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Part 94 – Fatimah : Macaroons and Monkey Bum’s!

APPRECIATE THIS POST 😉 I’m still on break, but this is just a little read for you munchkins out there that are bored. A little post from Faati Pataati’s point of view 😀 Much Love DubainGirl ♥ xoxo



Hmm…. Blue. Or yellow. Or pink. Or red. Or green… Or maybe turqoise. Teal?  My mind was bursting with the possible colour schemes I could have for my wedding. Who knew there were so many colours in a rainbow?! I always learnt it as just 7 colours, but now, now I was re thinking the rainbow altogether! And on top of all the wedding decisions, I had my school work to think about. Maths, english, biology, akrikaans. Can someone please remind me again WHY I took afrikaans?!?! It is so hard! And Zayaan is no help either. When ever I’m trying to memorize words, he’ll just start laughing

ME: Zay! How am I ever going to learn if you keep laughing!?

We were sitting at Gloria Jeans in gateway. I was treating my self to some macaroons once I got through my akrikaans. But it was impossible with a hysterical Zayaan sitting in front of me laughing away!

ME: (closing my book) Fine! I’m going!

ZAYAAN: (calming down) Okay Okay, I’m sorry fatooo!

ME: (rolling my eyes) Don’t ‘fatoooo’ me you monkey bum!

ZAYAAN: (laughing) Monkey bum? Real mature Fatoooooo (wink)

ME: Don’t call me fatoo!

ZAYAAN: (raising an eyebrow) Then what must I call you? Fattie, Fatz, Fatiii Patatii?!?!

He was being such a pain! Remind me again why I said yes to marrying him?! I was about to stand up and leave but he grabbed my hand…

ZAYAAN: (tilting his head to one side) Or should I call you Mrs.Bobat (smiling that half a smile that melted my heart)

I blushed a bright shade of red! I probably looked like the red velvet macaroon that had been calling out my name for the past half an hour! I couldn’t resist! I  had to have a macaroon. NOW!

ME: Don’t bet on it Mr.Bobat!

ZAYAAN: Aww, Fatz, don’t be like that.. What can I do to make it up to you?

ME: Macaroon me!

ZAYAAN: (laughing) One macaroon coming right up ma lady

I smiled to my self. We had been back in Durban for two weeks, and I was still giddy from the proposal! Could I get any girlier?!  Before I met Zayaan, it would have sickened me that I was behaving so childish and squirmish over small romantic things. But with Zayaan being one helluva romantic, (who knew) nothing seemed childish any more. He came back with an assortment of macaroons on a plate…

ME: Ooh those look deliciously amazingly yummy!

ZAYAAN: (laughing) Will power! Finish your afrikaans and THEN you can have one!

ME: Awww, come on Zay. Not even one smaal teeny tiny macaroon.(batting my eyelashes)  Just to stop my tummy rumbling?!

As if on que, my tummy growled. Case closed. I dived for a macaroon but Zayaan swatted my hand away.

ZAYAAN: No! You going to mess your note pad with messy macaroon fingers. Allow me…

He lifted the macaroons to my mouth and I gobbled it up within seconds

ZAYAAN: Easy woman! You nearly bit my finger off (smiling)

ME: Good! (Looking around) People were staring.

ZAYAAN: Good. They must stare at my beautiful fiance who can’t speak afrikaans to save her life!

I kicked his leg and he yelled out in pain!
ME: Woops. Was that your leg? Thought it was a coakroach (wink)

ZAYAAN: A coakroach hey… Should I start having a tickle war with you?! Here?! In the middle of gateway?!

ME: You wouldn’t dare!

ZAYAAN: Oh yes I would (wink)

God, how is it that I came to meet this amazing boy! Mashallah! My whole family was thrilled for me. Although my mother did ask me a MILLION times if I was ready for this…

MUM: And are you sure you want to do this? (raising an eyebrow)

ME: Of course I want to do this…. I have to do this. At the end of the day, it’s half of my Iman!

MUM: Yeah, but Fati, do you want to do this NOW? You still so young….

ME: (sigh) Mummy, I never ever imagined in a million years I’d get married at 18. But Allah plans and we plan and Zayaan wants to do it the right way and…and….

MUM: I understand. (hugging me) I just want you to be happy and Zayaan is a good boy. And the Bobat’s are good people.

ME: I know. Shukr, I’m very lucky…  (Twidling my fingers)

MUM: And they are just as lucky! Thay have you and you can make a killer Akoojee chicken curry and rice!

ME: (laughing) Mummmy! Well I learnt from the best!

It was cute! My mother and I had been getting along a whole lot more now that I was proposed. The engagement planning had started already. We had a mere 3 weeks to plan everything with the help of Yasmeen’s Aunty, Aunty Rookaya (Aka aunty Roxx). We were having the engagement in the Bobat’s huge garden. There was going to be a tent just like how they had one for Eid. I didn’t want anything too fancy. My conscious would eat me up if I wasted money on tissues and what not! My mother already started to bug me asking me about centre pieces and decorations for the wedding. I mean, the wedding was in April! 2 and a half months away! I had more important matters to deal with rather than think about centrepieces. No offence to all the girls out there that want the huge fairytale wedding, I know Yasmeen would want that, but I’m different. I don’t wnat to be an over controlling bridezilla, I don’t want to have my wedding filled with gossip queens, and I definitely wanted my wedding to be simple andsleek. Eventually my mother gave up  with me and opted for…..

*drum roll please*


You see, my mother and I had very different opinions on almost everything!

ME: Mummy! White is SO boring! I’m a vibrant person!

MUM: Fatimah! This is a wedding! You have to make it look elegant and not tacky

ME: Tacky?? How is that colour tacky??

MUM: Sweetie, yellow IS  tacky colour for a wedding!

ME: But that’s my favourite colour!

MUM: So then myabe we can incorporate it into the engagement. We can have yellow flowers, but for the wedding absolutely no way!

ME: Mummmmmmmmmy! It’s my wedding! God this is SO stressful! I don’t even want a big wedding!

MUM: Yeah, well you have a BIG family and you marrying into an even bigger family, so get use to it!

ME: (sighing) I just don’t want to deal with all this! Yellow, blue, teal, turqoise…. As long as it looks nice ‘elegant’ and simple, I’m happpy

MUM: What about…..

ME: What about what?

MUM: A wedding planner?

ME: A what?

MUM: You know? A wedding Planner… We’ll get someone to come up with the ideas and colour schemes. You just have to approve everything.

ME: And if I don’t like it?

MUM: Then it’s their job to change it and come up with something new.

ME: Okay, we’ll get a wedding planner. You know anyone?

MUM: I think there was on aunty that BB’d me with a list of names of caterers and wedding planners. There was a muslim lady doing it. And I think she stays in Westville as well. I’ll check and let you know

I thought about it. A wedding planner would ease the workload off me. I could concentrate more on my matric year!God, matric.. I had been so warpped up in our Dubai holiday I completely forgot that I was about to go onto my final year of school

Those 4 words…





And after that, it was just going to be Zayaan and myself. Did I want to further my studies? Maybe… When the time came, I’d think about it but right now, I needed to survive this engagement AND wedding craziness! And I didn’t even have my best friend by my side which was the hardest part! We had been skyping everyday, and true to my word, I included her in al…. well most of my wedding decisions.

YASMEEN: I am SO siding with your mother! Yellow… for a wedding?!

ME: Yasmeen! I’ve heard this all before. Pleas spare me the lecture

YASMEEN: (laughing) Yellow is a lovely colour, but I know you like bright bright colours, and well.. thank god your mother has more sense than you

ME: (rolling eyes) ANYWAY, hows the revision going?

