Part 123 – Love is Everything

Picture a castle, standing alone and strong in the middle of a lush green field.

Picture flowers growing all around, the sun out and not a cloud in sight.

This was the venue of Uzair and Aishah’s wedding, or what they liked to call their ‘Garden Reception.’

Either way, it was a beautiful day and we were all spending it at a beautiful place!

Zaheer, Zayaan Fathima and I arrived together, deciding that we would car pool instead of trekking to the castle alone. We weren’t car pooling for any economical or social reason. It was the fear factor that we would get lost travelling to this land far far away!

Trust Uzair’s mother to find a venue that was an hours drive from home…

We got off the car and a gush of wind greeted us. Fathima and I held onto our dresses making sure they wouldn’t fly up our legs.

Dressed in a flowing summery peach dress was Fathima who was carrying an equally peach Hafsa.

Yasmeen: Cute, you’re wearing matchy matchy!

Fathima: You would not believe how she insisted to wear the same colour as me. I bought her such a pretty white dress but no. Madame has to wear the same as her mother. She’s so young yet so bossy.

Yasmeen: Not bossy, sassy! Like her mother.

Hafsa looked every inch of a Princess, donning a mini crown on her head while prancing around in silver shiny ballet flats.

Yasmeen: I love her shoes! They are adorable.

Fathima: Zayaan bought them for her.

I was shocked!

Yasmeen: Seriously?! He has good taste. Who knew…

We made our way onto the lawn. There before our eyes was a massive white canopy tent. Underneath it were tables and couches and chairs and bean bags!

Fathima: Wow… this is-

Yasmeen: Breath taking!

It wasn’t just the tent that was done up really nicely. It was everything! It was the tent, and the castle in the background, and the glorious summer weather we were blessed with.

Yasmeen: Aren’t I glad for wearing flats!

Fathima: Thank god, otherwise your heels would have been sinking into the grass. And heels wouldn’t have been the most ideal footwear for a pregnant woman!

I rolled my eyes.

Yes, I was 20 weeks pregnant and my baby bump was hidden beneath a flowing lilac dress. Ever since my pregnancy started, lilac seemed to be the colour that caught my eye!

It was an Alexander McQueen dress that jumped out at me begging me to buy it a few months ago in London. The cut was loose and I knew that it would be the perfect dress to wear for Uzair and Aishah’s reception.

Fathima, Hafsa and I took our seats where our name cards were placed.

I noticed that it was on the same table that Aisha’s mother and her sister were to be seated at.

Fathima: Mrs Lilac! Is there anything you have worn in the past week that isn’t lilac?!

Yasmeen: Well yes! I wore black a few days ago…

Fathima: Your jeans were black! You wore it with a lilac top!

Yasmeen: Oh whatever! I’m enjoying my lilac phase, leave me be.

She shook her head and laughed.

Fathima: I must say the dress looks really nice worn.

Yasmeen: Why thank you! You know, a lot of people say being pregnant makes you bossy and moody. But I feel like I’m floating on cloud nine.

Fathima: That’s because you’re normally bossy and moody so it had the reverse effect on you

Zaheer: Tsk tsk tsk, insulting a pregnant woman. You should be ashamed of your self!

Zayaan and Zaheer appeared behind us and we chatted a while longer with them before they went to the mens side of the tent, Hafsa deciding to go sit with her father. Fathima and I took this opportunity to do a round of the place.

Aunty Salma had out done her self!

Every detail you could think of in terms of food and decor, was covered!

Just looking at the dessert table, my mouth was watering and I knew that I’d be eating double desserts, for my baby and I.

Fathima and I were in awe and we weren’t surprised to see live cooking stations. The reception hadn’t even begun and they had chefs making bite size starters for the guests.

Yasmeen: Mmm… I officially love Aunty Salma! These starters are to die for!

I’d already downed three mini chicken tikka starters and I was onto my fourth.

Fathima: Right, thats enough for you missy! I’m cutting you off. No more chicken tikka for you! Now lets go look for Nuha.

And so we walked a little while longer before we found Nuha and Omar fussing around with Rayaan’s pram.

Yasmeen: Someones having pram trouble I see?

Nuha: Can’t even make salaam nor offer to help us!

I laughed aloud.

Yasmeen: Hey, I’m the pregnant lady here! You should be asking me if you can rub my feet or get me anything.

