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* A little inspiration for all those gorgeous girls out*

I started this blog to challenge my self, to see if I could achieve something and shukr, I have! I have proved to my self that if I were to write people would actually read it. 4 months ago, I explored something new. It’s time for you to do the same…

Get out there and grab life! Take every opportunity you can because who knows, those doors might lead you to meet people who stay in your life forever. Those doors might teach you life lessons that you wont ever forget. And those doors might give you memories that will be with you for a lifetime! Chase your dreams and live life so that you are content and happy.

Don’t leave your happiness lying in someone else’s hands, because you will just waste precious time. My dear darling girls, I guess this is my way of assuring that you don’t throw away your lives because of boys. I hope you all stay ambitious and motivated, and know that if you don’t get what you want in life, its because Allah has planned something better for you.

Be Beautiful ♥

Be Beautiful ♥

I’m trying hard not to say goodbye and I’m not sure what other word to use…



Hasta la Vista???

No no, I think I will just leave it as…

Till we meet again  ♥

-Winnie The Pooh

-Winnie The Pooh

P.S. A few readers think I have gone from Ms. Authorness to MRS. Authorness… I assure you that the reason I am ending this blog is NOT because I am getting married !I repeat,  I AM NOT MARRIED OR ENGAGED OR ON A SAMOOSA RUN!!!  Yasmeen is married but not me! 😉 Okay xoxo

Part 106 – Epilogue

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My LONG goodbye Bayaan will be posted later… or maybe never… I dunno… I don’t have it in me to say goodbye, so I won’t so goodbye… Instead I will thank every single reader for actually reading my blog! Shukran for supporting me. Danki for the dua’s and well wishes. Gracias for the love you have shown towards this blog. Merci beacoup for all the publicity you have given this blog.

The words ‘thank you’ do not suffice in showing my gratitude towards you readers. You all are not just ‘readers’ or ‘viewers’ or ‘fans’ to me… You all have become very close to me, so close I feel you all are a part of me. I am very fortunate to have met loving, supportive people like you. So with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye, I give you the ending of Diary Of A Dubain 😦 😦 😦 Much Love DubainGirl  xoxo



Blanket of snow...

Blanket of snow…

The first few drops of snow began to settle onto the patio outside. I ran to the window excited to see it! I loved winter! It was the month where the whole city would be covered in a blanket of snow. It looked magical. It felt magical, and the best part was that, this was the first year I’d spend winter in London… As a married woman!

Within seconds his arms were wrapped around my waist and I smiled to my self…

‘Do you like the house?’

ME: Yes. I love it! Just look at the view… It’s stunning.

‘You don’t think it’s a bit too big’

ME: (smiling) Compared to your 4×4 apartment it’s huge!

He ticked me on my sides. He knew how I detested that apartment of his!

‘Would you want to move here?’

ME: (smiling) Would you?

‘I want what you want. It’s always been that way Yas…’

ME: (smiling) Well then… Yes! This is the house! I can feel it…. Zah, this is our new home!

After months of persuasion, I had finally got Zaheer to change his mind about living in an apartment. For the past 4 years he had been comfortable living in his 4×4 room while studying at University. But he was no longer a College boy. He was a married man! And he was married to me!

We had both been studying in the UK for the past 4 years, and I stuck to my word of changing for the better. The London way of life was foreign to me, but Zaheer fit right in the moment he got here. We remained close friends over the years, but I never got too close to him to be tempted to get back with him. And whenever I travelled to S.A. or Dubai, my father wouldn’t like me travelling on my own, and on a few occasions Zaheer accompanied me.

After 4 years of being in the UK, I had completed my studies! To celebrate, my father treated my college friends and I to a trip to Cape Town! It was around this time that Zaheer went to my parents asking for my hand in marriage… He didn’t need to ask me.

He knew I’d say yes.

I’d always say yes.

When I was 18, I vowed I wouldn’t date him or any other boy.

I stuck to my vow.

And I am ever so grateful that I did, because Allah has granted us a lot of barakah in our marriage so far! From the minute he proposed, right up till now, everything has been smooth sailing! And I could not be happier…

ZAHEER: I’ll put the offer for the house in tomorrow.

ME: Aren’t your parents coming tomorrow?

ZAHEER: Sweetie, the whole dunya is coming tomorrow! (wink) Brace your self…

He brushed his lips against my cheek and pulled out his buzzing phone to answer it. I pulled my jacket tighter around me. I was even wearing my Ugg’s but London winters were cold!  I continued to stare out of the window at the blanket of snow….

I had been married for 6 months now, yet every time Zaheer hugged me or held my hand, my stomach would erupt into a zoo of butterflies. I felt so new to this whole marriage thing!

I finally understood what Nuha and Fatimah went through 4 years ago when they got married. But they were so much younger… I’m glad I waited. I’m glad I took the opportunity to got to university. It helped me explore who I was and what I wanted to do with my life…

But at the same time Fatimah and Nuha weren’t lacking in experience just because they married young. Fatimah had a darling daughter by the name of Hafsa, who was turning 1 in a few months, and Nuha  was 3 months pregnant! Shame, poor bichari! She had been calling me every day, updating me on how bad her morning sickness was. Soon, Hanifa was going to have a cousin to play with.

I on the other hand was not planning to have children right now… I just finished my studies! I wanted to live a little, maybe even work for a year or two.

Plus, Zaheer was still owing me something he promised me on our honeymoon…


ZAHEER: Yasmeen, I love you. And if I could, I would give you the world. But since I can’t do that, I need YOU to tell ME what you want?!

ME: (laughing) I told you! Surprise me! I like surprises… (wink)

ZAHEER: You Raheem woman are so difficult!

ME: Well I’m no longer a Raheem…. I’m Mrs.Mohamed!

ZAHEER: (smiling half a smile) Too right babes! You’re MY Mrs.Mohamed.

Eventually he did get the information about ‘what I wanted’ out of me…

ME: If you really want to know what I want… then you better take notes!

ZAHEER: I’m listening. I promise I’ll give it to you

ME: I want to travel the world. With you!

I want to go shopping in Milan, and eat pizza in Italy! I want to see the Eiffel Tower, and have French bread in France.

I want you to teach me how to ski in the Swiss Alps, and I want to go to Times Square on New Years, and watch the ball drop with you.

I want to have pancakes with maple syrup in Canada, and I want to attend a carnival in Rio.

I want to see kangaroo’s in Australia and visit the Taj Mahal in India!

I want to see the Great wall of Chine and visit the Pyramids in Egypt!

I know you might not be able to give me all of that Zah… And it might take a while for us to tick everything off that list… But we have all the time in the world…

And as long as I’m with you, whether you give me those things or not, as long as I’m with you… (Taking his hands into mine) I’ll be happy ♥


I remember telling him that on the last night of our honeymoon. He still owed me my ‘around the world’ trip, but that would have to wait till July. Our families were all coming to London tomorrow! I was beginning to miss my mother anyway, so I was glad I’d be seeing her. And Armaan! That brother of mine kept on growing! He was no longer a small boy. At the age of 19 my brother would soon be moving to the UK to study. And you would not believe the amount of facial hair he had! Masha Allah, his beard was even longer than Zaheer’s!

What can I say about Aunty Raeesa and them… Aaliyah has become quite the pro at horse riding at the age of 12. Waseem recently got promoted and is being relocated to  Turkey, so he and his wife of 2 years are moving there in April.

Nuha has gone into full time abaya. The transformation that girl has undertaken over all the years is amazing! There’s always hope. She and Yumna have become very close friends and in the process, they’ve joined forces and helped expand Aunty Yusairah’s wedding planning business. Forgiveness really is the key to everything…

Zayaan and Fatimah moved to Joburg for a year and a half, but Fatz  missed home too much. She was expecting Hanifa at the time, so they moved back to Durban! Hanifa is so much like her mother, a ray of sunshine, a chubby Masha Allah baby who’s cheeck’s you just want to bite!

Zain is surprisingly very over protective over Hanifa. He may just be 9, but nobody messes with his niece Hanifa. Same goes with Yusuf, who has finally decided to start looking for a wife! My mother told me about his samoosa run’s last week and shame, there were some very funny stories! Oh well, in sha Allah he finds the right girl at the right time.

Like how I found my Mr. Right…

He may have been Mr. Wrong at one stage, not loyal, a pain in my backside, a person I couldn’t trust. But Zaheer has proved that people can change over time. And the past is the past so that we can move on into the future.

But you still don’t forget your past because that’s where you learn from all your mistakes.


ZAHEER: Get some sleep (kissing my forehead) You want to come with to see that house tomorrow??

ME: Is that a trick question?! I don’t trust your judgement on houses…

ZAHEER: (laughing) Trust?! You don’t even trust your own husband!

Zah never did grow out of his dramatic ways….

ZAHEER: (smiling) I forget to tell you, Uzair sent a message. He got back to Durban 4 days ago.

ME: Oh yeah! How was his trip to India?

ZAHEER: He didn’t give me all the details, he just said that he was there for a month in total. They spent 3 weeks volunteering and 1 week they toured India

ME: I enjot listening to his stories of his travels… (hugging Zaheer) . I mean, he does so much for others. He really will get the highest stages of Jannah!

ZAHEER: In sha Allah. Ameen. (kissing my hair) Well, don’t we have to thank you? My wifey, you were the one that approached him years ago about this volunteer thing (wink)

ME: (laughing) Wifey?! Well yes ‘hubby’, but still he took the initiative to go help people. (smiling) And since then, he’s been on more trips than I can count!

ZAHEER: He also said he wants to settle down now, find a nice girl.

ME: (laughing)

ZAHEER: What’s funny?

ME: You got married now everyone follows in line. Yusuf and Uzair both on samoosa run’s!

ZAHEER (sighing) I still just don’t see the logic as to why you call it ‘a samoosa run’. Your mother served me pasta when I went to propose.

ME: Well then you had a pasta run (kissing his cheek) The samoosa run…It’s a blog thing (wink to all my readers) 😉

ZAHEER: A pasta run that made you mine! (smiling down at me) Come now… (Caressing my cheek) Sleep, we got a long day tomorrow.


And so here I was, standing in the house that was hopefully going to be ours in sha Allah.  I stood in the middle of the main room, where there was glass from the ceiling to the floor. It gave you the perfect view of the true essence of London winter. Snow. Ever since the day I got married, I had been in this ‘happy bubble’ that no one could burst. Alhamdulillah, I had everything! I just had to be grateful for the way Allah had planned things. ..

”But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.”

So as my chapter of being a ‘girl’ comes to an end, and as I embrace my married life ahead of me, I think its time  put the pen and paper away.

I, Yasmeen Raheem Mohamed, want to just thank you all for putting up with me! For listening to my pointless soppy boy stories, for laughing at my lame jokes, for drooling over the fooood with me… (#FoodiesForLife)

I want to thank you for sticking with me and listening to me babble ON and ON, even when I do occasionally tend to talk too much about everything. But now, now there is no need to write about my life. Shukr, I feel content. I achieved my dream. I achieved my goal of making my parents proud! I even got a little bonus and that was my amazing hubby Zaheer…

Who would’ve guessed 12 years ago, that I would end up marrying the fat kid in the picture that sat on the table in Zaheer’s room in Dubai?

Who would’ve guessed that I would study in London and end up moving here?

That’s the thing though, you can’t guess these things. You can’t see into the future, so you might as well embrace the present and try to make the most of it!

He was my best friend. He is my best friend.  My other half. And I want to grow old with him. From childhood to old age. I can proudly call my self Mrs. Mohamed.

Allah is the best of planners...

Allah is the best of planners…

Zaheer & Yasmeen ♥

Zaheer & Yasmeen ♥

Shoutout to “Nabs for being the best cousin any girl could ask for 😉 and to Aadila my bff who is still unemployed lol 😛 all the best and love you both stax…#RaeMo “

Part 105 – The Wedding Part 2

Soooooooooo a few people were freaking out that part 2 of the wedding would be part 100, but no dearies, Again maths is AMAZING! It has halves! So mid way between 99 and 100, is…… 99.5 😀 I am SO sorry! Th eepilogue wil come out tomorrow 😛 Enjooy Much Love DubainGirl  ♥ xoxo


Fatimah's wedding dress

Fatimah’s wedding dress

Yasmeen's Dress

Yasmeen’s Dress


FATIMAH: (breathing out heavily) Yass, how do I look?

I stepped out of her bathroom and into her room to take a look at the vision in white….

ME: WOW… I mean………..

WOW! You’re looking…….

SO grown up! I mean…… just……WOW

FATIMAH: Not once did you say Masha Allah! You putting so much of nazaar on me!

ME: (hugging her) Masha Allah! You looking tres tres Magnifique babes!

FATIMAH: Not looking so bad your self Raheem…

ME: Mrs.Bobat! Did you JUST compliment me?!?!

FATIMAH: (laughing) Mrs. Bobat! Something I’m going to have to get used to…

ME: (smiling) Yes! But you’ll be fine! Shukr, you got Nuha that’s also new to all of this… You can help each other out.

FATIMAH: Err, talking to Nuha about her brother… NO THANKS! (laughing)

ME: Awwww, I just cant hold the tears in Fatoo!

FATIMAH: Do NOT cry! I swear to god Yasmeen if you cry, I’ll cry and my dress will get wet and my face will get messed an-

TASNEEM: (appearing in the doorway) Lucky for you, Main Hoon Na!

ME: (laughing) Finally Tas!

For the next half an hour, Tasneem did our make up. Fatimah looked flawless, masha Allah!

TASNEEM: You both are looking so gorgeous and grown up!

ME: Fatimah, YES! She looks stunning! Me… I think I’m  looking average.

FATIMAH: BEYOND average! Super duper Masha Allah!

TASNEEM: Stand together! Come, I take a picture of you’ll!

Tasneem used my Canon camera and captured these once in a lifetime moments! Fatimah’s wedding dress was simple but so pretty! I guess simplicity really was key. The sleeves on the dress were long, but completely sequinned, her dress hugged her waist and the bead work was on the top half of the dress, which left the bottom long and beautiful!

I was wearing a poofy peach dress! (poofy is always pretty 😉 ) It was sleeveless, but I opted to wear a  bedazzled cardigan just so that my arms were covered. It was my best friend’s wedding, I had to look presentable! Correction: It was the wedding of BOTH my best friends! Nuha was at her house getting ready and would meet us at the hall. A double wedding, well there was a first for everything…

We arrived at the hall and since the mean were outside, Fatimah and I had our scarves and cardigans on so as to not reveal our hair and skin, but once we were inside the Ladies section, the scarves were out, our hair was down and Fatimah’s cardigan came off. I still felt concious about showing too much skin so I kept my arms covered. It was such an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzing wedding reception! The best I have ever been to BY FAR! All the aunties looked YEARS younger in their fancy dresses, and hair do’s and makeup! Yes yes, natural beauty is the best, but hey a little make up gives it that va va voooom effect! 😉

There was a recitation and since Fatimah and Nuha opted to NOT walk down the aisle, we all didn’t have to strain our necks to look at them walk down an aisle. I don’t blame them, I mean, I would NEVER be able to walk in a straight line with ALL those people looking at me! Imagine if I trip and fell over?!?! I’d be a laughing stock!

Everyone sat down and listened to the du’a recited by Omar’s brother who was a hafaaiz.  And then. The food! Ooooooh how delicious it was! I would have had 3 rounds of very course if I could fit it all within me, but sadly… I didn’t want my dress bursting at the seams for the whole world to see!

After supper was served and everyone had settled down with their toothpicks and tissues,  an announcement came on that the groom was going to enter into the ladies section. Everyone made a mad dash pulling out their Abaya’s and scarves. I quickly tied up my hair and slipped on my scarf and made sure it covered my chest.  Zayaan entered. On one side stood Yusuf and the other side was Uzair. Zaheer followed shortly after them. Omar opted to not come in and greet the elderly in laws because I guess he still didn’t want to intrude in on the ladies
Zayaan made his way towards Fatimah’s grannies, Yusuf guided him, making sure he knew who was who in the zoo. He had previously met them but just for the extended family that he didn’t know, Yusuf was there to make sure he didn’t slip up and say anything stupid. Uzair and Zaheer not knowing where to position themselves came and stood by me

ZAHEE: Where’s your camera?

ME: Umm… (looking around) It’s somewhere around here… I had it, then I fell madly in love and forgot all about it!

UZAIR: The men’s and ladies are separate for a reason. So that you keep your gaze down!

ME: (laughing)I fell madly in love…….. WITH FOOOOOD! I don’t have time for all this boy nonsense Uzair!

Uzair and Zaheer both looked at each other, raised their eyebrows with an amused expression then they both started laughing! They were mocking me! They were mocking the fact that I probably sounded very contradicting, but I couldn’t change my past actions… I could only move forward! So with my hand on my hip and my eyebrows raised I gave them both a shouting…

ME: And what might you two idiots be laughing at? Hmm… Am I amusing you guys?

ZAHEER: (supressing a laugh) No ma’am. Err, I mean Apa ma’am… Apa Yasmeen Ma’am

Boy these boys were lucky we were at a wedding, other wise I would’ve taken off my Loubie’s right there and then and smacked some solid sense into the both of them!

ME: Oh ha ha! Hilarious. You know what… You’ll can just both go by Yasmin! Leave me alone!