YASMEEN: Don’t even ask! I am  drowning in the amount of work I have to do!

ME: (laughing) Awww, poor baby! And I hope…err… there have been no boy distractions

Just as Yasmeen was about to open her mouth to reply, the door bell rang and my mother started screaming for me

MUM: Fatimaaaaaah! Come, the aunty is here.

Oh crap! The wedding planner! My mothers screaming drowned out the sound of what Yasmeen said..

ME: Yass, I’ll call you back later okay!

YASMEEN: Sure, why’s your mother screaming?

ME: I compleeetely forgot, the wedding planner was coming today!

YASMEEN: Pfff wedding planner?! (laughing) Have fun chicka!

ME: Salaams!

I threw a jersey on over my camisole, and rushed downstairs in a matter of seconds to find my self standing in front of an impeccably dressed woman.

MUM: And this is the bride to be Fatimah. Fatimah this is Aunty Yusairah Karodia. She runs a wedding planning company.

Karodia… That surname rang a bell. Wasn’t that Nuha’s ex best friends surname? Maybe this aunty was related to Yumna…

ME: (putting my hand out to shake her hand) Assalamualaykum.  Jazakallah for coming to meet us Aunty Yusairah

YUSAIRAH: No problem at all. I look forward to helping you Fatimah. Your mother sounded frantic on the phone.

ME: (laughing) Well, our opinions differ on everything! And the wedding is in a few months so…

I risked a glance at my mother as she scowled, but smiled.

MUM: Can I get you’ll anything to drink?


YUSAIRAH: I’d love a glass of water please, with a  slice of lemon.

MUM: And you?

Suddenly, this timid looking girl that looked my age stepped aside from behind her Aunty Yusairah.

YUMNA: Gee, no I won’t have anything to drink jazakallah.

THAT WAS YUMNA KARODIA!!! I recognized her from her facebook pictures! But the girl standing in front of me looked SO different. For one, all her clevage was covered up, and she had absolutely no makeup on! *sigh* THIS is why I never wore heavy makeup on a daily basis. Yumna looked entirely different with her face bare. Snapping me out of my shock and awe was my Aunty Yusiarah…

YUSAIRAH: Oh yes, Fatimah, this is Yumna, my daughter. She helps me with the wedding planning. I’m sure your fiance will know her. His sister and Yumna use to be very close.

I willed my mouth to move. To reply. To say something. But my mouth hung wide open, displaying and showing how shocked I truly was.

THIS was the girl… This was the infamous Yumna Karodia that caused my future sister in law so much pain. But look at Nuha. Look at how strong she was. Not holding a grudge, moving on, letting go. She was finally happy with Omar. My subconcious shook her head. This Yumna was not worth it. She wasn’t going to ruin my day. So I smiled, held out my hand and shook hers. The rest of the afternoon was full on wedding talk. Detailed discussions over colour schemes, ornaments, table cloths, centre pieces, flowers and food. Food…. and CAKE! I was so excited when Aunty Yusairah gave me a list of places where I could find a nice wedding cake.

ME: THIS will definitely be done asap! (laughing)

YUMNA: Umm, you might want to try the first number on that list. Their cakes are very nice. And… (fiddling with her thumbs) And they always change their designs so you won’t clash wedding cakes with anyone else.

I raised my eyebrows up at her. That was the first time she had spoken to me directly all afternoon.

ME: Umm….Thanks?

The Karodia’s got up to leave. I won’t lie, I trusted aunty Yusaira. She had a good sense of style, and she knew what I wanted the wedding to be simple. Judging from her pictures of previous weddings, I trusted that she would be able to pull it off. But it was her daughter… It was her daughter that kind of made me gulp and take a step back, and just watch the way she was. So quiet, so lost, so insecure and unsure of her self. Was Yumna the way she was because of the whole ‘Mohammed’ incident? There was only one way to really find out. I’d have to phone my future sister in law!

Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple.

Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple!

Part 93 – What Ashley Said…

This finale of season 3 and the final post for the month of January is dedicated tooooo….. *drum roll please*

The biggest Greys anatomy addict I have ever known!!! Sweetie, Grey’s has corrupted your taste in series completely 😛 But don’t worry, Sadie , Jenna and I forgive you 😉 After all you ARE the birthday girl!! So here’s wishing you a happy happy birthday my love! *hugs and kisses* Enjoy it! Have cake for breakfast! Go dance in the sunshine! And you better say ‘Ameen’ to all those dua’s I made for you *wink wink* I won’t repeat it here for the whole dunya to see…. But just go say Ameeen 😉 Much Love ♥ DOAD xoxo

Pillow Fighting ♥

Pillow Fighting ♥

Silver heels

Silver heels

It was the Bobat’s last and final night in Dubai before they all flew out the next morning. And we were ready to paint the town red! And blue! And green! And any other colour of the rainbow you could think off! They came back from Abu Dhabi the day before and spent the whole day at the Gold Souk. Zayaan’s mother wanted to make sure she had enough kuncha’s for Fatimah now that the engagement had been finalised for the 26th February. Everyone was super excited! I joined in with their celebrations even though I wasn’t going to be there. Oh well, you win some you lose some hey. So while Zayaan and his mother were gone to the Gold Souk, Nuha was busy plotting away…

NUHA: Yasmeen!!! I have absolutely NO clue what to buy him! He’s so simple and his parents went for umrah so they probably bought him a watch and a perfume and and….

ME: Nuuu what are you talking about?

NUHA: OMAR! I dunno what to buy him

ME: (laughing) Can’t help you there! If you haven’t noticed, I’M the single one!

NUHA: Not for long… What happened in the kitchen after I left?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) Nothing. Although we did have this weird moment in school…

I explained to Nuha the whole watch incident that happened on Thursday

NUHA: So do you still have the watch?

ME: (nodding my head) Yepp

I lifted up the sleeve of my jersey to reveal Zaheer’s watch

NUHA: OH EM GEE! That is probably THE stylish watch I have ever seen!

ME: (laughing) Probably cost a fortune! Imagine what will happen if I lose it?

NUHA: So then why didn’t you just give it back to him??

ME: I DID! He didn’t take it! He said I had to first go ask Ashley.

NUHA: Ask Ashley what?

ME: I don’t even know!! (rolling my eyes) He just said ‘tell her to tell you’! God, sometimes I really hate not knowing what’s going on!

NUHA: Well, maybe we can put your problems on hold…. So you can HELP ME WITH MINE!!

ME: (laughing) Okaay okaaay! Soo what does he like? Pens? Cars? Err, kurta’s? (laughing)

NUHA: Ha. Ha. Very funny! Fine, I’ll just go to the mall my self!

ME: Are you mad! Your brother will kill me if I let you go on your own!

UZAIR: Who’s going where on their own??

I spun around and surely enough Uzair was standing in the doorway. He and Armaan had been downstairs playing Fifa. The rest of his cousins had left the day before, so he had to make do with my smaller annoying brother!

NUHA: Nowhere! Yasmeen is just being a very bad host!

ME: (making a big O face) I am not! You the one that has an overprotective brother

UZAIR: Where do you girlies want to go?

GREAT! I was downgraded from ‘doll’ to girlie!

NUHA: To the mall!!

UZAIR: Well that’s easy! We going out for supper tonight so you can shop. Eh Nuu, you real last minute dot com!

NUHA: Says the guy that did so much shopping he couldn’t even close his bag!