Nuha: Yeah, that isn’t going to happen Yass. Fathima please help with this pram!

Omar: You ladies can figure this out. I’m taking my son to play over there.

And he walked off with Rayaan in his arms towards the children’s entertainment section where a clown and jumping castle awaited.

Yes they had a jumping castle!

Fathima: So what seems to be the problem?

Nuha: I can’t get this to close!

Yasmeen: Remind me again, how long have you been a mother for?

Nuha: Oh shush you. This pram is new! His grandparents bought it for him and this is the first time I’m using it and its too fancy for me.

Fathima: Oh wow! Something is too fancy for Nuha?! Who knew this day would come!

Nuha: You guys are being really unsupportive and unhelpful right now.

Yasmeen: Fine fine… Fathima help her!

And with that I turned on my heel and walked away before they could shout me for not helping.

I went off in search of Aunty Salma to ask her if I could do anything.

Aunty Salma: No sweetie, you just sit tight. You’ve got a baby coming along so you just enjoy the day my darling!

Yasmeen: You’re too sweet. Is everything set for today? No hiccups?

Aunty Salma: Well I think the bride and groom are running a bit late-

Yasmeen: Typical…

Aunty Salma: And I see Aishah’s family walking in. Come, lets go greet them.

And so I accompanied Aunty Salma to greet Aishah’s family. Some had come from abroad to attend this spectacular reception.

It just so happened that this was the time my parents arrived with Armaan.

Mummy: Oh so you’re part of the welcoming party now hey?

Yasmeen: I was greeting the bride’s family. Have to show my hospitable side!

My mother hugged me and looked around, taking in the venue.

Mummy: This place is, breath taking! Salma you did a fantastic job!

Aunty Salma: Oh it wasn’t just me…

And she dived into the topic of who helped her with what, and what wedding planner she recruited and which caterers were here.

The list goes on and on.

I greeted my father and brother before making my way back to my table.

My feet were starting to ache.

I will admit, in the past month I was getting tired really quickly, and standing around didn’t help with that.

I was soon joined on the table by Fathima and Nuha. By now, Aishah’s mother,  sister and a lady who I learned was her grandmother, were also seated.

Everyone awaited the arrival of the bride and groom.

And then they walked in, hand in hand, smiling.

Aishah was dressed in a beautiful white lace dress while Uzair donned a white blazer.

This was no ordinary wedding reception. There was no stage and there was no couch on a stage where the couple would normally sit.

Instead Uzair deposited Aishah at a table where her closest friends were seated while he went to the men’s side of the tent to sit.

Everyone gushed over the radiant glow on Aishah’s face and the stunning lace work on her dress as we ate lunch.

Lunch soon turned into dessert, and dessert into tea and the whole time we all talked about the bride and groom, about the venue and about my growing baby bump.

‘So when are you due?’

‘Are you going to find out if its a girl or a boy?’

‘So you’re having the baby in London?’

Question after question was hurled at me and I finally had a sense of what Nuha and Fathima went though when they were pregnant. Only I was lucky because I’d only have to endure this for a week before I went back to London. They endured it for months!

The bride and groom walked around socialising with guests while everyone had dessert and tea.

Yasmeen: Aishah! Get over here you beautiful bride!

Aishah: You do know I was a bride 5 months ago?

Yasmeen: Yes, well now you’re the total image of a bride! Your dress is beautiful, this day is beautiful, I’m just so happy!

Aishah: I see that. The mother to be is really excited and happy. Its good to see you being nice for once.

Yasmeen: Ha ha, funny!

Aishah: I love you really.

Yasmeen: Sure you do. So hows married life treating you?

Aishah: Is it weird that I’m still in the honeymoon phase?

Yasmeen: Not weird at all. I’ve been married for nearly 2 years and I’m still honeymooning with Zaheer.

Zaheer: Did someone say my name?

Zaheer appeared and pulled up a chair next to mine before he started talking to my belly.

Aishah looked at the sight in front of her and was shocked.

Aishah: Wow…. I am speechless!

Yasmeen: Oh this? This is normal. He talks to my belly all the time.

Aishah: Wow… I’m still speechless!

Zaheer: You’re interrupting my baby talk time.

Aishah laughed.