I stalked off. They needed to learn that not everything in life was one big joke. There were times to be serious, and I was being serious about wanting to change. And I was being serious when I told Zaheer I won’t date again. And I was being serious when I told Uzair about the volunteer work! Why couldn’t they just take me seriously for once?!

I tuned back into my calm wedding vibes and watched as Fatimah and Nuha floated around the room greeting people. They looked so happy. So content. Alhamdulillah, Allah had really given them everything. Their husbands were in sha Allah going to provide them with a lifetime of happiness….

‘What are you thinking about’

I turned around and Yusuf was standing there…

ME: I’m just watching your sister and Nuha. They look so happy Yusuf.

YUSUF: You’ll also look this happy on your wedding day.

ME: (smiling) That’s IF I have a wedding!

YUSUF: Why would you not?

ME: I dunno… Sometimes it seems like a waste of money. But that’s a conversation for another time! Nobody talk to me about boys or samoosa runs or marriage for the next 3 years MINIMUM!

YUSUF: (laughing) DITTO!

Soon waitress’s began to come into the hall, serving desert and other delicious treats! There was red velvet cake, cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, cinnamon spices cake… There was even a 2 tier sprinkles cake that was put onto the children’s table! Bless, trust Fatimah to buy an extra cake especially for the children! No lies, the sprinkles made it look devouringly yummilicous!

ME: Fatimah! The sprinkles cake?

FATIMAH: (laughing) What can I say! My poor Zainoo was feeling so left out in all this wedding drama. Zayaan was so sweet, he bought the sprinkles cake to make it up to Zain!

ME: Make it up to Zain…… More like bribe him!!

FATIMAH: Oh stop being so bad! One day, even on my wedding day, you can’t not have a go at Zayaan….

ME: For you (hugging her) Just because its your wedding day, I will try my very best to NOT insult your hubby!

After all the cakes were placed on the table, the main wedding cake came through. Nuha had specified she wanted icing work done and when Fatimah and I went to the bakery a few days ago, we finalised the perfect wedding cake design… And here it was… before our eyes… And I must say I was impressed with the bakery! It looked AMAZING! Beyond amazing! Whoever mad it had some reeeaaaal talent. I searched for my camera so that I could take a picture of the cake… but I couldn’t find it…

I swear I had left it on the table I was sitting at, but when I went there, it was no where to be seen! My camera! It could NOT be missing! I would just… cry! Again, drama queen here, but seriously it had ALL the pictures I had taken of the wedding! I didn’t want to loose out on those memories. I asked my mother if she had seen my camera, I asked aunty Zaheera, Aunty Salma, I even asked Aunty Raeesa…

AUNTY RAEESA: Sorry sweetie, I haven’t seen it anywhere


ME: It’s okay! Silly me for leaving it around

AALIYAH: Yasmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

A vision in pink came running towards me! Aaliyah! I was seeing her after SO long! She gave me a big bear hug and I hugged her back

ME: Wow! Look at you! All dressed  up in pink! You looking like a princess Aalz

AALIYAH: You don’t look so bad your self Yasmeen (smiling)

ME: (laughing) Big mouth! Aaliyah, you haven’t seen my camera by any chance?

AALIYAH: Is it black? And big?

ME: Yess. You know where it is

AALIYAH (grabbing my hand) I’ll show you

She led me out of the ladies hall and outside to where all the children were busy playing. All the children were about the same height, but there was one particular person wearing a suit, with his back facing towards me, that was taller than the rest. Aaliyah pointed to the suited boy and I didn’t need her to tell me what she was going to…


ZAHEER: (turning around and smirking) Took you long enough to figure it out!

ME: Give it man! I was freaking out!

ZAHEER: No worries, its in safe hands. I told you I wouldn’t break it…

ME: Yes yes, you proved your point, now can I have my camera back please?!?!

ZAHEER: Errr NO! It’s payback for earlier today!

ME: Don’t waste your life trying to get even with me… Please, just give it to me!!!

ZAHEER: I thought about what you said…. The whole ‘change’ thing.

ME: (rolling my eyes)  Oh did you know

ZAHEER: Yes… I did…. And Uzair and I got talking as well. And he told me about your theory on how he should give up on girls.

ME: Give up on girls, until the time is right!

ZAHEER: (raising his eyebrows) And how do you know that now is not the right time>

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) That’s for him to decide. If he wants to settle down, he can read Istikharaah and have a happy life!

ZAHEER: And you? You don’t want to settle down?

ME: (shaking my head in disagreement) No, not now anyway..  I respect Nuha and Fatimah’s decision. But I want to make something of my self Zah! I want to study, learn more, go to Uni…. I want to explore!

ZAHEER: Well don’t you sound very ambitious (smiling half a smile)

ME: Add on an’ In sha Allah Ameen’ to all those plans. Marriage comes later on, not right now for me…

ZAHEER: Well I’m glad I’m not the only one! Geez, wedding bells were ringing one after the other over here! I thought there was something wrong with me for NOT getting married young

ME: Well.. there IS something wrong with you, I just don’t think the doctors can diagnose it….



That was a joke Zaheer!

ZAHEER: Aren’t jokes meant to be funny? (raising an eyebrow)

ME: Funny like your face

ZAHEER: (looking hurt) Ouch!

ME: You deserve it!

ZAHEER: (laughing) You’re right! I deserved that one… Here (handing me my canon) Here’s your precious camera

ME: Jazakallah

I went back into the hall and watched them cut the cake. It tasted as delicious as it looked!


We waved goodbye to the newly wed’s as they drove off n their seperate cars. Ny now, everyone had left the hall and it was just my parents, Armaan, my self, Yusuf, Aunty Zaheera, Uzair, Zaheer Aunty Raeesa, Aaliyah and my mother. The fathers had all left ages ago to go sleep… Cause that is what men do best! We sat around a table chatting away about how the day was….

ME: WHAT a day!

MUM: No major problems! Shukr everything went off well I’m happy!

ME: What else needs to be taken home mummy?

MUM: All the centre pieces on the men’s side, please get them for me Yasmeen. And take them to the car.

The men’s side was empty empty empty. There was only Uzair, Zaheer, Yusuf and Armaan. Uzair was busy playing candy crush on his phone. (I could tell by the way he was concentrating on his phone) Armaan was busy tapping away on his phone. Yusuf was playing Flappy birds ( I could tell by the way he kept screaming at his screen ‘damn you you stupid bird’) And Zaheer was just staring into space… His eyes were fixated on one point and I followed his gaze only to see that he was staring at the corner of the ceiling. When I looked back at him, he was staring straight at me…

ME: Umm.. since you seem to be doing nothing, help me with these please?

ZAHEER: Whats the magic word?

ME: I’ve had a long day. I have no time for manners!

ZAHEER: (picking up the flowers) Part of your whole ‘change’ phase should be you changing to be a NICER person. Emphasis on the NICE!

ME: Emphasis on the keep quiet! Less talking more working!

There were about 20 centre pieces in total. It took us 5 trips back and forth, between my mothers car and the hall to finally get all the decor into her boot! But when I went back to the ladies side, it was completely empty! My mother was gone! And so was aunty Raeesa and Aunty Salma! I pulled out my phone only to see 5 missed calls from my mother. I phoned her back real quick

ME: Hello?

MUM: Yasmeen! Don’t you ever answer your phone?!

ME: Sorry! I was busy doing what you told me to do. Where are you’ll gone?

MUM: Armaan was falling asleep and Aaliyah was beginning to get a little bit of a temperature.

ME: She got fever???

MUM: She’s just feeling sick. I went home with Aunty Raeesa. I think Aunty Zaheera also left with Yusuf. Tell Zaheer to take my car and bring you home. I left the key in your bag.

ME: Okay

It wasn’t just me and Zaheer.. We were also giving Uzair a lift back home since his parents decided to ditch him… The car ride home was quiet until Uzair spoke

UZAIR: Zaheer, pull over at a supermarket please.

So when we got to the nearest supermarket Zaheer pulled over

ZAHEER: What you need?

UZAIR: Don’t ask just pick a flavour. Orange or strawberry?

ZAHEER: What you going to get?

UZAIR: Just pick one

Zaheer looked at me very quizzically. I knew what Uzair was doing.. It was something we did about 8 months ago. I looked at Zaheer re assuringly and nodded my head

ZAHEER: Umm… Strawberry?

UZAIR: (looking at me) And you want strawberry also?

I nodded my head in agreement. Uzair hopped off the car. I can’t believe he actually wanted to do this! 5 minutes later he returned with a packet and as he got into the car, we heard the bottles clink against each other

UZAIR: Can I drive Zaheer?

ZAHEER: Err, what’s going on?

ME: Let him drive Zah

ZAHEER: Do you trust him?

ME: (nodding my head) Yeah, I know what he’s doing.. Just.. go with it

ZAHEER: (unbuckling his seat belt) If you say so.

Uzair and Zaheer swapped places, leaving me all alone in the back. I didn’t mind though. Part fo my change was to be able to be happy with my self.


ZAHEER: Can someone please tell me what’s going on?

Uzair had just parked by Durban Beach front and Zaheer just looked more confused

ZAHEER: We going swimming?? At midnight?? IN SOUTH AFRICA! What if we get mugged or something?!?!

ME: Oh calm your kebabs princess of Arabia!

ZAHEER: You’ve done this before?

ME: I’ve done this once. Not sure how many times Uzair has done this

UZAIR: (smiling) I’ve only ever done this once

ZAHEER: Well great! Perfect! Supeeerb! But can someone PLEASE tell me exactly WHAT we are about to do!?

ME: Wait and see.. Saboooor!

We went onto the pier and Uzair handed us our bottles. I noticed he had picked an orange bottle and not strawberry. He and I emptied the contents of out bottles into the sea. Uzair pulled out a pen and notepad

ZAHEER: Woah, where’d you get that from?

UZAIR: They were selling it in the supermarket. (handing us each a piece of paper) Here

ZAHEER: I am still very confused. Please shed some light

ME: (sighing) ever heard of a message in a bottle? Once before tonight, Uzair and I tossed these same kind bottles into the sea writing things we wish to let go of… And for some reason Bobat here has brought us 3 to do it today ! So less talking more thinking about something you want to let go of

Uzair scribbled down what he wanted to let go of. He handed the pen to me, then walked back to the car. I didn’t have to think long and hard, this time I knew what I wanted to let go of and so I wrote it down, shoved it into the bottle tossed it into the sea and handed the pen to Zaheer

ZAHEER: wait, so I just write something?

ME: Don’t think too much about it Zah. I know it might feel stupid, but you feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders… Well that’s how I feel

ZAHEER: (breathing out heavily) Okay then

He scribbled away on his paper as I walked back to the car. Uzair was already inside and shortly after I jumped in so did Zaheer. He drove us back home and this time it was complete silence… I looked at the backs of Uzair and Zaheer. After tossing that bottle into the sea, I felt relieved! I didn’t need these boys in my life! Of course Uzair was my best friends cousin in law, and Zaheer was my mothers best friends son, but I didn’t need that like how I use to.

I was independent enough to be alone and not be depressed.

I was strong enough to stand up for my self and want to change.

I loved my self enough to not put my self through emotional pain.

I was a changed, mature girl growing into a Woman!

And I had never felt happier in my lifetime then I had in that car ride home…


Just Married  ♥

Just Married ♥




Wedding Cake…

Part 104 – The Wedding Part 1

Hold onto your goooooooooodbyeeeeeees! 😦 🙂 The wedding will be split into 2 parts 😛 Soo please please enjoy habibti’s Much Love DubainGirl ♥ xoxo

Through a Camera Lens...

Through a Camera Lens…


Every aunty must have swatted me away about 5 times before I actually left them alone! What can I say, I liked to keep memories!

MUM: Yasmeen! Take that thing away from here!

AUNTY ZAHEERA: Are you videoing us?! No man! I don’t have my scarf on!

Even Aunty Raeesa was at the Akoojee’s house helping out. The atmosphere was really lively, who wouldn’t want to be around us?! Sleeping beauty Fatimah was still fast asleep… The nikkah was for after zuhr.

I was awake really early because after my little falling off the stairs incident yesterday, I ended up with a big lump on the back of my head. It hurt. A LOT! To the extent that I couldn’t sleep on my back!

After wrapping up my videoing session,the ladies went away to the hall to set up the table and stuff. I would’ve joined them but I pick sleep over work any day of the week. Without much more thought, I hopped into bed and fell fast asleep… Dreaming of Fatimah in a big poofy white Alexander McQueen wedding gown…


The hall was absolutely stunning! It had been transformed completely! Drapes all around, you would never think you were in a Durban hall. It looked much more sophisticated, modern. The entrance had the centre table with drinks and sweets. Oooooh how I loved those drinks! Since I wanted to get all my photograph’s of the hall captured before the guests arrived, I went there around asr time, in my cloak to get the job done! Unfortunately, I still wasn’t sure I wanted to drive…

ME: Mummy please take me to the hall. I’ll be 20 minutes

MUM: Yasmeen I have stuff to do! Don’t trouble anyone else with this!

ME: But maa! You know if I could drive I would!

AUNTY RAEESA: Where you want to go?

ME: To the hall

AUNTY RAEESA: Why so early?

ME: Because I want to take the pictures everyone gets there.

AUNTY RAEESA: My car is here if you want to use it?

ME: (smiling) I can’t drive aunty Raeesa.

MUM: And I won’t allow her to wreck someone else’s car!

AUNTY RAEESA: I’m sure we can find someone who can drive you.

She walked off and I followed behind her until she was outside. She waved over to Zaheer who had just come up the driveway

AUNTY RAEESA: Zaheer, take Yasmeen to the hall please. But make it quick!

ZAHEER: The hall??

ME: No time to explain! The sooner we go the sooner we come back!!

We jumped into his mothers Mercedes. I looked around the plush interior of the car. WOW! This car was…. fancy!

ZAHEER: Its not ours.

ME: What?

ZAHEER: The car… It’s not our car. Its my aunties.

ME: Aaah, that explains the… necklace thingy (pointing to this bedazzled chain hanging from the mirror)

ZAHEER: My aunty is a real fashionista! You’d actually get along with her really well

ME: (laughing) Let’s keep me meeting more of your family to a absolute minimum.

ZAHEER: (gasping) I’m hurt! What’s wrong with us Mohamed’s?! We so nice and kind and-

ME: Spare me the publicity you’re currently giving your OWN family name!

ZAHEER: What can I say… I’m a  proud Mohamed!

ME: Like I didn’t know that already…. So….

ZAHEER: So what?

ME: What’s the deal with you and Yasmin?

I went flying forward as the car jerked to a screeching stop! Lucky I was wearing my seat belt and Zaheer had flung his hand to stop my head from hitting against the dash board

ME: What the HELL ZAHEER?! Do you want to cause an accident??!?!!?

ZAHEER: I… I…. You… (Breathing heavily) How do you know?

ME: How do I know what? Yasmin is Joburg Girl?? Oh, that I figured out on my own!

ZAHEER: It was you! You were the one eaves dropping!

ME: Oh please! Me?! Eaves dropping. What are you talking about?

ZAHEER: How do you even know about it then??

ME: I have my sources

ZAHEER: (giving me BIG eyes) Yasmeen. TELL ME!

ME: NO! Now drive!

ZAHEER: (sighing) We are talking about this!

My hands started to shake as I help onto my camera. Zaheer had a way with words, his expensive schooling really did pay off. And I knew somehow he was going to get it out of me as to how I found out about Joburg Girl! We pulled up outside the hall and I dashed out of the car before he could lock me inside like how he did during Eid. And back to how I said that the hall looked….


From the minute you walked in, it smelt of jasmine… This had Nuha written ALL over it! She loved her flowers, and I knew for a fact that Jasmine and Lavender were her favourite’s! I pulled out my camera and snapped away. The sweets, the entrance, the drinks… Umm…. the centre pieces, tables, decor, even right down to the tissues, I took pictures of EVERYTHING!

‘what are you doing here’

I turned around and Yasmin was standing there… What in gods name was she doing here?!

ME: I was just, busy taking pictures… What about you? (suddenly very curious)

YASMIN: (sighing) I was hoping to catch Nuha or Uzair… They haven’t been answering any of my calls or replying to any of my messages

ME: They must be busy. I haven’t even spoken to Nuu today. She’s probably soaking her self in a bubble bath! You know how Nuha is… (smiling through gritted teeth)

YASMIN: And Uzair? Have you heard from him?

I opened my mouth about to lie, then I closed it. I thought hard about what I was going to say to her but a voice startled us both

ZAHEER: Yasmeen

We both turned around. And somehow I felt triumphant because I knew Zaheer was calling me and not Yasmin

ZAHEER: Oh (seeing Yasmin) Umm… the other Yasmeen (turning towards me) Madame, are you done? We need to go

ME: Err… Lemme just finish up and we can go. You can wait in the car.

ZAHEER: (eyeing Yasmin, eyeing me) No, I think I’ll watch you in action

ME: (rolling my eyes) Can you just wait in the car?! Stop being so stubborn

ZAHEER: (Laughing hysterically) Look who’s talking about being ‘stubborn’ You Raheem woman are impossible to please!

ME: Who said I wanted to be happy?

ZAHEER: So you want to be sad lonely woman for the rest of your life?

ME: Why are we even talking about this?! Just go wait in the car!

ZAHEER: Only if you tell me how you know…

ME: No! I’m not telling you!