UZAIR: (rolling his eyes) Hey, nice watch…

It only sank in a few seconds later that he was talking to me. I turned to look at him as he smiled that half a smile. Well, 2 could play at this game!

ME: You like?? Thought I might try something more… bulky.

UZAIR: Bulky or more maculines? (wink)

AND THEN HE WALKED AWAY?! What was it with all these boys and walking away?! I was beginning to think Zah’s watch was just bad luck! To the point I contemplated throwing it into the sea! I knew Uzair kind of caught on that wasn’t my watch, but hey we were both in very difficult situations right now so I didn’t let the Uzzi thing ruin my mood…

ME: Look, we’ll go shopping tonight! Kapiche?!

NUHA: (rolling her eyes) FINE! Then can we at least do something now…

ME: Like what? And if you start talking about Omar, I will take that pillow and throw it at you

NUHA:  (standing up on my bed) BRING IT! (laughing)

She chucked the first pillow at me! So I threw a bigger one back at her. By now we were both standing up and jumping on my bed! My new bed, (I still considered it ‘new) it was probably going to break after all the jumping! The springs were going crazy with our high flips and gymnastics jumps. I lie, we were probably the two most un-flexible people you would ever meet! We fell down onto my bed in fits! Laughing so hard Nuha actually had tears in her eyes. And then she looked at me

NUHA: Yass

ME: Yebo

NUHA: Are you happy?

I looked at her, shocked at the question.

ME: I guess

NUHA : (staring up at the ceiling) Like you moved so far away, I mean does Dubai make you happy?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I dunno. Sometimes I can’t help but think if I never left durban, Uzair and I would still be together. But then Yasmin was always coming back soo…

NUHA: Sooner or later your relationship would end?

ME: (nodding my head in agreement)

NUHA: I get what you mean… I use to think of all the ‘what if’ situations when the whole incident with Mo happened. Like ‘what if Zayaan wasn’t my brother’ ‘what if Yumna wasn’t my best friend. But it boils down to loyalty… Mohammed wasn’t loyal.

Loyalty. The word rang in my brain. Mohammed wasn’t the only one lacking loyalty. I had been unloyal. So had Zaheer. I was beginning to think what goes around comes around, and if that was true, just how Uzair forgave me I would forgive Zaheer?

Did I forgive Zaheer? I’m not one to hold grudges and my mother always use to tell me that it was a good thing! If I was ever angry at someone, I would forget about it and move on. I wouldn’t dwell on hatred and anger, and islamically it was a good thing. I didn’t make shaitaan happy with my anger! Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint! But I was happy I wasn’t the kind of person to hold grudges. But now… Now I wasn’t so sure… Was I letting Zaheer off the hook easily? For all I know he could just be toyying with my emotions…  I knew the person I should be speaking to was Zaheer hinself, but whenever I was around him, he clouded my judgement. His eyes… God damn it his everything just distracted me. His words, his face. The way he looked at his shoes when he was nervous.

And then there was what he had told me that day after school. ‘Ask Ashley’. So my first mission I had when I was back at school on Sunday was to track down that brunette backstabbing chick and force her to tell me what Zaheer was talking about. But for now, Nuha and I sat on my bed. She was staring at me while I was deep in thought…

NUHA: It sucks you won’t be there for the engagemant

ME: Hmm (snapping out of my thoughts)

NUHA: I said, it’s a pity you won’t be attending the engagment

ME: (rolling my eyes) Tell me about it!

NUHA: And that’s where you meet boys nowadayas isn’t (wink)

She was clearly teasing me! Because she obviously knew that I met Uzair at a wedding

ME: Oh shush you (throwing a pillow at her)

NUHA: Tell me again. How you met Uzair. I just love the story behind it…

ME: Nuhaa!

NUHA: What?! I like how you two were childhood sweethearts…

ME: What?! Me and Uzzi weren’t childhood sweethearts?? (looking at her quizically)

NUHA: Woops! Did I say uzair? I meant Zaheer

ME: (sighing) I barely remember anything, but I do remember some trips when we came, and I used to play with this chubby taller much bubblier boy back then…

NUHA (laughing) Chubby!! Zaheer was a fat kid?!?

ME: NUHA! That is soo mean (laughing with her)

NUHA: What? I’m just saying! I wanna see a picture!

ME: I don’t have one (shrugging my shoulders) He never ever showed me one… too self concious. He has one….

NUHA: Has one what?

ME: (sighing) He has one picture of us, as kids… in his room

NUHA: (raising her eyebrows) His room…. and how do you know what’s in his room??

I nudged ms ‘ big mouth’ off the bed and she started laughing even harder! We eventually did get off our lazy buttocks’s to get ready for supper. Apparently Nuha’s parents were treating all of us to a very ‘fancy’ supper. So of course, I had to dress in an even ‘fancier’ fashion… Hmm… what to wear what to wear?! I was quite short amongst the Bobat’s so I decided on my shoes first. These gorgeous silver heels with black bows that I knew would match with just about everything! My mother had generously bought me a black dress during the sale. It was full black with little bead work in silver and some lace pattern in the back. It was simple, sleek and classy… If I say so my self. I went raiding through my mothers cupboard and found the perfect scarf to match my outfit. 2 hours later , Nuha and I emerged from my room, looking very…. mashallah! She had decided to wear scarf.

NUHA: When in Rome do as the Romans, When in Arabia… do as the Arabs!

The Bobat parents were not telling anyone where we were going… It was a ‘surprise’. So I was surprised when we pulled up in the taxi outside of Dubai mall…

NUHA: Mummy, where we going??

NUHA’S MOTHER: Shhh… its a surprise.

We followed them, a large group that mostly consisted of Bobat’s and then us the Raheems walked through the mall and into the cool Dubai air outside. We kept walking until… we got…. to the….BURJ FREAKING KHALIFA!!

I knew it!!! I knew where we were going!!!

ATMOSPHERE!!! It was the tallest restaurant IN THE WORLD! Situated in the word TALLEST BUILDING… in the world! And it was hecticly expensive and VERY fancy! There was even a dress code. Thank god I had my party shoes on! We travelled up the luxurious elevators in the Burj to get to Atmosphere (DID I MENTION IT WAS THE TALLEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD) I was suuuuper excited! We were led into a dining room that was set exclusively for us…

ME: Oh my god! Nuu, I love your parents!

NUHA: I know they’re the best! (hugging her mother)

ZAYAAN:  Fatimah’s future in laws (nudging me)

ME: Oh get lost Zay!

ZAYAAN: (laughing) Aww, come one Yas, truce??

ME: No! Only one one condition…

ZAYAAN: Name it! I’m tired of fighting with my fiancée’s best friend.

ME; Ooo! Your fiancée… Well the condition is, if you can get my mother to send me for the engagement, no more fighting.

ZAYAAN: Err, have you met your mother?! She is impossible!

ME: Mummy! Zayaan sai-

ZAYAAN: (covering my mouth) Eh shut up! Big mouth

MUM: What you doing to her Zayaan? (laughing)

ZAYAAN: She has such a loud voice! The whole building will shake if she screams.

I shoved my elbow into his stomach and he doubled backwards, his hand finally off my face!

ME: Zay! You messed up my lipstick! God!

I stormed out of the dining room, in search of the little ladies room. I found it and walked in. I re applied my lipstick, fixed my face and was about to walk out when I bumped into Ashley….

*****Ashley’s Point of View*****

It was Yasmeen. What was she doing here?

ME: Err, hi?

YASMEEN: Hey there….

Well this is awkward…

ME: Umm, how’s it going?

YASMEEN: Good good and you?

