go back to sleep I unpacked all that I could. I tidied up and made my self a cuppa tea before sinking into the couch ready to binge watch all the series I was behind on.

2 hours later a hand touched me from behind and I turned around in shock!

Yasmeen: God, you scared me!

Zaheer: What are you watching?

Yasmeen: Oh just catching up on everything!

Zaheer: Well get ready, we’re going out for dinner.

Yasmeen: Aww Zaheer man! We just got home… Can’t we order in?

Zaheer: No. Go shower and change… now!

I grunted.

Yasmeen: Fine!

I trudged off to our room where I reluctantly pulled out clothes to wear for dinner.

All I wanted to do was lounge around at home and binge watch suits in my really comfortable joggers, but no! My husband wanted to go out for dinner.

After taking the longest shower in the world, intentionally, I very slowly changed into a pair of jeans and a top.

Yasmeen: Right! I’m ready!

Zaheer eyed me up and down.

Zaheer: You’re wearing that?

Now I was beginning to get irritated.

Yasmeen: I’m not going for a fashion show! I’m going out to eat. So yeah, you’re dragging me out of the house when I’d rather stay at home. So the least you can do is let me wear whatever I want to.

This was a dumb argument.

Even I knew it was a dumb argument.

But I ranted anyway purely because I needed to vent my frustration.

The entire car ride was silent except for the sound of the radio playing. Finally we pulled up at a restaurant in a part of London that looked familiar.

Realisation washed over me as I remembered that I use to stay in this area when I was in university.

Yasmeen: What are we doing here?

Zaheer: You’ll see…

He got out of the car and came around to open the door for me.

Zaheer: This way milady.

I linked my arm through his and we walked towards a brightly lit restaurant. I gasped when I realised that I had been here before.

Yasmeen: Oh my god… Its been years since I’ve been here!

Zaheer: Its been 4 years to be precise.

Zaheer held the door open for me and even pulled out a chair for me!

Yasmeen: Okay, spill! Whats going on?

Zaheer: Nothings going on. Can’t a husband take his wife out for dinner?

Yasmeen: Of course he can! But when he starts holding doors open  and starts pulling chairs out, then I know the husband is up to something.

Zaheer: I am offended you’d think such a thing! Now, less thinking more ordering!

There was no winning with him!

Giving up, I lifted the menu and browsed through the food.

It seemed that everything in this restaurant had stayed the same!

The interior, the exterior, the food! It seemed like just yesterday I was dining here.

Yasmeen: I came here to eat on the first day I moved to London. Never came back again.

When I said this, a small smile appeared on Zaheer’s face.

Yasmeen: Oooooh, I see. So thats why you brought me here. A trip down memory lane…

Zaheer put his menu down and took my hands into his.

Zaheer: Four years ago you moved to London all by yourself. This restaurant wasn’t only the place you came to on your first day of uni, its also where you gave me a second chance in your life, as your friend.

Oh Zaheer, you wanted a night out to take me down memory lane and all I did was scream at you.

Zaheer: Four years ago on this very day you and I ate in that corner table. I remember thinking I was going to get food poisoning because you chose such a dodge place to have dinner, but I ended up having the best tacos in my life!

Its true, there tacos were to die for!

Zaheer: And I’m here with you on your London Anniversary, celebrating 4 years of you being a Londoner.

I smiled at my insanely thoughtful and amazingly sweet husband. How did he remember the date I moved here when I couldn’t?

Yasmeen: I never did tell you how proud I was of you.

Zaheer gave me a perplexed look.

Yasmen: We stayed friends for those few years and you didn’t try anything on me. You understood me and respected me and I was so proud of you!

Zaheer laughed and smiled at me.

Zaheer: I couldn’t loose you again. I wasn’t going to chance it

Yasmeen: You don’t have to worry about that anymore; you’re never going to loose me Zaheer.

We sat there smiling at each other, turning seconds into minutes, minutes into hours, and hours into an unforgettable night.

We sat there like how we sat there four years ago, two people with faith, hope and love!

Faith within our selves to never give up, no matter how tough it may get.

Hope that we would get through thick and thin and everything in between, that we would grow old together still loving each other the way we had as teenagers.

But above all we had love. A Love so strong towards each other that it could shake mountains and split skies.

From 18 till 80, in that moment I knew that Zaheer and I could lose everything, yet we’d always have faith, hope and love.

Author’s Note

Aaaaand, that brings me to the end of the Diary of a Dubain summer segment!

I know I was unsure of whether I was going to post 15 or 20 parts, but it seems that my summer is coming to an end quite rapidly, so I better tie up this segment real fast and get back to sorting out my life!

An epilogue will be out soon, that is if you readers would like that. If not then just pop me a comment saying ‘no epilogue wanted!’

Until then, take care and enjoy the read!

Much Love, Tasmiyah x

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Part 121 – Tariq the Bachelor

Once everyone left Dubai, I finally had time on my hands to spend with my family. My mother was ecstatic when I phoned to tell her that Zaheer and I would stay our final few nights in Dubai with her at home.

Home! It was good to be in my mother’s house. Which daughter could complain about spending extra time with their mother once they’re married?!

Its like I began to appreciate my mother so much more after I was married. The little time we’d have together during my trips to Dubai or South Africa, I would treasure it!

On our second last day in Dubai, Zaheer told me that Tariq was back in town, and said he was going to meet him for breakfast.

Yasmeen: Why doesn’t he come home for supper tonight?

Zaheer: You’re cooking?

Yasmeen: Well… I’ll be ‘helping’ with the cooking.

Zaheer smiled a smile that said he knew me too well.

Zaheer: I can translate that to ‘your mother will do the cooking and you’ll just sit on the counter top and look pretty.’

Yasmeen: Aww, you think I’m pretty?

I raised an eyebrow; I loved the playful side of Zaheer.

Zaheer: Good heavens no!

And the playful side was replaced with mean Zaheer.

I stuck my tongue out and turned my back on him.

He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and whispered into my ear.

Zaheer: I think you’re beautiful, out of this world, and stunning in your own way. Pretty would not do justice to describe you.

I smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Yasmeen: Thats more like it!

He laughed and hugged me before leaving to see Tariq.

Then it was just my mother and I. Armaan was out enjoying his final few weeks of freedom before it was onto the life of a university student.

Yasmeen: So mother, what do you want to do today?

Mummy: I want to catch up with my stranger of a daughter.

Yasmeen: You’re exaggerating. I haven’t been a stranger…

My mother raised an eyebrow at me.

Yasmeen: Okay fine, I’ll admit I have been slightly busy with the whole wedding and whatever. I’m sorry…

Mummy: Its okay, but to make it up to me, tell me all about wedding week.

So my mother and I sat cuddled on the couch while I told her all about the days leading up to the wedding, the wedding itself and of course I didn’t leave out the parts about Uzair and Aishah.

Mummy: Oh my word! Why didn’t you tell me sooner about Ashley? I mean Aishah! Thats wonderful news.

Yasmeen: I was so caught up I forgot to tell you but yeah, its really very exciting!

Mummy: I better phone Aunty Salma and congratulate her! I know she has been so worried about Uzair and his future.

Yasmeen: Well she can worry no more, for cupid Yasmeen solved the problem and brought two hearts together.

Mummy: Okay my dear, now you can get your head out of the clouds.

We talked a while longer before my phone rang. It was Zaheer.

Yasmeen: Dooo you miss me already?

Zaheer: Desperately! I phoned to tell you Tariq agreed to dinner for tonight.

Yasmeen: Why wouldn’t he? Everyone wants to taste my cooking.

Zaheer: You mean your mother’s cooking!

Yasmeen: Ha ha. Would you like to sleep on the couch tonight smart mouth?

Zaheer: Err, I’d much rather prefer the comfort of a bed next to my wife.

Yasmeen: Thats what I thought… You on your way home?

Zaheer: Yeah but I’m passing a supermarket. Do you need anything?

Yasmeen: One second.

I placed a hand over the mouth piece and spoke to my mother.

Yasmeen: Mummy, Zaheer’s friend is coming for supper. Do you need anything from the supermarket?

Mummy: You rather take his friend out for dinner. Save you and I a day slaving in the kitchen.

Yasmeen: Good point!

I returned back to my phone call with my husband.

Yasmeen: New plan! We’re eating out.

Zaheer: What? Why?

Yasmeen: Because my mother’s too lazy to cook.

Zaheer: Babes, why don’t you cook?

Yasmeen: Because I cook the rest of the year and right now I’m on holiday, and I’m enjoying my no cooking time here in Dubai.

Zaheer sighed.

Zaheer: Fine fine. I’ll tell Tariq.

And he cut the call. I could tell he was slightly annoyed, but I was seriously in no mood to cook.

Nonetheless, dinner was set for 8pm at JBR and I couldn’t complain because I loved JBR! I loved the atmosphere and the restaurants and the view.

Before going out for dinner I got to spend a little time with my brother and father. We conversed about the same old things; politics, life, Armaan’s education, my work.

Daddy: I don’t know why you didn’t apply to a university in London Armaan, I just don’t understand it.

Armaan: I like my life here. My friends are here, you and mummy are here; I’m settled.

Yasmeen: Leave him Daddy. He’s happy and thats what matters.

Armaan: We all can’t be Londoners like Yasmeen here.

And I chucked a pillow at him. Even when I came to his defence he made stupid remarks. But what to do, brothers will be brothers no matter what.

We arrived at JBR a little after eight. Luckily it was a weeknight so there was minimal traffic and plenty of parking.

Zaheer and I walked hand in hand into the restaurant and upstairs onto the balcony where Tariq was seated.

Zaheer: Sorry we’re late. She couldn’t decide what colour scarf to wear.

I narrowed my eyes at Zaheer before smiling at Tariq.

Yasmeen: Ignore the moody man next to me. He’s not in the best of spirits tonight.

Tariq laughed.

Tariq: I see that. How are you Yasmeen?

Yasmeen: As well as a wife of Zaheer Mohamed can be.

I smiled hoping that my comment would make Zaheer smile and it did.

Yasmeen: What about you? Still leading the life of a bachelor?

Tariq: You say it like its a bad thing, and yes, the bachelor life for me.

Zaheer: He’s married to his business.

Tariq: I could say the same for you.

And Zaheer held up his left hand where his wedding band was sitting.

Tariq: Ah, you win that one Zee.

And the conversation carried on with light hearted remarks and comments as we all waited for our food.

Tariq: So how was the wedding Yas? Zaheer was useless when I asked him about it this morning.

Yasmeen: Well, it was fantastic! All the girls were reunited; we went on a desert safari, and the wedding was simply stunning! You should have been here, you really should have.

Tariq: You know me, work before anything else really.

Yasmeen: Well that needs to change.

Tariq: Did you guys hear about Ashley? Apparently she-

Yasmeen: Reverted to Islam?

Tariq: Yeah! I take it its true.

Yasmeen: Oh its not just true, she’s no longer Ashley but rather Aishah.

Zaheer: And as if thats not enough change, she’s due to get married to a South African Muslim boy.

Tariq: Woah, sure doesn’t sound like the Ashley I knew 6months ago…

Yasmeen: She has changed a LOT! For the better I guess but hey, she’s really happy…

Tariq: I sure as hell missed out on a lot. So when’s she getting hitched?

Yasmeen: No set date yet. I think they’ll do the Islamic part now and the white wedding event later.

Tariq took it all in.

Even though I had been away from all of my school friends in the past few years, they had all kept in touch and annually met up for reunions wherever they were, so for Tariq this came as a shock!

It had been years since I saw the likes of Dan, Rayhaan, Mustafa and Zayn. So I enquired about the well being of those crazy school boys and was shocked to find that half of them were married.

Yasmeen: They’re married and you aren’t?! Theres something seriously wrong with that.

Tariq: Its not that easy to find a real nice girl Yas. They don’t just fall from the sky.

Zaheer: Oh you’d be surprised. Yasmeen here is a miracle worker.

Tariq: Is that so?

Zaheer: Uh huh. She got Uzair and Aishah together and I mean if she can get two people from two different worlds together, she can get a workaholic like you hitched.

Tariq: Well, I’ll give it till the end of the year. If I’m still single by then, I give you full permission to find me someone.

I laughed as they made all these plans.

Yasmeen: I haven’t even agreed to any of this!

Zaheer: Please, you’d never turn down the opportunity.

Yasmeen: Well, thats true. But what if I have more important things to deal with at the end of the year?

Tariq: Like what?

Yasmeen: Like… I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get a new job? Or maybe I’ll be pregnant? You never know.

After dinner we walked Tariq back to his hotel which was in JBR. We bid him farewell with the promise of seeing him again in London. And then Zaheer and I headed home. There was a silence in the car all the way home for some reason. I couldn’t quite figure out why.

During the elevator ride on the way up, Zaheer finally spoke.

Zaheer: Did you mean that?

Yasmeen: Did I mean what?

Zaheer: When you said you may be pregnant at the end of the year?

Yasmeen: I don’t know whats in store for me 4 months from now.

Zaheer: What I mean is, would you like that?

Yasmeen: Would I like to be pregnant?

Zaheer nodded his head and I thought long and hard about the question.

Yasmeen: I don’t know…

And that was the honest truth.

The elevator dinged and we got off at our floor. Before I could open the door to the apartment, Zaheer grabbed my hand and circled his arms around my waist.

Zaheer: I- I would like to. I mean I- We- I want to have a kid Yasmeen. I know this is not the place nor time to talk about this but-

I was shocked and all of a sudden I could see Zaheer’s lips moving, but I couldn’t really hear what he was saying.

He wanted to have a child and he didn’t tell me?

How long had he kept this from me?

Why didn’t he tell me?

I held a hand up gesturing for him to keep quiet and I silently whispered…

Yasmeen: How long? How long have you wanted this?

Zaheer: A month now. Maybe its because everyone kept asking you in Durban when are we having a baby. Or maybe its because Nuha gave birth. But all I seem to think about is having a child of our own.

I looked down at the floor biting my lip, thinking if I was ready for motherhood.

Zaheer cupped my face in his hands and tilted my head up, forcing me to look into his eyes.

Zaheer: Talk to me Yas…

Yasmeen: I don’t know what to say?

Zaheer: Why?

Yasmeen: BecauseIdontknowifimreadytobeamother!

I said it so quickly that for a second, I thought Zaheer wouldn’t understand. But he did and a sad smile was on his lips.

Zaheer: How could you say such a thing? The only reason I keep thinking of having a child is because I think of what an amazing mother you’ll be. I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you sooner. Its only because I knew you felt pressurised in Durban with everyone always asking you, and I didn’t want to increase your burden.

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. Its not that I didn’t want to have a baby.

Of course I wanted children!

Its just that I always thought I would have my child in South Africa. I always thought we would have moved back by then so that my babies would grow up around their grandparents and aunties and uncles!

I needed Zaheer to understand that.

Yasmeen: I’ve also been thinking a lot about it but- but I’m scared. I don’t want to have children in London Zah… I know it sounds weird and it may be irrational, but I always assumed we’d have kids in Durban, back at home where we have our support system, where we have our family.

I hadn’t realised I was crying until Zaheer wiped away my tears.

He pulled me into a hug and I rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating.

Then I imagined the heart beat of a little baby, a little baby of our own.

I interlocked my fingers with Zaheer as we stood there in the hallway.

Then I imagined the little fingers of a child, a child of our own.

I took a deep breathe in and let it out.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan and sometimes your wishes had to be altered in order to fulfil what the love of your life wanted.

In a barely audible whisper, I gave Zaheer an answer that would hopefully make him happy.

Yasmeen: We can try…

He didn’t know how to react and so he cautiously looked at my face.

Zaheer: Are you sure?

I nodded my head.

A huge grin spread over Zaheer’s face as he lifted me off the ground and spun me around. I felt like a teenage girl falling in love with him all over again as we laughed and felt giddy from the spinning.

Just as he put me down, the front door to the apartment opened.

Mummy: I thought I heard noises.

We followed my mother into the house, our smiles still plastered to our faces.  My mother turned to look at us…

Mummy: What are you both so happy about?

Zaheer: Oh nothing. We just had a REALLY good supper!

I glanced at Zaheer.

He looked so happy and I vowed right there that I would do anything to make him this happy time and time again, even if it meant having to raise my children in London.