ZAHEER: And now I know FO’SURE it was either Nuha or Fatimah! I know you too well Yasmeen, You protect your best friends. (smirking)

I was a really crappy liar! It was no use to deny it… Let’s just hope he wasn’t going to go take off with Nuha OR Fatimah. I noticed Yasmin was STILL standing there. She was just standing there… watching us.

ME: We will continue this stupid conversation in the car! Now go

ZAHEER: No! Hurry up or I’ll leave you here

ME: (smiling) You wouldn’t.. We both know you wouldn’t.

And I stalked off to the middle of the hall to take a panorama picture of the entire hall. What was Zaheer even thinking?! He wanted to discuss how I knew about Joburg Girl….. in FRONT of JG her self!! Na-uuuuh! I was not going to be cruel! I finished take my pictures and walked towards the entrance where Yasmin was sitting, engrossed in her phone.

ZAHEER: (walking towards me) Geez finally! (taking my camera)

ME: What are you doing?

ZAHEER: Being helpful

ME: (snorting) That’s a first

ZAHEER: At the rate you’re going, you going to be walking home!

ME: Yasmin, do you need a lift home?

Zaheer’s body stiffened as I offered Yasmin a lift home. I could see his drip tighten around my camera

ME: Don’t break my camera!

ZAHEER: I won’t (loosening his grip) See, I won’t break it.

ME: Yasmin?

YASMIN: Gee, huh Err, no I still want to wait for Uzair

I looked at Zaheer. He couldn’t stop me

ME: RIGHT! We’re clearing this up RIGHT NOW!

ZAHEER: Yasmeen, don’t!

ME: No Zaheer! No more secrets no more lies no more hiding behind fake truths! I want it ALL out on the table from BOTH of you now!

I looked at Yasmin’s face. Her expression was PRICELESS! My word her mouth hung open in SHOCK that I had just had the guts to confront her FACE TO FACE about her past experience with Zaheer

ME: Well if neither of you talk, we ‘re not going to get anywhere…..

ZAHEER: Just tell me how you know?

I re told the story to both of them. I plopped my self onto the chair next to Yasmin’s and Zaheer chose to stay standing as I looked back and forth, re telling the story of how we all found out about JG

YASMIN: (close to tears) Uzair…. Nuha…. I…. I…..

ME: Yasmin, don’t… Look, I know its not my place to speak, but just leave Uzair. You said it your self, you’re trying to better your self as a muslin, and after all this Zaheer Yasmin Joburg wedding crap, he finally realized.

YASMIN: (in a whisper) Realized what?

ME: That there’s no room for dating if he wants to do the right thing. He has a heart of gold. You and Zaheer…. (through gritted teeth I shot Zaheer daggers) I honestly don’t even WANT to know what went down between you two

ZAHEER: Yasmeen (reaching out to me)

ME: No! Don’t even…



I thought I could handle this, but I can’t. I’ll see you in the car Zaheer.

I walked out into the Spring air of Durban and just started to read durood shareef! I needed to calm down! This was not about me. It was about bettering everyone around me and in the process hopefully bettering my self. I composed my self and got into the car. A few minutes later Zaheer walked out of the hall and jumped into the car. We drove home on silence all the way till we reached Aunty Zaheera’s house

ME: Jazkallah for the lift Zaheer. I’m sorry about earlier on. You were right I should have just kept quiet

ZAHEER: (nodding his head)

ME: I’ll see you later (smiling)

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception


Shoutout to all thee AmaZzing BA Girls
Luv frm Faati

Part 103- Apa Yasmeen

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Uzair Bobat: Perfect Muslim Son

Uzair Bobat: Perfect Muslim Son

On drink duty *sigh*

On drink duty *sigh*


Visitors began to flood in and soon Fatimah, Nuha, Uzair and I floated away into the sea of people. And once Aunty Zaheera caught sight of me, I was doomed! She had me on drinks duty. I had to make sure the Kola Tonic, Passion Fruit Lemonade and Mint and strawberry drinks were always topped up!

Yes guys, this was Yasmeen Raheem being selfless! And I would have really enjoyed it if I didn’t have more pressing matters that needed to be dealt with!!! But unfortunately, there was no hiding from Aunty Zaheera. She was like a hawk! Every time I tried to slip away, she would find some empty jug for me to re fill. I visited the kitchen SO many times in one hour that my feet were programmed to just walk to the dining room. Then kitchen. Repeat that about 25 times, and know you understand how tired I was!

Nuha and Fatimah were no where to be seen and I could see Uzair standing with his mother deep in conversation. Would he tell his mother??? Maybe he was asking her for advice… After all mother’s do know best. And they can advise us in the best ways possible. I would have to ask him later what they were talking about because within seconds I was being dragged out of the kitchen, through the back door, and into the back garden.

ME: Gedooofff!!

FATIMAH: Geez woman! You don’t even say thank you!

ME: Oh thank Allah! It’s you!

FATIMAH: Who else would it be?? No offence Yasmeen, I mean who would want to mug you?

ME: Keep quiet! Your mother has me working my bum off!

FATIMAH: (laughing) I know its quite a sight to see!

ME: Not funny! Where’s Nuha??

FATIMAH: With all this drama going on, she forgot to change so she went home.

ME: (laughing) Did she run??

FATIMAH: (shaking her head) That girl! She’s crazy!

ME: And she’s your sister in law!

FATIMAH: So what we going to do?? What is Nuha going to tell Yasmin?  That she snooped through her phone then ran here?!

ME: Well technicallllly, she never snoop. Yasmin knew that Nuu wanted to see the pictures. See. No snooping. And secondly, Nuha will figure it out. Bigger problem is Uzair!

FATIMAH: He looks finished man! It’s just not fair! He’s not an idiot but all of this stuff only happens to him…

ME: Maybe there’s a reason…

FATIMAH: A reason to what??

ME: Maybe there is a reason behind why Uzair’s relationships never work out. Maybe its because… And maybe this is just Apa Yasmeen talking… Maybe it’s because he’s not supposed to date at all.

Fatimah just stood there looking at me as if I were mad.

ME: Think about it hey… Uzair reads his 5 times salaah. He goes for Jumuah. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t do any of that illegal crap. His only sin is dating! This is could somehow be HIS wakeup call!

FATIMAH: Yasmeen…. YOU’RE….. A GENIUS!!!

ME: You believe me?!

FATIMAH: Gurrl, you should give your self more credit! And yes! It makes perfect sense! Yes its a bit apa’fied but still! It makes sense. Uzair is shukr a good son, a good Muslim son…. its just the dating that let’s him down

ME: So my theory  is correct?

FATIMAH: It’s the brightest side this  whole ‘Joburg Girl’ story has Yasmeen. You’re going to tell him or should I?

ME: I’ll tell him… But later. I need to go change man! Look at me!

So we both headed up to Fatimah’s room avoiding the crowd. I had my outfit planned already! A lace and chiffon dress, that was high in the front and full length in the back. I wore skinny jeans and a long sleeve inner. The top half of the dress had cream lace work  and the bottom was all a peachy chiffon flowing fabric. Aunty Zaheera had to have mercy on me! I could NOT work in this dress! If anything had to happen to it… I’d cry!

OH MY WORD! I sound like such a princess right now! I should just be grateful I have shoes! Heels or no heels, there were children out there without protection on their feet. But what made me stop my complaining was thinking of the children in the world without any feet to put shoes onto. Ya Allah, I really was very blessed!

Fatimah and I adjusted our scarves then made our way downstairs. We socialized a little before we went to the ladies table and took our seats. I had been seeing my mother after what felt like AGES! I really had been so caught up with everything else, that I completely forgot about my family

ME: Mummy jaan! So lovely to see you! (hugging her from behind)

MUM: (laughing) Where you been loafing my dear daughter?

ME: It’s my best friends wedding! Of course I’m going to be loafing everywhere!

I turned towards the Aunty my mother was talking to, Zaheer’s mother.

ME: Asaalaamualaykum Aunty Raeesa

AUNTY RAEESA: Wa alaykumus salaam Yasmeen. Wow, look at you! All grown up! Masha Allah

ME: (laughing)  Jazakallah Aunty Raeesa. You not looking a day over 30!

AUNTY RAEESA: (laughing) What a sweet little liar you got here Suraiyah!

MUM: Sweet? My daughter?! You sure about that Raeesa??

While they both laughed away, I just smiled nodded my head then walked away.

I was about to sit next to Fatimah but a very concerned looking face caught my eye. I realised I was staring into the eyes of Aunty Salma. I gave her a re assuring smile. I don’t even know why. But she looked so miserable and I felt like she needed that smile.

Instead of sitting with Fatimah, I went off searching, through the crowds I literally looked high and low for Uzair. He needed to hear what I had to say! He went into the kitchen… Well at least I’d only be attracting the attention of the maids and not all the guests. I rushed after him…

ME: Hold it right there Bobat!

UZAIR: Not now Yasmeen (drinking a glass of water)

ME: Yes now! Because there is no better time than the present. And the present. Is. Now

UZAIR: I said not. Now.

ME: I don’t care what you said Uzair. This is all I have to say! Hear me out and I’ll be gone.

UZAIR: (rolling his eyes) Not like I have a choice.

ME: Right. So here you are in this craaaazzzzeeee mess! And all Fatimah and I can think to our selves is, why does this only happen to you? Why does Uzair Bobat always pick the wrong apple from the tree? Why is he prone to getting the girl that isn’t who she says she is?

UZAIR: Watch what you say… You beginning to sounds judgemental.

ME: Okay… Maaf. All I’m trying to say is that, first Yumna… now Yasmin. And Fatimah and I still wonder. Why?!

UZAIR: So are you going to grace me with your brilliance as to WHY this ALWAYS happens to ME?! (sarcastic smile)

ME: Stop being so rude!

UZAIR: (mumbling) I’m sorry

ME: Anyway…… You cant laugh, or jump to conclusions. Its just a theory. Uzair…. You are literally the closest thing, in my opinion, to what a good Muslim son should be. You listen to your parents, you take care of them, you go to mosque for all your salaah’s, EVEN FAJR! You don’t drink or smoke or party… BUT

UZAIR: The bug ‘but’….

ME: But it’s just this whole dating thing that lets you down. And you can think ”who the hell is Yasmeen Raheem to tell me about right and wrong?!” I admit, I’m no saint! I’ve had my fair share of wrong doings. But I had  a wake up call…. I’m still no saint Uzzi, but I’m trying.

UZAIR: (sighing) What’s your point??

ME: Maybe… maybe this is Allah’s way of showing you that these haraam relationships are not worth it… Has it been worth it in the past? I think not… And that’s because it is wrong and it displeases the people around us as well as it displeasing Allah.

UZAIR: (smirking) You really have become one Apa eh Raheem!

ME: (giving him big eyes) I am NO apa! At all! I just… I just got in trouble recentlyand it mad eme re think everthing. Theres a time and a place for wanting to be with someone, and unless you wnat to get married Bobat, I suggest you just forget it all!

UZAIR: Well, I’m still studying so no, no marriage right now

ME: I just feel like there is so much more I could do with my time rather than get sin and make my parents unhappy by dating some boy!

UZAIR: You sound like you got it all figured out eh Apa Yasmeen…

ME: Uzaaaaaaaaaair! Stop man! I’m no Apa. And no, I don’t have it all figured out! I’m still learning… I’m still trying… And I’m watching you live yoru life, getting hurt like this over and over again. Spare your self the pain Uzair!

UZAIR: (running his fingers through his hair) What do you suppose I do Yasmeen? Since you seem to have all the answers… What do you say I do to ‘spare my self the pain’?!

ME: (smiling) That’s easy! Look, I’ve been doing some research on ways I can change my life. Turn it around, so something more with my time. And I think I came across the PERFECT thing for you!

UZAIR: (raising his eyebrows) Is that so??

ME: It is! (smiling again)

UZAIR: You seem excited about it…

ME: Well because it fits you SO well! You’re kind, generous, selfless, willing to help and most importantly.. you NEED a one way ticket out of Durban! You need to get your kind heart out there into the world to help the less fortunate.

UZAIR: (his eyes going big) Come again?!

ME: You….  You’re the most generous person I know. You give and you don’t expect anything in return.  Uzair, I’m being serious. What would you say to getting out of Durban? Leaving all this drama behind…

UZAIR: What? You mean like a holiday?

ME: Noo…. More like, voulteer work. You’d be gone for a month, helping to re build communities and homes.

UZAIR: You’re being serious?

ME: Uzair, You are capable of this! Allah gave you a big heart for a reason… Not so that you can waste your kindness on selfish people like us. You can help others who have nothing! And dont even ask me WHY I know so much about all this volunteering, I just do!

UZAIR: (running his fingers through his hair) So how does all of this volunteer stuff work??

ME: (looking surprised) You’re considering it?!?!??!

UZAIR: (shrugging his shoulders) What do I have to lose…

ME: There’s this website, that has all the information you’d need! It’s this international organization, where people are grouped together and they’re taken to different places and they help communities and… and the more I read, the more I thought of how perfect it was for you!

UZAIR: You really think this… this volunteer work, will help me?

ME: I think it would be the BEST thing that ever happened to you! Shukr, we all have so much…. and Uzair I just feel like this volunteer work is so you!

UZAIR: (Smiling) ‘So me’. That’s the English your fancy school teaches you?!

ME: (rolling my eyes) That’s all you think of after I told you all of that??

UZAIR: Naah, I’m just joking…



Okay fine!

ME: You’ll do it!

UZAIR: I will consider it… In depth. Send me the link to the website, but you have to help me if they tell me to fill out forms! I hate writing man!

ME: Oh my gawwd! Uzair! I swear you wont regret it! It looks like a lot of fun!

UZAIR: So why wont you do it?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I said being selfless was YOUR thing… I wouldn’t survive a day!

Just then, the kitchen door burst open, and Uzair’s mother hurriedly walked over to her son completely oblivious I was standing there…

AUNTY SALMA: There you are Uzair! Aunty Farhana has been looking all over for you!

UZAIR: Mummy, you know she doesn’t like being called ‘aunty’.

AUNTY SALMA: She doesnt like a lot of things! You still call her aunty Farhana, out of respect

UZAIR: Gee mummy, What does she want with me?

AUNTY SALMA: Eh, I dunno! That aunty she’s-…. Oh salaams Yasmeen

ME: (embracing Aunty Salma in a hug) Aunty Salmaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I have missed you!

AUNTY SALMA: Oh have you! That’s why you so busy with Fatimah and Nuha isn’t?

ME: (laughing) Just making the most of my time here.

AUNTY SALMA: Of course doll! I dont blame you. You must miss the family when you in Dubai

ME: I doo… LOADS!

AUNTY SALMA: Well then you must come back soon! (turning to Uzair) Uzair, go find Aunty Farhana quickly! Excuse me

And she left the kitchen. I was biting my lip SO hard supressing the laughter inside of me

UZAIR: Don’t even. Laugh

But I couldn’t hold it in!!!!!

ME: (laughing hysterically) AUNTY FARHANA WANTS TO SEE YOU (laughing) OH myyy Golllllly GOSH! SO FUNNY

UZAIR: So not funny!

He rolled his eyes then left the kicthen. I stuck around and waited till the laughter had subsided, then I left the kitchen and went in search of Fatimah. She was happily sitting, eating, chatting away. I plopped my self into the seat beside her

FATIMAH: Where in the world were you?? You do realise my wedding is tomorrow! You cant just… just disappear like that

ME: (laughing) Calm down Fatooo! I was just…. (dishing some food onto my plate) Busy

FATIMAH: Busy….. Doing WHAT???

ME: I was busssssyyyy…………… (smirking) Saving the world!

Saving the world....

Saving the world….

Kindness ♥

Kindness ♥

Part 102 – JG aka Joburg Girl

These comments from everyone, just bring me to absolute tears! The support love and well wishes Im receiving from all my readers and other bloggers is overwhelming and I can not even begin to explain how much I appreciate all of it! All the well wishes, the dua’s, everything! Jzakallahu khairaan Habibiti’s! Now with 3 more posts to go… My emotions are running high 😛 So I’d just like to quickly thank Bloggers out there that have shown their love and support. To name a few, Life Love Destiny, MemonGirl, and Rediscovery57! And if I have missed any other authors, I hope you guys do know that I am VERY thankful 🙂 Much Love DubainGirl ♥ xoxo

Massage... Yes please!

Massage… Yes please!

Spa Day...

Spa Day…

The night before the wedding was total chaos!! Not the average wedding jitters and last minute running around normal people would experience. We were a bunch of freaks, which meant our drama was…just…very different! I had absolutely no idea that anything was up between Yasmin and Zaheer until SHE came and told us. No no noo, it wasn’t Ms. Laher that gutsied up to tell us that Zaheer and herself were acquainted. I heard it from another source…

It had been a really chillaxed day to tell you the truth… The three besties, Fatimah Nuha and I, had decided to go to a masseuse to ease the tension on the bride to be’s.

Tension?! What tensions?! Fatimah was so chilled about this whole marriage thing, I was actually really proud of her! I wasn’t any ‘bride to be’ but I had more stress bottles up within me so I really did appreciate that massage. It was heavenly!

ME: I can roll my head without it cracking. Ooo… And my skin feels so smooth and sooffft

FATIMAH: That’s because of the oil you do-do

Nuha and I looked at Fatimah and burst out laughing!