ME: It’s going good..

YASMEEN: So what brings you to the tallest restaurant in the world?

ME: I’m having a birthday dinner. My parents treat for my 18th!

YASMEEN: Oh my god! Happy birthday Ash! Sorry, I think I saw it on Facebook but I haven’t been on social networks much recently.

ME: Thanks, for the birthday wishes… And you’re here for?

YASMEEN: We’re having a big fat family dinner!

ME: Well I won’t keep you from your… dinner…

YASMEEN: Wait, umm.. Ashley.. I need to speak to you

ME: Yeah?

Yasmeen looked around and her eyes feel upon these couches that were on the far wall

YASMEEN: Can we sit?

ME: Err sure…

YASMEEN: (exhaling loudly) So I spoke to Zaheer a few days ago, and umm…. He said I should ask you…

ME: Ask me, ask me what?

YASMEEN: I’m not quite so sure my self.. Something about you and him, and how there is nothing between you two?

Oh god. Zaheer wanted me to tell Yasmeen about Zainab’s party

ME: Oh, well Zee wants me to tell you about what happened at Zainab’s party.

YASMEEN: Well what did happen at Zainab’s party?

ME: Ok so, we were there at the party venue, early. Because I said I was going to help Zainab set up. And Zaheer pulls up in his Rolls Royce with his dad. Apparently his dad has been very strict with him lately… for some reason.. I don’t know. So anyway, I went to the front to get him and his dad gets off the car and comes to talk to me

YASMEEN: You can always count on Uncle Ahmed to embarrass his son! (smiling)

Wow, she even know’s Zaheer’s fathers name!?!? This girl and Zee are like a freaking married couple!

ME: Yeah, it was quite embarrassing… He was legit so embarrassed and his dad comes up to me and talks and then he’s like “so are you his girlfriend” and I laugh it off and he’s like “fine then where’s his other girlfriend?” And he was referring to you…

Yasmeen started to blush… I guess Zaheer’s dad didn’t know all the details about Zee and her. I remember her being very shy at the start of the year, probably a muslim girl thing….

ME: And I’m like “Sorry who?” because I didn’t want to rat you out… I was kind of I guess, trying to protect you.

Yasmeen’s eyes widened

YASMEEN: Well thank you. For not saying my name. Uncle Ahmed would just tease me way too much!

ME: And he goes oh I know everything don’t worry about that, then he leaves.

YASMEEN: (laughing) OMG! His father said that?!?! LOL

ME: His dad was seriously very… err… upfront. So anyway then Zee was like dancing with me and being really nice and flirty and he bought me drinks, non alcoholic duh! I don’t drink…

YASMEEN: Religious reasons or?

ME: No, it’s more for health reasons, so yeah we had drinks and stuff from the supermarket next door and everybody goes outside to play volleyball!

YASMEEN: Volleyball?! You guys played volleyball on new years eve?!?!?

ME: (laughing) I know! It sounds ridiculous, but it was fun… So Zee and I were on the same team and he’s being flirty and I’m laughing and he starts like hugging me and stuff and I asked him


ME: Zaheer,  are you sure you’re ok with this

ZAHEER: Umm what?

ME: Zaheer, I can see that there’s something you still have for Yaz

ZAHEER: Hell no ‘blah blah’ she’s a (insert word here) she’s a (insert another word here)

Yasmeen’s face froze. I gave her a moment. Zaheer told her to ask me what happened that night, and here I was telling Yasmeen. I didn’t mean to bring up that part, but I, I just blurted it out. She swallowed hard then looked at me and gestured for me to carry on

ME: So then we went quiet after saying all those things about you.

He hits the volleyball really violently across the net and I pull him away to the chairs next to the court. There was just so much anger inside of him, he looked like he was about to burst!

I replayed the conversation to Yasmeen…


ME: Be honest with me… talk to me

ZAHEER: She changes me. She makes me someone I’m not…. I want to be with her but…


ME: Everyone around us started to tease us, so we got up and left. We went by this grassy area where no one could see us, and that’s why neither of us are in any of Zainab’s party pictures

YASMEEN: (stuttering) Did… did…. did you two… umm… did anything…like happen…between you two?

ME: (Shaking my head in disagreement) No. It was really weird to be honest… He pulled me onto his lap so I was sitting on him, but Yasmeen… nothing happened between us.

YASMEEN: Okay, so…carry on


ZAHEER: Ashley, I really like you. I really like you

I don’t say anything and I get really upset and I pull away from him and I don’t talk and he sighs and pulls me back in and is like

ZAHEER: Ok, so I still have feelings for her.

And then for 4 HOURS he goes on and on talking about you! Saying “oh I love her” then 20 minutes later he tells me to tell him about my self… So I just tell him stuff about me, and being insecure and loving attention and… you know just random stuff about me. It was a really deep conversation

YASMEEN: You’re insecure? But you’re so confident?

ASHELY: (twiddling my thumbs) You have no idea Yasmeen, I’m insecure… I just don’t show it… So anyway, after talking about myself….. there’s just silence and then he says

ZAHEER: I wish more than anything that I could be with her right now

ME: Her, referring to YOU! Yasmeen, I mean he was with me, we were lying down at this point on the grass and he’s kind of holding me, but all he wanted was you! I got really upset because, I actually like him, and… and he wanted you…

I didn’t know what to say next. In all honesty I didn’t want to tell Yasmeen what happened next, because what happened next was that I started to cry. Even though we were lying down, I started to cry, because Zaheer didn’t like me, he liked Yasmeen, and he had been using me and I felt so stupid! But I decided Yasmeen didn’t need to know about this…. My mind had drifted back to the night of new years and I only snapped out of it when Yasmeen hugged me

YASMEEN: I’m sorry (hugging me) I’m sorry he used you and I’m sorry you had to waste your New Years with that butt face

ME: (laughing)

YASMEEN: And Zaheer should be the one apologizing but he’s an arrogant little fish face… But I really am sorry….

There was silence for a while until I resumed my story…

ME: So then I told him to go back to you and I gave him all this other advice to help you love birds and he’s like THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I was panting and out of breath! I replayed the whole night to best that my memory could re-call. I didn’t belong with Zaheer, Yasmeen did.


ME: Yeah..

YASMEEN: Was he sincere?

ME: He was with a smoking hot girl, ME, on new years eve and we never.even. kissed! Not even once! Sooo to answer your question, yes I think he was sincere.

YASMEEN: (laughing) One helluva smoking hot chick!

ME: (laughing) Thank you… So, what are you going to do?

YASMEEN: I honestly don’t know…

Dinner at Atmosphere!

Dinner at Atmosphere!

Can't let him go...

Can’t let him go…

Shout out to ”Zahra, Happy Belated birthday Zazoo! From your lovable huggable cousins Tass and Huss xxx”

Part 92 – The Tennis Showdown

EEEEP! THE SECOND LAST POST OF SEASON 3 :O For all of you out there that are back at school, hope it wasn’t tres tres horrible! *big hugs* Stay tuned, a post will soon come out explaining my ‘break’ and all other questions you guys might have! 😀 Enjoy Part 89! Much Love DOAD ♥ xoxo 



Neeeeeed.Foooood :(

Neeeeeed.Foooood 😦

‘Yasmeeeen! Come on now! We going to be late!’

