No need to freak out, even though you all must be thinking, what in god’s name is this post about?!

It’s just me having a super nostalgic moment that I’d love to share with a bunch of virtual strangers!

A very kind Twitter soul wrote this tweet and it touched my heart because honestly, I did not know people still read DOAD! And when I checked the ‘views’ on this site I was stunned to see that this year alone, I had over 20,000 views. I mean, that’s crazy! I haven’t updated this blog consistently in ages!

Screenshot 2018-12-06 21.22.05

It’s amazing that after all these years, some of you still find joy in reading this story which makes me very happy.

I’d like to end this out of the blue post by saying I hope you all have had a wonderful 2018, and as 2019 draws closer, I hope the new year brings you prosperity, happiness and peace!

Also, keep an eye out for my annual ‘December Diaries’ available at The Global Hijabi

Much Love, Tasmiyah x