Part 119 – An Abundance of Happiness

There were smiles all around me. To my left I had Fathima and Zayaan smiling as they spoke to Hafsa over the phone. In front of me I could see Nuha smiling as I skyped her and her beautiful baba, and to my right I could see a very smiley Uzair who seemed to be on cloud nine and I had no doubt that it was to do with Ashley!

Yasmeen: Nu, your baby is precious. He looks just like you.

Nuha: Really? Everyone says he looks like Omar.

Zaheer: No I see your eyes in him. Belated congratulations Nuha on the baby.

Nuha: Thanks Zaheer. When are you guys coming to Durban? You have to come soon!

Yasmeen: We JUST left! You can’t expect us to be back so soon.

Nuha: Its not my fault I was overdue with Rayaan.

A moment of silence fell on us all and everyone’s attention was now directed at Nuha.

Fathima: Is… is that what the little fella is going to be named?

Nuha nodded her head rapidly.

Nuha: We finally narrowed it down to two names and Omar and I both liked Rayaan so, meet baby Rayaan

Zaheer: Aka Omar Junior! That baby is ditto Omar.

Yasmeen: No way! You’re just saying that because he’s a boy.

Nuha: Oi! Uzzi! Why have you been so quiet?

Uzair snapped out of his happy daze long enough to realise we were all staring at him.

Uzair: Sorry, what? Did I miss something?

Zayaan: Bro, whats the baby’s name?

Uzair: Umm, baby? Err Omar Junior?

Fathima picked up a pillow from the hotel bed and chucked it at Uzair.

Fathima: Have you been paying any attention!?

Uzair: I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m a little distracted right now.

Nuha sat there with a raised eyebrow. Her sixth sense was always very tuned so I knew she would pick up that his ‘distraction’ was a girl.

Nuha: Aha, I would ask WHAT has been distracting you but I assume its more like a SOMEONE that has been distracting you.

Uzair turned a little pink and it was hard for the rest of us not to laugh. He had to spill and tell us once and for all why he was extremely happy.

Yasmeen: Come on Uzair, tell us.

I smirked at him and all the while he narrowed his eyes as if to shut me up. But I would not back down!

Uzair: FINE! Since you all are here in this one room, even if Nuha is here only virtually, its time you should know that I sort of asked Ashley-

Fathima: Say no more I think we get the point.

Nuha: No no! Let him finish his sentence!

Uzair: You girls. Its no big deal, I sort of kind of indirectly asked her to marry me but-

And the room erupted into noise and claps and cheers before Uzair could finish his sentence.

Zayaan half hugged Uzair while Zaheer just put a hand over his shoulder and the three boys rejoiced that Uzair would finally be joining their married club.

Yasmeen: Right right guys, give Uzair some space. I’m more eager to know how it all went down! Details Uzair, we want details.

Uzair: Yasmeen, did we all badger Zaheer asking him how he proposed when you two got married?

Zaheer: Err, yes! Maybe you didn’t but I will never forget how Fathima relentlessly begged me to tell her about the proposal.

Fathima: So Uzair, I can either ‘relenetlessly beg’ or you can save me the trouble and just tell me.

Uzair sighed figuring we would win eventually and so he dived into how he proposed.

He told us about the idea Aara had given him and how he went shopping. I couldn’t really picture Uziar in a craft store but hey, the things love makes you do! He went onto say how he went to Ashley’s house including how he called me for help. But the most romantic part of all was the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene where Uzair held up the boards.

I could even hear Nuha sighing over skype as Uzair told us what he told Ashley. He was a romantic, a trait most of the Bobat’s seemed to have.

Uzair; And yeah, thats how it happened in a nutshell. Nothing is 100% confirmed. I vaguely told my mother I found someone but she hasn’t told her parents anything.

Nuha: Imagine if her father comes after you with a shotgun or something.

‘NUHA!’ Fathima and I said in union.

Yasmeen: Way to kill the vibe here Nuha.

Fathima: Yeah and I mean who would want to kill a haaro poiro like Uzair?

Nuha: I’m just saying. He might be like a super protective traditional American father who has guns and-

Yasmeen: Right, it is officially your bedtime Mama Nuha! Give Rayaan hugs and kisses from us all.

Nuha: Are you and Zaheer definitely not coming back to Durban anytime soon?

Zaheer: No can do Nuha. Maybe you’ll see us in December.

Fathima: DECEMBER! What? Thats so far.

Yasmeen: Thats like 4 months away Fathi.