The sound of my mother screaming rang all the way upstairs, through the passage and into my room! I got up in a fright! I looked at the time. Fudge! It was 6:50! That meant I had 10 minutes to get ready and 5 minutes to eat!  HELLOW?! I could NOT get ready in a mere 600 seconds!! That was not on. I scrambled out from under the comfort of my covers only for my feet to touch the cold icy marble floors! God, this winter in Dubai kept getting weirder and weirder! I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up snowing! I put on my fluffy white slippers and went to the bathroom to now perform a sped up version of my morning bathroom routine! And believe me when I say it was sped up I mean seriously, I was going at the speed of light! 7 minutes later I emerged from the bathroom, my skin moisturised, teeth brushed, and face glowing. (pff, I wish) Now for my hair! This was easy! #TheEasyLifeOfAHijabi! I brushed through my hair till it was knot free, tied it up into a bun then put my scarf on, making it sit with perfection! I got downstairs just in time to eat my toast only to be hurried up by Armaan and my frantic mother!

MUM: Oh would you hurry up Yas! Who asked you to stay up till so late with the Bobats?!

ME: Mummy! My days with them are limited! I’m just making the mosy of it!

MUM: I don’t care! School comes first now hurry up!

After gobbling down my toast I was ushered into the car…

ARMAAN: I call dibbs on sitting in the front!

ME: Does it look like I care? (climbing into the back)

MUM: Yasmeen stop being so rude!

ME: Me?! I was just being honest! I really do not care about the front. Its just a seat!

ARMAAN: Aww is that why you soo moody?!

I swatted Armaan on the head with my school book while he complained to my mother about me! Brothers! They could be SO annoying sometimes! It’s like, you’re going to grow up and be an old man and one day when someone annoys you, what are you going to do?! Call your mother?!?! I think NOT! Armaan should be thanking me for all the annoying things I do to him! I’m toughening him up for the harder challenges to come his way.

We got to school 15 minutes early!! God, these people! I could’ve spent an extra 5 minutes applying my concealer but instead I was going bare faced today! Argh! Oh well maybe natural would be good for me… Yeah Right! I probably looked like a hot mess with the bags under my eyes! Ohwell! That’s what I get for staying up late!

The past few days I had been up watching series. Call me crazy, but I was seriously behind on every single one of the shows I watched so shoot me if I wanted some entertainment after my hard day or working in and out of school! I would have been using my time wisely if the Bobats were in town, but they left a few days ago to go to Abu Dhabi. Haaj told me to come with but… My mother!!!

MUM: No! You missed enough school when Fatimah was around!

ME: Mummy its just 3 days!

MUM: Eh! We paying for your education! Everyday you miss is a waste of our money. What you think money grows on tree’s?!

ME: Fine! God, I’ll go to school…..

I hated arguing with her! I don’t even know why I bother! She always won in our arguments so then again I don’t know what’s the point in bringing stuff up!

As I unpacked my school bag, my phone vibrated. Nuha was sending me snapchats of all of them on the beach with these stupid titles ‘jeaaaaloooous ;)’ and ‘hoows school :D’. Is that a trick question?! Cause after my awkward encounter with Zaheer, Nuha should know I wasn’t looking forward to school.  At all. Lucky for me, I didn’t have english today! Instead I had p.e.! Joy! Me and sports have been at an all time low recently! This Dubai air makes you very lazy!

My day went as normal but I had noticed that the Ameen sisters weren’t in school, which meant they were probably still in SA! Maybe they could bring me some south african sweets when they came! I was running out of Jelly Tots and our Nik Naks were almost finished… What can I say? Instead of boys, I was filling up my self with all the junk food I could! And this way I was eating away my lonesome days instead of choosing to still hurt over the fact that I was, for once, single. Yes yes, Yasmeen Raheem was single! Everyone around me was happily in love

Fatimah & Zayaan = Fayaan

Haaj & Yusuf  =  Haajsuf

Nuha & Omar = Nomar

And finally Yasmin and Uzair ….. It’s painful to even THINK of making up a pet name for them, so I’ll leave it to your imagination to come up with a couple name for them. So as you can see it’s me and my food against the world! And currently, food was letting me down. It was lunch and I opened my bag to realise….


Oh crappity crap crap crap! In ALL the rush and franticness this morning, I forgot to take my lunch! My stomach was grumbling loooads by now! I hadn’t eaten anything for the first break and now, I was going to have to starve my self till I got home. Sigh. My day was going from bad to worse. And as if more problems wanted to be thrown my way, a teacher walked into the class during Lunch…

TEACHER: Sorry, I need to use this classroom for a meeting. Could you find somewhere else to work?

I looked at my ‘work’ on my screen. I was in actual fact, not doing work but rather just procrastinating one way on tumblr and twitter.

ME: Umm, sure Miss.

I got up out of my seat and thought of where I should go. The library? The salaah room? I would’ve normally gone by Saffiya but she wasn’t even in the country! Sooo the only other option where I could spend my lunch with normal people,(Tariq and Camila) was to go outside. I hadn’t spoken to Tar all day! For some reason his head had always been down whenever I walked past him. And Camz told me during Arabic that she wished I would come down more often so…. I guess I was going to make her wish come true. With no food, and just my bare face and growling tummmy, I made my way downstairs. The first face I was met with when I tuned the corner was Zaheer’s. He had seen me coming through the glass window so he was looking me right in the eye with an unreadable expression.

CAMILA: Yass! Finally! God, its about time you stop being cooped up in that class!

ME: Shush you! I was thinking more along the lines of me being a vampire… You know, away from the sun and everything.

CAMILA: (laughing) Naa, you can’t be a vampire. You gotta be pretty for that (nudging me)

ME: Oh shut up (laughing) Sooo……

CAMILA: So what?

ME: Ismaeel?

CAMILA (shrugging her shoulders) We friends. I don’t want to get in trouble.

ZAHEER: (pulling up a chair and talking to us) Who’s this?

ME: Who’s what?

ZAHEER: This guy you’re talking about?

CAMILA: Ismaeel, my ex

Zaheer looked at me. He had met Ismaeel a few nights before at my house.

ZAHEER: Wait, nooo! She’s talking about Ismaeel, as in Bobat?

ME: Yepp!

ZAHEER: You two dated?!

CAMILA: Wait, how do YOU know him?!

ZAHEER: Met him at Yasmeen’s house one night.

CAMILA: Ooooo! Dinner at Yasmeen’s (nudging me)

I looked at Camila with the absolute BIGGEST daggers my eyes could possibly give her…

ME: Anywaaaay! How was your holiday Camz?

CAMILA: It was soo nice! My aunty and them came so we went dune bashing and went shopping and it was really nice!

We carried on talking, and somehow I seemed to be at ease with Zaheer and Camila. Camila told us about her crazy famiy fun time. Zaheer spoke about his trip to Zanzibar. I lie… he COMPLAINED about his trip more than anything

ZAHEER: And get this, there was a beach… and you weren’t allowed to swim!!

ME: Well that’s just retarded!

ZAHEER: I know! So we just sat there doing basically nothing for a week in Africa.. And don’t even get me started on the insects

CAMILA: (laughing) Rich boy can’t handle the great outdoors?!

ME: Too used to the comfort of the palm and the beach on his doorstep! Why would you even go on holiday if You have a beach?!

ZAHEER: It’s SO cold here! You want me to freeze to death in the sea….