NUHA: Do-do! Reeally Fatz?!

FATIMAH: Yes really. Do you guys have a problem with my choice of insult

ME: Noo noo, not at all!

We stopped at Fego’s to get ice cream then carried on our way home. Fatimah finally had the courage to drive and so she had treated us to the massage and ice cream, but I noticed on the way home while driving her fingers seemed to tap the steering wheel a lot

ME: (raising my eyebrow) Fatoo

FATIMAH: yeah?

ME: Everything okay?

FATIMAH: Everything is rosy posy!

That was twice now that Fatimah had said something that wasn’t ‘fatimah like’. She would NEVER say ‘rosy posy’ or call me a ‘do-do’. No… Something was definitely up! We dropped Nuha off at home so that she could change and see her later on for supper. But once we were back at Fatimah’s I grilled that girl one way

ME: (closing the room door behind me) Al right Missy! Spill!


ME: Don’t tell me ‘I don’t know what you talking about’. You’ve been on edge the whole car ride home! So Yallah, start talking

FATIMAH: (nodding her head) you don’t understand. Look, I don’t know for sure and I don’t want to get sin and assume stuff. And it was wrong that I overheard their conversation but…

ME: But what?! Who’s they?? Fatz come on tell me!

FATIMAH: (sighing and sitting on the edge of her bed) You know yesterday? When we were all sitting in the lounge

ME: Yeah?

FATIMAH: And Zaheer got back up after he came in looking he had seen a ghost?

ME: Yeah…

FATIMAH: He really did see a ghost. A ghost from his past. He never thought he would see her again but then yesterday he saw her

ME: Saw who? Who is this girl?

FATIMAH: (biting her lip) He saw Joburg girl

ME: How do you know that?

FATIMAH: Because… Zayaan had leant me this book a few days back and I had brought it with me last night to his house so I could return it. When I handed it to Nuha she said I should go put it in the office.

ME: Wait, how is any of this relevant to Joburg girl???

FATIMAH: Sabr man! I’m not done talking! So I had the book with me and I went to the office. And I opened the door slightly…. But then I heard voices. Yasmeen I don’t know what to do! I heard stuff no one is supposed to know! And if I tell you well… I’m just assuming she’s JG!

ME: (smiling) JG… So now we abbreviated her title?


ME: Do I know this girl?

FATIMAH: Well… Yes

ME: If you don’t want to tell me WHO she is, can you at least tell me what they said?

FATIMAH: (sighing) I only heard snippets. He was telling her how it was a mistake and… and she was scared he was going to tell people

ME: Who would Zaheer even tell though? The only people he knows here are the Bobat’s

FATIMAH: And you still haven’t figured out who JG is?! Woman, YOU’RE supposed to be the mastermind!

ME: Just carry on please!

FATIMAH: So yeah, I couldn’t clearly hear what they were saying and I didn’t want to go inside and interrupt… but…

ME: But what???

FATIMAH: I heard your name.

That kinda shocked me….

ME: What… what did they say?

FATIMAH: I didn’t catch what the girl said, but Zaheer said ‘she’s not MY Yasmeen’

ME: Well that part is true?

FATIMAH: And you serious this time??

ME: I can’t date Fatimah! I knew ll along that dating is wrong, and haraam and all those other things. And I chose to still be stupid and have those stupid relationships. And I am hoping that this is a wakeup call I stick to because…. because I feel like there is no point. What is the point in dating?? It brings me no good in life. Quite the opposite.

FATIMAH: Well I’m glad you finally thinking straight. I never thought I’d see the day where you finally admitted it that it brought you no good

ME: (sighing) it brought no goodness into my life… At all….

FATIMAH: Well, if I know for SURE you won’t go running to Zaheer because you have just proved, you’re maturing Yasooo (jumping on to me giving me a hug)

ME: Oh geddofff me Fatoo!!! (Hugging her back) Don’t go all mummy’fied on me please!

FATIMAH: I’m just…… proud! Look at how much we’ve grown up…. I’m getting married tomorrow Yasmeen! Can you believe that?!

ME: (laughing) We not little girls any more, prancing around in poofy princess dresses

FATIMAH: But we’ll always have our inner princess’s isn’t…..

ME: Of course babe. You’re going to be a married woman from tomorrow…

FATIMAH: (Smiling) How did we get so off topic?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I was telling you how knowledge has struck me on how dating is wrong, and you got too excited about my ‘maturing’

FATIMAH: (laughing) Maturing! Mother Fatimah is proud!



You promise you won’t tell Zaheer?

ME: What? You’re going to tell me who she is??

FATIMAH: As long as you don’t tell Zaheer, or Yasmin…

ME: Yasmin? What does she have to do with Joburg Girl

Oh no




I fell backwards onto the bed a bewildered expression stuck onto my face! I stared at the ceiling

ME: You can NOT be serious….. (In a whisper) Yasmin….is Joburg Girl?

FATIMAH: I don’t want to assume… but yeah from the conversation I heard, it seems SHE is JG

ME: (nodding my head) Noo noo noo! It can’t be!! Not again Fatimah no no no!

I jumped to my feet and started pacing the length of Fatimah’s room! NO! Yasmin wasn’t supposed to be a mistake for Uzair! God! Was this boy just prone to being with girls that were no good for him?!?!? No! Now I was judging her, and that was even worse

FATIMAH: Why are you freaking out??

ME: Uzair… Yasmin, Uzair… Fatimah.. This is ALL wrong!

FATIMAH: Where are you going???

ME: (heading towards the door) To tell Uzair.. Or to not tell Uzair! I just… I need to talk to Uzair

As I walked out of Fatimah’s room I bumped into someone

”Talk to me about what”

I looked up

OH snappity snap snap snap! It was Uzair! What was he even doing here?!?!??!

ME: What are you doing here??

UZAIR: I’m with Yusuf and I heard you two talking so I came to gate-crash

ME: Ooooooooh……….

UZAIR: Yeeeeeeeeah, so what you wanted to tell me??

I looked behind me at Fatimah, searching her face for answers as to what I should do.

ME: Err, I just. Wanted. To tell you that… You’re doing a FAB job helping out for the wedding!!! Okay ! Bye!

And I dashed past him and I ran down the stairs

UZAIR: Yasmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

His voice was getting closer! No man! This was not supposed to happen! He was NOT supposed to have yet another disastrous event in his life caused by Mr. Mohamed! Wait, now could I even blame this on Zaheer? Yaysiies!! There was just so much going on in my head, I didn’t realise Zain’s toy train was on the floor. And before I knew it, I tripped, fell and ended up on my back, facing the ceiling


UZAIR: You are seriously a walking disaster!!! (Holding his hand out for me to take)

ME: No! I’ll get up my self

UZAIR: (stepping back) Al right, and once you do you can tell me what I overheard eh Raheem…

ME: You heard?

UZAIR: Bits and pieces. So now you might as well piece together the puzzle in my head before I go ask Yasmin!

ME: (sitting crossed leg on the floor) what do you want to know?

UZAIR: (sitting down on the floor as well) I heard Joburg girl, Correct me if I’m wrong, this Joburg Girl ties into Zaheer right?

ME: (sighing) yes

UZAIR: And….

ME: And what?

UZAIR: And you and Fatimah were talking about Joburg Girl because…

ME: She has a…. theory about Joburg Girl. She thinks she knows who it is…

UZAIR: (raising his eyebrow) So? Who is it?

Just then the front door opened, and Nuha appeared

NUHA: Yass.. (breath) Yass (breath)  Yass!! (Getting her breath)  Yasmin!!  (Breathing in and out a few times) She’s Joburg Girl!


Wait? WHAT?!

ME: How did you know that??

NUHA: Long (breath) Story (sitting down beside me on the floor)

We both looked at Uzair and watched how his face settled with a shocked expression. His eyebrows could not decide whether they wanted to be raised in shock, or furrowed in anger. I felt sorry for him and Nuha looked at me biting her lip. She was about to speak but I shook my head signalling for her to not say anything…

After quite some time, Uzair looked up at Nuha

UZAIR: Answer Yasmeen’s question, how did you know?

NUHA: She was at home, she was looking for you but you weren’t there and I didn’t know where you were. So we were in my room just chilling and stuff and I was asking her how life was being in America and she said she missed South Africa. And I asked why never ever visited, and she said it was her mother that didn’t want to come back to Durban. They would go to Jozi and C.T. but not Durban and anyway, I asked her when last she came to South Africa and she said they were down for a wedding recently. Now you know meee, I like seeing wedding pictures. So she said she had all the wedding pictures on her phone and she went to the bathroom

ME: Nuha! Cut the detail get to the point!

NUHA: The pictures! There were pictures of Yasmin with the Mohamed’s! Specifically, pictures of her with Waseem and Zaheer. And then it occurred to me that she lied! I asked her a few days ago if she knew the Mohamed’s from Dubai… she said no! It got me thinking….. Why would she lie? She clearly KNOWS the Mohamed’s. And then… and then and then it all made sense! The wedding, how she knew Zaheer. And you telling me about some ‘Joburg Girl’. I literally RAN HERE!

ME: You ran?!?! NUHA! Are you mad!

NUHA: Well I thought you didn’t know! But clearly you do! Might I ask how DO you know??

FATIMAH: Well I think I can tell you that!

Fatoo had finally decided to join us sitting on the floor in the front room. Literally, guests were soon going to be coming into the house through the front room, and there the 4 of us sat cross legged as if we were in primary school playing games. Only… we weren’t playing games. Fatimah informed Nuha on all that she heard the night before between Zaheer and Yasmin. Together, we filled in all the blanks and figured it all out. The whole time Uzair’s face would just change from confusion, to more confusion, to anger, to sadness!

NUHA: You okay?

UZAIR: Hmm? What? Yeah…

And then the door bell rang… and THAT is when all the chaos began…



Best Friends  ♥

Best Friends ♥


Part 101- Another One Bites the Dust

This is a bit of a ‘mix masala’ post! 😉 A 1/3 of it is written from Nuha’s P.O.V. and the rest is from Zaheer’s P.O.V. 😀 Enjoy Ladies and Gents! Much Love DubainGirl ♥ xoxo


Wedding Prep!

Wedding Prep!




Madame Akoojee and Madame Raheem were busy loafing around. They couldn’t even tell me! They couldn’t even phone me! Well, I lie! They actually did phone me but I was sooo busy taking off with the caterer I couldn’t hear my phone ringing! Eh, Aunty Yusaira had her hands full as it is, and I couldn’t risk the caterers messing up the food! I needed and wanted it to be as close to perfection as it could possibly be! And we all knew that the easiest way to a man AND woman’s heart was through their stomach’s! You see the smarticles in how to get everyone to love your wedding 😉 FOOD

ME: I know I shouted that caterer so much but his food is actually just……..mmmm!!!

YUMNA: I know right! The once he made this Thai chicken dish with sushi! I have never tasted such succulent chicken in my life! And the sushi, you would never think it was raw fish!

ME: (laughing) Succulent! That’s a funny word. And eugh, I’m not a fan of sushi AT ALL!

AUNTY YUSAIRAH: You two! Less chatty more helping!

ME: Yes ma’am (saluting her)

Even though we had a terrible terrible past, I decided it was time to stop blanking Yumna. What’s done was done! Forgive and move on!


ME: Yeah?

YUMNA: Are you scared?

ME: For what?

YUMNA: Getting married?

ME: (breathing out) To tell you the truth…. No. I’ve been making bad decisions for a really long time. And somehow, this… me getting married to someone that has bettered me as a Muslim, I don’t feel scared at all. I feel more like I’m doing the right thing… Less sin.

YUMNA: Well, I admire your bravery.

ME: Me? Brave? I get scared of tiny fire ants!

YUMNA: But still! Look at all you’ve been through…. All I have put you through, and you manage to shine bigger and brighter than ever before!

ME: Well then I guess I have you to thank.. You put me through hell, I won’t lie, but if you sya its made me shine brighter and bigger, then I owe it to you, so thank you. I learned a lot.

YUMNA: Don’t thank me! It makes me feel worse. Nuu, I’m sorry

ME: I know. It’s okay. I forgive you

I put aside the past issues between Yumna. We were moving forward and to be honest, I forgave Yumna a long time ago. The minute I had realised that Yasmeen and Fatimah were genuine friends, all past grudges towards Yumna disappeared! As if they never existed! So it was smooth sailing when her mother herself and I would worked together planning the wedding! I thought we would finish a whole lot later than when we did, and I realised I had a few hours to spare till Yasmeen and Fatimah were due to be back home.

A few hours! What in the WORLD would I do for a few hours?! I contemplated telling Yumna to stay, but I didn’t want to rush our friendship full speed ahead. So after I bid the Karodia’s off, it dawned on me that Yasmin was in Durban! They had driven down that very same morning! I phoned her and she said she’d be there in a jiffy! Wooooppeeeee! I had missed Yasmin! She and I grew up together even though she spent 99% of her time with Uzair!

Well now was my chance to catch up with Ms.America! She had one helluva accent! And I hope she hadn’t changed too much from the girl I knew. I was glad to see she was wearing scarf in Dubai last I saw her. Oh well… We’d just have to wait and see….

YASMIN: Nuhaaaaaa!!

ME: Yasmiiiiiiiiiin!!

YASMIN: How are you?

ME: (laughing) Maaf man! I still have to get used to that accent of yours!

YASMIN: It’s chilled! (laughing) I know how you feel. When I was in America I had to adjust

ME: And now look at you! All grown up, and in scarf!

YASMIN: I try……. Nuu, I try!

We went inside and spent hours just talking! Fatimah BB’d me to say she and Yasmeen were back from the wedding cake adventures!

ME: Yas and Fatz are back! Lets go fetch them.

YASMIN: Isn’t Fatimah NOT supposed to see Zayaan

ME: Good point (laughing) That’s all just grannies tales! We having supper here anyway. Lets bring those lazy bums to come help my mother!

YASMIN: Have ALL the guests arrived yet?

ME; Eh, I have NO clue! This wedding list is huuuge! Fatimah’s family, most of them live here. Some family friends are abroad.

YASMIN: Like Yasmeen? Like friends  from Dubai?

ME: Yeeah, in fact I think there’s still another family from Dubai that’s coming. The Mohamed’s? Dunno if you know them?

YASMIN: Nuha, that surname is SO common! I don’t think I know the Dubai ones though

ME: Wouldn’t expect you to, There’s no girls our age. They have 2 sons and such a cutie of a daughter!

YASMIN: Say Masha Allah (nudging me)

ME: (laughing) Gee Apa Yasmin! Masha Allah! You driving to Fatimah’s house or shall I?

YASMIN: Hmm… depends. You want to crash the car or shall I?

That set us off laughing again! Because… neither of us could drive! Guess we would have to drag Uzair or Zayaan with us!


From Zaheer’s point of View

Durban. Boy was it good to be back home! Eh, it was fantastic to be back home! Last time we went to Joburg, that’s more a party scene. But this… This was home! The comfort of  my Dadee’s house, the aroma of my Nanee’s food… Who needed Dubai when all I needed was right here?! I was hugged and shoved around between my grandparents and their many siblings. My cheeks were pinched, bruised battered and had gone a dark shade of scarlet red!But what was far worse and more annoying was the question nearly every aunty asked me about…. ‘marriage’

Errrrrrrrrr. NO!

I had my whole life ahead of my (in sha Allah) Why would I settle down at 18?!

So after all the pointless panchaat with my extended family, I pulled out my phone to call Yahya. He out of all the Bobat’s was one that I somehow got on with best….

ME: Hey man howzit?

YAHYA: Eh eh eh! Mr Mohamed! You alive?!

ME: I’m alive! And in Durban. Howzit?

YAHYA: Arite, and you bra?

ME: Get me out of here man! All these aunties are eating my brains up with wedding questions!

YAHYA: (laughing) Pretty face like you can’t handle all the attention??

ME: (rolling my eyes) Pretty face like me don’t want to get married and die young!

YAHA: Look at Zayaan and Omar! Marrying young, not dying!

ME: You know what I mean…

YAHYA: Come here then, if you bored.

ME: Where you’ll at?

YAHYA: We at Zayaan’s having supper here.

ME: Eeeh man, I can’t intrude!

YAHYA: Intrude?! Aunty Faiza hears you say that, she’ll throw her frying pan at you!

ME: (laughing) So I’m supposed to be scared of a frying pan??

YAHYA: Shut up and just come here!

And he cut the call. I hopped into my fathers car and drove over to the Bobat’s house. Let’s hope I could live up to what Yasmeen said…

”No awkwardness”

Yeah we’d see about that!

I was going to ring the bell but the door was wide open and the house was alive and buzzing, with people inside, outside, in the garden, in the driveway. These Bobats were forever entertaining!

AHMED: Zaheer! Ma man! (doing this weird hand shake/pull thingy)

ME: Err, hey Ahmed. Howzit?

AHMED: Well well and you?

ME: I just got here today. Where’s Yahya?

AHMED: Inside. See ya!

I wandered into the house, made salaam to the Bobat uncles that looked familiar. I only stopped walking when a hand tapped my shoulder

ME: Oh thank god!

YAHYA: (laughing) You looked a bit lost!

ME: I AM! Why you told me to come here! I know nobody!

YAHYA: Stop being such a girl man!