At the end of the day, my happiness was his happiness…

Author’s Note

So we’re switching the focus a little on this post; more attention towards Yasmeen and Zaheer and the possible next step in their life.

And then we have Tariq the Bachelor. What kind of girl do you think Tariq would go for?

Enjoy the read, enjoy your week!

Much Love, Tasmiyah x

Part 120 – The Final Dinner

I readied myself for dinner, slipped into my long black dress and pairing it with my Manolos that Zaheer had bought for me as an Eid present last year.  Dinner was at a place of Uzair’s choice since we were celebrating his big news as well as bidding farewell to our Durban guests.

Ashley was due to join us for dinner, along with her parents who wanted to meet Uzair tonight and couldn’t wait till South Arica to meet him.

Zaheer and I walked into the restaurant the same time Ashley and her family walked in.

Yasmeen: Penelope Aunty!

I hurriedly walked up to Ashley’s mother who I hadn’t’ seen in years! She was always such a lovely woman during our school years, so kind and always smiling!

Penelope: Yasmeen darling! How are you?

Yasmeen: I’m very well and your self?

Penelope: Oh I’m on cloud nine right now! With all this excitement and the possibility of a wedding, I couldn’t be happier!

Yasmeen: Trust me it’s not a possibility because this wedding is definitely going to happen!

Penelope: Well lets hope this Uzair boy is as wonderful as Ashley has described him to be.

Yasmeen: You will love him! He’s very down to earth.

Penelope: I’m not the one you should be convincing…

And she nodded her head towards Ashley’s father who was busy talking to Zaheer about god knows what.

Yasmeen: Fathers will be fathers. Come, lets sit.

And so we found our reserved table. Uzair was surprisingly already there, probably making sure everything was in order for his first dinner with the future in-laws.

Ashley introduced her parents to Uzair.

Ashley: Mum Dad, this is Uzair. Uzair, my parents Penelope and Pedro.

Uzair: It’s very nice to meet you both.

I noticed Uzair’s hand was shaking and his face was turning pink, probably from the amount of stress he was under right now.

I did feel sorry for him. This was his time to shine, his time to create an amazing first impression on Ashley’s parents. I never had to go through this because lucky for me, I knew Zaheer’s parents from when I was a child!

But Uzair handled the introduction as well as he could. He was polite and proper. He answered all the questions Pedro Uncle fired away at him. He brought humour into the conversation to keep it light and complimented both Penelope and Pedro.

Penelope: Please, call me Penny. I hear you do a lot of volunteer work Uzair?

By now we were all seated at a long rectangular table, waiting for Zayaan and Fathima to arrive. Ashley’s parents were talking to Uzair while the three of us just watched on, silently cheering every time Uzair said the right thing.

Uzair: Penny it is. Well yes, I found that I had a lot of free time and a friend of mine told me that I had a lot of potential to go out there and lend a helping hand in whatever way I can.

Ashley: Ma, he does a lot more than ‘lend a helping hand’ to those in need. He dedicates his whole heart to those people.

Just then Zaheer nudged me and whispered into my ear.

Zaheer: Did you hear that?

Yasmeen: Hear what?

Zaheer: What Uzair said; ‘a friend of mine told me that I had a lot of potential to go out there and lend a helping hand.’ That friend was you.

Yasmeen: Oh yeah, I did tell him that all those years ago, right after that Yasmin Laher fiasco.

Zaheer: Whatever did happen to her when he saw her in Dubai Mall?

I shrugged my shoulders.

Yasmeen: Maybe she realised life doesn’t happen at her convenience and she realised he wouldn’t go back to her. Good she left. I never liked her anyway.

Zaheer smirked.

Zaheer: I wonder why…

Just then Zayaan and Fathima walked in which caused both Uzair and Ashley to rise to their feet to greet them.

Uzair: Fathima, Zayaan you both have met Ash-

Ashley: Aishah. Yeah, we met at the desert but its nice to have a real chance to properly meet you both!

Ashley or should I now say Aishah, embraced Fathima who still in a state of shock hugged her back.

Zayaan offered Aishah a smile before sitting down next to his wife at the dinner table.

The shock was still apparent on Fathima’s face on hearing Ashley had changed her name.

But I was overjoyed for my friend!

Yasmeen: When were you going to tell me?!

Aishah: I only decided yesterday. I hadn’t even told Uzair so this is news to him.

We both looked at Uzair to see him a little perplexed as he was no longer going to be marrying Ashley, but instead Aishah.

Yasmeen: What made you pick Aishah?

Aishah: Well other than the obvious factor that it starts with an A, it’s also the closest sounding to Ashley.

I laughed at the mentality behind the name. If only she knew about the stories in Islam about this significant name.

Yasmeen: Remind me to give you this book about the woman in Islam. It’ll make you fall in love with your name even more.

Aishah: When will I have time to get the book from you?

Yasmeen: What do you mean?

Aishah: I leave tomorrow for Durban with my parents…

And I think everyone on the table heard that. Uzair was surprised but you couldn’t miss the joy that was plastered in his expression.

Uzair: Seriously? You are?

Mr Pedro nodded his head.

Pedro: It seems you love birds are in a rush and after meeting you tonight I have no doubt in the world that you will be good towards my daughter so I told Ashley- my apologies, Aishah that we could leave with you. I hope you don’t mind Uzair.

Uzair: Not at all sir. I was hoping you’d come down with me.

Pedro: Please, call me Pedro.

And so dinner was a night filled with food and friends and family! Pedro Uncle kept us laughing with his wise jokes while Penelope Aunty made us feel young by taking us on a trip down memory lane; more specifically, down the lane of how she met her husband.

Penelope: It was a forbidden love story really. My father detested Pedro and the family he came from. He wanted me to have nothing to do with the snooty British Italian boy who moved into the house down the street. He thought he was part of the mafia!

On hearing that we all laughed. Pedro Uncle looked like a sweet man, nothing like the mafia type.

Penelope: But I was only a teenage girl and when a handsome Italian boy says he can make you the finest pizza this town has ever seen, in his British accent, I couldn’t refuse!

Yasmeen: And did he actually cook for you or was it all talk?

Pedro: Of course I cooked! I remember that night. My father owned a pizza store, it was small but it was loved by the local town. I reserved a table in the back corner for Penny my love and I. And we dined in candle light until the store was closed, until after midnight, until right before the sun rose and when I went to drop her off at home-

Penelope: My father was waiting there with a gun!

The table erupted into laughter! We were all so intrigued with their love story we didn’t want them to stop talking.

Zayaan: So did he shoot?

Penelope: Of course not! I would have died a thousand deaths if my Pedro got shot.

Pedro: Her father just scared me off but I vowed I would marry Penelope. After spending just one night of talking, after having just one pizza, I fell in love with her. Her silly American accent, her bouncy curly hair, I loved it all and I wanted her to be mine.

Fathima: So did you propose to her?

Penelope: It took him a long time to have the guts to ask my father. And when I say long time I mean four whole years!

Pedro: But it was worth it. I was earning a living, I had my own small apartment and I finally went to her father and I asked for Penny’s hand in marriage. And now here we are, 30 years later.

Zaheer: 30 YEARS?! Wow!

I laughed at the look of shock Zaheer had on his face.

Pedro: 30 years son. Let me give you newly weds or soon to be newlyweds some advice. Marriage is hard work and sometimes you’ll just want to throw in the towel. The amount of times this woman has driven me up the wall! She’s nuts! But at the end of it all, I’m nuts for her. I love her with all my heart and from where I come from, you don’t throw in the towel when the going gets tough. And if you love a woman, you’ll stick with her through the ugly and you’ll annoy the hell out of her and-

Penelope: Pedro they get the point!

And we all laughed once again. I loved Aisha’s parents! I really did. The love and respect they had for each other was immense and we could all feel it sitting at that dinner table. We could feel their thirty years of love and we all hoped that we too would have a strong marriage like that.

Yasmeen: Well I think dessert is definitely needed after that sweet story.

Penelope: I must say Yasmeen, you were very influential in the way Uzair and Ashley met. Might I ask how did you and Zaheer meet?

Yasmeen: Oh, we were childhood friends. We lost contact and when I moved back to Dubai, we…

Zaheer: We?

Yasmeen: We…

Zaheer: We rekindled the childhood romance we always shared. I swept Yasmeen off her feet and she fell madly and hopelessly in love with me. And then I had to marry her because she would have lived a life of insanity if she didn’t have me.

I swatted Zaheer with my purse multiple times before he finally stopped laughing. I looked at Penelope Aunty who only laughed.

Penelope: Cheeky bugger!

Yasmeen: My specimens exactly…

Aishah: Since we’re on the topic of Zaheer and Yasmeen, I do have a question…

Zaheer: Ask away.

Aishah: How did you propose? And I want the truth, the detailed truth.

All eyes were on Zaheer and I and I gulped. If I started to talk about it i would just get flushed.

Zaheer: It wasn’t all that romantic to be honest. She was away on a trip with her friends when I went to go see her father to ask for her hand in marriage. She was due to arrive the next day so with twenty-four hours I had little time but I did what I could. I phoned up her Aunty Roxx and asked if I could borrow her garden-

Zayaan: Is that the aunty with the maze in her garden and a fancy fountain and everything?

Zaheer: That’s the one. So I went to her garden armed with rose petals, roses and candles. I found a lady online who played the violin and begged her to come help me out on short-term notice. And with the help of Fathima, the violinist and I, we scattered the rose petals all through the maze leading the way to the fountain. Red roses were decorated around the fountain and candles were lit. All this while Yasmeen was landing in Durban airport. Her father was going to pick her up and take her to her Aunt’s house for ‘dinner.’ And-

Yasmeen: The rest is history. End of story.

Aishah: Aww, but we were getting to the good part!

I laughed at her comment.

Yasmeen: Should I start asking questions about your proposal?

Aishah shook her head signalling a definite no!

The night continued with a constant flow of conversation as well as a constant flow of desserts and coffee. We were the last people in the restaurant and at some point the manager came to tell us that they had to close up, and so an incredible night had to come to an end.

And now onto the goodbyes…

Sure I had gotten use to saying goodbye to Fathima every time I had to leave, but it never got easier!

I always missed my best friend!

Fathima: Take care Yassoo. If you need anything, I’m always a Skype call away. We’ll see you soon.

I hugged her tight.

Yasmeen: Give Hafsa hugs and kisses from me. You too take care of yourself Fathi.

We hugged one last time and then she and Zayaan got into a taxi as we waved goodbye.

Next was Aishah.

Yasmeen: Well madame there’s a LOT I can say right now! But all I will say is brace your self for the South African aunties. They can sometimes be a handful but with Uzair by your side, everything will be breezy. I hope everything goes smoothly! Don;t be nervous and don’t doubt your self.

Aishah: Thank you for the advice! I need all the help I can get. You sure you won’t be able to come down for the nikkah?

Yasmeen: Unfortunately no, but you’ll have Fathima.

Aishah: Thank you so much for everything Yas! A million times thank you! I’ll see you soon.

We hugged and I waved at Uzair who walked up to me.

Uzair: I know I always make it seem like you’re the most annoying person in the world, but you know I’m just kidding. And I also own you a big thank you for making ‘this’ happen. So Yasmeen, thank you.

Tears began to well up in my eyes as I looked at these two human beings who were perfect in their own way yet seemed to be even more perfect together.

Yasmeen: You both just remember me at your nikkah okay? Now safe travels and good luck with meeting the in-laws!

And soon they were bundled into a taxi along with her parents as they headed home.

And then it was just Zaheer and I.

Zaheer: So what do you want to do my love?

Yasmeen: Let’s go take a walk.

Not far from the restaurant was the beach. I carried my heels in one hand while the other hand was held by Zaheer.

Zaheer: So is it true?

Yasmeen: Is what true?

Zaheer: What I said when I proposed, is it really a secret?

Yasmeen: If I haven’t told Fathima then yes it is a secret.

Zaheer: That’s a shock. Normally you tell her everything.

Yasmeen: I know, but that’s one thing I’m taking with me to the grave.

Zaheer: And why is that?

Yasmeen: Because Zaheer Mohamed, my heart might just explode with love if I have to repeat what you said. That day, those words, those feelings. I just want to keep it to myself.

And that was the plain honest truth.

Our proposal was something that only Zaheer and I shared and I wanted to keep it that way…

Author’s Note


Penelope and Pedro are just too cute! I love them and wish that some day I meet people like them. Lol, wishing to meet fictional characters… thats pretty bad for the health eh?!

Anyway, my fingers are tired and so am I and I’m still gushing about this post because for some reason I thoroughly enjoyed writing it!

Hope you like the small snippet of how Zaheer proposed to Yasmeen. Enjoy the read!

Much Love, Tasmiyah x

Part 119 – An Abundance of Happiness

There were smiles all around me. To my left I had Fathima and Zayaan smiling as they spoke to Hafsa over the phone. In front of me I could see Nuha smiling as I skyped her and her beautiful baba, and to my right I could see a very smiley Uzair who seemed to be on cloud nine and I had no doubt that it was to do with Ashley!

Yasmeen: Nu, your baby is precious. He looks just like you.

Nuha: Really? Everyone says he looks like Omar.

Zaheer: No I see your eyes in him. Belated congratulations Nuha on the baby.

Nuha: Thanks Zaheer. When are you guys coming to Durban? You have to come soon!

Yasmeen: We JUST left! You can’t expect us to be back so soon.

Nuha: Its not my fault I was overdue with Rayaan.

A moment of silence fell on us all and everyone’s attention was now directed at Nuha.

Fathima: Is… is that what the little fella is going to be named?

Nuha nodded her head rapidly.

Nuha: We finally narrowed it down to two names and Omar and I both liked Rayaan so, meet baby Rayaan

Zaheer: Aka Omar Junior! That baby is ditto Omar.

Yasmeen: No way! You’re just saying that because he’s a boy.

Nuha: Oi! Uzzi! Why have you been so quiet?

Uzair snapped out of his happy daze long enough to realise we were all staring at him.

Uzair: Sorry, what? Did I miss something?

Zayaan: Bro, whats the baby’s name?

Uzair: Umm, baby? Err Omar Junior?

Fathima picked up a pillow from the hotel bed and chucked it at Uzair.

Fathima: Have you been paying any attention!?

Uzair: I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m a little distracted right now.

Nuha sat there with a raised eyebrow. Her sixth sense was always very tuned so I knew she would pick up that his ‘distraction’ was a girl.

Nuha: Aha, I would ask WHAT has been distracting you but I assume its more like a SOMEONE that has been distracting you.

Uzair turned a little pink and it was hard for the rest of us not to laugh. He had to spill and tell us once and for all why he was extremely happy.

Yasmeen: Come on Uzair, tell us.

I smirked at him and all the while he narrowed his eyes as if to shut me up. But I would not back down!

Uzair: FINE! Since you all are here in this one room, even if Nuha is here only virtually, its time you should know that I sort of asked Ashley-

Fathima: Say no more I think we get the point.

Nuha: No no! Let him finish his sentence!

Uzair: You girls. Its no big deal, I sort of kind of indirectly asked her to marry me but-

And the room erupted into noise and claps and cheers before Uzair could finish his sentence.

Zayaan half hugged Uzair while Zaheer just put a hand over his shoulder and the three boys rejoiced that Uzair would finally be joining their married club.

Yasmeen: Right right guys, give Uzair some space. I’m more eager to know how it all went down! Details Uzair, we want details.

Uzair: Yasmeen, did we all badger Zaheer asking him how he proposed when you two got married?

Zaheer: Err, yes! Maybe you didn’t but I will never forget how Fathima relentlessly begged me to tell her about the proposal.

Fathima: So Uzair, I can either ‘relenetlessly beg’ or you can save me the trouble and just tell me.

Uzair sighed figuring we would win eventually and so he dived into how he proposed.

He told us about the idea Aara had given him and how he went shopping. I couldn’t really picture Uziar in a craft store but hey, the things love makes you do! He went onto say how he went to Ashley’s house including how he called me for help. But the most romantic part of all was the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene where Uzair held up the boards.

I could even hear Nuha sighing over skype as Uzair told us what he told Ashley. He was a romantic, a trait most of the Bobat’s seemed to have.