ME: Yes pleeease

ZAHEER: Heartless

ME: Learnt from the best

And then we both just burst out laughing! I looked around at the rest of the circle. Lia ws busy dacing to some song she had playing on her laptop and I realised, when was the last time I even listened to music? Zainab and Ashley were busy drawing into their art books, but one person was looking at me, looking right at me. Tariq. He didn’t look mad, but he certainly wasn’t happy. In fact he looked like he was smirking, a sneaky smirk that for some reason sent shivers up my spine. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows as if to ask ‘whats wrong?’ He just nodded his head in disagreement. Oh well! I had a lot of terrible moments today, and I would deal with facial expression smirking Tariq later on. I zoned back into the conversation and saw that Laila had joined us

ME: Lailoooo!!! My dollie I haven’t seen you in ages (hugging her)

LAILA: (laughing) I’m your dollie now!?

ME: You were always my dollie! I just made it totes official right now!

LAILA: Where you been hibernating anyway?

ME: Jusssssst been busy. (avoiding eye contact) With stuff

LAILA: Well I’m glad you back! This Zaheer has been causing so much trouble here…

ME: Trouble… Hmm… do I even want to know

ZAHEER: Me?! Trouble?! Pa-leeez!

ME: Don’t ever say ‘pa-leez’! I will start questioning how straight you are!

And then, the bell went to sound the end of lunch! I made my way to my class, took my P.E. bag and everything else, then made my way downstairs. I was walking down the hallway on my own when I could hear someone calling my name

LAILA: Yasss! Yasmeeeeeen!

ME: (turning around) Lailooo!

And Zaheer. You see, Laila and Zaheer were in the same form class so they walked to classes together all the time. I won’t lie, I kind of got jealous, but hey, he wasn’t mine so I couldn’t get jealous!

LAILA: Ready to kick butt in tennis?!

ME: Wait, WHAT?! Tennis (laughing) The last time I played tennis I was like… 7…. 8….. maybe 9!  I don’t remember.

ZAHEER: That memory of yours?! (wink) What do you remember

ME: I remember quite a bit Mr.Mohammed…

We got to the changing rooms, Laila and I went into  the girls and Zaheer went into the boys. But just as Laila walked into the change room,s Zaheer tapped me on my shoulder

ME: Yeah?

ZAHEER: Do me favour please

ME: Yeah?

ZAHEER: (taking off his watch) Keep my watch please. The last time I brought it to school I lost it… and this ones new an-

I took the watch from his hand.

ME: No problem Zah. Just remind me to give it back to you at the end of the day.

And then I walked into the change room. Well THAT was weird!!!

The school P.E. kit consisted of these ugly white top and an even uglier pair of green shorts! Lucky for me… I WAS IN SIXTH FORM! We could wear black shorts but since I covered up, I wore tights and my own top. I put some sunblock on then made my way outside to the tennis courts. So Laila was right. We we’re going to play tennis. We warmed up for a while, doing high knee’s, butt kicks’s… MY FITNESS LEVEL HAD GONE SO BAD!!  I was panting and out of breath!

TEACHER: Right guys! Partner with someone that’s not of the same atheltic ability. Feed the ball to them and after 10 go’s you swap over.

I looked at Laila and we burst out laughing! She and I were both just as bad at sports so we couldn’t go with each other. Some other girl took Laila as a partner and I…..

was left….


TEACHER: Who doesn’t have a partner?

I stepped forward only to find that another girl stepped forward as well. I looked to my right and saw it was Ashley.


We were partnered up and had to play tennis together!At first I was hesitant. Tennis wasn’t really her strong point… I could tell! (she missed a few times and kept hitting it too much to the left. Hello! I was standing in the middle) But after a while I remembered how she would just prance around school as Zaheer’s arm candy and I STARTED WHACKING IT! I hit the ball in all directions with force so that she would have to run around and get it! (evil laugh: mwahahahaha) I felt like Federer on the court!

Then she started doing the same! With less force, but I still had to run all over the court chasing after that stupid tennis ball! By the end of that tennis session we were out of breath and panting. As two players would normally shake hands after a match, we did the same.

But I beat her! I whipped her butt and won 3 matches! BOO YA KA! BAM! BA DA BING! BA DA BOOM!

I got changed in a record time and made my way outside only to bump into Zaheer

ME: Heeey!

ZAHEER: Ello! Which way you walking out?

ME: Umm… through the back. Drivers picking me up today.

ZAHEER: Aaaah, okay well I’m also walking out the back

ME: Want your watch back?

ZAHEER: Naa, I’ll take it from you just now. It suits you

We walked a little while until we passed the water fountain where I stopped to have a drink. I really did wonder if Zaheer was truly trying or if he was just messing with me. So I decided once again to just blank him and see how he reacts…

ZAHEER: Yasmeen?


ME: Don’t call me Yaz!

ZAHEER: Err, okay

ME: God, everyone else can’t pronounce my name as it is, and you know how to say Yas so why would you even say Yaz

ZAHEER: Okay okay! I’m sorry God!

I just rolled my eyes.

ME: (unclipping his watch) Here, here’s your watch!

ZAHEER: No wait, wait a  second.

He walked up to me and while the watch was hanging loosely from my hand he clicked a button.


ME: (looking at the watch) What?

He clicked another button.

ZAHEER: Now look.

I looked. He pressed a button that revealed the date today. It was…. It was…. It was our anniversary. Well, the date of would have been our 5 month anniversary! I looked at that date. I just stared at it. I let the numbers burn a hole through my heart! Well, it felt like that!

ZAHEER: Yasmeen…

ME: Zah, no! You and ashley and all that crap

ZAHEER: Nothing happened between us! Nothing! You can even go ask her!

I took off the watch and gave it to him

ZAHEER: Yasmeen, go ask Ashley. Tell her I said she should tell you…

ME: Tell me? Tell me what?

ZAHEER: Ask her.

He took his watch, but instead of putting it on, he placed it in the palm of my hand, closed my fingers over it and walked away.




Wearing his watch...

Wearing his watch…

Shout out to ”All of ya’ll that are back at schooooool!! 😀 Hope you not hating on your textbooks and teachers already 😛  Much Love, from Ms. Authorness herself!”

Part 91 – Painful Goodbye’s

HOLA MAMA CHICKA’S! SO I AM TRES TRES SORRY FOR THE DELAY! Got caught up with….. LIFE! Enjoy Part 88… One post closer to the end of season 3 😉 Much Love DOAD  ♥ xoxo

Icing Cupcakes aka Therapy

Icing Cupcakes aka Therapy

Aaliyah's Pink Horse  ♥

Aaliyah’s Pink Horse ♥

It was a Monday morning, the morning that the Akoojee’s were leaving. The morning that I just wanted to cry and cry and cry. The night before had been wonderful! My mother surprised me when I got home with Uzair, as she had invited EVERYONE for supper. Like everyone! All the Bobat’s (which totalled up to a big number) and the Akoojee’s, and a few other people were coming for tea later on. After our little dmc at Knights bridge café, Uzair and I were going through the motions of things being…quite awkward. For some reason he decided that after I gave my blessing for him and Yasmin, he was just going to not talk about or think about it at all. He avoided eye contact with me because every time I would look at him I would just say the name ‘Yasmin’ or even ‘Laher’ and he would blush a scarlet shade of red! God, it REALLY was that funny! And I did appreciate the fact that he had the decency to let me know where I stand.

Was I hurt? Nope!

Did he deserve this girl? Hell yeah!

She was gorgeous and sweet and nice, and maybe this was good for us. I said ‘maybe’! At the end of the day I couldn’t plan ahead and I had no idea what was in store for us. All I did know was that, MY LIFE WAS BECOMING TOO BOY OBSESSED! Normally I would have Fatimah on my case telling me I was obsessing over boys, but now she her self was busy obsessing, not only over a boy but she had bigger problems. She was planning a wedding that was happening I like…… 4 MONTHS! She had her future to think about and, me? Here I was obsessing over the useless stuff when there were people starving in Africa! And children dying in Palestine! And I needed to do something crazy! Like, like jump out of a plane and go sky diving.

