Part 108 – Post Eid Brunches

Previously on DOAD

Fathima married to Zayaan, with their adorable young baby daughter Hafsa spent Eid at Zayaan’s mother’s house along with his sister Nuha and the Bobat crew.

Nuha, hevaily pregnant with her hafaidh hubby Omar is ready to pop anytime soon.

Uzair surprised his parents by taking them for umrah in the last ten days of Ramadan. He spent Eid away from home with his parents. 

Yasmeen and Zaheer, happily married and living in the UK, flew down to spend Eid and the holidays in South Africa, while her parents and brother still reside in Dubai where they spent Eid.

The three best friends unite on Eid night at Nuha’s mother’s house to spend a small part of Eid together. Yasmeen finds out that Nuha’s cousin Ismaeel is getting married to a school friend of hers, Camilla.


Yasmeen’s POV

The morning after Eid I was laying in bed, tossing and turning trying to fall back asleep after Zaheer woke me up to tell me that I mustn’t wake up early and that I could sleep in. Who even unnecessarily wakes someone up like that?!

Clearly my husband does!

And now I couldn’t go to sleep and Zaheer was already lightly snoring and I didn’t want to go downstairs because if his Dadee was awake, I’d have to bare another conversation about how I need to take care of my skin.

No thank you! It was too early in the morning for that.

Our room had a view of the ocean and there was a balcony, so I quietly tiptoed towards the sliding doors and went outside, giving up on sleep.

I leaned over the railing and looked out at the ocean and thought about what a lovely Eid we celebrated.  It was nice to see the Bobat crew all together, well most of them at least. And to hear that Ismaeel was getting married! That was a complete shock to me.

How did I not know that? I asked my self.

I use to go to school with Camz, and I was so caught up in my married life I didn’t really pay attention to the friends I use to have.

And thats when I started to wonder; whatever happened to my school friends in Dubai?

I only schooled with them for a few years but I lost track of where they were and what they were doing. Of course I had them on social media but when was the last time I met up with them, or made an effort to talk to them?

Zaheer regularly met up with his friends whether it was in the UK or Dubai. Tariq and him were still as thick as thieves. He even came to our wedding.

Fun times, I thought as I played with my wedding ring twisting it around my finger.

I must have been deep in thought because I didn’t hear Zaheer walk up behind me. Rather I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

Zaheer: Good morning

Yasmeen: Oh sleeping beauty is awake?

I could feel his smile.

Zaheer: You’re sleeping beauty. I’m sleeping handsome.

I burst out laughing.

Yasmeen: That is by far the lamest thing you have ever said! How did I marry you?

Zaheer: Easily. I asked you to marry me and you said yes. Well we had to ask your father and then-

Yasmeen: Yes Zah, I know how it happened, I was there. How do you have so much energy this early in the morning?

Zaheer: Its a beautiful day. I’m with my beautiful wife. What more could a man ask for?

He gave me a kiss on my cheek and went back inside, leaving me standing there smiling like a love struck teenage girl I always become when I am around him.

The night before, the girls and I had made plans to have a couples brunch, so a few hours later Zaheer and I were with Nuha, Omar, Fathima and Zayaan brunching, talking and soaking up some sun.

Yasmeen: Nuha, I am seriously getting worried every day that passes by. Your tummy increases in size. Is that even normal?

She shot me daggers.

Nuha: Yasmeen, when you’re pregnant I’ll be telling you the same thing so chupp and drink your milkshake.

Pregnant Nuha was a feisty Nuha.

Fathima: Shame Nuha, I know what you went through. This Yasmeen here is uneducated in the knowledge of pregnancy.

And the boys for some reason found that funny. I just rolled my eyes and carried on drinking my shake.

Zayaan: Seriously though you Londoners, when is the baby coming?

And thats when I started choking up in shock on my own milkshake until I was coughing over and over again. Zaheer tapped my back lightly trying to help me get to a normal breathing state. When I could finally breathe, I looked up at Zayaan with huge eyes.

Yasmeen: BABIES?! You asking me when the baby is coming and I’m not even pregnant? Does it look like I’m pregnant? Or are you implying I’m fat?!

My outburst set Fathima and Nuha off into a fit of laughter while Omar just watched the scene unfold.

Zayaan: Oh maaf maaf. And here I was thinking we were finally getting along.

I stuck my tongue out at Zayaan. Real mature for a twenty year old, I know.

Nuha: I’ve been meaning to ask, when do you guys fly back?