Uzair; And yeah, thats how it happened in a nutshell. Nothing is 100% confirmed. I vaguely told my mother I found someone but she hasn’t told her parents anything.

Nuha: Imagine if her father comes after you with a shotgun or something.

‘NUHA!’ Fathima and I said in union.

Yasmeen: Way to kill the vibe here Nuha.

Fathima: Yeah and I mean who would want to kill a haaro poiro like Uzair?

Nuha: I’m just saying. He might be like a super protective traditional American father who has guns and-

Yasmeen: Right, it is officially your bedtime Mama Nuha! Give Rayaan hugs and kisses from us all.

Nuha: Are you and Zaheer definitely not coming back to Durban anytime soon?

Zaheer: No can do Nuha. Maybe you’ll see us in December.

Fathima: DECEMBER! What? Thats so far.

Yasmeen: Thats like 4 months away Fathi.

Fathima: Yeah but still! What about Uzair’s wedding?

Zayaan: You think Mr Holy here is going to have a wedding?

Nuha: His mother will make sure he has a wedding!

Uzair: How about I decide that on my own…

He ran his fingers through his hair.

Uzair: The way it stands right now, she hasn’t technically even said yes yet, but if all goes smoothly with her parents then I’ll want to do things quickly. Probably make Nikkah right away and then December, my mother can have whatever it is she wants to have.

Nuha: Good plan! I approve! So I have like four months to get rid of this baby fat?

Yasmeen: Is that what you’re really thinking about right now?

Fathima: I want to meet Ashley like now now! Uzair, tell her to join us for our last supper tonight.

Uzair: That… is not… going to happen!

Yasmeen: You’re forgetting that I have her number and that I too can call her and invite her.

With a raised eyebrow I challenged Uzair and he finally gave in by typing out a message to Ashley.

Uzair: There! Are you happy?

Fathima: Very! Nuha, we’ll see you tomorrow okay? Its getting late and I want to get ready for supper.

Nuha: Okay Fatoo! Safe travels, see you soon!

We all bid farewell to Nuha and then the screen went blank as her face disappeared.

Everyone dispersed in pairs as we all went back to our hotels to get ready for dinner.

Even though we had really grilled Uzair about the Ashley situation, his smile was still glued to his face. It was good to see Uzair happy, content and ready to start a new chapter of his life.

Zaheer and I made our way back to Waldorf Astoria.

Yasmeen: Lets go to the spa!

Zaheer: Come again?

Yasmeen: The spa Zaheer! We’ve been running around the whole week with functions and the wedding and lets just have alone time… in the spa! Because I mean, this back needs a massage.

Zaheer: So I could give you a massage?

Yasmeen: Yes, but lets just go for it together. Please please please?

Finally he gave in and we walked hand in hand towards the Waldorf Astoria Spa, which also just so happen to be voted the ‘Best Luxury Destination spa’.

Lucky us!

We were put into a private couple suite where we spent a blissful few hours together in silence relaxing and unwinding.

Yasmeen: Wasn’t that just amazing Zah?

We had changed out of the hotel robes and back into our clothes and were now making our way towards the room.

Zaheer: I think we should invest in a masseuse.

Yasmeen: That wouldn’t work…

Zaheer: Why do you say that?

Yasmeen: Because over my dead body will I let a woman massage you!

Zaheer smirked at my over protectiveness.

Zaheer: And over my dead body will I let a man massage you.

Yasmeen: So I guess you’d just have to hire a masseuse and a masseur.

Zaheer: And they can live with us in London? Yeah right Yas!

Yasmeen: Well true. Speaking of London and houses-

Zaheer: No Yasmeen.

Yasmeen: You didn’t even know what I was going to say!

Zaheer: You were going to ask if we can start looking at houses because you want to move.

Yasmeen: Aww, I love how you know me so well!

Zaheer just shook his head and laughed.

Yasmeen: But why not Zaheer? I know we’ve only been there 4 years, nearly 5! But I mean, its getting a little cramped and you never know, our family of two could expand.

Zaheer: When you get pregnant then we can talk about moving to a bigger house Yasmeen

Frustrated I gave up.

Yasmeen: Fine!

Zaheer: See, I love how we compromise.

And he leaned down and gave me a small peck on my cheek before swiping the card on the room door.

Zaheer: After you milady…

Yasmeen: I’m still annoyed at you. That wasn’t compromise. I just gave up because you’re frustrating.

Zaheer: And you’re equally frustrating.

And he leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose.

I was a ticklish person, so naturally I started to laugh which melted away my frustration and the tension in the air.

Yasmeen: You’re a piece of work Mr.Mohamed.

Zaheer: I guess I got it from my wife…

Author’s Note


So like if anyone wants to sponsor me a trip to the Waldorf Astoria Spa I would be forever grateful! Who would want to miss out on the chance to go to the Best Luxury Destination Spa?! D

Anyway, enough of my crazy talk; hope everyones Saturday was fab!

Only 8 parts left to the summer segment, so enjoy the post!

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Part 118 – Apologies to Ashley

Uzair’s P.O.V.

The minute the stores opened the next morning, I was up and outta bed. With an idea in mind I now needed the resources to make the idea come to life.

Skipping breakfast, I called a taxi and made my way towards a craft store I googled because I had no clue where craft stores were in Dubai.

I thought about asking Yasmeen but she would ask too many questions and I wanted this to be a surprise.

After getting what I needed from a huge store that had way too many craft things, I went back to the hotel room to get my creative side going. Really, I owed Aara a lot because the idea came from her.

After many attempts with cursive and fancy fonts, I finally nailed my writing and I was happy with the way my boards looked.

Satisfied with my efforts, I carried the boards under my arm as I strode through the hotel lobby and hailed a cab.

Now was the time to call Yasmeen. As much as I dreaded it, she had information that I needed.

She answered on the fifth try…

Yasmeen: What.

Uzair: Finally! You answer your phone!

Yasmeen: Uzair, I’m asleep and right now Zaheer is giving me quizzical looks regarding why you’re calling me at this hour!

Uzair: Believe me, I wouldn’t call you for no reason. I need a favour.

Yasmeen: Hmm, what favour?

Uzair: I need an address.

Yasmeen: Let me guess. The address you need is for a girl whose name starts with an A and ends in SHLEY!

I could hear both Yasmeen and Zaheer laughing.Mature, very mature.

Uzair: You guessed correct. Now will I have to beg for it or will you be kind and give it to me, no questions asked?

Yasmeen: Considering its still in the AM and I want to go back to sleep, I’ll be kind and wont ask questions… yet! But I expect answers later on.

Uzair: Yeah yeah, Ill tell you everything later! Just watsapp me the address please. Thanks Yas

And the line went dead. A few seconds later my phone beeped with a message,and I read out the address to the taxi driver.

The entire drive to Ashley’s house I had to stay calm. I had to stop my hands from getting clammy and stop my stomach from feeling like I was going to throw up!

Finally, the nerve wrecking drive came to an end and we arrived at a huge villa.

I paid the taxi driver and thanked him, then got out of the car and proceeded towards the front door of this grand house.

But something stopped me.

A light bulb went on inside my head and I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled away.

‘Hello.’ Came her sophisticated sleepy voice on the other end of the line.

Uzair: Hey Ash. Look, please don’t cut the call I have a lot of explaining to do but first…

I sorted out the boards I had wrote on and held them above my head.

Uzair: Come out onto your balcony… Please.

The line went silent but not dead. I could hear Ashley shuffling around and I heard a door being unlocked.

And then, there she was standing on her balcony dressed in a grey satin gown, a scarf draped over her head.

Suddenly, I remembered the purpose of my visit and I stood up straighter, holding the boards even higher so that her attention would be turned to it.

The first board read…

‘Dear Ashley

The second one said…

‘I’m sorry for last night.’

The third one read…

‘Forgive me, please.’

Even though she was standing quite a distance away from me, I could see tears well up in her eyes and ever so slightly I saw her head nod as if she was saying ‘Yes, I do forgive you.’

But still she said nothing. So that was when I held the fourth board high above my head for Ashley to see, for the world to see!

It read ‘You’re Perfect.’

And then I did something very uncharacteristic of me, I shouted out loud.


The smile on her face stretched from one end of her face to the other and it made me smile.

And then, she disappeared from sight.

Was that not enough?

Was my apology not enough for her?

The doubts started running through my mind before I could stop them but luckily they came to an end when the front door swung open, and there stood Ashley, still dressed in her grey satin gown.

She walked towards me, slowly, in her fluffy white slippers that I think were meant to look like rabbits.

I couldn’t help my self and I began to laugh.

When Ashley followed my gaze to see I was staring at her slippers she too laughed.

Ashley: They were a gift from my little sister!

Uzair: Well you have a very adorable little sister.

She just looked at me while I stared back into her mysterious eyes.

Ashley: What are you doing here Uzzi?

Uzair: I… I’m here to apologise for last night.

Ashley: There’s nothing to apol-

Uzair: No, let me finish. I was a coward yesterday and yes I do have to apologise. You trusted me last night and told me something life changing about your self and I… I deserted you at a time you needed support.

Ashley: Uzair, its oka-

Uzair: Will you ever let me finish?

She smiled and sighed, and I carried on.

Uzair: You needed me Ashley and I wanted to be there, I really did but my fear got the better of me and I ran like an absolute idiot and to answer your question… I’m here to apologise, to say I was wrong to run because believe me I want t0 be here with you to support you and help you and… and…

Ashley: And?

I smiled, grateful that I had stopped my self from saying what I wanted to say. I would only say what I wanted to say after I knew Ashley forgave me.

Uzair: Do you forgive me?

Ashley: Of course I forgive you! You came to my house at 10 in the morning with boards and dialogue and the worlds greatest apology and… and…

Uzair: And?

Ashley smirked at me.

Ashley: First you tell me your ‘and’ then I’ll tell you mine.

I ran my fingers through my hair ready to take the plunge.

Uzair: This isn’t exactly the most ideal way to tell you my ‘and’. For starters, you’re in your pyjamas and slippers and its really hot outside but here goes nothing.

I took a deep breathe and carried on my dialogue from before.

Uzair: I’m here to apologise; I was wrong to run. I want t0 be here with you, to support you and help you and… and I don’t want to be here only for this day or this week or this trip. I want to be with you for the entirety of my time on this Earth. I know this is crazy and quick, and maybe some people will say its too soon but, but it feels right. And I don’t want to delay what feels right.

Silence followed.

Ashley didn’t say a word.

Uzair: Ash, please, say something.

And she bit her lip trying to suppress her tears.

Uzair: At least tell me if these are tears of sadness or joy?

And that seemed to do the trick, for Ashley burst out laughing.

Ashley: Of course these are tears of joy! How could I be sad right now Uzair!

Uzair: Please, say something.

She took a deep breathe in and closed her eyes; I noticed she did this often before she would say something of importance.

Ashley: For a long time I thought I wouldn’t find happiness or a guy who would see me the way you see me; you see me for me. You make me feel like I’m a whole new person, like this whole burst of light and energy has come into my life, and I don’t want it to go, I don’t want you to go.

I smiled, content that she reciprocated what I felt for her.

Uzair: And?

Ashley: And what?

Uzair: And now you say your ‘and’.

Ashley: Well… this was the world’s greatest apology, and I just can’t believe how a guy like you ends up in my life. And I was going to tell you that I was beginning to fall for you and that I didn’t want you to leave Dubai so soon, but I think I already made that quite clear.

Uzair: Indeed you did.

And we both stood there.

We just stood there glued to the spot, taking each other in.

I finally broke the silence, eager to speak my mind.

Uzair: Come to South Africa.

Ashley: What?

Uzair: Come to South Africa, please. I want you to meet my mother, my family.

She laughed a laugh of disbelief.

Ashley: South Africa… Uzaaaair-

Uzair: I was serious about every word. I don’t want to wait Ashley. If you need a little time, I can give you a day, a few days. But I’m booked to leave soon so…

Ashley: I know Uzzi. I know you dont want to delay this. Yasmeen had mentioned you don’t date and I can’t blame you. Relationships like that mess up a person, I would know.

A moment of silence passed.

I was holding my breathe, eager to hear Ashley’s answer.

Ashley: Give me a day or two Uzair, please. I need to talk to my parents

I nodded my head, understanding the position I’d put her in.

Uzair: Okay. If it makes you more comfortable, you don’t have to come to Durban with me. You can fly down a few days after, pending what your parents say of course.

Ashley: I don’t know what to say right now, except that you have made me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I know I said I wanted a few days, but even I know this feels right and even I don’t want to delay this… So if you just so happen to see me on the same flight as you, don’t be too shocked.

And she smirked and turned around before I could say anything.



Author’s Note

So basically, if you’ve watched the movie ‘Say Anything’ picture the dude holding the boombox as Uzair holding the boards. Thats where my inspiration for this post came from… a 26 year old movie!

And if you haven’t watched that movie… go watch it! 

Hope Ya’ll enjoy the weekend ahead! 

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Part 117 – Aara to the Rescue

Uzair’s P.O.V

I sped back to the hotel room halfway through the wedding.

The night had started off well.

Ismaeel was getting married, it was a joyous occasion. We were all together. The atmosphere was enjoyable and calm

But as soon as I saw Ashley I became a bundle of nerves.

She was talking to Yasmeen but then she saw me.

I watched as she made her way towards me and suddenly it felt like the room had become a lot hotter.

I was so busy straightening up my tie that it took me a moment to register that there was something different about Ashley.

My eyes went wide as I realised she was wearing scarf.

Uzair: Wow.

Was all I could say as she approached me.

She flushed a little.

Uzair: I’m sorry you’re just… wow.

I wasn’t helping my self by continuously saying wow. I was making a fool of my self.

Ashley: You’ve said that twice already.

Uzair: Its just that, wow!

She began to laugh which gave me a moment to think, a moment I desperately needed so that I could conjour up a sentence!

Uzair: Sorry, for the over ‘wowwing’. I’m just blown away, your scarf, you…

She gave me half a smile.

Ashley: I actually wanted to tell you something.

Oh god. Why was this making me even more nervous?

Uzair: Yeah? Is it to do with the scarf on your head?

I said it as a half hearted joke but suddenly Ashley’s face turned serious.

Ashley: Actually yes, it is to do with that.

Uzair: Well go on, I’m all ears.

She took a deep breathe in and closed her eyes.

She opened them and exhaled slowly.

Ashley: I- I I’m. God why is this so hard to say. I did it!

Uzair: Did what?

Ashley: I embraced Islam.


Her words left a huge impact on me.

I was shocked, speechless.

Its not that it was out of the blue because I knew Ashley was interested in Islam.

But I felt like this now changed things.

Everything was going too fast and it scared me.

It scared me so much that instead of saying anything, instead of telling her that she was the bravest woman I knew, instead of telling her I was here if she needed my support, instead of looking her in the eye, I turned around and left the building.

I wasn’t use to this. I had been out of the courting game for many years but I knew that it was very odd to feel what I felt for Ashley in one week.

In one week a lot had happened and I needed to speak to someone. I needed someone to advise me!

Its times like this when I’m completely stumped and when my closest guy cousins are of no use, that I could use a females opinion.

As soon as I got back to my hotel room, I logged onto Skype and called Aara, praying she would be awake.

I needed some advice on matters of the heart and who better to ask than Aara!

She answered on the third ring.

Aara : Assalaamualaikum! Uzzzzaaaaaiiiirrrr!!!!(waving her good hand at me.) You thought of me at this hour, I am so honoured! How are you handsome?

Uzair: Where are you? Are you still in hospital? AARA!

Aara : (With a huge contagious grin.) Yep… one more week to go and then I’m outta here! Thank you for your letter by the way, and for visiting while I was still in limbo.

Uzair: Well you look well Aara. Very happy too. Have you succeeded in what my letter advised you to do?

Aara : Succeeding slowly and loving it! How’d the wedding go? Shouldn’t you probably be… (Suddenly staring at me while her lips formed a small “o”) Waaait a second… is that a sparkle that I see in your eyes Bobat?