Jokes, I am seriously SO scared of heights it’s not even funny! But I wanted to do something fun! Something with no boys! Something that might just get my mind off boys and put my mind into some use. So when I got home to find Nuha and Fatimah there, I dragged them off to the kitchen.

ME: Right! We’re baking!

NUHA: Excuse me! What?!

FATIMAH: Yeah, I thought you dragged us into the kitchen to tell us whats up with you and Uzzi??

ME: Whats up with me and Uzzi?

NUHA: Yeah I’m also noticing the….err….. weirdness between you two?

I looked at both of them and just started laughing!

ME: You see, THIS I why we’re baking! I am becoming way TOO boy obsessed!!

FATIMAH: And that’s bad for your health babe!

ME: It is! So I want to get my mind off things and do something productive…

NUHA: Ugh! This sounds like effort!

ME: (rolling my eyes) Oi! You’ve been shopping all week! Time to do some actual work!

NUHA: Work? I’m on holiday you jealous bum! (giving me a hug) Now where does the flour stay?

ME: Flour?

NUHA: We’re baking aren’t we!

So for the next hour Nuha, Fatimah and I messed up the kitchen completely baking the fabulously delicious yet kinda boring Hummingbird cupcakes. I said I was up to bake, I didn’t say I was going to go bake a hectic batch of hard to make cupcakes. The first batch, we over beat it. The second batch, we all went to watch the boys play FIFA and left it in the oven for too long. So 45 minutes later, and after 2 unsuccessful batches of cucakes, we finally beat it for the right amount of time and remembered to take the cupcakes out! Fati and Nuha were reading salaah, so I quickly stuck a toothpick into the cupcake, it came out clean! Just as I was taking out the one tray from the oven, Uzair walked into the kithen. I was about to drop the HOT tray, realising that I wasn’t even wearing gloves (stupid me) When Uzair quickly grabbed a towel and caught the falling tray…

ME: (breathing heavily) Oh my god!

UZAIR: Real clutz you are!

ME: Oh keep quiet!


Sooooo you talking to me?

UZAIR: Don’t be like that.

ME: It’s true! All of a sudden you just don’t want to know me after our little ‘laher’ conversation!

UZAIR: Cause you wont drop it!

ME: I just found out that ‘Uz Uz’ is in love an-

UZAIR: Don’t call me Uz Uz!

ME: (Raising my eyebrows) Oh my god! You REALLY do love her?!

UZAIR: Stop saying that…

ME: Don’t you get it Uzair! It’s like Zaheer and me! You only let Yasmin call you ‘Uz Uz’ just how Zaheer only lets me call him ‘Zah’.

UZAIR: Yeah, and where’s Zaheer now huh? (looking annoyed)

That stung! I won’t lie, his comment hurt. Lucky he had put down the hot tray of cupcakes otherwise he would’ve either thrown it across the room in anger, or I would’ve thrown hot cupcakes at him. He ran his fingers through his hair while I propped myself onto the kitchen counter. He walked over to me and took my hands into his hands. I pulled my hands away and folded my arms.

ME: No Uzair. Just no

UZAIR: Why not? Now why you’re being funny?

ME: I’m not being funny… I just know that now you have a chance at having a PROPER girlfriend! Excluding Yumna, you haven’t dated a girl after us.

UZAIR: (sighing) Okay, so I love Yasmin. Happy! It’s just, she’s moving to Joburg, not Durban.

ME: So? You were willing to date me! And I was living on another continent! At least Joburg is only an hour away.

UZAIR: And you think my mother will let me waste money on a flight every weekend to go see my girlfriend!

ME: (nudging him) Ooo la la! Your girlfriend (wink) Well, you’ll have the money so might as well waste it! (wink)

UZAIR: Yasmeen!

ME: Uzair!

UZAIR: We been doing a lot of name calling recently….


I’m going to tell you something.

ME: Okay

He took my hands into his and this time I didn’t pull them away

UZAIR: My….. I…. Yasmin’s mother and my… my mother, they use to be best friends. Okay, and then Aunty Farhana-

ME: Correction, it’s just Farhana… Can’t call your new mother in law AUNTY farhana! She’ll shoot you (wink)

Uzai gave me big eyes and daggered them straight at me. I quickly kept quiet and tried not to laugh.

UZAIR: AUNTY Farhana, she was never like that. Like this. She didn’t even want to move to America initially, but then she did! And over the years she changed…. My mother distanced her self from her. And thats why we kind of never ever spoke to them or met up with them in all these years…

ME: I get what you saying…….. Yasmin does seem very different compared to her mother.

UZAIR: Yeah, so it’s like IF  date her, I also will basically be with her family, and as you’ve seen Farhana would actually want me to date her daughter


I just swallowed. This wasn’t awkward, but this stage was more painful, admitting that as the days went by there was less and less of a chance of us being together. But if you love someone, you let ’em go! He did that for me, it was my turn to let go!

ME: You mean, she wouldn’t freak out like how my mother would?

UZAIR: Yeah! Your mother is chilled, but holy and so funny! And she cares and you know she cares.

ME: Err, did she pay you to tell me all of this? (smiling)

UZAIR: Shush you! You know it, your mother is amazingly cool!

ME: STOP CONFUSING EVERYTHING! JUST GO DATE YASMIN! At this rate, she’ll find one hot rich arab and they’ll go riding into the sunset on a camel. SO YALLAH YOUR BUTT! Phone her! Tell her you love her

Okay, don’t tell her you love her RIGHT NOW! But you get my point! Juts go! I’ve got cupcakes to ice….

I dont know why I started getting hyped up. Uzair was just being SO stupid! He was creating non existent problems when he could just go out there and get his girl. Uzair looked at me for a long time, he took my fingers and pressed them against his lips. I sighed and realised this could be the last time I ever felt Uzair kiss me.

UZAIR: You’re a star Yasmeen, you know that? And I don’t know if any guy will ever be good enough to deserve you

ME: Oh spare me the pity Bobat (smiling light heartedly)

He leaned up kissed me on my forehead gave me a half a smile and walked out of the kitchen to leave me alone with my cupcakes. All around me I could hear the ladies chatting, and cooking and setting the table and eating and having a good time. Even Zayaan got his cousins to help out with supper. Zayaan was preparing him self for his soon to be ‘hubby lifetyle’! All around me everyone was having a good time, and me?? I was in the kitchen with an icing bag in my hand icing cupcakes at the pace of a snail! I was taking my time, caught up in my own thoughts I took this time to self reflect.

He was moving on. That was life. It was all about change. We had been evolving and changing a LOT! Of course it’s not like we stopped caring about each other, but Uzair was going to soon not be single any more. And this time around it was different, because this time I couldn’t fault his future girlfriend. Sure Yasmin Laher had a crazy mother! But she was a nice girl, a very good match for Uzair and if she made him happy, then I guess that made me happy. I kept on breathing, the whole time while I was icing those darn vanilla cupcakes, I just kept on breathing. My mother offered to me help me I refused her help

Nuha came to call me to tell me everyone was on the table eating, I told her I wasn’t hungry. (I lied, my stomach was growling)

Zayaan even came and told me to sit down as he had finished eating, I just ignored the people that spoke to me! I finished icing half a dozen cupcakes when I took a small break to get  a glass of water. Then, the door bell rang.

MUM: Yasss! Get the door please

ME: ARMAAAN! I’m busy you get the door!