I followed him over to where familiar faces started to appear. Sitting on a large L shaped couch was Fatimah, Yusuf, Nuha, Omar, Zayaan, Ismaeel, Armaan and… Yasmeen

ZAYAAN: Zaheer (getting up to greet me) Howzit man? When you got here?

ME: Alright and you? Got here a few hours ago. You looking very calm…. No wedding jitters??? (smirking)

FATIMAH: (shooting me daggers) Don’t even think of asking him that!

ZAYAAN: Not that the answer to his question was  yes (smiling sweetly at Fatimah)

I just had to irritate Fatz! It was a must! Her reaction was always so funny!

ME: (laughing) Maaf Fatimah. Congratz again!

FATIMAH: Thanks! Where’s my present?

ME: Present?! Was I meant to bring you something

NUHA: You were meant to bring US something!

ME: Nuha! (laughing) Heard you were getting married too. Another one bites the dust (smirking)

YASMEEN: Zaheer! Don’t be cruel! ‘another one bites the dust’ As if they dying!

YAHYA: You not in here 5 minutes and you already stirring trouble eh Mohamed (laughing)

ME: (laughing) Feel free to boot me out the house any time… Where’s Uzair?

UZAIR: Someone call me?

I turned around to see Uzair waking towards me with a broad smile. He looked…. extremely happy. He gave me this sidewards manly kinda hug thing…

UZAIR: Howzit?

ME: Al right and you? You looking too happy… Its scary!

UZAIR: (laughing) So now its crime to be happy?!

NUHA: You not JUST happy! You overly weirdly happy!

ZAYAAN: And we all know the reason for your happiness starts with a Y and ends with an N

WHAT?! Y…..and…..N…. means ….Yas……MeeN…. But she said it was all wrong and she went all apa’fied on me! And now she and Uzair?! I looked at Yasmeen and she didn’t look awkward-ed out. In fact she was laughing at how Nuha was teasing Uzair! She caught my eye, sa wmy facial expression and shook her head.

YASMEEN: Guys, Look at his face!! (laughing even harder)

WIthin seconds everyone was laughing at me! Was I missing something??

YASMEEN: They not talking about me Zaheer!

UZAIR: (laughing) No man, not Yasmeen. Raheem is tooooo holy now for all of us.

I saw Yasmeen role her eyes

ME: So then Who starts with a Y and ends in an N?

NUHA: Well that is non other than Yasmin.

ME: Yasmeen! Exactly! See you’ll just said Yasmeen!

NUHA: Noooo! Not Yasmeen Raheem! Yasmin Laher!

And before my brain could respond to what she said, I heard a voice

‘Someone say my name’

I turned around. And she was standing there, So THIS was Yasmin Laher. She looked at me. Her eyes widened and then went back to their normal size. She looked away from me. She looked at Uzair, at Nuha… She even looked at Yasmeen. She looked everywhere but at me

ME: Err… excuse me.

I pushed past Uzair and made a dash through the house, trying to find some open space for my head to think and be clear


The shock on my face was apparent! I didn’t try to compose my self. I WAS SERIOUSLY CONFUSED. She….she was Joburg girl. The girl from Joburg. I never thought I’d see her again! The house was crowded and I needed some air. I came across a hard wooden door, I turned the handle and let my self in. I looked around  for a light switch, and the room sprang to life. It was an office. I ran my fingers through my hair and sunk into a thick leather seat I found facing a window. I stared out the window for ages. I only snapped out of it when Uzair came inside the office…

UZAIR: There you are man! We been looking all over for you?

ME: Eh… yeah… umm I kinda got lost and then I saw the view from this window and….

UZAIR: The view? From this window? Bro, you feeling al right?

ME:  Yeah yeah I’m fine. Seriously man, just taking a breather.

UZAIR: Yeaah, our family functions can be very overwhelming

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I use to be used to it. Our family supper’s eish! They were hectic man! Way too many step aunties and step cousins to get to know. My one uncle, for some reason he could never really hit the nail on the head when it came to marriage

UZAIR: Meaning…

ME: He married quite  a few times.. Now he’s with his 3rd wife and its the longest marriage he’s had, but there’s still that feeling in the back of all our minds.. How long will it last?

UZAIR: (raising an eyebrow) Is that why you said what you said?

ME: What I said?

UZAIR: ‘Another one bites the dust’

ME: Aaaah, Zayaan and Omar, they know what they want. They older than us. They figured they ready for marriage, but not me… One day, maybe my opinion on marriage will change, right now though, marriage is the equivalent to death!

Why was I even talking about this?! I mean, how did I just end up blurting out to Uzair Bobat about my uncle! Yasmeen didn’t even know about his 3 wives, and she was the closest anyone had ever gotten to me. Should I even tell Uzair about Yasmin?? Noo… Noo…. That wasn’t my call! It was the past! Kallas! I guess that’s why he was so happy.

ME: Come, they’ll start worrying where we are.

We waked out of the wooden door and fate has it that we bump into Yasmin Laher

UZAIR: Yasssy!

YASMIN: Uzzzziii (avoiding eye contact with me)

UZAIR: Don’t know if you’ll two met, Zaheer this is Yasmin, Yasmin this is Zaheer Mohamed.

ME: Nice to meet you. (pretending to look genuinely happy to see her) Excuse me…

I walked as fast as my legs could take me. I plopped my self onto the L shaped couch. I might’ve looked very flustered because Yasmeen shot me a very questioning look.  I just shook my head. I reached into my pocket to pull out my phone… But it wasn’t there. Crap! It must’ve fallen out! I re traced my steps until I was outside the wooden door to the office. I walked in scanned the floor for any sign of my phone. I went towards the chair that I was sitting on a few minutes ago, but as I got closer I realised someone was sitting in the chair

ME: Err, sorry. I’ll just go….

”Looking for this”

The chair spun around and Yasmin sat there with my phone in her hands.

ME: Yeah (snatching my phone away) Thanks

YASMIN: Soooooooo, are you going to explain why you’re here?

ME: Like every other guest on the guest list, I’m here for the wedding.

YASMIN: Ah, I see. Why is it that I only bump into you at weddings?

ME: (raising an eyebrow) Not a clue in the world. (sarcastically smiling) Thanks for my phone (turning to leave)

YASMIN: You wont say anything will you?

ME: (sighing) Why would I say anything? Its not my place to say it.

YASMIN: And like you said… Its all in the past

ME: It was one stupid mistake that I regret immensely!

YASMIN:(raising her eyebrows) Okay then….

ME: It was a wedding, it was late. End of

YASMIN: Is that her? Is that your Yasmeen?

ME: (looking at the door, imagining if someone walked in) She’s not ‘my’ Yasmeen.

YASMIN: She’s pretty

ME: Say masha Allah. Don’t put nazaar on her.

What was I even doing sticking around to talk to her? I turned on my heel and headed to the door. Only, when I pushed down on the handle, I realised it was already open. The door was open. But I swear I closed it when I walked in here…

Someone must have come in…

But I didn’t hear footsteps.

Someone must have just slightly slyly opened the door…

But why???

My eyes widened in shock as I realised what had just happened.

Someone had over heard mines and Yasmin’s conversation….


Zaheer: Marriage = death

Zaheer: Marriage = death

''It was one stupid mistake that I regret immensely''

”It was one stupid mistake that I regret immensely”




“They crazy, they mad, they sarcastic, they awesome and mostly they all hold a special place in my heart. Shout out to one of the greatest gift god has blessed me with… These amazing friends. .. Asmaa, Sabeeha, Faheema… With much love ShaXx ♡♥♡

Part 100 – Home Sweet Home

Well, well who to thank right now… So many people… So little time…. How’z about I thank my gorgeous BIGGEST FAN Ashley 😉 You big butt’d freak! How I adore the fact that daily you pest me for a new post and now that all comes to an end as DOAD finishes 😦 Thank you habibti for being SO supportive of this Blog from day 1!   And as for Lia and Zainab…. Lia when you make it BIG one day, then you and I can publish DOAD as a book 😀 In sha Allah! Sweetie, you ma desi girl #forever&always 😉  Zainab, *laughing my butt off* No need to scroll through the pages looking for your name 😉 Its right here ‘ZAINAB’ 😀 Enjooy Part 95  ♥ Much Love DubainGirl  ♥ xoxo

Chocolate Everything  ♥

Chocolate Everything ♥

My love for chocolate...

My love for chocolate…

The day before we left, Armaan and I went into school. My excitement could not even be contained! Everyone asked me if there was something wrong. If I should go to the nurse. If I was on a sugar rush

No guys. Non of the above

I was going home! Durban home! Home home!

The whole day I couldn’t stop talking about it! Eventually, I think the girls just tuned out and stopped listening! But before the end of the day we all went together to the restaurant next door for a lunch before I left for the weekend. It was Camila, Lia, Zainab, Ashley and myself. It was a feast of EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE!! Literally, hot chocolate, chocolate pancakes, chocolate waffles, chocolate chocolate! It was deliciously amazing! To say the least.. It ended up being more of a desert date rather than a lunch Mmm…. nothing beats chocolate!

LIA: So how long are you going for Yas?

ME: Just a few days. I’ll be back on Monday morning… And knowing my mother she’ll make me come into school

ZAINAB: Whos wedding is it again?

ME: I don’t know if you all have met her, my best friend. Well, both my best friends! Nuha and Fatimah

LIA: Ooooh the one I saw at the vintage store?

ME: Yeaah! She’s getting married to Nuha’s brother

ASHLEY: Lemme guess! Nuha is getting married to Fatimah’s brother

All the girls laughed! I pictured Nuha and Yusuf in my head.. Err… NO! That was  a really bad match!

ME: Noo, Nuha is getting married to this boy Omar

CAMILA: Why they getting married so young though? I mean, what abot further studies? A job? A career?

ME: I guess Allah plans and we plans. Plus not everyone wwants to study any further. And in South Africa, you know, they aren’t pushed to the limit of motivation

ZAINAB: ‘pushed to the limit of motivation’? (raising an eyebrow)

ME: Yeeah, like, comparing my Durban school to this school, there are so many more oppurtunities that te school gives us to go out there and achieve more!

LIA: Wow! Who replaced the lazy Yasmeen with THIS?!

ME: (laughing) Hmm.. Is it a good thing that I’ve changed?

ASHLEY: Well at least we know you actually WANT to make something of your life (wink)

ME: (nudging her) Oh shush you!

We spent the rest of the afternoon just chatting away! About school, about family, what was going on in our lives? It was nearly the midterm holiday. I had been in Dubai for 6 months. I’d survived half a year. And no lies, these girls had helped me and put me through hell… Well Ashley put me through hell! But hey, sisters before misters! And that’s the way it should be! No boy was important enough o come between friends! No boy was important enough to ruin my life! So maybe it was a good thing after all that Lia said I had changed. I needed to screw my head on the right way, aim high and hopefully make my parents proud!

The entire plane ride I came up with ideas of how to turn around my life. I had stayed up all night before we left googling (is that even a word) possible ways I could use to change the outcome of my life. Most said that volunteer work made you become a selfless person. It taught you things about yourself you normally wouldn’t know. That and yoga were the 2 most common results that came up on google! Eh, I gave up after a while!

Instead, I moved on to looking at universities. My father had been telling me to do so for the past few months, and what did I have to lose! Luckily, the plane had this magazine on education and the top uni’s in the world depending on where you want to study. I wasn’t sooo sure yet.

I was leaning towards psychology cause hey, I could SO read minds and all of that! Wait, did that mean I had to be patient with people?! I’m no wicked witch of the west, but I know I lack patience! God, why did every career choice criteria have to have patience! I continued to flick through the magazine. My eye fell upon this all girls university in the US.

Hmm… America… NOPE! Too far! I was willing to study in the UK or Europe. Or even Dubai or South Africa. But America?! That was just on the other side of the globe. So as I had this mental argument on whether I should consider studying in America or not, I fell into a deeeeeep slumber….


I awoke with a jump! The plane had landed. How long had I been sleeping?! Did I drool?! Oh god, I hope Armaan didn’t take any pictures of me sleeping! I would kill him if he did!

But I could check his phone later. It just dawned upon me…..


Oh god!

I was psyched!

Beyond psyched!

It was crazy! How did I miss this place so much?! We’ll of course I knew why I missed it! Home is where the heart is! Its as simple as that! And Dubai lacked greenery and fresh air, so as I stepped out of that plane, I breathed in Some. Fresh.  Durban. Air.
I was amazing!

Yes, drama queen Yasmeen right here! But I just REALLY missed Durban! The passengers had to all suffer that miserable bus ride to the airport building. We got our bags and soon we were ushered through customs. Thank Allah they didn’t stop us! Imagine if they had! We were coming down with a lot more wedding gifts that the Bobat’s had left behind! But shukr, we got through customs and then


We walked through the sliding glass doors! A HUGE, and when I say huge I mean HUUUGE banner saying ‘Welcome Home Raheem’s’. Eeeep!!!!! Standing on one side was a very embarrassed looking Zayaan and on the other side was Yusuf! But the sight that caught my attention was my 2 BEST FRIENDS running towards me! They jumped onto me! Big bear hug style! We hugged while laughing and I swear we nearly fell over! Luckily my mother came and told us to jokingly behave because we were in public!

She greeted Nuha and Fatimah and we set off with our trolleys to the cars!

Once we were safely strapped in and well on our way to Westville, it dawned on me… Where were we actually going?! We no longer had a house to call ‘home’ here. We were renting out. So where were we going???

ME: Mummy, where we going?

MUM: Why?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) Because we don’t have a house here…

FATIMAH: You coming by our house silly! As if my mother would let you’ll stay anywhere else!

ME: (smiling) True that!

We got to the Akoojee household and I just prayed Aunty Zaheera didn’t plan out some function for all of us…

I was wrong…

She went and invited probably 95% of my extended family. And that is a LOT of people! So as soon as we stepped foot into the house I had to make my round of salaams to the elderly, the aunties, my cousins. They were all there AND they were all going to be coming to the wedding next week. Well at least I’d have Zaakira as company while Fatimah was busy being the bride on Saturday. That cousin of mine, I really had missed her while she was away. Just as I was about to ditch the function and go hide in Fatimah’s room, a pair of hands started to tickle me

ME: Ooouuuuch!

TASNEEM: That hurts??

ME: Tasneeem!!!

TASNEEM: How you stranger?! (Hugging me)

ME: Oh my gawd! (Hugging her back) Look at your beautiful face! I think you might even look better than me now!

TASNEEM: Hmm… The wonders of makeup my darling!

ME: That reminds me-

TASNEEM: I can already guess… (Shaking her head) You want me to do your makeup for the wedding?

ME: Please and thank you! Nobody knows me better than you do!

TASNEEM: (laughing) one time we can catch up on your Dubain life.

ME: Yeah but for now I am SO tired! Just going to go crash!

TASNEEM: So you were slyly sneaking upstairs to ditch this thing?! (Smiling)

ME: (laughing) Golly gosh, you really do knew me too well! (Hugging her) I’ll see you soon okay!

I dashed up the stairs, taking them 2 at a time, bursting into Fatimah’s room to find her sitting on the bed…

ME: What you doing here?

FATIMAH: Hmm.. (Snapping out of her thoughts) Oh nothing really. Just… Having a moment

ME: (sitting next to her on the bed). A moment?! What are you? Part of some soap opera?!

FATIMAH: Shuttup! Marriage is a big deal Yasmeen! I’d appreciate a little support.

ME: (hugging her) Aww, I’m sorry! But you see while you busy running around playing Barbie doll wedding, I am trying to do 2 things!

FATIMAH: And what’s that? And what happen to your BBM?? And Whatsapp??

I explained to Fatimah that I got in trouble and the response I was waiting for came my way…

FATIMAH: I told you so! Didn’t I say I told you so! Because… I DID tell you so! But noooo Yasmeen wants to be clever! And THIS is why you should always listen to your best friends!!!

ME: Okay okay! You done being dramatic Mummy jaan?!

FATIMAH: (shaking her head) I just can’t believe it! I told you to get your head together and stop getting up to crap! No good comes out of it! (Sighing) Next time, listen to Mummy Fatimah!!!

ME: Gee mummy Fatimah. NOW can I carry on?

FATIMAH: Please dooo….

I explained to her all the different possible methods I could use to turn my life around

FATIMAH: Before all of that you first might want to make dua. Ask Allah to forgive you…

ME: My mother has already told me that. And yes I’ve been making that dua every day since I got in trouble! But I still want to try to physically do good!

FATIMAH: Volunteer work? No offence Yasmeen, you won’t survive building homes in Africa for the homeless

I took a pillow and threw it at Fatimah’s face!

ME: Are you going to button it up any time soon?!  Help. Me. Or I’ll stop being supportive!

FATIMAH: Well… Fine then! I’ll go by my future sister in law to get support (smiling)

ME: Oooooooh. Is that so?! Chucked me out of your life so easily (laughing) Yeah yeah, you’d miss me way too much!

FATIMAH: Well that’s true… Okay fine, I’ll be more ‘supportive’ of the idea of you being selfless.

ME: Thank you Habibti! What are we doing tomorrow? Well for the next 2 days before the wedding?

FATIMAH: Tomorrow keep your day free! I’m taking you somewhere!

ME: Wedding stuff?


ME: Does it involve food??

FATIMAH: (laughing) You and your food! And yes it does!

ME: Done Deal Fatoo!