Fathima: Yeah but still! What about Uzair’s wedding?

Zayaan: You think Mr Holy here is going to have a wedding?

Nuha: His mother will make sure he has a wedding!

Uzair: How about I decide that on my own…

He ran his fingers through his hair.

Uzair: The way it stands right now, she hasn’t technically even said yes yet, but if all goes smoothly with her parents then I’ll want to do things quickly. Probably make Nikkah right away and then December, my mother can have whatever it is she wants to have.

Nuha: Good plan! I approve! So I have like four months to get rid of this baby fat?

Yasmeen: Is that what you’re really thinking about right now?

Fathima: I want to meet Ashley like now now! Uzair, tell her to join us for our last supper tonight.

Uzair: That… is not… going to happen!

Yasmeen: You’re forgetting that I have her number and that I too can call her and invite her.

With a raised eyebrow I challenged Uzair and he finally gave in by typing out a message to Ashley.

Uzair: There! Are you happy?

Fathima: Very! Nuha, we’ll see you tomorrow okay? Its getting late and I want to get ready for supper.

Nuha: Okay Fatoo! Safe travels, see you soon!

We all bid farewell to Nuha and then the screen went blank as her face disappeared.

Everyone dispersed in pairs as we all went back to our hotels to get ready for dinner.

Even though we had really grilled Uzair about the Ashley situation, his smile was still glued to his face. It was good to see Uzair happy, content and ready to start a new chapter of his life.

Zaheer and I made our way back to Waldorf Astoria.

Yasmeen: Lets go to the spa!

Zaheer: Come again?

Yasmeen: The spa Zaheer! We’ve been running around the whole week with functions and the wedding and lets just have alone time… in the spa! Because I mean, this back needs a massage.

Zaheer: So I could give you a massage?

Yasmeen: Yes, but lets just go for it together. Please please please?

Finally he gave in and we walked hand in hand towards the Waldorf Astoria Spa, which also just so happen to be voted the ‘Best Luxury Destination spa’.

Lucky us!

We were put into a private couple suite where we spent a blissful few hours together in silence relaxing and unwinding.

Yasmeen: Wasn’t that just amazing Zah?

We had changed out of the hotel robes and back into our clothes and were now making our way towards the room.

Zaheer: I think we should invest in a masseuse.

Yasmeen: That wouldn’t work…

Zaheer: Why do you say that?

Yasmeen: Because over my dead body will I let a woman massage you!

Zaheer smirked at my over protectiveness.

Zaheer: And over my dead body will I let a man massage you.

Yasmeen: So I guess you’d just have to hire a masseuse and a masseur.

Zaheer: And they can live with us in London? Yeah right Yas!

Yasmeen: Well true. Speaking of London and houses-

Zaheer: No Yasmeen.

Yasmeen: You didn’t even know what I was going to say!

Zaheer: You were going to ask if we can start looking at houses because you want to move.

Yasmeen: Aww, I love how you know me so well!

Zaheer just shook his head and laughed.

Yasmeen: But why not Zaheer? I know we’ve only been there 4 years, nearly 5! But I mean, its getting a little cramped and you never know, our family of two could expand.

Zaheer: When you get pregnant then we can talk about moving to a bigger house Yasmeen

Frustrated I gave up.

Yasmeen: Fine!

Zaheer: See, I love how we compromise.

And he leaned down and gave me a small peck on my cheek before swiping the card on the room door.

Zaheer: After you milady…

Yasmeen: I’m still annoyed at you. That wasn’t compromise. I just gave up because you’re frustrating.

Zaheer: And you’re equally frustrating.

And he leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose.

I was a ticklish person, so naturally I started to laugh which melted away my frustration and the tension in the air.

Yasmeen: You’re a piece of work Mr.Mohamed.

Zaheer: I guess I got it from my wife…

Author’s Note


So like if anyone wants to sponsor me a trip to the Waldorf Astoria Spa I would be forever grateful! Who would want to miss out on the chance to go to the Best Luxury Destination Spa?! D

Anyway, enough of my crazy talk; hope everyones Saturday was fab!

Only 8 parts left to the summer segment, so enjoy the post!

Much Love, Tasmiyah x

10 thoughts on “Part 119 – An Abundance of Happiness

  1. M says:

    Loving it ! It just gets nicer and more lovable everyday. Can we please have a post on how Zaheer proposed to Yasmeen ? Pretty please with a Oreo on top ?

    Can’t wait for the next post


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