Uzair: I’m a guy Aara! Our eyes don’t sparkle. Mines definitely don’t. But I would be lying if I said I hadn’t met someone…

Aara : Well hello , you should take a look at yourself in the mirror because those green eyes of yours are definitely sparkling! (Side smile ) Of course Uzair. meet people every (trying not to laugh ) Why are you saying that you met someone as though it’s the first time you know. ..that you met someone?

Uzair: Oh I see you haven’t lost your sense of humour. Ha ha ha. You know what I mean! I met someone and you probably think, why am I making a big deal out of this, but someone from the past has come back and I’m in a pickle and I need your help.

Aara : Uz the fact that the situation you’re in is bothering you, makes it a big deal. Spill! Tell me everything right from the beginning.

So I explained to Aara how I met Ashley at the desert and how we automatically clicked. Then I told her about my Yasmin encounter in Dubai Mall, including what Yasmin had said to me.

Uzair: So yeah Aaroo jaan. That’s my dilemma right now. On one hand I have the all too familiar Yasmin and even though I had a childhood with her and even though she says she has changed, I don’t know if I want to go down that road anymore. And then you have Ashley who I’ve only known for a week. But she is one of a kind and I say that not in a cheesy way, but because its the truth and I don’t know Aara!!! HELP!

Aara:…(exhaling a short deep breath ) I believe in second chances and in this situation it works both ways. On the one hand, Yasmin can’t be judged by her past mistakes and the same goes for Ashley, so that rules out the issue of judging because you’re a fair guy and I know that you would look at the “now” and not then. On the other hand, what’s bugging me is why did Yasmin choose now? She had just over four years to contact you and she didn’t… And now all of a sudden she sees you and sees it fit to plead her case.. Is it because of destiny or convenience. If someone truly means and intends to make amends in the hope of a second chance, they would literally go to the ends of the earth and find that person and blerrry well make amends and you’re Uzair Bobat! Your family isn’t exactly hard to find if you know what I mean. But…giving her the benefit of the doubt, and we can assume that she was on Mars all this while, we can acknowledge her as a fair contender, However, just for the record, I am not feeling it. And then we have Ashley. Unexpected Ashley.  And she comes like a breath of fresh air, something that you have never quite experienced before and apart from the fact that she’s intelligent, witty, has had a somewhat tough life. .. she’s honest . And looking at the way that you’re smiling right now, I can see that it’s the honesty that’s bringing the most points home for you. (Pausing and smiling at Uzair ) You took the time out to find yourself, you dedicated years to helping people…and it doesn’t end because dawah has no end. But Uzair, the need for companionship does become overpowering at times. Its part of what makes us human. Can I ask, what is it that goes through your mind when you think of Yasmin, and what goes through your mind when you think of Ashley?

Uzair: Yasmin, my thoughts are so bitter sweet. I feel like I’m a convenience for her. Ashley, you mention her name and I just picture her face in my mind, her eyes hold this mystery. But she’s so new to me. Maybe its the new that infatuates me.

Aara : Woah, infatuation? I think not.  It’s probably a little too soon to call it love but something is there for sure and it’s fine for it not to have a name right now. ..The whole Yasmin saga is what made you somewhat  lose hope at that point in your life and the question is, can you see yourself living with her, being married to her and making a life with her? After Yasmin, you changed, you embraced the world and put yourself in situations that many would never have even tried to.. I’m not saying that she doesn’t deserve the chance but Uzair, do you possibly see yourself giving her this chance?

Uzair: I phoned you so that you could tell me what to do. These questions are messing with my head Aaroooo!

Aara : (whistling ) While I can’t exactly tell you what to do… (Laughing ) I think that you already have the answer! Uzair Bobat, I am pleased to tell you that you are actually starting to fall in love!

Uzair: Thank you Aara for announcing that out loud. Ah, but but but. What if its the wrong move? I’ll admit I am scared, so scared that I’m so so scared. I don’t even make sense

Aara :  (Smiling from ear to ear ) Relax, no one’s here… but the nurses may have heard me! (Chuckling to herself )You have it THAT bad! Uzair has the Ashley effect! On a more serious note, if this girl does what she’s doing to you in such a short space of time, and for her to have captivated you with her brain and heart more than her physical appearance, then I think that if you go with your gut, everyday with her is going to be something new… A new challenge, a new learning experience. She’s just become a Muslim so you can teach her so much and in this itself, love will blossom. And you will get lots of sawaab too. And the intrigue aspect that comes with being in unfamiliar territory will make it even more exhilarating! But don’t wait too long Uzair, don’t prolong it at all in fact. Don’t deprive yourself of that baraka. When I last saw you in Durban, you had this look in your eyes, as though you were lost somewhere faraway, as though you were tired of searching for something. You want to know something, I don’t see that in your eyes anymore…

Uzair: Have you ever thought about becoming a psychologist? You really know how to get into my head. But what you said makes a lot of sense. In a short time all this has happened and maybe its the speed at which it happened that scares me but, you’re right. I shouldn’t prolong what feels right. Lemme sleep and tomorrow pray that Ill have the guts to do what I got to do!

Aara : That is of course IF you sleep  (Laughing ) Uz Uz, don’t look at the speed in a negative or different light. Look at it as if life is putting you on a fast track to happiness, because even though it’s long overdue, when the time is right, what is meant to be will always find its way!

Uzair: Your optimistic view on this situation is rubbing off on me. I’m a little less scared, less panicky, more calm. Wooooo, feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The rest of these boys are all useless with this emotional talk, so thank you Aara!

Aara : You’ve made me feel like this way too many times already soooo I’m glad to have been of service 😉 Now before you go and start rehearsing what you’re going to say tomorrow , please do that thing that you do with your hair😉

Uzair: Aara! No you making me self conscious…

Aara : (Pouting ) Pleeeease! You see I could have almost died but I didn’t but if I did then you would totally have missed this chance of doing the hair thing for me. (With the widest grin)

Uzair: Aara you are nuts.

And in an exaggerated movement I brushed my fingers through my hair.

Uzair: Are you happy madame?

Aara : (Laughing ) Very very happy thank you mwah! Wish you theeee very best of luck, not that you need it😉 If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s you..and looking at you like this, so nervous and so I don’t even know the right word for it! But it’s a mixed bag of emotions. I really am so happy for you (wiping away a tear while smiling) so shift into 5th gear and go get your girl Bobat! If it’s right it’s right don’t wait for tomorrow go now

Uzair: Calm down miss I’m in such a hurry. I’d rather plan something and do it tomorrow. You know me, calm cool and collected! And stop with the waterworks Aaroo, I’m not dying! I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it goes.

Aara: Wait wait wait, I have an idea. Just a second (and she pressed a button while grinning at me. A nurse was at her bedside within seconds) Sister, can you hold that board so that it faces the screen, just for a few seconds please?

And the nurse complied with a smile, placing the board down and leaving the room.

Aara: You’re Perfect!

Uzair: Why thank you for the compliment! But I must ask, why do you even have that at your bedside!?

Aara: Ill explain by sending you the links on this ‘Youre Perfect’ campaign created by Tarun Gidwani. We went in groups of two today and held this sign up to strangers. It was so emotionally recharging Uz! And it hit me right now, it’s SO appropriate for your Ashley scenario. Flaws and all, past and all, what matters is the here and now, what matters is the strength and determination she had to to get to where she is today. What matters is that she never chose the easy way out, what matters is that, she is perfect, just the way God created her and no one is anyone to judge. I think that you should work on this idea, because sometimes actions speak louder than words.

She smiled at me as I took in everything that she had just said.

Aara: You let me know how it goes Uzair! Wishing you lots of virtual one armed hugs! Good luck:)

Uzair: Thanks Aaroo! We’ll talk soon.

And her face vanished from the screen.

I missed Aara and I was thankful that Skype existed because if it wasn’t for the wonders of technology, imagine how hard life would be.

I would have to turn to Zayaan for advice and that would just be disastrous.

After the call, I got out of my suit, had a shower and got into bed thinking I would have an early night.

The only problem was that the minute my eyes closed, I could only see Ashley at the wedding, a hurt look in her eyes as I stood in front of her speechless.

Boy, I messed up real bad!

And there was only one way to right my wrong.

I would have to think outside the box and pull out all the stops!

It was time to pull a rabbit out of a hat in an attempt to make it up to Ashley, and Aara’s idea seemed like a good starting point…



Author’s Note

Hey hey people! So this was a very nostalgic post, brought back memories of joint posts with Shazoo from LLD!

And for those that read LLD, you see the continuation of the ‘Youre Perfect’ campaign on DOAD. For more info on Tarun Gidwani, Shazoo’s blog has the link!

On a more DOAD note, can you believe that we’re already half way through the Summer segment!? Ah, how time flies!

Enjoy the post!

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Part 116 – The Extremely Eventful Day

Weddings are always fun. From when I was a little girl, my favourite part about weddings was getting dolled up. That, and watching the bride walk down the aisle.

It was the day of the wedding and I had booked Fathima and I at the same salon for makeup in the afternoon.

I hadn’t seen her the day before because everyone took the day off, preferring to chill at the hotel.

Fathima and I walked into the salon and proceeded towards the makeup section.

Fathima: I skyped my mother yesterday.

Yasmeen: Yeah? What did she say?

Fathima: Hafsa came to stay the weekend there with her and my father, so she was over joyed!

Yasmeen: I can imagine. It’s cute how Hafsa adores her Nanee.

Fathima: Shh, don’t let her Dadee hear you say that.

Yasmeen: I spoke to Nuha yesterday. I am really missing her! It feels so odd to be with all the Bobats minus her.

Fathima: Did she say when she’s going to see her doctor?

Yasmeen: She saw him a few days ago. He said she’s ready to give birth anytime now.

Fathima: Well finally! She has been ready to pop for weeks now.

Just as Fathima said that, our phones both beeped in union. We both looked at our screens, unaware that we were reading the same message at the same time.

It was a group message from Omar and it read ‘Salaams. Hope you all are well. Nuha went into labour a few hours ago. Shukr we have a baby boy.’

And in union Fathima and I squealed aloud ‘A BABY BOY!’

All I wanted to do in that moment was hug Nuha and smother her baby with kisses but that would have to wait.


Fathima: A baby boy. Little boy blue! I wonder if he looks like Omar!?

Yasmeen: A little Omar junior! Should we call her now or later!?

Fathima: She just gave birth!

Yasmeen: So?

Fathima: My darling, I know you lack experience in the giving birth department, but let me tell you, its exhausting! We’ll call her later, or even tomorrow.

Yasmeen: You were always the smarter one between one, always made ‘the right calls’ in life.

Fathima: Yeah yeah, please! Lets just send her a message for now so she knows we’re thinking about her. Now how much longer do we have to wait to get our makeup done!?

And just as she said that, a lady approached us and said she was ready for Fathima and I.

After our faces were caked, we headed back to your hotels separately so we could get ready for the wedding.

I walked into the hotel room, and placed next to my dress on the bed was a single red rose.

There was no note, no ribbon, no nothing.

Just a simple red rose.

Zaheer: Finally you’re back.

I jumped when I heard his voice, for up to that moment, the room had been completely quiet.

Yasmeen: You scared me! Where were you?

Zaheer: Bathroom. How was your makeup thing?

Yasmeen: You tell me.

And I batted my eyelashes and put on a fake smile.

Zaheer: You know I prefer natural.

Yasmeen: I know that. But once in a while I’ll cake my face.

He laughed.

Zaheer: Cake? You look nothing like cake Yasmeen. You look beautiful. You are beautiful, inside out.

And with that he walked towards me, picked up the rose and tucked it behind my ear.

He planted a soft kiss on my cheek and then he moved away, which is when I could finally breathe.

Zaheer: I cant wait till tonight.

Yasmeen: Why? What’s tonight?

Zaheer: You’d have washed your face by then, which means I wont have to be kissing you and tasting makeup.

I threw my head back in laughter.

Only Zaheer thought of these things!

Yasmeen: You’re so dramatic. You can not taste makeup.

Zaheer: I can! I taste foundation and, what’s that other thing called?

Yasmeen: Blush? Powder? Concealer?

Zaheer: Yeah that! I taste concealer and foundation and all that other stuff.

I just stood there and smirked at my husband as he attempted to name more makeup products.

In the end I gave in.

Yasmeen: Alright alright, I get it. You can taste my caked face!

Zaheer: And it tastes awful!

Yasmeen: Zaheer! You’re so mean.

Zaheer: I’m honest sweetheart, there’s a difference.

And he winked and walked away before I could say anything.

Truth be told, I couldn’t say anything because I use that line on him all the time!

We both simultaneously changed into our outfits ready for the night ahead.

We arrived at the venue, valet’d our car and followed the crowds of people to the wedding reception of Camilla and Ismaeel.

Zaheer and I mingled with school friends and the Bobat clan but once I spotted Ashley, who was wearing hijab, I made a beeline for her.

Yasmeen: Hey Ash!

Catching her attention we hugged and exchanged pleasantries. I could not keep my eyes off the scarf on her head! But I couldn’t be abrupt and ask her about it just yet.

Yasmeen: I saw you a few days ago at Box park.

Ashley: Yeah I was there with my cousins from the US. Why didn’t you come and say hi!?

Yasmeen: I told Uzair to but he didn’t want to disturb.

On hearing Uzair’s name, I noticed Ashley’s cheeks went slightly crimson.

Yasmeen: Ash, I have to ask…

Ashley: About the scarf?

Yasmeen: Yes! Let me just say that you look like an Arabian beauty, an absolute gem. Your face is glowing!

Ashley: Oh stop Yas. I just felt like wearing it. I was struggling to get it to sit in place and after watching five hundred youtube tutorials I finally got it!

Yasmeen: Well you look stunning! And I love your dress!

Ashley: Thank you, yours too! The colour is gorgeous!

I was about to say something but I noticed Ashley’s gaze was no longer fixed on me.

I didn’t even have to guess who she was looking at for there was only one person that seemed to be on Ashley’s mind.

Yasmeen: Go, go talk to him. Ill catch up with you later.

She gave me a half smile, hugged me and walked away.

The wedding was a beautiful ceremony. Camilla made a beautiful bride and together, she and Ismaeel were a cute couple!

The wedding ran smoothly, no interruptions, no embarrassing moments, nothing that could ruin the bride or groom’s night.

Suddenly Fathima starts shaking my hand trying to get my attention.

Yasmeen: What!? Your grip is hurting me.

Fathima: Look, over there! Uzzi is leaving!

Yasmeen: Wait what!? They just finished serve supper though?

I turned my head towards the doors and there I saw Uzair dashing at a fast pace to get out of the hall.

Yasmeen: Wonder why he’s in such a rush…

Fathima: Maybe Ashley will know.

Yasmeen: Why would Ashley know?

Fathima: Because she’s also leaving. Look over there.

And there we saw Ashley walking in the other direction towards doors that lead to a balcony.

She too was walking at a fast pace and suddenly my curiosity peaked.

I looked at Fathima and she looked at me.

Fathima: Go see if she’s alright.

I followed th same path Ashley took which lead me onto a balcony. At first I was blown away by the magnificent view the balcony had. It over looked the Burj Khalifah and most of Downtown Dubai.

But I focused my mind and remembered my purpose of why I was there.

I found Ashley standing by the railing, her arms were covering her face. But from the way I saw her body shaking, I knew she was crying.

I walked up behind her and put my hand on her shoulder while the other rubbed her back in an attempt to soothe her.

Yasmeen: Shh, its okay Ash.

After her cries subsided, and after she stopped sniffling she finally uncovered her face wiping away her tears with a tissue I handed her.

Ashley: Thank you.

Yasmeen: Anytime. You want to sit down?

She nodded her head. We found a bench and seated our selves there.

Yasmeen: So you going to tell me whats on your mind?

Ashley: Uhh, where do I start.

Yasmeen: You can start with why you were crying.

Ashley: Its nothing really. Its just that I’m really emotional right now so for little things I get really sad or mad or extremely happy.

Yasmeen: I know exactly what you mean. Its like your emotions are amplified. But what triggered your emotions Ash?

Ashley took a deep breathe in and exhaled slowly, closing her eyes momentarily.

Ashley: I told Uzair something and well, he just stood there and he didn’t say a word. He just turned on his feet and left!

Yasmeen: Aww babe. Uzair is Uzair. I cant even help you because I don’t know what’s going through his mind.