We went back downstairs to bid everyone farewell. We helped clear up the table with my mother and Aunty Zaheera and surprisingly, after all of that, we still had the energy to stay up, chatting away drinking tea and having baking. It just felt so relaxed…. The Akoojeee’s were family! Aunty Zaheera was like my other mother! And my mother was Fatimah’s second mother! And Fatimah and I were just sisters separated at birth! We spoke about the wedding and any last minute things that needed to be done. Our mothers were both going out tomorrow and Yusuf was bossed into taking Fatimah and I wherever we wnated to go

ME: Perks of having an older brother!

FATIMH: He’s older by like a few minutes man!

ME: Fine! Perks of having a brother… THAT CAN DRIVE

FATIMAH: That’s better

ME: (rolling my eyes) Aloo! So tomorrow, Nuha isn’t coming?

FATIMAH: NOo, she’s going to be with Aunty Yusairah and Yumna sorting out some stuff. That girls, wants everything to be perfect!

ME: How is she dealing with… the whole ‘Yumna’ thing?

FATIMAH: She’s been doing the right thing… Omar is such a good influence on her I can’t even tell you! She has been so civil and forgiving and kind to Yumna! And its genuine!

ME: Well, that’s a good thing! Holding grudges are really, at the end of the day, just not worth it! I did the same with Ashley

FATIMAH: What you mean?

ME: I forgave her. Stuff happens, you can’t change the past but you can always move forward and try and better your self

FATIMAH: Way to be inspirational Yasmeen

Again, I chucked another rpillow at her face. She ducked. I missed.

FATIMAH: I’m glad Nuha didn’t hold a grudge though… It would be a wats. She’s already had a rough few years trusting people…

ME: But now she got us! And Omar!

FATIMAH: I’m not supposed to say anything… They thinking about it…..

ME: Thinking about what?

FATIMAH: Nuha and Omar, they might be moving…

ME: WHAT?! Moving?! To where???

FATIMAH: I dunno! It’s not confirmed. Omar wants to complete his studies abroad and now that he’s married his parents are considering to allow him to go. And… and…

ME: But where? Where would they move to?

FATIMAH: (sighing) They thinking of moving to….




Durban  ♥

Durban ♥

Part 99 – Tim Horton’s

Tan Ta Na Na 😥 6 posts after this and…. This post is to thank the handful of readers that have stuck with DOAD from day 1 😉 Like, I’m talking about the very beginning! Before the existence of dino’s 😛 The days when Fan! would write crazy comments about her aunties and when Haaj’s bayaan’s would scare me 😉 How I adore those 2 girlies now! Fan! and Haaj, sweetie pies, thank you for always being there to give us your long fantabulous comments that keep us all entertained! 🙂 More importantly, thank you for the advice, love and support you both have given me in this short  journey of mine in the blogging world 😉 *Biiiig hugs and kisses*  ♥ ♥ ♥

It goes without saying, I DO HAVE THE GREATEST READERS IN THE WORLD 😀 Lucky meeee :’) And I want you all to know how much I appreciate everything you guys do and say! The love and support, you have no idea how much it all means to me!   Much Love Dubain Girl   ♥

Gucci Shooes

Gucci Shoes

Now I bet the question on everyone’s mind is, where’s Zaheer? Where is the infamous un-loyal stupid bum face of a boy, Zaheer Mohamed?

I had sat in my room everyday since the Bobat’s left, thinking over what Ashley had told me. I missed all the company and craziness that had been going on ever since the Akoojee’s stepped foot in Dubai. They took my mind of all the stupid boy drama going on in my life. But now everyone has left, I had this pit in my stomach. It was a pit of loneliness. I was constantly deep in thought, not in the mood to interact with anyone. It was a good thing and a bad thing. Not wanting to be social helped me have more time to be cooped up in my room and study. But the downside was, I couldn’t concentrate. I would sit for hours at my desk just staring out my balcony, thinking… Just thinking…

There was no Nuha or Fatimah to snap me out of it. There was no Uzair to tease me about my  masculine watch that I still hadn’t returned to Zaheer.  There was no Zayaan to pick on me and irritate me! I was couning down the hours till we were going to Durban! 3 days! 72 hours!

In a moment of confusion and wanting clearance, I jumped out of bed, slipped on my trainers and sent Zaheer a text on my FAB new nokia. He and I needed to talk!

There was this running track by Safa Park. It was close to my house so I could walk there without my parents suspecting anything. I didn’t want to lie to them but I needed to start changing my self! What Armaan said was true. I had been a disappointment.  All this boy drama was so stupid and pointless! There was no point in this! In dating uzair! In dating Zaheer! Where was there going to be any happiness in that if it was wrong. I had really upset my parents, but reflecting on my self, I felt just as disgusted. I had given up so much, for what? For a boy! No… never again! Not anytime soon! I needed to be strong! And Zaheer needed to know that.!

While I was stretching and warming up, a shadow appeared next to me. I didn’t have to look up to know who it was. One look at his designer Gucci shoes and I knew it was Zah.

ZAHEER: Hey there

ME: (looking up) Hiyaa…

ZAHEER: Ready to run?

ME: Give me a second.

I finished up stretching.

ME: Come on lazy bum! Let’s go!

We ran at a steady pace. The weather was was perfect, not cold, yet not hot. Just right. And the running track was shaded with tree’s so Alhamdulillah I didn’t look like a sweaty hog. Half way, we stopped to have some water


ME: So what?

ZAHEER: (raising his eyebrows) You…. Wanted to talk?

ME: I did what you asked me to.

ZAHEER: And what was that?

ME: I spoke to Ashley.

ZAHEER: (raising his eyebrows) Did you now? And when did you speak to her?

ME: About 2 weeks ago

ZAHEER: Then why are we only talking about this now?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I didn’t want to talk about this at school.

ZAHEER: (raising his eyebrows) I see

ME: Stop raising your eyebrows at me!

An hour later, and me looking all sweatied up we finally finished running. I was starved! As if on que, my tummy started to rumble.

ZAHEER: Where do you want to go to eat?

ME: Somewhere close by… I’m under house arrest.

ZAHEER: (raising his eyebrows) House arrest?

I pulled out my FAB Nokia and showed it to him. He tried immensely hard not to laugh, but it was comical. FOR HIM

ZAHEER: Ohmygosh!!! (laughing) WHAT IS THAT?!?! (laughing) Where’s your iPhone?!

ME: My parents took it away (snatching the phone away)

That set Zaheer laughing again

ME: It’s not funny

ZAHEER: You’re right (laughing) It’s…It’s… (laughing) Not funny.

ME: (rolling my eyes) Look, can we just go and eat. I need to talk to you

ZAHEER: Sounds serious. Come on,

ME: There’s a Tim Hortons nearby. Let’s go there


I hopped out of the car and walked into Tim Hortons’s. Aaaah, the smell of coffee and bagels and donuts and everything Tim Horton’s made me smile

ZAHEER: We sitting inside or out?

ME: Let’s order first. I want a bagel with cream cheese. And an iced mocha with caramel.

Zaheer looked at me long and hard with his eyebrows raised

ZAHEER: Are you forgetting something?

ME: Err… please?

ZAHEER: Good girl

I rolled my eyes at him and went to sit down. He shortly arrived witha  tray of food

ME: God! I am starved

ZAHEER: (swatting my hand away) Na-ah!

ME: What now?!

ZAHEER: Whats the magic word?

ME: I said please!

ZAHEER: So what do you say after that

ME: (huffing) THANK YOU!

ZAHEER: (smiling) Good girl

I bit into my bagel

ME: Mmmm…… Just doesn’t get better than this

ZAHEER: Has your mother ever told you not to talk with your mouth full?

ME: Has your mother ever  told you not to cheat on your girlfriend?

That caught him off guard. His eyes widened in shock, then returned to their normal size. He tapped his fingers on the table while I took another bite out of my bagel.

ME: Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to speak to you about. The whole nokia thing… it was basically because I got in trouble. Zah, I disappointed my parents big time! I lied to them and hid stuff and I was just such a horrid daughter to be honest! And even though I thought over what Ashley said, I still would NEVER be able to trust you. You cheated and that’s in the past. I displeased my parents and that’s  more important then my petty boy problems!

I took a breath! I needed it! I had been ranting on and on! I needed to get to my point of what I was trying to tell Zaheer.

ME: I am not going to repeat history! I am not going to get back with you Zah because.. because it would only lead to more trouble for me and its wrong. It’s wrong… and… and…

ZAHEER: (looking at his shoes) And?

ME: And I dont want to get in trouble! Not having my parents trust me is the worst feeling ever. And then having this phone… No boy is worth the sin. No boy. Not now at least. You wanna have this life style, you go ahead, I won’t stop you. But I’ll just warn you… It’s wrong

ZAHEER: I’m not 5! I know its wrong! Look, I can handle the rejection…

ME: Zah, dont be like that! I’ll still be seeing you in and out of school. Lets just not fight! It’s wrong and I’m young and its a waste of time and and….

ZAHEER: (looking up at me) And?

ME: (sighing) And I am basically trying to say, (taking off his watch) that we go to the same school… and I’ll have to deal with you being there. But nothing can happen Zaheer! I disappointed my parents twice now! A third time, I dont know what will happen! I’m no saint, but at least I am trying… I’m trying….

ZAHEER: (nodding his head) So now, I just got to let you go?

ME: I guess so…

After a long time, Zaheer spoke

ZAHEER: You going to Durban this week?

ME: Yeah, for Fatimah’s wedding. You’ll coming?

ZAHEER: Yipp (sarcastically smiling) I see how happy you are


ME: (giving his sarcastic eyes) Right. Yeah, sure! Behave Zaheer

ZAHEER: I’m trying Apa Yasmeen

ME: I am NO apa!

The driver dropped me off at home and I sunk down to the floor, breathing out a breath of relief.

Step one to getting the old Yasmeen back, call it squits with Zaheer. CHECK. Some sort of normality could now hopefully return to my life! I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder. There was a time for boys, and that time was not now. I could focus more on concentrating in classes so that I could ace my exams and make my parents proud by making something of my self… In Sha Allah!

Tim  Hortons ♥

Tim Hortons ♥

And you let her go...

And you let her go…

Part 98 – : Fatimah’s Engagement

And because DOAD is nearing its end, there are literally way too many thank yous to say. So lemme just start off by thanking my Aunty abundantly, For being the super-aunty that she is 😉 Beneath your Batwoman outfit you seriously are my biggest superhero and saviour and I love you so so so much!♥ 

Because the previous post was short, this post might be a wee bit long 😉 I basically shoved the whole engagement into one part 😛 Oh Well, Enjoy! Much Love DubainGirl  ♥ xoxo

Yusuf & Fatimah

Yusuf & Fatimah

Nuha & Fatimah

Nuha & Fatimah

‘Where are the containers to take to Aunty Faiza’s house??? And why on EARTH is that centrepiece arrangement on the floor?? Happppppppeeeeeeeeeee! That chair cover has a stain on it! Quickly, get it cleaned man! I need to go! And you, ya Allah what am I going to do with you Fatimah! You need to get ready! Jaldi Baba”

I rolled my eyes inwardly! My mother was seriously going into over hype mode here! Fretting over smaaall smalll things! We hired a wedding planner for a reason! Why couldn’t she just chill out and let Aunty Yusairah and Yumna handle all the stuff that needed doing?!

The Karodia ladies were setting up at the house. Luckily, Aunty Yusairah proved to be very helpful now that Nuha was also getting married. She and Omar weren’t having an engagement. Omar’s family didn’t want to have one. And now  Nuha and I were going to have a DOUBLE WEDDING!! I know it might sound lame, but it made sense! SHE wanted a big wedding! SHE had already done all the decision making for colour schemes and food and stuff. Plus, I was marrying into her family, so hopefully… fingers crossed… the guest list wouldn’t be huge! Who was I kidding?! They were the Bobat’s! They knew everyone and anyone!

My mother had been at Aunty Faiza’s house all day helping but she came home to drag my lazy bum out of bed. Sigh, I was ripped out of the comforts of my bed sheets and hurried into the bathroom by my frantic mother.

ME: Maaaaaa! Can you please just chill!

MUM: Chill?! You say that to your mother in law and pah, she’ll send you flying out of her house!

ME: So much drama! Aunty Faiza isn’t like that mummy… She’s sweet.

MUM: I know Fatoo, but still watch what you say okay?

ME: Geeeee Mummmmyyyyy!!!!

MUM: Now why have you not gotten dressed yet??

ME: The function is for after maghrib…. When the sun sets then I’ll get changed.

MUM: You know how long its going to take to get your hair done?! We don’t have much time Fatimah!

ME: Umm…. About that. I was thinking, I could wear scarf today…

MUM: (looking at me quizzically) Scarf?  Since when are you ever interested in wearing scarf?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I dunno. I don’t want to wear for the wedding because the men and ladies will be separate but for the walimah and engagement, I would feel more comfortable in scarf.

MUM: You got a matching one?

ME: (shaking my head) That’s why I was hoping to….ya know… raid your cupboard and see what I could find? (smiling)

MUM: (sighing) Just don’t leave it in a mess! But then you’ll come away to Aunty Faiza’s later on okay? I’m leaving now with all the stuff. Let me make sure Happy got that stain off the chair cover! Allah knows how it got on there in the first place!

I bit my lip REALLY hard to suppress a laugh. That whole stain incident was me! I was busy eating a chocolate cupcake and messed my fingers with icing. I wiped them on what I thought was a towel… Turns out it was a chair cover.

After my mother left, I lazed around the house. Yusuf was busy running around helping my mother with wedding prep. I smiled thinking back to how nice it was to just have some sibling bonding time with Yusuf. My mother had invited all our close family to a brai last night, along with Zayaan and all his close family. She even told Omar’s family to come!

It was nice to see my cousins that had come down from Joburg. I had missed all the little baba’s. One thing, I may not know what I want to do with my life, but I really enjoyed taking care of children. Yasmeen also loved small baba’s but she never had the patience and she would either give up or get irritated with the smell of vomit. (LOL) That’s our princess Yasmeen for you.. A little vomit and bam!


As I sat swinging on the outside bench of our garden thinking of my best friend and her ‘royal’ ways, Yusuf joined me on the swing

YUSUF: Penny for your thoughts…

ME: Penny for my what?!

YUSUF: I’m trying to ask what’s on your mind?

ME: (sighing) Just Yasmeen…

YUSUF: It’s not long now.. She’ll be here in a  few days.

ME: I know, but still! I want her here for the engagement!

YUSUF: Never mind now. If you missing her THAT MUCH, then just skype her?

ME: I can’t! I miss her too too much! Like Yusuf I love this family to bits and pieces and beyond that but Yasmeen is like a sister to me…. Soo yeah, can I have my penny now?!

YUSUF: Keep Dreaming Fatoo!

ME: Oh yeeeaah forgot! You need all the money you can get to buy Haajoo a nice gift isn’t?!

YUSUF: (sighing) We broke up Fatimah



YUSUF: My specimen’s exactly! She said she didn’t want to date if it was heading no where.

ME: Heading no where?!?!? You guys were head over heeel’s in luuurv!

YSUUF: By ‘somewhere’ she meant marriage. I knew it all along really…

ME: She was too good for you anyway. AND too holy for you (suppressing a smile)

YUSUF: Don’t laugh at me man! You lucky! First guy, you hit the jack pot! You getting married to this owe.

ME: Don’t speak slang. Zayaan is not an ‘owe’ he is a person!

YUSUF: (rolling his eyes) You sound like Yasmeen now, ‘don’t speak slang’!

ME: (laughing) She would ALWAYS tell you that! I missss her Yusuf!

YUSUF: I know.. I know, I do too. We all do! Come on now, we going to eat.

So that was our bonding session, and even though I was sad that Haaj and Yusuf broke up, I was happy that Haaj and him weren’t going to continue sinning. Zayaan’s holiness was really rubbing off on me!

And now, as I wandered through my house, I couldn’t help but think of the memories I shared with this house.

Yes guys, I was having a moment.

With a house.

Made out of bricks and concrete and all the other stuff they use to make a house!

But it was home! And now I was engaged, and soon to be married… In a week!  I felt like a little part of me was being taken away from me. I was soon snapped out of my little ‘moment’ when Zain found me curled up on the floor in the corner of the TV room…

ZAIN: Fatooooooo

ME: Zainoo baba! Why you haven’t had a bath yet?

ZAIN: Happeee is tooo bussy to help me

ME: Well then, let Mummy Fatimah give you a bath

I ushered him into the bathtub and after 10 minutes and a LOT of splashing around, Zain was bathed, clean and dressed in his outfit. He was wearing these dark navy skinny jeans with a Ralph Lauren button down shirt, and these kiddie Tods we bought from Dubai. He looked like a mini man! My mini man!

I looked at my watch and the time alarmed me! It was nearly maghrib!!! And I was not even changed!!! My mother would absolutely KILL me if I was late to my own engagement! I dashed into my room, switched on my laptop and called Yasmeen on skype. Whether she was here, or miles and miles away, I still needed her to help make me look decent.

YASMEEN: Well well, if it isn’t the FABULOUS Fatimah!

ME: I have SO lost my fabulousness now that you so far away!

YASMEEN: Well why not just get engaged in Dubai?!

ME: I wish! But you coming here soon! Yippeee

YASMEEN: Aren’t you like… supposed to be dressed and ready to go??

ME: Errr… yeah… Help mee! I can’t go looking like a clown!