Zaheer: We leave in a few days time for Dubai. We spend two weeks there  and then its back to home sweet home.

Yasmeen: HIS home sweet home. My home sweet home is Durban.

Fathima: You know we have a bet going on how long its going to take till you guys move back?

Zaheer and I burst out laughing!

Yasmeen: Seriously?! Betting is haraam but I’m curious, tell me more!

Omar: Fathima says you guys will move back by the end of this year. I said Zaheer will only even think about coming back once Yasmeen is pregnant.

Nuha: And after her little outburst, that possibility is ruled out so I guess Omar is winning the bet Fathima.

Nuha high fived Omar right before the food arrived at our table. We ate and laughed and spoke until it was nearly asr time. Then everyone parted ways with the promise of meeting again soon before Zaheer and I left Durban.

In the car on the way home I decided to ask Zaheer if he knew what Camilla was up to these days. I also made a mental note to go home and try to get in touch with some of my school friends. There was still time to meet up with them in Dubai.

Yasmeen: Zah, you know how Ismaeel is getting married to Camz right? Do you know where she is right now? Like is she in SA or Dubai?

Zaheer: I think she’s staying in Dubai. Ismaeel was saying the wedding is actually in Dubai. He said the wedding was planned very quickly so they didn’t even have invitations.

Yasmeen: Woah. Talk about simplicity. I swear it happened really fast.

Zaheer: It did. I got the whole run down from Ismaeel.

Yasmeen: I see that Zah. If you speak to him ask him for her number please. Its been ages since I spoke to her. I want to phone and congratulate her.

Zaheer: Anything for you my Yasoo!

And he picked up my hand and kissed the back of it before interlinking or fingers.

This was what happiness was for me.

Everyday being with Zaheer.

Sure we had arguments and ups and downs, but who doesn’t?

It was the little things like this that made me feel content and happy.

I had said that home would be Durban but I was wrong.

My home was wherever my hubby was.




(Sorry for the delay, but better late then never right?)

Ohmyword I cant tell you how weird and exciting it was to write from Yasmeen’s pov. Sure is different to Attiya’s for sure!

Hope this first post got you guys a little excited for the story thats going to unfold ahead.

I hope the little summary at the top was helpful to the readers. I kept it simple so that nobody would be totally and completely lost! 

On a happy joyous note, A BELATED EID MUBARAK!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Eid.

For those returning back to University and school… good luck!

For those on holiday (like myself) enjoy the break!

Until the next post 

Much Love, Tasmiyah x 

( or should I sign off as DubainGirl? I don’t know you tell me.)



16 thoughts on “Part 108 – Post Eid Brunches

  1. Haaj says:

    GUES WHO’S BACK! BACK AGAIN! DUBAIAN :’) The post really brought back old memories and feelings :’) I’m super excited for this summer series 😀 Yas and Zah are too cute♡

  2. safiya says:

    OMG!!!!DO AD IS BACK🙌🙌 man is it good to read about yasmeen again😆😆….amazing post👌👌Miss Author….how often will you be posting??

  3. Raeesa says:

    Yay! 😀 so super excited for this 😁 welcome back DubainGirl 😛 just wanted to know , will there be a post everyday or is there a specific schedule? 😊

  4. kayla says:

    Omw author!!!!) is this our eid present????? I love finding solace but I really missed Doad!!!!! It’s sooo good to have you back! Who an I kidding I almost freaked out when I heard you back! I think think the first word my baby cuzzin learnt was UZAIR!!!!!!! His back!!!!!!! Of course it’s good reading abt him in lld! But now his back!! And of course yasooooo and zah! Sorry for this boring comment it’s just that I’m toooo excited!

  5. zana says:

    Welcome back
    Lovely post. Looking forward to all zaheer and yasmeen stories
    wonder what baby nuha is having.
    All the couples are just too cute.

  6. als18 says:

    Wow! Amazing post brought back all the dubain feelings! Can’t wait for next post…wonder what will happen👌😊❤️ All the couples are so cute…can’t wait to see if yas will be pregnant next🙊

  7. samihahmoosa says:

    This blog is so amazing👌…I’ve been hooked since the start lol😁…Welcome Back!!!😉I just wanted to know if you could (possibly…) Post the link to my blog in one of your posts😚…i’m new to blogging and if you have any tips that you could share with me,that would be great…thanks a lot..loving the blog💋keep up the amazing posts❤xx.
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