Part 107 – Eid 2014

Well that was embarrassing! This post was only supposed to be published ON Eid.

Anyway you guys got it a few days early 😛

Anyway… I have some news. By the end of August I have decided I am going to delete the DOAD website.

Just cause…

Cause I feel like I have got to let DOAD go… let it go let it go you get my vibe 😛

But there will be a pdf version of DOAD (in sha Allah) so if anybody wants it please email me

Again sorry this came out early! My bad :$

There will be another post in a few weeks time when the pdf version is ready.

Enjoy the remainder of ramadan!

Enjoy your Eid!

And the message below was to be read ON eid 😛 So yeah…

Eid Mabrook to all you wonderful people of this world!

Didn’t Ramadan fly by at the speed of light?! Cause that’s how it felt for me!

But now, EID IS HERE! And I hope every single one of you enjoy it and rejoice with family, friends and loved ones!

Eid Mubarak! Eid Kareem! Eid Eid Eid! ♥♥♥

Much Love DubainGirl xoxo ♥

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