Ashley: Its okay Yas. I mean, this is not even something for me to cry over. I just feel a little hurt.

Yasmeen: Its understandable Ash… I’m sure he has some reason for leaving. He wouldn’t have left so abruptly.

Ashley: You saw him leave?

I nodded my head in agreement.

Yasmeen: Fathima and I saw him, then we saw you and I came after you to see if you were alright.

Ashley: I hope he didn’t leave because of me, because of what I said.

Yasmeen: If you don’t mind me asking, what did you say to him?

Ashley gave me a half smile, a secretive smile.

Ashley: He had asked me about the hijab and I told him the reason why I wore it.

She paused for a moment.

Ashley: I told him I was now one of you guys.

It took me a second to realise what Ashley was saying and when it registered in my brain, I enveloped her into a huge hug!

Yasmeen: Why didn’t you tell me sooner!?

Ashley: I wanted to tell Uzair first, but that clearly backfired.

Yasmeen: So thats what you told him! And he didnt say anything? He just left.

Ashley nodded her head.

Yasmeen: Well I understand why you would cry. It might have felt like he showed you no support. But you do know I’m here for you right?

Ashley: Its crazy how we lost contact and in a matter of weeks that lost time just vanishes. Thank you Yas, for everything.

Yasmeen: Oh theres nothing to say thank you for. Im pretty convinced that Uzair left for a different reason, not because of what you said

Ashley: I hope so. I’m not quite ready to let go of Uzair. He’s only been in my life for what, a week?

Yasmeen: And yet you both have enjoyed each others company. You really do break the stereotypical thinking that you have to know someone for ages to know if you’re compatible.

Ashley: Why do you say that?

Yasmeen: Because I see it.

Ashley: See what?

Yasmeen: You’ll see. Now can we go fix up your face and go back to the wedding?

Ashley: But Uzair?

Yasmeen: Give him his space. He’ll come around when he’s ready.

And so that night I tried my hardest to make Ashley have a good time. We went around telling her close friends about her recent change in faith and they were shocked yet happy for her.

I guess they now understood why she wore the hijab to the wedding.

It was an eventful day to say the least.

Nuha had her baby boy.

Ashley and I now shared the same faith.

And Ismaeel was finally married!

We all stayed at the hall till the very end to bid the bride and groom farewell, as they were due to leave for their honeymoon the very next day.

Every cousin greeted Ismaeel except for Uzair, for he never returned back to the wedding, and I could only assume that he had a valid reason.

Whatever the case, to my understanding it was now between Ashley and Uzair. If they wanted to take the next step together they needed to communicate and sort their issues out.

I was learning that not everything was in my control.

And when Zaheer and I got back to the hotel, and when I told him what I had learnt, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Zaheer: Im sorry, could you repeat that? Did you just say you won’t meddle with Uzair and Ashley!? I do not believe this!

Yasmeen: Oh shush you. You better believe it because I won’t meddle anymore. I see the spark in them both. I have faith that they will work out.

Zaheer: Whatever you say Yasoo, whatever you say. I’m still coming to terms with a hijabi Ashley. That’s going to take some getting use to.

Yasmeen: Its remarkable… She’s remarkable.

Zaheer: And to think about the days where you couldn’t stand her in school.

I just narrowed my eyes at Zaheer and chucked a pillow at him as he laughed away.


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Part 115 – Uzair the Cute Coward

Uzairs POV

Fathima: Is it too late for us to hide?

Fathima’s voice snapped me out my stare.

Uzair: She hasn’t seen us. Maybe she’ll just carry on walking.

Zayaan: Guys…

He trailed off and we followed his gaze. There we saw Yasmin stride towards us, a huge smile on her face.

Fathima: Oh fantastic! I told you we should have hidden!

But we all knew it was too late for that, for now we would have to talk to Yasmin and I was not looking forward to it.

Yasmin: You guys! I thought I saw the back of Uzair’s head! How are you?

And she seated her self onto the chair next to me.

Fathima: Yasmin right?

Fathima feigned ignorance by pretending to half forget Yasmin and I wanted to laugh.

Yasmin: Yes, and you’re Fathima. We met in Durban, like four years ago?

Fathima: Hmm, doesn’t ring a bell. Sorry but its nice to meet you.

And she extended her hand across the table for Yasmin to shake.

Yasmin: Likewise, and how are you Zayaan?

Zayaan: I’m well and yourself? What brings you to Dubai?

Yasmin: Oh just a spontaneous trip my mother planned. We’re actually on our way to South Africa.

Fathima: You going for another wedding in Joburg?

I wanted to kick Fathima under the table. Her mouth was becoming as big as Yasmeen’s. Instead, I just gave her big eyes, trying to get her to shut up.

Yasmin: Oh no no no, no wedding to attend. But there may be one to plan.

Fathima: Are you getting married? Congratulations!

Yasmin: No you misunderstood. I’m not getting married, I’m not even engaged.

And I noticed how her gaze shifted towards me for a second before it was redirected at Fathima.

Yasmin: You know how mothers are. They think we have sell by dates. Thats why mines wants me to settle down, so we’re going to South Africa.

Just then, Fathima’s phone started to ring. She looked at the screen and cut the call.

Fathima: Aww, well good luck with that. We have to leave, Yasmeen is here to pick us up.

And with that she and Zayaan stood up and left the restaurant.

I was about to get up when Yasmin placed a hand on my shoulder.

Uzair: Sorry, do you mind moving your hand?

It dropped to her side and she pursed her lips.

Yasmin: Right, sorry. How are you Uzzi?

Uzair: I am very fine and you?

Yasmin: I’ve been well. What brings YOU to Dubai? Last I heard you were knee deep in volunteer work. Its inspiring really.

Uzair: Ismaeel is getting married. That’s why we’re here.

Yasmin: Oh yes! My mother mentioned something about that. When is the wedding?

I was trying to leave and catch up with Fathima and Zayaan who had both deserted me, but she kept asking questions.

Uzair: Er, in a couple days. Look Yasmin it was nice bumping into you and please give my salaams to your mother but I have to go. Sorry.

Yasmin: Why are you being so hostile? The Uzzi I knew was full of life and chatter.

I looked at her with an ‘are you for real’ look.

Uzair: Er, right. I’m not really being hostile when I tell you that the last I saw you was over 4 years ago. I’m just being honest.

Yasmin: Well honest or hostile.I need to speak to you, so if you could just give me five minutes?

I sat back down and folded my arms across my chest, waiting for her to speak.

Yasmin: Okay so you and I we had a cute childhood and then we lost each other in our lives and found each other again a few years back. And I went and immaturely ruined any chance of you wanting anything to do with me and that was my fault. And I’ve lived with that regret. I always said if I saw you again and we were both not married, I’d make an effort for you to see me differently. I want you to try and give me another chance.

Uzair: You know nothing about me Yasmin. All this lost time-

Yasmin: But I do. Whenever anyone talks about you my ears automatically perk up. I get excited when I learn about where you’ve been, what you’ve done. I’m just asking for a clean slate, please.

I sat there saying nothing and Yasmin saw how I had not flinched at all. As a last minute attempt, she spoke again and said two words.

Yasmin: I’ve changed.

I sat there, my face calm and cool but my mind was whizzing with confusion. I didn’t know what to say and luckily I didn’t have to say anything because my phone started to ring.

It was Zaheer calling.

I answered and the only voice I could hear was Yasmeen’s.

Yasmeen: Mr Bobat, where are you? I know you’ve met your past flame but we’re all waiting for you.

Uzair: One second Yasmeen.

I took the phone away from my ear and held it to my chest, now speaking to the other Yasmin.

Uzair: Sorry Yasmin, I’ve got to run.

And before she could say anything I turned on my heels and left the restaurant returning back to my call to ask where to meet the others.

Its not that I wanted to be rude. I just didn’t know if I had the time or effort for Yasmin. Especially since she had a way with words and I didn’t want to be duped.

I shook away all the feelings of confusion and re joined the group as we headed out together for another night out on the town.

Although I had very little enjoyment in the night, considering everyone was going on about how I met Yasmin.

Almost all my cousins made different jokes about it. The only people that seemed to be quiet on the matter were Zaheer and Yasmeen because lets face it, Yasmin was not their favourite topic.

After all the Yasmin jokes were worn out and after everyone’s curiosity died down, I began to enjoy the night.

We decided to check out Box Park, a hangout where restaurants and stores were made entirely out of bright coloured boxes.

All of a sudden Yasmeen walks up to me.

Yasmeen: Uzair, I think its your lucky day today.

She randomly said it and I turned to her with a confused expression.

Uzair: What are you talking about?

Yasmeen: First you see Yasmin, now you see her. Its like the girls are all flocking to see you today.

Uzair: Her? Whose her?

She pointed to the right and I followed her finger which lead to none other than Ashley.

She was sitting around a table with friends, her head fell back in laughter as a smile spread across her face.

Realising that I was staring, I lowered my gaze and looked away.

Yasmeen: Don’t just stand here. Go say hello!

So I straightened up and quickly fixed my hair a little as I walked towards Ashley.

And then…

I got cold feet…

And I turned around…

And I walked back to the gang who were already laughing at my cowardly behaviour!

Yasmeen: What is wrong with you!?

Uzair: I didn’t know what to say!

Zayaan: You could have just said hi!

Zaheer: Yeah Uzzi, why you being such a coward!

And they erupted into laughter.

Uzair: I’m not a coward! She’s with other people. I wont disturb her.

Fathima: Aww, thats so cute! Uzair the cute coward!

I rolled my eyes fed up with the teasing and namd calling.

Uzair: Can we please just go have coffee or something now!?

And that’s how I ended up having one of the worst nights ever, where my manhood was insulted for hours as I was teased about my cowardly behaviour, over coffee and cake at Box Park.

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Part 114 – Mental Attractions

Uzair’s POV

I had sand in my shoes, in my pocket, in my hair, in my socks, in my everything!

But the trip to the desert was worth it because I think I met someone, maybe not the one, or maybe I’ve only known her for a day so I can’t quite tell yet.

But my curiosity has been sparked and I am not one to date so I won’t. Instead, I’ll communicate with her, learn more about her and ideally see if I could introduce her to my mother, see if I can lead a life with her.

As much as I might like a girl, my mothers approval is everything!

Sure I’ll be the one marrying her. And I’ll be the one spending my life with whoever I marry.

But I have and will always respect my mother’s decision.

So right now it’s early stages of just talking to her and getting to know what she’s all about.

I will admit with guilt that I judged her before I even spoke to her properly. Whatever I knew about her was based on events that happened over four years ago. It was based on how Ashley was apart of Yasmeen and Zaheer’s past.

But we all slip up from time to time with our judgey human nature.

And after all, the past is the past for a reason.

Speaking to her was a breath of fresh air. It’s not like I have been talking to many girls in the past few years, except girls that my mother has introduced to me.

But this was different.

She was different.

Her beauty was within her eyes. They held this depth, this mystery in them that made you want to look into them till the end of time,

Her mind, her intellect, her wit, it was so brilliant that I could have discussed anything with her the entire night at the desert.

She challenged my opinions on politics, current events and even choices of TV series! When she wasn’t challenging  me, she was asking countless questions about Islam and after mouthy Yasmeen told her about my travels, she enquired even more about what I did with my life.

But she asked peculiar questions, and saw life through eyes of her own.

A question that struck me the most was ‘where do you see your self going with this charity work that you do?’

And all I could do was tell Ashley I would think about it because I didn’t know the answer.

Where did I see myself with this traveling and volunteer work I did?

At first, it was a way for me to find myself. It was a path that helped me realize how much potential each person had to help the world, to help humanity.

Look at me sounding like Mother Theresa.

I was no Mother Theresa and I was not going to be a male version of a nun that would stay single for life like how Mother T did. I wanted to help others, but more than that I wanted to settle down.

And Ashley, this brilliant witty soft hearted girl, was making the idea of settling down seem like something that could happen in the near future.

But what to do, those thoughts could not run through my mind right now. Not until Ashley became an Asma or an Aaliyah or an Aisha.

But here she was, learning about Islam before I even met her. And somehow , I thought it was fate. The way I met her while she was at a point where I could help her, educate her and tell her more about Islam.

Alas, at the end of the day, the decision was entirely hers.

All I could do right now was take her in, spend time with her and see if what I felt was a one day mental attraction, or if this feeling was here to stay.

It was a few days after the a Desert safari and the gang wanted to shop. Well Fathima wanted to shop so Zayaan and I tagged along.

Fathima: How cute is this?

Uzair: That looks a bit small for you.

Fathima: It’s for Hafsa Uzair!

Uzair: Ooooooh. That makes more sense. In that case you should buy this tutu to match!

Fathima: Are you being sarcastic? Because if you are, your comment backfired. That tutu is adorable!

She snatched the tutu I was holding and proceeded towards the till.

Zayaan: My money goes towards tutus? Good to know Fatz.

Fathima: Picture her in this tutu and tell me the image in your mind is not Masha Allah!

Uzair: I think someone’s missing their daughter!

Fathima: I am, I really am. But Zayaan had a point.

Zayaan: I didn’t want to travel with her just for a week. And who would babysit Hafsa here? It was best to just leave her with her grandparents in Durban.

And thats how I spent my afternoon: learning parenting tips from Zayaan and Fathima,learning about prams and all things baby!

It was a very educating experience in Dubai Mall with Zayaan and Fathima.

Exhausted, we went to Markette to get a quick bite.

Uzair: I must admit, after today, I feel ready for fatherhood!

Zayaan laughed.

Zayaan: Bro, you don’t know the half of it. This was just the test run. Wait till the real thing.

Fathima: What could you possibly be complaining about? I’m the one that carried Hafsa in my belly for nine months!

Zayaan: And I dealt with your pregnancy moods and cravings; don’t you forget it.

It was Fathima’s turn to laugh.

Fathima: Fine fine. We’re equals now.

Zayaan: So now what’s the deal with the white chick?

I spluttered on my drink and started coughing uncontrollably.

Uzair: Firstly, she’s not a chick. Secondly, her name is Ashley.

Zayaan: Yeah, so what’s the deal there?

I shrugged my shoulders and ran my fingers through my hair.

Uzair: I don’t know myself. We’ll see.

Zayaan: Our Uzair is moving up in life. Can’t settle for a Durban girl. He goes for a- Where is she from?

Uzair: America and the U.K.

Zayaan just looked at me as if I was joking.

Zayaan: Yoh, not one major country, but two. Go for it Uzzi. You have my permission.

Fathima elbowed Zayaan to shut him up.

Fathima: You do whatever feels right Uzair. Don’t listen to this stupid here.

And just as she finished speak, her attention drifted to something behind me.

Paying little attention to how her gaze had shifted, I went back to eating my food. Only when I looked up again, Fathima’s gaze was still fixated at someone or something behind me.

Zayaan noticed as well.

I turned around.

And when I did, I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me.

God no, let it not be her. Let this all be a mistake.

But no, life has a way of playing games with you.

And this just turned into a sour game.

For there I saw her, standing at least five feet away from us, Yasmin.

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Part 113 – The Desert Safari

I was all for this desert safari. I was even excited. But I can’t tell you how hot it was. And to be in the desert in the scorching heat under the sizzling sun made me wish we were back in London’s grim weather.

Yasmeen: I don’t know what to wear!

Zaheer: Clothes.

Yasmeen: Well aren’t you super helpful?

Zaheer: Yasoo, wear anything.

Yasmeen: Zaheeroo, please go eat breakfast downstairs. You’re not helping me.

He laughed, kissed my forehead and opened the room door.

Zaheer: Don’t be too long. Breakfast ends soon.

Once he left I huffed and fell onto my bed that was covered in clothes.

The dilemma was that as much as I loved wearing black, it would absorb the heat and I wanted to stay cool today.

On top of that, jeans always made me feel clammy, but I couldn’t wear a skirt or dress. That would be impractical!

Here I was complaining like I had first world problems when I really didn’t. Sometimes I really thought I needed to look at life through the eyes of selfless person, someone like Uzair for example!

Deciding that I had made a mountain out of a mole hill, I stressed less about what I wore and settled for beige cotton pants with a white lace blouse. I don’t think I looked particularly Arab for this desert safari so I wore an Arabian styled scarf to bring a touch of Arabia!