YASMEEN: Oh relax woman! Just slip on your dress.

ME: (taking my dress off the hanger) Eh I dunno if you heard, and I dunno if I’m meant to tell you.. But you’re my best friend so I’ll tell you anyway!

YASMEEN: Womaaaan! Tell meeee!

ME: Yusuf and Haaj broke up!

Her expression was priceless! Her mouth hung in a huge O as she stared with disbelief at me!

YASMEEN: NO! No ways No ways Noooo waaaaaaays!!!!

ME: Yes ways! I was just as shocked as you are! Eh, can we deal with him just now! I need your fashion expertise!

YASMEEN: Fashion?! Expertise!? ME?! That’s Ammarrah’s department.

ME: Is Ammarrah my best friend??? NO! So shush and just tell me I look FABU (wink)

YASMEEN: (rolling eyes) Whatever!  Come on Kate Moss! Work that pose (wink)

Crazy child! I changed into my dress while talking to Yasmeen! She was busy laughing at me while I got stuck in my dress on more than one occasion


YASMEEN: That was by far so much funnier than any Mr.Bean episode I have EVER watched! In my life! And I have watched like every single episode of Mr. Bean!

ME: Yeah! We know that (rolling eyes) So tell me…. How do I look? (striking a pose)

YASMEEN: Hmm….. You look pretty! Buuut….

ME: But what?!

YASMEEN: You’d look tres tres beautiful if you wore scarf! (smiling)

ME: It was meant to be a surprise but…. I was planning on wearing scarf today and for the walimah.

YASMEEN: MASHA ALLAH! Finally some sense has been knocked into your head!

YUSUF: Faaaatimaaah!

I heard him calling from downstairs

YASMEEN: Is that Yusuf?

ME: Yeah. Think he came back from helping my mother

YSUUF: Fatz! Hurry UP! We have to go NOW!

ME: Gimme a sec! I’m talking to Yasmeen

YASMEEN: You have to go?

ME: Yeaaa! Don’t cry for me (winking)

YASMEEN: Yeah yeah look who’s talking! YOU were missing ME this time! And I’m coming in less than a week!

YUSUF: (bouncing into my room) How you Yasssssy!?

YASMEEN: Yusuuuff! Hey there brother from another mother!

YUSUF: Hiyaa sister from another mister!

YASMEEN: Missed you muchness!

YUSUF: Like wise sis, like wise. You better get your butt back to Durban! These Bobat’s are taking away my sister. I need someone to replace her!

ME: Okay! Are you two done! I have an engagement to get to… and guess what… It’s MY engagement!

YASMEEN: Geez princess! Keep your crown on! I won’t keep you any longer! Enjoooooy! Knock their socks off and PLEASE don’t do anything to embarrass your self Fatoo (smirking)

ME: Really wish you could be here Yasmeen… I miss you SO much! It’s un real

YASMEEN: I know babe! I wish I could’ve come, but In sha Allah I shall be there sooooon!

ME: Love You Yasssssmeeeeeeen! Give my Salaams to your mother!

YASMEEN: Love you too baby gurl! Mwaaahs! Wasalaam

And then the line went dead… Well, It was time to face the music! I dashed to my mother’s room and alhamdulillah, Allah was on my side and I managed to find thee perfect matching scarf in minutes. Yusuf and Zain were buckled into the car when I got downstairs, so I would have to let Nuha do my make up when I got there.

Sighing to my self… Let’s hope Nuha didn’t make me look like a clown! Not that SHE looked like a clown… she just sometimes had the tendency to over apply make up to other peoples face! Within minutes I was ushered into Nuha’s room where mademoiselle was busy adding the final touches to her perfectly curled hair. When she saw my scarf, she nearly fell over in shock!

After half an hour of Nuha brushing all this different stuff all over my face, she finally let me sit up to look at my self in the mirror. Wow! I looked……transformed….very different.  I never wore make up in a hurry, like ever! And I really liked how Nuha had done my face up. She didn’t over powder my cheeks, she didn’t make my eyelashes thick and clumpy, and she didn’t put fire engine red lipstick for me! I looked….. naturally beautiful, Masha Allah!

Nuha and I went downstairs, and for the first time I saw the tent in all its beauty. It was lit up. The trimming all the way around the tent had fairy lights. The pathway leading to the tent also had lights! It looked… magical! It was breathtaking!

The whole night I was introduced to way too many new people and I saw way too many different faces and there were just way too many names for me to learn! Luckily, I saw a few familiar faces! Haaj and Ammarrah were also here.

ME: Ammarrah! How long has it been!

AMMARRAH: Fatoo!!! Shaadi Mubarak!

ME: (raising an eyebrow) You did not just say that?!

AMMARRAH: (laughing) I sound like I’ve just come out of an Indian movie!

HAAJ: (laughing) Yes… Yes you do!

AMMARRAH: When is Yasmeen coming down? I miss that girl!

ME: She’ll be here on Wednesday in sha Allah.

HAAJ: And then you’ll really feel complete! (nudging me) What’s a ‘bride to be’ without her best friend?

ME: (smiling) True that… Anyway, I’ll see you’ll around!

I hugged them both then set off to make panchaat with Zayaan’s Dadee! I had to make a good impression with the in laws after all 😉

The rest of the night I spent in the company of Zayaan, Nuha, Omar, Uzair.

ME: Where’s Yasmin? How come she never come?

UZAIR: She was visiting some family in Maritzburg. She’ll be here for the wedding though.

ME: How is she?

UZAIR: She’s well… Fatz, do me a favour please?

ME: Sure.

UZAIR: At your wedding, please help her feel welcomes. I mean, she thought she had till April to have to meet my whole extended family. But now that the wedding is brought forward AND its now Nuha’s and your wedding, she’s feeling very…

ME: Pressurised?

UZAIR: Not exactly… Partially… I guess she feels like an outsider. She’s going to be seeing people she hasn’t seen in years! Just please help her not feel like an outsider?

ME: Of course! That’s no problem at all! I’ll be my chatty self, she’ll get tired of me.

UZAIR: Thanks

For some reason, my mind wandered off to when I first heard of the infamous Uzair Bobat… The days when I was in Hospital. I didn’t really like to think about those times, but now sitting on this table with my absolute closest friends, I realised I owed Uzair a LOT! Even though my hospital days seemed like AGES ago, I felt like I owed Uzair a big thank you…

ME: Thank you Uzair

UZAIR: For what?

ME: For everything!  If it wasn’t for you I would not have survived that drab few weeks in the hospital, and if it wasn’t for you I would have never even met Zayaan.

ZAYAAN: (tuning into our conversation) I heard my name

ME: Think about it hey… If it wasn’t for Uzair, Yasmeen would have never made peace with Nuha.

OMAR:(also butting into our conversation) Peace? You guys use to fight? (looking at Nuha with a smile)

NUHA: (sticking her tongue out at Omar) Fatimah! Just carry on your story!

ME: (laughing) As  I was saying, if Uzair never introduced Yasmeen and I properly to Nuha, Nuha would never have come to sleepover at Yasmeen’s house and I would have never met Zayaan.

ZAYAAN: Allah plans and we plan. I would never EVER imagine marrying my sisters best friend, but see…

It was such a lovely moment. The conversation carried on as we reminisced all the memories we had shared over the past year. And of course, the only person missing was Yasmeen. We sent her snap chats and whatsapp’d her pictures of the food and decor. It was a lovely night and I could not stop thanking Aunty Yusairah, Aunty Faiza and my mother for all the work they put into it!

AUNTY YUSIARAH: Don’t thank us just yet! Round 2 is next week. The wedding!

AUNTY FAIZA: Round 2 of running around getting all of this work done

NUHA: Awww Mummy! You do it because you love us (hugging Aunty Faiza)

ME: (laughing) As long as I get to choose the cake, I’m happy!

The aunties all laughed at me! But I was being SUPER serious! I more or less had an idea of what I wanted for the cake, but I was waiting for Yasmeen so I could get her approval.

Count down to Yasmeen’s touchdown in Durban… 4 DAYS AND COUNTING!

Magical Tent...

Magical Tent…

Skyping Yasmeeeen!

Skyping Yasmeeeeeeen!

Part 97 – The ‘Spare Phone’

Hiyaa! I will try to finish this blog off in the next 5 days. 2 posts per day… 😦 Can’t even begin to explain how sorry I am for letting all my readers down. I truly am very sorry…. Much Love DubainGirl  xoxo



I felt like a had a hangover. Yet I had never drank a single sip of alcohol in my life! Then why did my head throb so much? Why were my eyes taking time to adjust? Oh that’s right! I had been bawling like a baby yesterday! I groaned inwards and dreaded the day ahead. It was a Friday. That meant that I was forced to interact with my parents that were clearly ignoring me!

It hurt. But I guess I had in some ways hurt them way worse. By betraying their trust? I’m not even sure what ticked them off to the extent that they’re not speaking to me. I sat up and looked to the side of my bed where Armaan had been the night before. Did I have the world’s best brother or what?!

I went into the kitchen to make my self some tea to get rid of my throbbing headache and I was greeted with the sight of my mother cooking

MUM: Salaamualaykum

ME: Umm… Walaykumsalaam

Well, at least she knew I existed… I poured my self a bowl of cereal and went into the dining room. Neither my father nor Armaan were there. Oh yeah, Armz had soccer on a Friday! I pulled out the Friday magazine and flipped through the pages when my mother plopped her self opposite me on the dining table.

MUM: Yasmeen. We need to talk

I silently put the magazine away

MUM: Your father and I… Well, your father is very angry! So angry, he offered to take Armaan for soccer just to get out the house, so that he wouldn’t take off with you.

I bit my lip quite hard.

MUM: I was once a girl Yasmeen. I was once in your place. And yes, you will be around boys in your life. You may think they handsome, you may even like them. But that is as far as it goes! Do you hear me?  You keep those feelings to your self! I thought we wouldn’t have this problem once we came to Dubai… But I guess I was wrong.

Oh great! Now she and my father probably totally regretted trusting me!

MUM: Now who’s this boy?

She held out my name to see Mustafa’s BBM message

ME: I told daddy. He’s in my English class. I can even show you to him when you come for parents evening.

MUM: When is your parents evening anyway?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I dunno. Maybe a few months

MUM: (sighing) We trusted you Yasmeen. We came to Dubai not only for Daddy’s job but because we wanted you and Armaan to get a better education. How are you supposed to concentrate if you filling up your head with all this crap!

ME: (nodding) I know I let you’ll down Ma. I guess, I didn’t think. I knew its wrong, but I just chose to ignore it

MUM: As long as you knew its wrong. That’s what scared me the most! I thought I brought you up with the wrong morals in life.

ME: (nodding my head in disagreement) Mummy, I dunno, it’s just hard. We moved here and shukr we have so much! But I feel empty sometimes. Giving up family was not an easy thing.

MUM: I know sweetie, it’s hard. But you rather turn to something that’s better for you. If you feel alone, come talk to me. Talk to Armaan. Talk to Allah. And you not getting that phone of yours back till after your exams. We want you to concentrate!

ME: So I’ll have no phone for a month?

MUM: (thinking) I got a spare phone lying somewhere in my cupboard. I’ll give you that to use. For emergencies!

Oh. No.
Those 2 dreaded words ‘spare phone’. Those 2 words were probably referring to one of the few ancient phones my parents had hidden in their socks draw! Those phones were only ever pulled put of the deep dark cupboard if one of our phones ever broke. It was in case of emergency, hence the reason they were SO atrociously anciently ugly! I couldn’t walk around with that phone! It was probably a brick Nokia. Or one oooooooold Samsung. No no no no no a spare phone was as good as not having a phone at all… But I needed a phone! What if someone kidnapped me?! Or tried to mug me?! Anything could happen.. So reluctantly  I had no choice but to accept the… the… (swallowing my vomit) the spare phone.

I showered, prayed my Jummah salaah, read my surah Kahf and then it was time for lunch, a typical Durban style Friday daal and rice! Aaah, it would have been so much more enjoyable if there wasn’t that awkward silence in the air. All through lunch you could only hear the clatter of cutlery against the plates. Eventually my mother broke the silence…

MUM: Soooo, Armaan, how was your match?

ARMAAN: We beat them 2-1! And I scored one of those goals

MUM: Oh wow! Masha Allah

And that was as much of a conversation any of us were going to experience. Armaan and I helped clear up the table. He dashed upstairs to go do some homework while my mother went to watch Makkah Jummah salaah. It left my father and I in the dining room…

DAD: Sit

I did as I was told, and knew better not to say anything……. I’d rather not repeat the conversation that went down between us because, half way through the discussion, I was in tears and blubbering like a baby. Basically, my father expressed his disappointment in me… And how he thought I would learn the first time. And how he trusted me and how I lied and hid and deceived. And he was my father so of course his words stung, but it was the truth! And I’m sensitive so I just ended up crying whenever he said something!

He kept asking me ‘why’. Why would I waste my time talking to boys? Why would i talk to boys if I knew it was wrong? Was it peer pressure? Was it influence around me?  But to be honest, I myself didn’t know why I did any of that. I knew it was peer pressure cause no one forced me to talk to boys. And when I answered with ‘I don’t know’ that would only make him more cross. Eventually he got up, walked around to my side of the table and gave me a hug. He said he loved me but he was still clearly upset.

That pretty much marked the end of the conversation. I went upstairs to try and somehow get rid of my red puffy eyes and my runny nose when there was  a knock on the door…

ME: Geee

MUM: I just got off the phone with Aunty Zaheera. You will never believe the change in the wedding plans!

Wedding plans! At least something could imporve my mood!

ME: What??

MUM: Well firstly, Nuha also just got propsed-

ME: WHAT?! OH. MY. WORD! WHAT??!?!?!

MUM: I was also shocked! Why all these girls are getting married so young!

ME: How come I never knew??

MUM: Apparently it was all hush hush until last night. Anyway, Aunty Zaheera told me that the wedding is next week.

I nearly fell off my chair

ME: NEXT WEEK!!!! As in my best friend is getting married…. NEXT WEEK!

MUM: Stop shouting man!  Zayaan and Fatimah are having their engagement tomorrow, and a week after that is the wedding. But the nikkah will be a joined nikkah for Nuha and Fatimah.

ME: OH MY WORD! (jumping up and down) That is sooo cute! They all doing it the ‘holy’ way!

MUM: Yeah… maybe YOU should learn! 

ME: Mummmmmyy

MUM: What? It’s true! You got any exams coming up?

ME: No, why?

MUM: You and Armaan will be missing a few days of school. The wedding is on a Saturday so you’ll be missing Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

ME: Really?! Oh mummy thank you thank you thank you!

MUM: Better get some studying done before we leave then!

My mother left and I happily went back to my studying! Joy oh Joy! I already had my wedding and walimah outfit for Fatimah’s wedding. How in the wooorld was I going to study?? My 2 best friends were getting married…… I was BURSTING with excitement!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry...

I’m sorry…

Ftaimah Nuha Yasmeen BESTIES ♥

Fatimah Nuha Yasmeen BESTIES ♥

Part 96- O-V-E-R… OVER

To the Gorgeous Fantabulous Dubain loving readers, I give you Part 91! 😀 Special thanks to all that have been patiently waiting for this post…. And yes, this post is 5 days early!

I have some sad news for all you readers.  The 100th post will be the final part of this blog.

This is all very last minute, and was not planned. Apologies, it was never my intention to end this blog any time soon, but unfortunately due to circumstances, DOAD will be ending. I am so very very very very sorry. So instead of making excuses, I leave you guys to enjoy the last 10 posts of Diary of a Dubain. Much Love DubainGirl  ♥  xoxo







My life was over.


My mother was mad at me! My father was furious with me! M for mother and for mad. F for furiously fuming father!

I will be blunt as a ruler here, I USE to be (past tense) my daddy’s little girl… Up until a few days ago. Being the only daughter,that puts me in the prime spot to be my daddy’s little princess. Alhamdulillah, he has always given Armaan and I the latest of everything, constantly buying us gifts when we already have so much compared to the starving children in Africa. And my mother always kept on shouting my father, saying he spoilt us too much! But hey that’s what mothers are for! She kept Armaan and I sane by not letting all the material stuff go to our head. If it wasn’t for her, we would be like those chubby, spoilt. rich kids with their nannies you see walking around Dubai Mall! We were fortunate enough to have a father that brought us gifts, and a mother that kept us grounded. But this time, I really screwed up! BIG TIME!

Being daddy’s little girl has its perks and drawbacks. It means he loves you even more, but more importantly, it means he is super protective. And I totally understand that! I appreciate that my father cares enough about me to protect me, because that’s what fathers do. We always had this strong father daughter relationship even though we were so different. But now, now I think I went a step too far….

There was one big no no that was just not accepted after the whole Uzair incident, and that was boys. Between my mother, father and I, there was an agreement that there would be no dating! Of course, I went to a mixed school in Dubai, so it was impossible to rule out boys all together. But that didn’t stop my parents from doubling up on being strict ever since we moved to Dubai. They trusted me with all the Bobat’s knowing that I would just run away with them back to Durban if they forbade me from seeing the Bobat boys. And in all honesty, there was now OFFICIALLY nothing going on between any Bobat and my self. Sure, Ridwaan was nice and so was Ismaeel and Ahmed, but they were nice. Kallas! That was it.