Aishah: Sorry, sorry. I’ll leave you to your ‘baby talk time.’ I’ll see you later Yas.

She bent down, hugged me and walked away into the sea of people to carry on greeting and meeting.

I turned to Zaheer and raised an eyebrow.

Zaheer: Why are you looking at me like that?

Yasmeen: Is it necessary for you to publically speak to my stomach?

Zaheer: I was missing my baby boy. I had to come and say hello.

Yasmeen: For the last time Zaheer Mohamed, you dont know if its a boy! And I refuse to find out early!

Zaheer: For the last time Yasmeen Mohamed, it would make our lives so much easier if we knew!

I sighed and rubbed my temples.

Yasmeen: I like surprises and I want to be surprised. End of story.

And we left the conversation like that. Sure he was a pain, but I knew he was going to be the world’s greatest father! My unborn baby was getting a LOT of attention being inside me, imagine how much more love and care it would get once it came out into the world!

As the reception was coming to an end and as people were getting ready to leave, Uzair and Aishah made their way to the front of the hall with a mic in hand.

Well this was unconventional.

Aishah greeted everyone before saying a few words.

Aishah: I just wanted to thank everyone for being here today. To all my family who have travelled so far, this day would not have been as joyous without you. To the Bobat family, thank you for welcoming me into your homes with open arms.The transition to Durban was a lot easier because of you. I’d like to thank the guests that travelled from abroad, Yasmeen and Zaheer  in particular. I would not have been standing here today if it wasn’t for you guys. And finally, I’d like to thank my husband, for believing in me and loving me, flaws and all.

And there was an eruption of applause.

Uzair hugged Aishah and in that moment I swear every heart in that tent swooned.

Everyone could feel the pure love Aishah and Uzair had between them.

And to feel someone else’s love was by far the most magical moment I had ever experienced.


Zaheer and Yasmeen continued to live in London for another 5 years. Yasmeen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital. She was the apple of her father’s eye and she was her mother’s little princess. They named her Aziza, precious, for she was precious to them.

Fathima and Zayaan had another girl 4 years after Hafsa. Zayaan got promoted and moved to Cape Town with his family. So after spending all her life in Durban, Fathima had the chance at a new life in a new city.

Nuha and Omar moved to the countryside when Omar’s father could no longer take care of the farm they owned. Rayaan grew and soon became the older brother of his sister Radhia. Nuha adapted to the countryside and began to love it, to the extent that she didn’t want to move back home anymore.

Uzair and Aishah never moved out of Durban for that was where Uzair’s home would always be. Aishah adapted to the life there.  5 years into their marriage, Aishah gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy was named Mohammed and the girl Yasmeen.

Yasmeen’s parents, after spending 10 years in Dubai, moved back to Durban retiring to the life of family and friends.

Armaan studied medicine in Dubai and became a doctor. Inspired by Uzair, he too set off on an adventure to help others in destitute areas.

And Tariq, after many years and much pestering, married a Brazilian muslim girl. The wedding was grand.  Yasmeen and Zaheer were in attendance with Aziza. Tariq had become like an uncle to Aziza, spoiling her with gifts and love while in London.

Though her life was full circle as Yasmeen ended up back in Durban, a part of her would always miss living in a foreign country. The excitement that came with living abroad could not be found in her home city. But home is where the heart is, and wherever Zaheer was,  that was Yasmeen’s home…


Author’s note

Sooooooo long,


auch wiedersehen

good night!

Or good afternoon considering there’s still light outside..

That marks the end of DOAD (again). I hope all loose ends are tied up. Special thanks to all my ‘fangirls’ out there that babble on about the blog and give me their commentary and opinions.

This was really fun, but all fun things must come to an end, and my summer has come to an end and now its time to return back to life.

So, to the people that read Finding solace, I’l chat to ya soon…

And to the readers that don’t, its been good writing for you guys again! 

Shoutout to Aaliya who doesn’t believe I’m the writer of DOAD…

TA-DA! I am.

Anyway, yeah, have a good week/month/year ahead!