All the friends of the bride and groom were set to meet at the hotel Ismaeel and Camilla were staying at. Many of the faces were familiar to me but majority of them were foreign. I figured they were Camilla’s cousins whom I’d never met along with Ismaeel’s friends.

Zaheer and I found our group of Bobats and stuck with them, waiting for the safari cars to arrive. Once they did we were seated in groups of 6.

Fathima: We’re only 5 people.

Car Driver: You’ll have to find one more person.

I saw Ashley standing outside the car and ushered her over.

Yasmeen: Mind jumping in with us? We need one more person.

Ashley: Err, sure. Where do I sit?

I looked around. Zayaan had taken the passenger seat leaving Fathima to sit with Zaheer and I in the middle three seats. That meant Ashley could sit on the two seater in the back with Uzair.

Yasmeen: Do you mind sitting with Uzair?

Ashley: Not a problem.

I rubbed my hands together in silent glee! Fathima noticed and shot me an ‘are you crazy’ look.

The cars set off towards the desert. The ride didn’t feel long and that was all because of the company we had.

Zayaan kept the banter going with Zaheer giving his two sense every so often. Fathima and I were there laughing hysterically but the voices you couldn’t hear were Uzair’s and Ashley’s.

And when I turned around I realized we couldn’t hear their voices because they were deep in conversation talking to each other.

I quickly shifted my body so that I was facing front, not wanting to pry.

I couldn’t even strain my ears to hear what they were saying because,  come on, spying is frowned upon in Islam.

So I whispered in Zaheer’s ear.

Yasmeen: Distract me.

Zaheer: From what?

Yasmeen: The two behind me. I’m trying so hard to NOT hear what they’re saying so I need you to distract me.

Zaheer: Yass…

Yasmeen: Zahh…

Zaheer: This is dumb.

Yasmeen: Distract me!

Zaheer: Fine, I don’t know if I ever told you but I’m scared of this.

Yasmeen: Of what?

Zaheer: THIS! This desert dune driving.

I looked at him with a confused expression.

Zaheer: When I was maybe twelve years old we went for one of these with my grandparents. And let’s just say the car kind of fell over.

I put my hand over his and put my head on his shoulder.

Zaheer: Never been on a desert safari since because-

Yasmeen: Because you’re a pitchkar?

Zaheer: Im a what?

Yasmeen: A scaredy cat! Whatever happened to facing your fears Zah?

Zaheer: I’m facing it now aren’t I? With you.

I smiled and laughed.

Yasmeen: Well yes, valid point.

Zaheer: Was that distracting enough for you Mrs Mohamed?

Yasmeen: Indeed it was Mr Mohamed, thank you.

Fathima: What are you two whispering about over there?

Zayaan: Has Yasmeen finally admitted she’s pregnant?

Fathima swatted Zayaan from the back and Ashley exclaimed…

Ashley: YOU’RE PREGNANT!? What? I’m not even married and you’re having a kid?

Yasmeen: Nooooo! I’m not! Zayaan is just… Zayaan.

Ashley: You scared me for a second Yaz. But wouldn’t it be cute to have a mini Yasmeen or a Zaheer Junior?

Zayaan: That’s what I keep saying. You two need to hurry up. Hafsa needs company.

Yasmeen: Guys this is so pressurizing.

Uzair: She gets enough beans about this from the old aunties, leave it.

And I saw Ashley turn to look at Uzair as he came to my defense.

The look was one of admiration.

I saw her smile at him before she turned to look out the car window.

I smiled in glee once again while Fathima looked less than impressed.

It was her turn to whisper.

Fathima: You better know what you’re doing. He’s a good guy, he deserves someone amazing.

Yasmeen: Fatz, trust me on this. Ashley has had a bit of a tough run in her life but I genuinely think Uzair is good for her. And Ashley will help Uzair lighten up a little. Uzair is so Uzair!

I accidentally said the last sentence a bit too loud.

Uzair: I heard my name.

Yasmeen: Err.. Umm.. I was just, I was just talking about-

Fathima: About the charity work you do.

Ashley: Charity work?

Uzair: Not really charity work.

Yasmeen: Yes really charity work. He is like mother Theresa.

Uzair: And she is exaggerating.

Ashley: But I’m intrigued now. Please, tell me more.

And Uzair dived into the topic of how he travels around the world and the work he does, although he kept on insisting what he does is nothing.

While Uzair and Ashley were still deep in conversation, we stopped at the start of the sand area momentarily before the dune bashing began.

And boy was it fun!

Even Zaheer enjoyed himself with all the screaming he did.

Once the dune bashing segment of the day was done, we all got off the car at our safari destination, the camp!

There were quad bikes and camel rides and mini stores and henna. Could life get any more Arabian than this?

Camilla and Ismaeel started the fun by taking the quad bikes for a spin before everyone else.

We watched them go up and down hills and my stomach went in knots as I stood next to Zaheer and watched them.

Yasmeen: Want to know a little secret? I’m scared of quad bikes.

His jaw went low and his mouth went into a big O.

Yasmeen: Close your mouth. Flies will go inside.

Zaheer: And you call me a pitchkar?

Yasmeen: Well quad biking is dangerous. People die from it.

He took my hand in his.

Zaheer: Come on drama queen, it’s time to face your fears.

And that was how I ended up sitting behind Zaheer on a quad bike holding onto his waist for dear life!

It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time and when it was over, Zaheer’s face was beaming; it was a rare smile he had only when he was ecstatic.

Yasmeen: This is a total Kodak moment.

Zaheer: What, you on a quad bike?

Yasmeen: No, your smile! It’s my favorite smile of yours.

Zaheer: I have different smiles?

I nodded my head in agreement.

Yasmeen: Aha, you do. Come on now, I want to go on the camel.

After camel rides and quad bikes and lots and lots of pictures, half the group sat down around the belly dance stage while the rest of us went our own way into the desert to gaze at the stars.

Zaheer: So I have a question, when are you actually going to start your Cupid company?

Yasmeen: Have you been paying any attention? It’s already in action!

Zaheer: Where? I don’t see you introducing Uzair to any girl.

Yasmeen: Zaheer, look around; where is Uzair right now?

Zaheer looked around.

Zaheer: Ahhhh, I see him. Ashley and Uzair? Really?

Yasmeen: Yes really.

Zaheer: Well, I see why widow would want them together.

Yasmeen: YOU DO!? Finally! Someone that sees it!

Zaheer: Yeah, I mean I knew Ashley and I knew that she was, still is capable of a lot of love.

Yasmeen: Wow that sounded a little feminine babes.

Zaheer: Don’t babes me babe.

Zayaan: You two speak so loudly and your flanter is making me nauseous.

Good old Zayaan! Always there to ruin the moment!

Ashley and Uzair spoke the entire night. There was not a single moment I could corner Uzair or Ashley to ask how their night was going, until Ashley got up to get herself a bottle of water.

Yasmeen: Uzair… Come here!

Uzair: Bossy, were you ever taught to say please?

Yasmeen: Why does it feel like you’re not even here with us?

Zaheer: Because he’s too busy chatting up the ladies

Uzair: Not ladies. Just one lady.

And his gaze shifted to the direction Ashley had walked away in.

Yasmeen: Tell me all! And don’t even say there’s nothing because I know and I sort of kind of planned it.

Uzair: You planned it? So you intentionally made her come into our car?

Yasmeen: Cupid at your service. I won’t pry, I just want to know what you think of her.

Uzair: She surprised me. In one day I saw her differently.

Yasmeen: Differently how?

Uzair: From the little I remembered about her, which was that she was not the most loyal of friends to you, my opinion changed. Her interest in Islam blew me away. You already know that though, she said she was talking to you about it.

Yasmeen: Yes, that shocked me too, but do you see this going anywhere?

He brushed his hand through his hair and pondered.

Uzair: Yes, I do. I mean, she is SO not a girl I would ever picture myself with. But in one day she opened up to me and I figured her out.

Yasmeen: And what is she?

Uzair: She is one helluva girl. Works too much, I told her that but her witt, her intelligence, her slight sense of shyness makes me think, makes me hope that I could I don’t know-

He trailed off and I looked at Zaheer with wide eyes and a big smile.

I wanted to express my joy at hearing what Uzair had just said, but I remained cool calm and composed.

Yasmeen: Well, we all know you won’t do anything too haram. But I hope if it’s what you want, hopefully it works out.

Uzair: Thanks Yas. I’ll see you’ll later, going to check up on Ashley.

And he walked away leaving Zaheer and I on our own.

I rested my head on Zaheer’s shoulder and sighed.

Yasmeen: Ah, young love.

Zaheer: You make it sound like we’re old.

Yasmeen: Well with all this baby talk I sometimes feel really old.

Zaheer: Don’t listen to everyone else Yas. When we’re ready for a baby, we’ll know.

And he kissed my forehead.

Yasmeen: You’re right. The Mohamed Baby will come when it comes. Right now, we can just enjoy being a pair.

Zaheer: Two peas in a pod? Or is that too lame?

Yasmeen: That was lame! This is why we can’t be parents yet, our kids will say lame stuff like that.

Zaheer: And they’ll have a big mouth like their mother.

Yasmeen: And they’ll be conceited like their father.


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Part 112 – Unplanned Reunion

Destination weddings are always fun. There’s just something about having a wedding in a different country or city that makes it more exciting!

The line up for wedding week was an Arabian ladies night followed by a desert safari for all the friends of the groom and the bride. Then came the wedding reception itself which was joint between the bride and groom.

To say I was excited would be an understatement. It had been a while since I attended a wedding. Living in London meant that Zaheer and I couldn’t always be at every wedding.

But this excitement was doubled as I would also be seeing my long lost school friends! As if that wasn’t enough, my Cupid company was already coming to life as I realized Uzair would be able to meet my friends on the desert safari.

Yasmeen: I’m so excited for this! Got my belly dancing skirt out and everything.

Zaheer’s face turned grim when I said that.

Zaheer: Belly skirt what!?

Yasmeen: Would you chill. I’m wearing it for the ladies ONLY function. And if that’s not enough, I’m wearing it with tights!

His expression changed into a beaming smile.

Zaheer: Much better my love.

And he gave me a kiss on my cheek while I rolled my eyes.

Yasmeen: Men, they are so temperamental.

Zaheer: Woman, they are so stubborn.

Yasmeen: Let’s not ruin my insanely good mood with this argument that I’ll win anyway.

Zaheer: You got jokes Yas. You should have become a lawyer. All you do is argue.

Yasmeen: I know right. Oh well! Anyway, what are you doing tonight?

Zaheer: Why do you ask? Need to keep tabs on me?

And he said it with a wink. Sometimes I really questioned why I married this immature big mouth.

Yasmeen: Definitely need to keep tabs on you. You can’t be trusted in this party town.

Zaheer: Yass….

And he rested his chin on my shoulder as he stood behind me.

Zaheer: I was kidding.

Yasmeen: So was I.

Zaheer: But seriously, why do you ask?

Yasmeen: Care to drop me off at the ladies night?

Zaheer: Anything for you Yasoo, anything for you.

The Arabian Night was in full swing by the time I arrived. With female guards at every entrance of the hotel ball room, it was impossible for any men to enter.

The ceiling of the ball room was draped in shades of gold and dark blue. On one side was a long buffet table and on the other, tables and couches and puffs were scattered where ladies sat and socialized.

I spotted Fathima and a few of Ismaeel’s female cousins sitting at a table. As I made my way over to them a hand grabbed my elbow and I came face to face with Lia.

Yasmeen: LIA!!!!!

And I enveloped her into a huge hug, squeezing the air out of her lungs in the process.

Lia: Well I’m glad you remember me!

Yasmeen: Oh ha ha. Just because I haven’t seen you does not mean I forgot you! I really really have missed you and oh my god your hair! You look so different.

Lia: Hmm, good different or bad different?

Yasmeen: Good of course! How have you been? How’s California?

Lia: Amazing! Totally settled there but I come back to Dubai like all the time. I miss it.

Yasmeen: I miss the simple high school life.

Lia: Ahaha, yeah that too. How’s London?

Yasmeen: London is London. Some days I love it. Some days I really don’t love it.

Lia: But you’ve been there for what, four five years?

Yasmeen: Yeah, it will be five years soon, but Durban is home.

Lia: Aww, cutie. And how is the infamous Zaheer?

Yasmeen: Zaheer is still…. Zaheer! Only now he’s married.

As I was about to ask her if she had settled down and found someone, a voice interrupted our conversation.

Zainab: Yasmeen? Yaz? Is that you?

I looked behind Lia to see Zainab approaching us.

This was like an unplanned reunion!

The three of us chatted and caught up, reminiscing about the old days and talking about our current lives and jobs.

Ashley joined us at some point in the conversation and I swear for a moment it felt like old school times.

When an announcement was made that Camilla was going to walk in, the four of us seated our selves at a table awaiting the arrival of the soon to be bride.

It may not have been a wedding but Camz still walked down the length of the ball room. She looked breath taking in a while and gold Arabian style dress.

Soon after, people began to make their way towards the buffet table. I on the other hand dashed towards Camilla.

Yasmeen: Camilla!

Camilla: Yasmeen! I’m so glad you made it.

Yasmeen: I can’t believe I’m seeing you after so long. When Ismaeel said he’s putting a ring on it, and when he said you were the bride, only then did I realize it had been too long since I last saw you.

Camilla: Oh don’t be silly! We’ve all been so busy with our lives so you’re excused for not coming to visit me all these years.

Yasmeen: Well I’m so happy for you and Issy. May this marriage be filled with happiness and love and blessings.

Camilla: Ameen! You’re looking well Yasmeen. A little fairer than I remember?

Yasmeen: That’s probably because I went from living under the Dubai sun to living under clouds and rain and minimal sunlight.

Camilla: Shame man, so move back to Dubai!

Yasmeen: You try telling Zaheer that. Husband’s happiness comes first. That’s the number one rule in marriage.

And we both laughed at how I sounded like an old granny.

I wished Camz well and said I would see her soon as other people came to greet her.

Fathima: Ditcher! There you are.

Yasmeen: I’m the Ditcher? It’s not my fault this wedding has all my school friends in attendance.

Fathima: And you don’t even introduce me to them!

Yasmeen: Would you like to meet them missy?

Fathima: Nah, I’m good. So who’s the girl of Uzair’s dreams?

Yasmeen: what!?

Fathima: Don’t look so surprised. I know you and I know how your mind works. You told Uzair you would show him all your friends but I know you have one particular girl in mind so spill!

Yasmeen: Aww, it’s cute how you know me so well.

Fathima: Stop changing the subject. Tell meeee! I’m dying in suspense.

Yasmeen: Fine fine, Ashley.

And a a moment of silence passed as Fathima stood there shocked.

Fathima: Tell me I did not just hear you say that.

Yasmeen: Sorry I can’t. I did just say that.

Fathima: WHY!? WHY? I mean WHYY!

Yasmeen: I don’t know how to explain it but I just see it. I see them both working out to be happy together.

Fathima: Well I did not see that coming. When are you going to introduce them to each other?

Yasmeen: Tomorrow while we’re all on the desert safari.

Fathima: You’ve really thought this all through.

Yasmeen: I know! I’m a genius.

Fathima: Please! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The night carried on in its Arabian fashion with Arabian entertainment and desserts. Zaheer and Zayaan had dinner together with Uzair so the trio collected us from the venue.

Zaheer and I took a taxi to the Waldorf Astoria while the rest of them went to their hotel.

As I was wiping my makeup off and washing my face, Zaheer sat on the bed flicking through the channels.

Zaheer: So how was your fancy pancy Arabian night?

Yasmeen: It was really gooood. I met all YOUR friends.

Zaheer: All MY friends?

Yasmeen: Yes, Lia, Ashley, Zainab the list goes on.

Zaheer: Last time I checked they were YOUR friends.

Yasmeen: They all asked about you, I told them you died.

Zaheer: You WHAT!?

Yasmeen: It’s not like your existence affects their life anymore.

Zaheer: Is someone getting jealous?

Yasmeen: Me? Jealous? Why would I ever be jealous?

Zaheer got off the bed and came to the bathroom, standing behind me so that we were both looking at each other in the mirror.

