Ramadan Mubarak



السلام عليكم

Let me start of by wishing everybody a very happy and blessed….. Ramadan Mubarak!

I hope you all are doing well!

This holy month has dawned upon us and I decided that I wanted to wish every single one of you a blessed Ramadan.

This is just a one off post, not a regular…

Alhamdulillah we have all lived to see another Ramadan, how lucky are we!

Every other year, this month would roll around and I was never affected by it, in the sense that I would put the minimal amount in to bettering my self. But in sha Allah, this year will be different for all of us!

There’s something I wanted to share with each and every one of you.

As I prayed the first maghrib salaah of Ramadan this year, I was struggling to concentrate as so many of us usually do.
Any other day I would have blamed my lack of concentration on shaitaan and his whisperings that make me think of anything but Allah.
But today it suddenly ocured to me, I could no longer blame Shaitaan.
He is no longer the reason I cant concentrate in my salaah.
He is no longer the reason as to all the other sins I commit.
He is locked up, mute for this entire blessed month and the only person I could blame was myself.

This sudden realization got me thinking about how Ramadan is a month of reflection.
For me that’s how I see it.

From the first maghrib salaah I already began to reflect on the way I pray, my attitude towards others, and other small things in my everyday life that in sha Allah I will improve on in this coming month.

So I want to urge you all to also reflect on the small things in life.
What could you change?What could you do to get closer to Allah?

Because for this month we can no longer blame all our shortcomings on Shaitaan.
We have the choice, so choose wisely.

Do we we want to let our Naffs get carried away this Ramadan, or do we want to control it an steer it in the right direction?

The direction that will help us accumulate good deeds and will help us become better Muslims. Whatever efforts we make to change for the better during Ramadan, in sha Allah we instil them in our daily lives for every other month as well.

So I leave you all to enjoy this glorious month of Ramadan. May Allah accept the dua’s of you and your Families. Remember me in your dua’s!
Ramadan Mubarak
DubainGirl xoxo


Welcome Ramadan!

Welcome Ramadan!