Much Love, Tasmiyah x



38 thoughts on “Part 123 – Love is Everything

  1. humi says:

    Noooooooooooo!!!!!! That went by waay too fast. I literally feel the same as i did when DOAD ended the first time: crap sad Urgghhh why you do this??? Im so sad rn. You have been an incredible writer and this is still my favourite blog out of the many that i have read. Anyhooo ill be here hoping that you write on this blog again but in the meantime ill move to Finding Solace

  2. Anonymous 🎀 says:

    Awwww, that was amazing!! Lovely ❤️ Well, they say that all good things must come to and end and we have to accept it. But before I do, I would like to say a very big JazakAllah for this entertaining and spectacular blog. May the Almighty take you from strength to strength 💕 امين.
    I really enjoyed every post from 1 to 123, season 1 to 5 and all the posts under “other” 😂😋 would love to see you back on Finding Solace ❤️ Shukran, Wasalaam 💜

  3. Zaakira says:

    Ohhhh please let this not be the end😭😭😭I’m crying it’s soooo sadd😭😭but you did write an awesome epilogue. And in your face Zaheer it’s a girl👶 sorry I just had to say that. Why do I have such a bad feeling that you not gonna continue this blog any more??! Please do. And I wanna say that you an awesome writer and I’ll be looking forward to finding soloce now. Still can’t believe it’s over😭

    • DubainGirl says:

      Ahaha for once zaheer didnt get his way lol
      id rather focus on finding solace, next step for me is writing something a little different so yeah 🙂 xxxx but thankyou for loving the blog

  4. amyi3 says:

    “Love is Everything”. It is innit……..
    Well… Lemme tell you a lil mini story of how I began reading this. In thooose days, when #relatable101 used to post I saw your comment. Clicked on it and started reading “the news”. I read about how she complained that dubai is her second home, how she won’t be able to live without uzair. How she will miss faati. Then she went to dubai and theeen she met Zaheer, after clearing her throat a million times.

    Yeah, yeah you get my point. And everyday I read, I used to go to school and relate the post to my friends. The best was relating all the cute things between zaheer and yas. I used to re-read posts so I could remember exact words of zaheers and Uzairs to tell my friends. It was soo soo enjoyable. Then i got my friends reeeaaly interested in it, they asked for the link. They had email adds and so they followed it. I didn’t and had to go find it on google all the time, which I did, because heck it was worth it.

    You’re writing though…… :D. Really really brilliant mashaAllah. You have a good way of thinking and putting this together with new ideas.
    At leats you not leaving, leaving us… Finding Solace is just as brilliant.

    Love n duas

    • DubainGirl says:

      i cant even express what that all means to me!!!!!!!!!!! You absolute beaut thankyou for supporting me and reading this ahah yes, ill thank you for reading this and commenting because heck it makes me feel all mushy on the inside lol!
      Oymyword, the days of Yas clearing her throat feels like ages ago!
      but thank you, for this comment really means a lot xxxxxxx

  5. zaakirahally says:

    Awww mahn…Did this really have to come to an end again😔💔 This has been an amazing blog absolutely loved it💗😀…Oh an by the way… I’ll be waiting for DOAD to return next summer😉 *fingers crossed* 😂…Hehe anyways thanks sooo much for this awesome summer segment reallllly enjoyed it🙌

  6. M says:

    I’m so sad it’s over , but I really enjoyed every bit. From Yasmeen’s crazy , bubbly and lovable character to the gorgeous , charming Zaheer and even to all the characters that annoy me ( Yasmin ) , I’ve loved every bit.
    Even though it’s over I still reread DOAD over and over again.
    This is one of my favourite blogs 👍

    Your style of writing is excellent and the plot was intriguing and kept us wanting more. Will always miss it 😰

    All the best in the future 😘

    Catch you on Finding solace
    (P.S enjoy the rest of your holiday)

  7. #doadluver says:


    but whyyyy i can’t fathom the idea…this is heartbreaking u no the way papad breaks..this is my everyday happiness
    but nonetheless thank you sooo much T this blog has been an amazing adventure and a pleasure reading since day 1…all thanks the stunning amazing authour behind it…we do hope we get a dip into the future once in a while

    this post omw A-mazZing seriously im so happy for them all what a happily ever after
    anyhu DOAD will be missed once again but T good luck with whatever u doo or intend doing

  8. Taking my life as it comes says:

    Truthfully speaking…. I prolonged reading this post till I could no longer handle it…
    So here I am, sitting at 1:50am after finally reading the post, knowing that it has come to an end.. #Sigh

    Miss Authoress I just want to officially say how awsum this blog is, was and always will be.
    Your writing never ever, ever went by without me thinking, ‘shit this girl can write!’ Lol
    Your blog is nothing less than amazeballs and I absoluuuuuutely love it… SO much!!!