Zaheer: Because we’re all going to be together tomorrow and Yasmeen is insecure.

Yasmeen: Yasmeen is NOT insecure. Yasmeen just likes troubling Zaheer.

Zaheer: Zaheer doesn’t like being troubled by Yasmeen.

Yasmeen: I know, but that’s the best part.

And I turned around and gave Zaheer a kiss on the cheek before walking out the bathroom.

Zaheer: You women!

Yasmeen: You love us.

Zaheer: Sometimes.

Yasmeen: All the time.

Zaheer: Maybe…

Yasmeen: Definitely.

And we continued to argue and talk and bicker until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.



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Part 111 – Don’t talk that Baby talk.

Uzair’s POV

The thing about volunteer work is that it makes you see life from a different perspective.

It makes you appreciate everything more than you had previously.

It makes you want to be selfless as you strive to help others.

But for me it made me want to, more than anything else, settle down and start a family.

On a daily basis I was assisting poor families, helping build homes for them, or build wells for them, or build schools for children.

It was time for me to build a home of my own and have children of my own. But of course, before any of that could even happen, I had to find a girl.

And we all know how hard it is to find a nice girl in this day and age.

It seemed that most of the girls I was in university with were already married… WITH KIDS!

And here I was, single and still on the look out for a wife.

Well that’s not the whole truth. My mother was on the look out for a possible wife because you know what they say, mothers know best!

But it was taking a toll on her. In the end, she said I was too fussy and she gave up!

Imagine, a mother giving up on her own son.

So here I was arriving in Dubai with Fathima and Zayaan to attend Ismaeel’s wedding, only I was given explicit instructions by my mother to not only enjoy the wedding, but to make an effort to look for a wife.

The taxi took us to the hotel from the airport. The minute I laid eyes on the hotel bed I was lights out. Not that I had a lot of time to sleep; Ismaeel insisted on meeting up for lunch.

A few hours later I was sitting at a restaurant in JBR with Ismaeel, Zaheer, Yasmeen Fathima and Zayaan.

Yasmeen: Where’s baby Hafsa?

Fathima: Left her with my mother in law. She stayed behind to look after Nuha m

Zaheer: How was the flight?

Zayaan: Packed! Full full full, not an empty seat in sight.

Yasmeen: Yeah, because school starts again in Dubai pretty soon, so everyone is coming home.

Zayaan: Oh ho, sorry Miss Dubai.

Yasmeen: Eh, it’s Mrs London now.

Fathima: Will the arguing between you two ever end?

Zayaan and Yasmeen both looked at each other and in union said ‘Nope!’

Ismaeel: Guys I’m not usually the emotional type but I just want to say thank you all for coming. Means a lot-

Yasmeen: Aww, just glad we could be here Issy.

Ismaeel: I wasn’t done Yasmeen. You just cut me off!

And the table erupted into laughter.
Good ole’ Yasmeen Raheem.
Can never keep her mouth shut.

Yasmeen: Sorry sorry, carry on.

Ismaeel: As I was saying, thank you. Not all the family could be here for this wedding week, but I’m glad I’ll still have you guys.

Uzair: Where is all this emotion and love coming from? We’re cousins and in my whole life I’ve never felt as appreciated as I do right now.

Zayaan: You’re not even married yet and you’re turning soft.

Yasmeen: Shame leave the guy alone! Zay you’ve also turned soft so please you can’t talk. And Uzair… Just wait till you married. We’ll be teasing you as well.

Fathima: Uzzi did you hear?

Uzair: Hear what?

And I saw Yasmeen giving Fathima big eyes signaling for her to shut up.

Fathima: Err… Never mind.

Uzair: How, you sparked my interest, now tell me.

Yasmeen put her head in her hands covering her face and Zaheer was trying to supress a laugh.

Fathima: You’re part of Yasmeen’s new project.

I raised an eyebrow.

Uzair: New project? Enlighten me.

Fathima: Yasmeen why don’t YOU tell Uzair.

Yasmeen: Nah, I’m good. This is embarrassing enough.

Fathima: Well I’ll just say it then. She calls it ‘The Cupid Company’ and she is the self appointed wannabe Cupid.

I was at a loss for words.

I think we all were because the entire table just looked at Yasmeen like she had lost her marbles.

Except Zaheer that is. His whole body was shaking with laughter.

Yasmeen: Well when Fathima says it like that it makes me sound insane!

Uzair: Self appointed Cupid, how does that NOT sound insane?

Yasmeen looked at Zaheer with pleading eyes saying ‘what did I get myself into.’

Zaheer: You and your big mouth. It lands you in all sorts of awkward conversations.

Yasmeen: I know. I really need to shut up.

Uzair: Can someone please still explain this to me? Is she for real?

Yasmeen: Ignore what Fatz said. I was simply thinking of how I could help introduce you to my friends from school at the wedding. Simple! But these people keep making fun of my Cupid company idea.

Uzair: Because you named it Cupid company! Of course they’ll laugh.

And Zayaan, Ismaeel and Zaheer started laughing again.

Yasmeen: Laugh all you want but I’m serious. Uzair, seriously Zaheer will be more than happy to introduce you to them.

Zaheer: How did I get roped into this?

Yasmeen: Well you’re married to me so obviously I’d find a way to involve you in this.

Zayaan: You know what I think? I think you have a LOT of time on your hands.

Yasmeen: And your point is?

Zayaan: It’s time for you to get a kid! You’ll be nice and busy and you won’t have time to think up weird stuff like this.

And they were back at the topic of how Yasmeen should get a baby.

The limelight really was on her in the past few months.

With both her best friends embarking on the path of parenthood, the aunties could not stop giving her a hard time on the topic of babies while she was in Durban.

Even I noticed that!

While they argued about Yasmeen’s not so pregnant state, I thought about what she said.

Would it really hurt a fly if Yasmeen introduced me to a few nice girls?

Of course, they may not be the typical South African girls one would find back home, but variation is the spice of life!

And after all the cultures I had been introduced to in the past few years, after all the different places and the different people I encountered, I embraced variation much more than I had previously.

In the middle of their arguing I decided to butt in.

Uzair: Okay.

Everyone turned to look at me.

Zayaan: Okay what? Okay she should get a baby or okay she shouldn’t get a baby?

Uzair: I meant okay to Yasmeen’s project!

Yasmeen’s facial expression along with everyone else’s on the table was one of utter shock.

Yasmeen: Seriously? Like seriously!?

Uzair: As long as the girl is Muslim and as long as you know, my mother would accept her and whatever then okay, you can show me these girls.

I expected Yasmeen to be squealing and clapping her hands, excited that I agreed.

Instead, she turned to face Zaheer and started gloating.

Yasmeen: I’m sorry what? Did you hear that? Who was it that thought Uzair would say no to my plan? What was that Zaheer? Don’t underestimate the power of Yasmeen Raheem.

Zaheer: I don’t under estimate the power of Yasmeen Raheem, because she doesn’t exist. I underestimate the power of Yasmeen Mohamed.

Yasmeen: Witty guy.

And she continued to gloat while Zaheer sat there rolling his eyes.

How he survived with her constant talking, God alone knows.

Let’s just hope her friends were not as chatty as her.

As we were leaving the restaurant after our lunch outing, I pulled Ismaeel aside wanting to talk to him alone while everyone else walked in front of us.

Ismaeel: What’s up Uzzi?

Uzair: When did you know you were ready for this?

Ismaeel: For what, lunch?

Uzair: No man. Marriage.

Ismaeel: Eh, I dunno man. I was just at a point where I wanted to be with Camz properly. I was tired of long distance and I felt ready to take care of her. It sounds so soppy man but that was it for me.

Uzair: And how did you even know you wanted Camilla to be your wife?

Ismaeel: Where are all these questions coming from? These sound so girly!

Uzair: Man, just answer it.

Ismaeel: Thats different for everyone. You’ll end up doing it the halal way. I did it the not so halal way so for me it would be different.

I ran a hand through my hair thinking over what Ismaeel said.

Uzair: I get your point. Okay my girly questions are done.

Ismaeel laughed and swung an arm over my shoulder.

Ismaeel : It’s not as scary as it seems Uzzi. When you meet a girl you click with, trust your instinct and imagine a future with her. If you can she’s a keeper. Make Nikki’s blah blah blah and there you go. You’re a married man

Uzair: You make it sound like a piece of cake but we’ll see. Right now, let’s focus on getting you married please.

We all spent the day together after lunch, talking walking shopping laughing. The list goes on!

I silently thanked my mother for forcing me to come on this trip because at the end of the day, we wouldn’t be able to get back these times with Ismaeel.

Everyone can way what they like but marriage does change a person and their life, so I was grateful that I could spend this time with him before he became a married man.

Wow, how sentimental do I sound right now. I’m already turning into a softie!

Author’s Note

If anyone asks me why I have bags under my eyes, it’s due to late night blogging!!!

Like super late night blogging. Like 4am blogging.

But I can’t complain. It’s always a pleasure to be able to write for my wonderful readers.

Hope you enjoyed the Uzair POV post! Enjoy the weekend!

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Part 110 – The Wannabe Cupid

Dubai was hot! It was a total contrast to the Durban weather we had just been in for the past few weeks. The beach was at our doorstep of the hotel yet it was impossible to go out for even five minutes without sweating.

And we all know how much I detest sweat. Eugh!

Zaheer and I spent our lazy mornings together having breakfast either in the room or in the restaurant downstairs. I could be married or an unmarried, a student or working woman but I would always love my hotel breakfasts. Always!

Yasmeen: These pancakes are so mmmm…

Zaheer: To you everything is ‘mmmm’

Yasmeen: Well the day you cook pancakes to perfection like this, that’s the day I’ll start complimenting your cooking.

Zaheer: Pa-lease. My waffles are five hundred times better than this

Yasmeen: Hmm… Maybe. I think you should make me waffles when we get home.

Zaheer: We’re only getting home in like two weeks. Think you can survive that long without my waffles?

And he said it with a wink, while I just rolled my eyes and carried on eating my pancakes.

Yasmeen: Have you seen Ismaeel’s invitation?

Zaheer: Yeah. How did we get invited to the wedding and walimah? The last time you spoke to Camilla was like what, three years ago?

Yasmeen: Ha ha. So funny! Less than three years. Actually no, wait, you’re right. It’s not my fault we lost contact.

Zaheer: See, I’m always right. You guys can ‘re connect’. All the girls from school will probably  be at the wedding.

My mind drifted towards the group of friends I had in Dubai; Ashley, Lia, Zainab, Camilla, it really had been ages since I saw them.

Yasmeen: You can’t blame me for not meeting up with them in a hurry. You were a total womaniz-

Zaheer: Yasmeeen…. Don’t start!

Yasmeen: It’s true. You were a total ‘you know what’.

Zaheer: That was also many MANY years ago.

Yasmeen: Still, fact is that is what you were, and you put me through a hard time.

Even though this was the truth, I was saying it with a smile and not seriously. A guilty Zaheer was a cute pouty Zaheer.

Zaheer reached his hand across the table to put on top of mine.

Zaheer: I know you’re trying to wind me up and it’s working. Stop guilting me.

Yasmeen: But you’re so cute when you feel guilty.

Zaheer: Please, I’m cute all the time.

Yasmeen: Yeah yeah you wish. But back to the topic at hand, the wedding, is Tariq coming?

Zaheer: Don’t think so. He’s in Washington at the moment.

Yasmeen: That boy needs to get married man. All he does is travel and work and travel and work and travel some more and work some more.

Zaheer: Open up a Cupid company. Get him married along with Uzair.

Yasmeen: That. Is a genius idea! Oh my god Zaheer!

Zaheer: Yas, I was kidding. Tariq is not even here.

Yasmeen: So what? Uzair will be here and like you said, all the girls from school days will be here as well. I can find him his dream girl.

Zaheer put his head in his hands and wore an exasperated expression.

Zaheer: Yas, hear your self please. No, I’m your husband and I say no to forcing Uzair to meet girls. It’s wrong on so many levels. He’s your ex boyf-

Yasmeen: Nnnnyaat! Do not complete that sentence Zaheer. That is in the past. I’m only trying to help him.

Zaheer: Then you don’t call me a ‘you know what’.

Yasmeen: Fine. But back to being Cupid, is it considered forcing if Uzair WANTS to meet a girl?

Zaheer just looked at me like I had lost my mind.

Yasmeen: I’m not stupid. I won’t force him. But I will introduce him to them. Or you can do that for me since you know the girls better than I do since you use to be a womaniz-

But before I could finish my sentence, Zaheer shoved a pancake in my mouth.

Zaheer: You are seriously the most annoying person ever. But I love you and your big mouth that talks rubbish half the time. And there’s only two ways to shut you up.

Yasmeen: Oh really? And what are these two ways?

He looked at me, winked, got out of his chair and walked away.

Yasmeen: Zaheer Mahomed! You can not leave me here in suspense! I need to know!

But he kept on walking away.

So I slumped into my chair and decided that instead of chasing after my husband, I would eat my pancakes in peace.

That afternoon, we met my mother and Armaan in Dubai Mall for some bonding and shopping.

Of course I didn’t go to town by blowing up the bank account in one day.

Perks of living in London meant that shopping was cheaper than Dubai, so now that I was in the land of the Arabians, I had decided to shop less and eat more!

Mummy: So what’s the itinerary for the next few weeks?

Yasmeen: Eat!

Zaheer: And sleep.

Yasmeen: And eat some more!

Mummy: You can’t eat so much. You have to watch your figure.

Yasmeen: But I’m already married so I don’t have to really keep up a figure do I?

I looked at Zaheer with a sarcastic expression.

Zaheer: Course you don’t. You can just bloat up and blow up into a balloon. Then I’ll have a fat woman as a wife.

Armaan burst out laughing finding Zaheer’s remark quite hilarious.

Yasmeen: When you’re married to someone who forces you to gym multiple times a week it’s kind of impossible to become fat.

Armaan: You gym? Yasmeen actually exercises? Oh wow! Cows may start flying guys.

Yasmeen: Remind me again, how are you so old yet so immature?

Armaan: I’m like you. That’s how.

Mummy: Eh you two, cut it out. Armaan, what did you need to get from here?

Armaan: I need to go to the electronic stores.

Zaheer: I’ll come with you.

Yasmeen: And mother dearest and I are going for tea.

My mother and I made our way towards Angelique, where we ordered coffee and desserts.

Mummy: So how was Eid in Durban?

Yasmeen: It was so nice. You should have come. I know Daddy had work but a few days wouldn’t have hurt.

Mummy: I know I know. But as long as you had a good Eid. And how was the first mother in laws Eid?

Yasmeen: Well… It was Aunty Raeesa so she didn’t let us in her kitchen at all! I had to make a lot of chit chat with a lot of old aunties. But it was good. We went to the Bobat’s Eid as well. Saw Fathima and Nuha and baby Hafsa as well. She is gone so big!

Mummy: That’s good. How is Nuha?

Yasmeen: She is quite literally ready to pop at any moment. That’s why she and Omar aren’t coming down to Dubai. Baby is on the way!

Mummy: And…

Yasmeen: And?

My mother cleared her throat.

Mummy: And when is your baby going to be on its way?

This was the second time I choked on my drink all because someone asked me when my non existent baby was coming!!!

After my coughs subsided, I composed my self.

Yasmeen: Mother, does it look like I’m pregnant?

Mummy: No, but the way you talk about food ALL THE TIME, I assumed it was cravings.

I put my head in my hands and let out a long sigh.

Yasmeen: I can assure you I am not pregnant and if I was you’d be the first person to know.

Mummy: Well don’t wait too long Yas. I’m getting old. I want grandchildren.

Why were mothers total drama queens some time?

Yasmeen: Yes Mummy. And you will get your grandchildren when the time is right. That time is not now. Now is the time for us to enjoy our tea. No baby talk please.

My mother gave me a defeated look.

Mummy: Fine.

Just as I was about to dig into a dessert I heard my name being called.

I turned around and came face to face with none other than Ashley.

Ashley: I thought I heard your voice Yaz!

And she bounced over and gave me a hug. At this point my mother took this as her que to leave, getting up from her seat and quietly leaving Angelique.

Yasmeen: Oh my god! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you. How have you been Ash?