Uzair, well we all knew he was taken and I’ve come to terms with that. So my mother was chilled with me being around the Bobat’s. It was school boys she was more concerned about… After everyone left Dubai, and our lives went back to boring, she would want me out of school ASAP, scared that I was messing around after school… When I wasn’t!

I was single!  Things between Zaheer and I resumed to normal as I still decided what to do. By normal I am referring to the normal before everything happened. Friends normal, if that makes sense. So I guess my mother was also quite chilled about Zaheer, because, let’s face it… his acting skills were SUPERB and he pulled off being a ‘good boy’ for my mother with ease when ever he was around her.

But hey, all acts and lies do eventually come to an end. And my life came to a stand still a few days ago….

We went out for supper to Nando’s. I must admit, even though it had been quiet now that all the visitors had left, I was glad we were having a normal family supper out the house. My father made chit chat to us about what he was doing at work then he started to ask us about school…

DAD: Armaan, you in grade 10. No room for messing around!

ARMAAN: Daddy, when have I ever let you down?!

DAD: Just making sure you not getting lazy…. Like this one (nodding to me)

ME: Mee?! Lazy?

DAD: In Durban you would always be busy with something, either reading a book or gone for a run. Always a busy body. And now, when was the last time I saw you read a book?

MUM: Oh, don’t be like that Yusuf. When was the last time you came home before 9?

That was true. My father was always working late. Nowadays we only saw him on the weekends. Even then, he liked to sleep most of Friday! We tucked into our meals which were CHICKEN-LICOUS! Mmmmm…. too good! I can never get tired of Nando’s. Ever! My phone beeped and I picked it up to look at it. A boy from school BB’d me to ask about some homework due in for English. I replied to him telling him what it was. A few seconds later, I get a BBM from the group chat of the South African girls. And before I know it I’m typing ferociously on my phone replying to the group messages. Layyah, Laila, Saffiya and I were troubling Misbah one way! Apparently… Little missy Misbah had a thing for Armaan! My brother! I mean, she could do SO much better! But I was snapped out of my teasing fest when my father spoke…

DAD: Yasmeen! We having supper. Put your phone away

I silently put my phone into my pocket and finished my drink. My father stood up to go wash his hands in the bathroom and when he was out of sight I pulled out my phone and quickly read through the group conversation. LOL! Those girls made me laugh! My phone vibrated and Mustafa BB’d to ask about the English homework…

DAD: Who’s that?

I got a SHOCK of my life!

I turned around to see my father looking at me with a raised eyebrow and quizzical expression.

ME: Err… he’s in my English class.

DAD: Is that who you so busy talking to?

ME: No. He’s just asking me about some homework thing. I was talking to the girls before that.

DAD: Which girls?

ME: The South African girls. Layyah, Saffiya, Laila you know….

DAD: Pass me your phone Yasmeen.


ME: Err, okay

With a lump in my throat and my heart racing at the speed of light I just PRAYED TO GOD that no one would send me anything! No BBM messages, or whatsapp messages, or snap chats… I sat there just staring at my empty plate while my eyes flitted back and forth, watching my father scroll through my phone then staring at my plate

Then watch him scroll through my phone…


ME: Let’s have dessert!

I grabbed the dessert menu and hid my face from my parents and Armaan. I steadied my heart beat by breathing in and out. Saffiya and I had these random yoga sessions over BBM. Whenever she got hyped up, I’d tell her to breath. But now, when I needed her to yoga me down back to a normal heart rate, I couldn’t. Because my father. had. my. phone!

ME: Sorry, (to the waiter) Could we have a slice of honey cake please?

WAITER: Sure, would you like ice cream with it?

ME: Yes.. PLEASE! 2 scoops!

The waiter smiled at me and I risked a glance at my father. He was still intensely looking through my phone! Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Oh GOD! I dont even know how much rubbish I got on my phone And everything is open.. my Twitter, my Facebook, not that I have anything to hide…


The cake arrived and Armaan gave me a panicky look. He and I divided the cake into 2 halves and ate it in minutes! My mother had joined my father as they both scrolled through my phone. Armaan gave me a sympathetic smile as I silently prayed to Allah to help me… And forgive me… And to make sure my father doesn’t kick me out the house. The waiter returned, gave my father the bill and then we left. till in this thick layer of silence, we left Nando’s and drove home. As soon as we walked through the door, my parents went straight into their room closing the door behind them.

I wanted to just……. dig a hole in the floor and transport my self to another country! Another universe! Another dimension! Anywhere but that house! I put on my PJ’s, read my Isha, made an extra long du’a asking Allah to help me , to forgive me, to soften my fathers heart. Ya Allah! What had I gotten my self into?! I jumped into bed and just stared at the ceiling…

And all the feelings that were trapped in me for the past few hours just exploded as I burst into tears! Quiet sobs, gradually got louder so that they I was whimpering and crying. My pillow soon became soaking wet and my nose was leaking non stop like a tap. I didn’t expect anyone to disturb my little crying session, but someone did. Someone walked into my room, light streamed through the doorway and I sat up on my elbows…

ME: Who.. (sniff) Who’s there? (sniff)

ARMAAN: It’s me..

ME: Armz.. (sniff) what (sniff) what you want?

ARMAAN: I want my sister back.

His answer took me by surprise. He climbed into my bed and cuddled closer to me

ME: I’m here (sniff)

ARMAAN: Are you crying?

ME: Yes! Isn’t your big sister allowed to cry?

ARMAAN: Yass, don’t cry. It’ll be alright

ME: (bursting into tears) No it won’t! Daddy won’t look at me. Mummy won’t talk to me. I screwed up big time!

ARMAAN: It’ll be okay (shhhhing me) In sha Allah it will be okay

ME: I hope so (whispering to my self)

ARMAAN: I really did mean it.. I want my sister back.

ME: (looking at him) What you mean?

ARMAAN: (shrugging his shoulders) You’ve lost that spark Yas. You’ve lost the bounce in your step, the joy in your voice, the motivation in life… It’s all gone. It’s just replaced with this. This corpse that is just always chasing after guys!

ME: Gee you’re making me feel a whole lot better (sniff)

ARMAAN: (squeezing me tightly) I’m trying to save you Yasmeen… No one else see’s it. Not Fatimah, not Nuha. You’re drowning in a pool of sadness that all started the minute you started ‘dating’ and al that rubbish.

For a 15 year old my brother really did give good theories on my life problems

ME: You think so?

ARMAAN: I know so…  You need to clear your mind! I mean you going to uni soon and boys aren’t worth your time. Plus, I think you upset daddy and mummy the most because they feel like they loosing their innocent daughter

ME: Sooo you saying I must become a nun?

ARMAAN: I’m saying.. You must stop fretting over all these stupid stupid boys! You need to concentrate on whats important! Your studies, university!

How could he be so much smarter than me?

ARMAAN: And I’m trying to throw you a lifeline here. Zaheer is just a boy! And sure, mummy and daddy are pissed as hell! But they’ll get over it…Because that’s what parents do. They wont forget about it, it might take a while, but trust me they will eventually forgive you.

I squeezed Armaan’s hand and willed my self not to cry. I wanted to be as strong as my little brother thought I was. No matter how old he was, he would always be my baby bro.

ARMAAN: And please for the love of god, start exercising more! Get out more! Not to hang out with guys! Just to go out for lunch..Go to the beach! Or take ME to the beach!

ME: (laughing while sniffing) I see you want to benefit from this…

ARMAAN: It wouldn’t hurt anyone if you treated me to a surfing lesson once in a while…

ME: Yeah, thats only if Mummy and Daddy don’t tie me to my bed and leave me here to rot!!

ARMAAN: I’m hoping for the best as well…

He gave my hand one final squeeze and quietly slipped out of my bed.

ME: Armaan…


ME: Thank you

ARMAAN: Yasmeen, don’t thank me. If I was in trouble I know you’d do the same… because no matter how awesome of a brother I am…

I rolled my eyes.

ARMAAN: No matter how awesome of a brother I am, there is no better sister than you.

He closed the door and left my room. Who knew 15 year old’s had more insight into an 18 year old girls life than an 18 year old girl her self?!

Yoga session with Saffiyah -_-

Yoga session with Saffiya -_-

No better sister than you...

No better sister than you…


Part 95 – Nuha’s Blast from the Past

NINE. TEEN. DAYS. In honour of the beginning of a new month, and for World Hijab Day, here’s a post from Nuha’s point of view 🙂 Enjoy my lovelies! Much Love DubainGirl ♥  xoxo

To Yumna

To Yumna

Cheese Sandwhich!

Cheese Sandwhich!

What. Was. This world. Coming to?!?! All of a sudden Yumna was playing happy wedding planner for Fatimah!!!! Na-aaaaaah!! I bet Yumna was secretly making voodoo on all the engagement flowers and she probably poisoned all the food! My imagination ran wild thinking up all these crazy possibilities! I was letting Shaitaan win and I knew that sooner or later the old Nuha would return to get her vengeance…

So I took a breathe in

Then out

A repeated this a few times then fished out my phone to phone Omar…

OMAR: Assalamualaikum Nuu

ME: Wasaalaaam Babe!

OMAR: I still can’t get over how you call me that (laughing)

ME: (in a sing song tune) Baaabe! Baaabe! Baaaby babe baaabe!

OMAR: Hmm.. Has anyone ever told you you sing like an angel?

ME: Has anyone ever told you you’re a very bad liar?

OMAR: That’s the thing Ms.Bobat, I don’t lie…

ME: So then you don’t mind helping me out ?

OMAR: With what exactly? If it’s anything wedding related, you know that’s not me Nuu…

ME: Look, Marr I really need you right now…

OMAR: Okay… Should I come pick you up?

ME: (in a whisper) Please

OMAR: Whatever it is it’ll be okay Nuha…

I didn’t say anything. I had to face my demons. I had to tell Omar EVERYTHING! He kinda sorta knew bits and pieces about Yumna. But he didn’t know the OLD Nuha. The old me. The open, easy, flirty, somewhat slutty version of me! I know, that’s a strong word, but for a Muslim girl it’s what I used to be. Omar deserved to know what he was getting him self into by being with me. I had many shades to me, and yes it was all in the past and you’re supposed to let go of the past. But… but the past was still a part of me and before someone else went and told Omar about my old ways, I wanted to let him know….

OMAR: You home alone?

ME: (getting into his car) Yeah, Zayaan went out with my mother to buy more kuncha’s for Fati’s family.

OMAR: (nodding his head)

ME: Why you nodding your head like that?

OMAR: (smiling) You promise you won’t feel offended?

ME: Try me (suddenly very curious)

OMAR: Well, it’s just that.. Nuu, don’t take offence. I’m serious. And I’m not trying to make you feel bad either.

ME: Omar! Just get to your point pleeeeease!

OMAR: Fine fine, and this has nothing to do with us, I’m just generally saying and-

ME: (taking his hand in mine) If you don’t tell me what you want to tell me, I’ll…I’ll

OMAR: (raising his eyebrow and smirking) You’ll what?

ME: I’ll scream (smiling)

OMAR: (laughing) Okay Miss Dramatic! Well….. what was I saying? Oh yes, so this whole wedding is going on and I like how your brother is getting married to avoid more sin

ME: Riiight….

OMAR: In all honesty Nuu, I wish we were doing the same… But I know you not ready to get married. So I won’t push you.. But my point is, is that for weddings a helluva lot of money is wasted.

I bit my tongue. Omar knew I wanted the whole BIG fairytale wedding. And that’s what was so hard. We were so different, but it was good different…

OMAR: And you said Fatimah wants to keep the wedding simple, but see how both your mothers are spending away. I really am trying to not make you feel bad, but you know me….. I speak what’s on my mind

ME: I know (squeezing his hand)  But you’ll come for the engagement right?

OMAR: (smiling half a smile) Wouldn’t miss it for the world…

ME: Umm…. I … I eh…. Can we tell Zayaan about us?

OMAR: You want to tell your brother about us… at his engagement? And what if he goes ape?

ME: Well you can use your Haafiz skills and read your kulls and blow on him!

OMAR: (laughing) These haafiz jokes… are they ever going to stop?

ME: Nope! Because I know you secretly enjoy my lame sense of humour (smiling)

We pulled up outside Westwood mall and made our way to Nino’s. Guess we would be having my whole ‘Blast from the Past’ conversation over brunch! But this is what I loved about Omar. He didn’t need to dine with me at any fancy place. A cheese sandwich split between the 2 of us at Nino’s made me extremely happy because it was just being with him, being with someone so honest and kind and good hearted. That’s what was important to me…

OMAR: Soo… you going to tell me why you sounded frantic on the phone?

ME: What do you know? So far…about Yumna and Mo?

OMAR: I know that Yumna was your best friend and that Mo was your ex boyfriend, who by the way happens to go for Jummah at the same mosque as I do.. So you’re lucky I haven’t punched his nose into his face!

ME: Omar?

OMAR: (shurugging his shoulders) I know he cheated on you with Yumna. That’s it…. I never pushed the subject because, because non of it is really important really.

ME: I know its not important.. or relevant but I still want to tell you. I feel like I need to tell you, about who I was.

OMAR: But it doesn’t matter. All of that is in the past. We all have a past, I’d rather focus on the future with you Nuu….

ME: I know, but I’m still going to tell you…

OMAR: Okay, but at any point, you can stop. And I won’t question you if you do stop okay (giving my hand a reassuring squeeze)

ME: Right…. Omar, the girl standing before you today, nobody would ever imagine me being like this. I mean, I’m wearing scarf! A year ago, the only time I ever wore scarf was  if we ever went to a funeral… or…or like a jalsa, and even then those were maybe once a year. I just never was this girl.

I was…… different. Very different and the reason I’m telling you all of this is because you have been very influential in how I have changed. You, Yasmeen, Fatimah, all of you’ll. Lemme take you back to the day I first met Yasmeen. It was at a beach… She was with Yusuf and the way I threw my self at him….

I bit my lip

ME: The way I threw my self at him, flirting as if I had no dignity. It makes me sick to even picture what I was like.! Short shorts all the showy clothes. Omar I was a mess! And I even remember seeing Yasmeen’s face. The way she eye’d me as I flirted with Yusuf. And there I was thinking ”What’s this chicks problem? It’s just harmless flirting?” But I was wrong. Because I got to know Yasmeen. She let me into her world, and I guess I’d also have to thank Uzair because they were dating then… It’s just, in a matter of months I went from being in skimpy skirts to more appropriate clothes. Those small changes in life began to happen. But it wasn’t just about clothes Omar…. I was broken

Again he gave me a reassuring smile and held my hand

ME: (breathing out) I had been betrayed, battered and left all on my own. My friends , my supposed friends, they spoke about me behind my back, they gossiped one way. Yumna and I were obviously NOT on speaking terms. I had no one Omar. (sighing) Or so I thought. And I was never the religious type at the time as you obviously know by now. So I really did think I was all by my own. I resorted to stupid ways to get rid of my loneliness. I found new whacko friends who made me try stupid things….

OMAR: Nuha, no. I don’t want to know

ME: Okay, then I won’t tell you the details. I don’t even think I can bring my self to say them….. So yeah, I fell in with a bad group of friends. Zayaan… after the whole Mo episode, he threw him self into his studies. He didn’t realise I was drowning in my own loneliness. My own troubles, my old world, it ruined me Omar! The gossip! The lies! People thought I was pregnant! My god! The things people say to get attention!  (swallowing a lump in my throat) I had enough!  From those group of friends, I went on my own. And I guess it was for the best… Cause a few weeks later I met Yasmeen. A normal girl that loved my Uzzi! And my heart soared with jealousy! She had it all sorted. Her life was in order. She had a best friend Fatimah, a loyal boyfriend Uzair… I envied her but I wanted to know her. So… we spent more time together and… credit goes to Fatimah and Yasmeen-

OMAR: Credit also goes to you Nuu, you took the initiative to change. And I am so glad you did. (tracing the palm of my hand) Nuu,

ME: Omar….

OMAR: I’m just, I’m just really proud of you Nuha.

ME: Wait silly! I’m not done… I have to get to the part where you come in!

OMAR: (laughing) Go on…..

ME: Yes! So after I became SANE and somewhat normal with the help of Yasmeen and Fatz, I realised, I didn’t need a boy to be happy. Plus I had lost faith in ALL guys! I thought… I thought I would never be able to find a guy I would ever trust again. But I found you Omar… I found you and I’m telling you this because, because I trust you. Trust you enough to give you my heart. And… and I know we are so different Omar but bu-

OMAR: Hey, shhh… Nuha. Nuu look at me

I looked up at him

OMAR: You trust me right?

ME: (I nodded my head in agreement) More than you know…

OMAR: So don’t freak out when I say this. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Like a lot. And it’s a compromise. And, Nuha I’ve been compromising so far by dating you. You know me… you know dating isn’t my thing…

Oh know! Where was he going with this?

OMAR: And… I’m just a simple boy from a simple background. I don’t stay in Westville. But I trust you with my heart, just how you trust me and… I don’t want to date you.




OMAR: I can’t introduce you to my family as my girlfriend because I want you to be more. Girlfriend is not a status any Muslim girl should have and so far Nuha, I’ve been doing this dating thing so I won’t loose you. But I want you as my other half. I want you to complete me Nuu. I want you to marry me….

Here's to the Past

Here’s to the Past

Perfect Crime ♥♥♥

Perfect Crime ♥♥♥