    I really wish it didn’t have to end, but all good things must come to an end..

    So while keeping the days of Uzair and Yasmeen, moving to Dubai, meeting Zaheer, the French date in the classroom, faati and her crazy moments, the grandeur of the Bobats, Nuhas bad sad, and her good side, Uzair brushing his fingers through his hair, Yas falling in love with Zaheer, New Year’s Eve with Taariq in Dubai….. Zah and Yas married, everyone having babies, London , and soooo much more, keeping all of that in my heart forever and ever, I just want you to know that your blog will be missed… Dearly! 💔

    You are an amazing writer, never lose ur touch 💖

    On the bright side, I look forward to more on Finding Solace … And hopefully ur next blog 😉

    Much love Tasmiyah 💖😘

  9. S says:

    I’m not dealing well with this. Maybe I’ll come by later to post a decent comment. I’d rather not destroy my laptop with tears 😥

  10. aaliya says:

    Oh my god!!!! To say i am in a state of shock is an understatement :0
    I simply canot believe that it is actually u 😀
    u cant end DOAD is soooo amazing.. congrats for writing a fantastic blog.. u better start another blog soon 🙂 take careee

  11. Haaj says:

    Oh my word!! :’) This post was too cuteable♡
    Goodbyes are not forever, they simply mean ‘I’ll miss you until we meet again’ … well, I’m having hope. but it’s so tearable even uzzi is married and has a happily ever after and Yas and Zah with their little princess♥ All the best for your studys and JazakaAllah for taking time to write these posts for us xXx

  12. MASEEHA says:

    loove it
    you have to right more maybe even start a new blog all about all their childrens lives
    pretty please with a cherry on top

  13. Anon says:

    Ive read many blogs but never have I ever fallen in love with any one them like I have with this one! Thank you for being an amazing writer and brining joy to our lives with these outstanding characters! I cant believe its over now 😭 thank you again xx

  14. anonmys says:

    I never ever commented on a blog before but your blog is my favrout I loved the happy ending جَزَاكَ اللهُ for writting an amazing blog lol it ended sooooo fassssttt but is was awesome thanks once again!!! 1 moree thinggg was it based on a true storry?????? And once again…again lol I LOVE DOAD

    • Tasmiyah says:

      Sorry for replying to this one month later lol.
      A lot of people ask if DOAD is based on a true story and its purely all from my imagination. I am no Yasmeen, I don’t know any guy that resembles Zaheer, nor do I have a friend like Ashley or Uzair. I do however live in Dubai, so thats as close as DOAD gets to being non- fiction 🙂 xoxo

  15. N says:

    Amazing blog.. Loved every post.. Wanted to kno if your pdf version is ready and how do we get it?

    Jzk again for the entertainment..

  16. aishah says:

    Lols…..I hope you get dis 🙂

    Could I possibly get your email adress??
    I’m a HUGE fan! And I would love to speak to you privately.. I always wanted to ask but only now after sooooo long I got the bravery to ask 😀

    Sooooo sorry if its a problem….

  17. Atiyah says:

    Oh my word this has been quiet a story. I was so addicted sat up the whole night literally and read I couldn’t put my phone down. My family were quiet neglected 😱 hubby think I’m crazy. I just loved it. Love how u feel a part of it all.
    I read finding solace hope u post more on there soon. I didn’t know it was still running and was so addicted I read till the end and now I’m hanging. 😩 Plz post soon.
    Well done u have serious talent Masha Allah. 💌

    • DubainGirl says:

      Sorry! Im only seeing this comment now. Thank you soo much for the kind words and apologise to your hubby on my behalf 😂🙈 DOAD has come to an end but please stay tuned to Finding Solace. Thats still ongoing xxx

  18. A says:

    Heyyy just wanted to drop a comment because it’s been a long time! Absolutely enjoyed re-reading this blog and finding solace from start to finish and in all honesty I’ve felt like it was a personal trip down memory lane❤❤

    So much love for you and your amazing writing💞 May you prosper in every way possible and may all your dreams be fulfilled.

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