Ashley: Busy busy busy. Work is absolutely killing me at the moment. And you? You and Zaheer still going strong?

Yasmeen: As strong as a conceited pretty boy and a drama queen can be.

Ashley laughed and then proceeded to sit in the now vacant seat opposite me.

Ashley: Are you guys down for the wedding? We should totally meet up before that.

Yasmeen: I was shocked Camilla even invited me. It’s been years since I saw her.

Ashley: It’s been ages since any of us saw you. It’s like you’re cooped up in a world of your own in London with Zaheer

Yasmeen: He says the same thing. Gives me a hard time saying I lost contact with you guys. What to do, married life keeps me content.

Ashley: You sound so happy Yaz. Lets just hope I have the good fortune of having a happy marriage.

Yasmeen: Of course you will! I’ll make it my mission.

Ashley: Find me a nice South African boy eh?

She said it in a joking way.

Yasmeen: Well you seemed to have the hots for a certain South African boy in high school if I remember?

Ashley: Hmm.. I did.

And we both laughed thinking of the slight Zaheer drama we had.

Ashley: On a serious note though, to see the man Zah grew up to be, it really makes me want to find a South African boy.

I could sense the seriousness in Ashley’s voice.

Yasmeen: Are you like for real for real? Because I mean, are you talking about Muslim South African boys?

Ashley nodded her head in agreement.

Yasmeen: Woah, give me a sec. Woah! Seriously?

Ashley: I’m just thinking about it right now. I work with a few Muslims and the more they talk about Islam the more I want to learn.

My mind was reeling from what I was hearing!

I hadn’t seen Ashley for a few years, sure, but to see the change in her point of view, to see her interest in Islam was something I didn’t expect.

Yasmeen: Well I say… Well I don’t really know what to say right now. I’m speechless!

Ashley: It’s odd! I know! But I mean if I’m interested in this, and I find a boy from South Africa, it’s like a win win situation.

I laughed at how well she had thought this through.

Yasmeen: Wow Ash! I mean you have really really shocked me here! You really have thought this through! Now we have to meet up. The Cupid company is officially open.

Ashley: The Cupid company? What?

Yasmeen: I told you, I will make it my mission to find you a nice South African boy.

Ashley didn’t know whether to laugh or take me seriously. She went with the latter option.

Ashley: I guess I’ll be calling you the ‘wannabe Cupid’ then.

I laughed at her witty remark.

Yasmeen: Brilliant name, wannabe Cupid! I love it!

We said our farewells and promised to meet soon.

I decided against telling Zaheer about my little run in with Ashley. He would only laugh.

Instead, I put on my Cupid cap and got thinking; who would be a good match for Ashley?



Author’s Note 

Jummuah Mabrook! 

So to be honest, the storyline for DOAD for the summer segment is going to be kind of focused on the ‘Cupid Mission’ of Yasmeen’s because #whynot.

Hope the first three posts so far have brought back memories for the readers. It certainly is fun for me to be writing from Yasmeen’s POV again.

Enjoy the post!

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Part 109 – Farewell Durban

The days left in Durban flew by in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, Zaheer and I were packing up our bags and getting ourselves ready for the trip back home. But first, we were going to spend some time with my parents and brother in Dubai.

The day we were leaving Durban was a busy stressful one. It was basically Zaheer and I running from house to house making salaam to every family member or friend. We saved the best for last; Fathima and the Bobats.

Zaheer: Yasmeen I know how you love to talk but we have to be back home in an hour to leave for the airport.

Yasmeen: Yes sire. Anything for you.

We both knew that wasn’t going to happen. An hour was not enough for me! I had a big mouth, what to do.

We rang the bell and we were ushered into the dining room where Nuha had laid out a table of treats.

Yasmeen: Nuha man! You’re pregnant! I told you not to make anything.

Nuha: Please! Just because I’m about to pop does not mean I am incapable of working in the kitchen.

I shook my head and hugged my heavily pregnant friend before I sat down at the table with the rest of the Bobat clan. I noticed there was a face missing.

Yasmeen: Where’s Ismaeel?

Nuha: Gone to Dubai. Wedding prep. His fiancé insisted he be there two weeks in advance. Which reminds me he left an invitation for you here.

Yasmeen: Are you all going down for the wedding?

Nuha shot me a look.

Nuha: Does it look like I can travel in this state?

I laughed and hugged her again.

Yasmeen: Oh well! I can take pictures for you.

Nuha: Weren’t you friends with his future wife?

Yasmeen: I went to school with her but we don’t really socialize much now. Not that there’s anything wrong with her. I guess I just haven’t made time to see her or talk to her.

Nuha: I feel ya. I think some of our family is going down. They leave next week. Fathima and Zayaan are going as well. Oh and Uzair I think.

Zayaan: I heard my name.

Yasmeen: Hello to you to Zayaan.

He saluted before he seated himself at the table.

Yasmeen: And where is your wifey?

Zayaan: In the kitchen helping, which is where you should be right now.

Zaheer laughed and I shot him a glare

Yasmeen: And you’re laughing why mister?

Zaheer: Because you’re cute when you glare.

I shook my head and laughed. This boy!

Just as I was about to retaliate, Uzair walked in carrying a plate of decadent looking desserts

Zaheer got up to make salaam to him while I just waved at him from a distance.

By now everyone was seated, including Fathima, and the discussion at hand was the upcoming Dubai wedding.

Fathima: Yas you better be coming! You know the girl so it’ll be easier to get along with her.

Yasmeen: So I’m the bridge between you people?

Fathima: Yup! Pretty much.

Zaheer: Uzair you coming down as well? How come no volunteer work this month?

Uzair: Yeah. My parents are basically forcing me to go. They say I don’t do anything with my life anymore and that I’m young and that this is my cousin

He shook his head.

Uzair: But I think I’ll travel to South America after Dubai. There’s a few volunteer projects I’ve heard of happening there.

Yasmeen: You can never sit still. Always traveling.

Zayaan: It’s time he gets married.

In union all Uzair’s cousins said yes.

Yasmeen: It sounds like you all just want to get rid of him. Shame!

Fathima: Yeah leave him. He’s doing something good with his life, helping other people. When the right girl comes, she’ll come.

Nuha: Yeah. He could even meet this dream girl at this wedding in Dubai.

That made everyone laugh. Uzair just shook his head and smiled.

Uzair: Yeah yeah. We’ll see.

After about an hour of talking and eating Zaheer began to look at his watch. I knew he wanted to leave to make it home in time, but I loved the atmosphere. I loved being surrounded by my best friends. It was something I really missed when I was away from Durban.

After Zaheer’s pleading eyes met mine a few times, begging us to leave, I gave in.

Yasmeen: Well guys, sad to leave but we have to.

Zaheer greeted all the boys while I said my goodbyes to Nuha and Fathima.

Nuha: Safe travels habibi! I’ll miss you man. It was so nice having you here for so long.

She hugged me close.

Yasmeen: I’m so sorry I won’t be here for when this baby bundle pops! But Insha Allah all goes well. Don’t miss me too much. I’ll see you soon Nuu! Give my salaam so to Omar

I squeezed her one last time before I blew Fathima a kiss.

Yasmeen: I’ll see you soon. You don’t need a hug.

Fathima gave me a duh look before hugging me quickly.

Fathima: I’ll see you Yassoo!

Zaheer and I got into the car and waved while we drove out the driveway.

I rested my head on my window while I watched the green Durban scenery pass us by. It’s the little things like fresh air and trees that I missed when we were in London.

We were home sooner than I thought. The bags were loaded into the Emirates chauffeur car that was waiting for us. Then the goodbyes between my in laws and Zaheer and I unfolded.

They would be traveling back to Dubai only once we were in London.

Yasmeen: Thank you Mummy for everything! We’ll miss you. You’re the only one that Zaheer listens to. He’ll even give me a hard time.

Aunty Raeesa: We’ll miss you. It’s so quiet with out you guys. Even with Aaliyah I still miss my boys.

Yasmeen: Tell Zah to move back now.

Zaheer rolled his eyes before he hugged his mother.

Zaheer: Take care of your self Mummy. Come to London?

Aunty Raeesa: In winter? Are you mad! Do you want me to freeze?

I laughed  at my mother in laws reaction.

Zaheer: You are so over reacting but I’m serious. Aaliyah is on holiday so come.

Aunty Raeesa: We’ll see.

I made salaam to Uncle Ahmad and Aaliyah before getting into the car.

I always got a little emotional leaving Durban and Zaheer knew that so the minute we got into the car, his arms wound up around me and I was cuddled in his arms.

He kissed the top of my head.

Zaheer: One day Yas, we’ll move back… one day.

I smiled and snuggled into the warmth of my husband for the duration of the car ride.

The plane ride to Dubai was an unpleasant one with turbulence and crying babies. Safe to say Zaheer and I had minimal sleep.

We arrived in Dubai in the early hours of the morning. My parents had offered to pick us up from the airport, even telling us we should stay with them at home.

But with the Emirates chauffeur at our disposal we said we would make our way to the hotel on our own.

It wasn’t easy to stay at the hotel. My mother still thinks we should have just come home to stay but Zaheer and I like experimenting with new hotels in Dubai every time we go there.

This trip we were staying at the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm. It took a bit long to drive all the way onto the Palm but once we got there and once I saw the view from our hotel room, I made up my mind that the drive was worth it.

Zaheer: Happy with the hotel?

Yasmeen: Like I ever complain.

Zaheer: You did the last time we came.

Yasmeen: That was because the hotel was right by a road and I could hear cars hooting.

Zaheer: Fussy

But he said it with a smile before he planted a little kiss on the tip of my nose.

Yasmeen: What was that for?

He shrugged his shoulders.

Zaheer: Just cause.

Yasmeen: Cause why.

Zaheer: Cause cause fussy, now go to sleep.

And I fell asleep in a king sized bed with a view of the ocean next to Zaheer feeling loved and blessed and everything in between.


Author’s Note

I must admit, the ending is corny.

But hey corny is the new cute right?

And for all the readers wondering what the posting schedule is going to be, there is no set schedule.

I shall try to post every second day if I can.

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Part 108 – Post Eid Brunches

Previously on DOAD

Fathima married to Zayaan, with their adorable young baby daughter Hafsa spent Eid at Zayaan’s mother’s house along with his sister Nuha and the Bobat crew.

Nuha, hevaily pregnant with her hafaidh hubby Omar is ready to pop anytime soon.

Uzair surprised his parents by taking them for umrah in the last ten days of Ramadan. He spent Eid away from home with his parents. 

Yasmeen and Zaheer, happily married and living in the UK, flew down to spend Eid and the holidays in South Africa, while her parents and brother still reside in Dubai where they spent Eid.

The three best friends unite on Eid night at Nuha’s mother’s house to spend a small part of Eid together. Yasmeen finds out that Nuha’s cousin Ismaeel is getting married to a school friend of hers, Camilla.


Yasmeen’s POV

The morning after Eid I was laying in bed, tossing and turning trying to fall back asleep after Zaheer woke me up to tell me that I mustn’t wake up early and that I could sleep in. Who even unnecessarily wakes someone up like that?!

Clearly my husband does!

And now I couldn’t go to sleep and Zaheer was already lightly snoring and I didn’t want to go downstairs because if his Dadee was awake, I’d have to bare another conversation about how I need to take care of my skin.

No thank you! It was too early in the morning for that.

Our room had a view of the ocean and there was a balcony, so I quietly tiptoed towards the sliding doors and went outside, giving up on sleep.

I leaned over the railing and looked out at the ocean and thought about what a lovely Eid we celebrated.  It was nice to see the Bobat crew all together, well most of them at least. And to hear that Ismaeel was getting married! That was a complete shock to me.

How did I not know that? I asked my self.

I use to go to school with Camz, and I was so caught up in my married life I didn’t really pay attention to the friends I use to have.

And thats when I started to wonder; whatever happened to my school friends in Dubai?

I only schooled with them for a few years but I lost track of where they were and what they were doing. Of course I had them on social media but when was the last time I met up with them, or made an effort to talk to them?

Zaheer regularly met up with his friends whether it was in the UK or Dubai. Tariq and him were still as thick as thieves. He even came to our wedding.

Fun times, I thought as I played with my wedding ring twisting it around my finger.

I must have been deep in thought because I didn’t hear Zaheer walk up behind me. Rather I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

Zaheer: Good morning

Yasmeen: Oh sleeping beauty is awake?

I could feel his smile.

Zaheer: You’re sleeping beauty. I’m sleeping handsome.

I burst out laughing.

Yasmeen: That is by far the lamest thing you have ever said! How did I marry you?

Zaheer: Easily. I asked you to marry me and you said yes. Well we had to ask your father and then-

Yasmeen: Yes Zah, I know how it happened, I was there. How do you have so much energy this early in the morning?

Zaheer: Its a beautiful day. I’m with my beautiful wife. What more could a man ask for?

He gave me a kiss on my cheek and went back inside, leaving me standing there smiling like a love struck teenage girl I always become when I am around him.

The night before, the girls and I had made plans to have a couples brunch, so a few hours later Zaheer and I were with Nuha, Omar, Fathima and Zayaan brunching, talking and soaking up some sun.

Yasmeen: Nuha, I am seriously getting worried every day that passes by. Your tummy increases in size. Is that even normal?

She shot me daggers.

Nuha: Yasmeen, when you’re pregnant I’ll be telling you the same thing so chupp and drink your milkshake.

Pregnant Nuha was a feisty Nuha.

Fathima: Shame Nuha, I know what you went through. This Yasmeen here is uneducated in the knowledge of pregnancy.

And the boys for some reason found that funny. I just rolled my eyes and carried on drinking my shake.

Zayaan: Seriously though you Londoners, when is the baby coming?

And thats when I started choking up in shock on my own milkshake until I was coughing over and over again. Zaheer tapped my back lightly trying to help me get to a normal breathing state. When I could finally breathe, I looked up at Zayaan with huge eyes.

Yasmeen: BABIES?! You asking me when the baby is coming and I’m not even pregnant? Does it look like I’m pregnant? Or are you implying I’m fat?!

My outburst set Fathima and Nuha off into a fit of laughter while Omar just watched the scene unfold.

Zayaan: Oh maaf maaf. And here I was thinking we were finally getting along.

I stuck my tongue out at Zayaan. Real mature for a twenty year old, I know.

Nuha: I’ve been meaning to ask, when do you guys fly back?

Zaheer: We leave in a few days time for Dubai. We spend two weeks there  and then its back to home sweet home.

Yasmeen: HIS home sweet home. My home sweet home is Durban.

Fathima: You know we have a bet going on how long its going to take till you guys move back?

Zaheer and I burst out laughing!

Yasmeen: Seriously?! Betting is haraam but I’m curious, tell me more!

Omar: Fathima says you guys will move back by the end of this year. I said Zaheer will only even think about coming back once Yasmeen is pregnant.

Nuha: And after her little outburst, that possibility is ruled out so I guess Omar is winning the bet Fathima.

Nuha high fived Omar right before the food arrived at our table. We ate and laughed and spoke until it was nearly asr time. Then everyone parted ways with the promise of meeting again soon before Zaheer and I left Durban.

In the car on the way home I decided to ask Zaheer if he knew what Camilla was up to these days. I also made a mental note to go home and try to get in touch with some of my school friends. There was still time to meet up with them in Dubai.

Yasmeen: Zah, you know how Ismaeel is getting married to Camz right? Do you know where she is right now? Like is she in SA or Dubai?

Zaheer: I think she’s staying in Dubai. Ismaeel was saying the wedding is actually in Dubai. He said the wedding was planned very quickly so they didn’t even have invitations.

Yasmeen: Woah. Talk about simplicity. I swear it happened really fast.

Zaheer: It did. I got the whole run down from Ismaeel.

Yasmeen: I see that Zah. If you speak to him ask him for her number please. Its been ages since I spoke to her. I want to phone and congratulate her.

Zaheer: Anything for you my Yasoo!

And he picked up my hand and kissed the back of it before interlinking or fingers.

This was what happiness was for me.

Everyday being with Zaheer.

Sure we had arguments and ups and downs, but who doesn’t?

It was the little things like this that made me feel content and happy.

I had said that home would be Durban but I was wrong.

My home was wherever my hubby was.




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