Yes guys, I was moody, I wanted to be alone and NO I was not depressed! I was simply having a little ‘me’ time. But lately I had been having an awful lot of me time. I was so engrossed in icing my cupcakes that I didn’t realise someone else was in the kitchen with me. I only realised I wasn’t alone when I saw a figure come stand next to me, holding another icing bag. Their hands picked up a cupcake and very eloquently began to ice it. I knew those hands. And as I kept my gaze down at the cupcake, I could see the shoes the person behind me was wearing. I knew those shoes. And then the painful memories of the ‘Loubie Couple’ rushed back at me. Zaheer was standing there. I wanted to turn around but I froze, mid way through icing the cupcake, I just stopped! I willed my self to continue to pretend that I was ALONE, and ENGROSSED in icing my cupcake, but truth be told, I wasn’t alone and I no longer was engrossed in icing my cupcake. Just then someone else walked into the kitchen holding plates and cups that were causing a racket

It was Nuha.

She took one look at Zaheer and I. I have no idea WHAT it must have looked like from her point of view but I begged her telepathically to STAY, or make up some excuse to get him out of there or…. But since she was Nuha, she wasn’t bright enough to understand my BIG eyes and desperate facial expression! So instead she left the plates and rushed out of the kitchen

I was really going to murder her after this awkward  situation….

ZAHEER: So, cupcakes?

ME: Hmm, yeah cupcakes (icing the cupcake I was holding in my hand)

ZAHEER: Is it for a party? Or you made just like that (Placing down the decorated cupcake)

ME: Just like that.




ZAHEER: Yasmeen, I’m trying. I really am.

ME: Trying for what? Trying to talk to me? Trying to communicate? Cause Zah what is the point?!

ZAHEER: (looking at his shoes) I’m just trying.

ME: Well try harder (walking away)

I stopped in my tracks and turned to look at him

ME: In fact, maybe you shouldn’t even try at all!

I was SO freaking mad! He wanted to talk now!?! Well he could go die in a hole for all I care.

Well I lie. I cared TOO MUCH. I wanted him alive, but I wanted him to die. I wanted him close to me but I didn’t want him spekaing to me. I didn’t know whether I loved him or not, but I sure as hell still had feelings for him. I was jealous, but he wasn’t even mine! I slumped onto a chair and looked around and realised Aunty Raeesa Aaliya and Uncle Ahmed were there…

AALIYAH: Yasmeeeeeeeeeeen! (running up to me)

ME: Aaaaliyah! Oh my word, have you grown in the past month sweetie?!

AALIYAH: I’m getting taller! So I can be tall like you!

Bless, she was SO cute! (mashallah)

ME: Me? Tall, Aalz, I am so short! So hows school?

AALIYAH: Eugh! School is sooo boring! I started doing horse riding lessons!

ME: Horse riding! Thats nice. Doesn’t your bum hurt though?

AALIYAH: (laughing) Silly, you supposed to lift your bum up and down up and down…

ME: Up and down up and down (laughing) So is your father buying you a horse now?

UNCLE AHMED: Don’t give her any idea’s Yasmeen (smiling) Just now she’ll start bugging my brains!

AALIYAH: I want a pink horsie daddy!

The night carried on like this with funny banter and laughter. Zaheer somehow ended up chilling with Ismaeel and Ridwaan who were funnily enough, actually nice to him. I’m glad they kept him away from the supper table. I would not have survived the night if he was there….

And then came the good byes. Lord the good byes to my Yusuf! And Zain! And my absolute babe of a best friend Fati Pataati! They stayed at our house till quite late and when they eventually did leave, the goodbyes were painful…

ME: You better not forget me! (hugging her)

FATIMAH: You said that last time   (hugging me back)

ME: So I’m re-inforcing the law. YOU CAN NOT FORGET ME FATOO!


We sat there half laughing half crying!

ME: And you have to include me in EVERY single decision for your wedding!

FATIMAH: (laughing) It all changed for me now…. isn’t?

ME: I want to tell you no, that nothing will change, but yes Baaabe! You going to be a Bobat! And lucky you, his family is normal! And amazingly nice and sweet!

FATIMAH: Yes yes! I’m marrying the whole Bobat Clan


But am I doing the right thing?

ME: You doing the holy thing. And I guess that means you doing the right thing.

FATIMAH: (sighing) Well good! You’re half of me babe! So your approval means the world to me (hugging me) And yes ! I give you full responsibility to pick the tissues out for the wedding!

ME: (laughing) Lucky me I get stuck with tissue duty!

We made some other random wedding jokes then I moved onto make salaam to Fati’s parents.

ME: Aunty Zaheeeeera! Im going to miss you guys WAY TOO MUCH!

AUNTY Zaheera: We’ll see you’ll soon enough! April isn’t so far away

YUSUF: Its just a shame you’ll going to miss the angeagment.

ME: Don’t remind me! (hugging Yusuf) Keep Haajo close to your heart Yusuf! She’s a lucky girl!

YUSUF: Don’t be a stranger! I also have skype (hugging me back)

ME: And Zainoooo! Baba you need to stop growing! (picking him up and hugging him)

ZAIN: Yathooo Im gowing to mith you.

ME: (Laughing) Gimme a hug my baby!

We hugged, I teared just a little bit, hugged Fatimah one last time then watched them get into the taxi and drive away. Sigh.

Letting Uzair Go

Letting Uzair Go

Till we meet again...

Till we meet again…

Shout out to ”Ammaarah, Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest friend, Ammaarah. We love you lots from Rumaanah, Leyya and Zaakirah”

Part 90 – Back at School

(Please attempt to read this with a THICK texas accent)

Hey ya’ll cowgirls and cowboys! 😛 Hope you been wrapping up ya’ll holidays and n’joooyin the last feew days of relaxaation!! Here is ya’ll 87th post! 😀 Hope ya’ll enjooy it. Much Love DOAD ❤ xoxo

Zaheer </3


Do you have any idea how hard it is to see your ex on a daily basis? I thought I would be over it but clearly I wasn’t! I mean, for some reason, on the first day back at school after the winter break, he was just unavoidable! He just so happened to walk into school at approximately the same time I did, which was awkward to say the least. I looked down and counted my steps all the way till I got to my classroom. Well at least he was wasn’t barging into my class any more. Everyone was hugging cheering and laughing, telling each other stories of their holidays. Lia ran up to me and gave me a hug!

LIA: Yazz! Heey! How was your winter break?

ME: It was good! I was so busy running around. We have family down so I’ve been very busy shopping.  What about you? Did you go anywhere?

LIA: We were in Dubai as well. We had some family friends down so we were busy entertaining. The malls are SO busy! Oh my god! We went there last week and it was ridiculous!

ME: I know right-

Just as I was about to continue speaking, Zaheer walked into the class. But instead of going over to Ashley, who was sitting at her desk, he walked to Lia and I. I caught his glance and for a brief moment we shared some awkward eye contact. I looked away…

ZAHEER: Hey Lia, Ms. Cooper  was looking for you.

LIA: Oh shoot! I was supposed to see her. (Turning to me) I’ll see you later in Maths Yaz!

And she left. God this was really getting awkward now! I started to unpack my pencil case as I had always done every morning and this time I focused on counting my heart beat. Zaheer was just standing there and my heart was beating really fast. I lost count and just tried to clear my mind…

ZAHEER: Yasmeen, hello?

ME: Hmm?

ZAHEER: I asked how was your break?

ME: Oh. It was nice. (Swallowing the lump in my throat) I was… Very busy

ZAHEER: (smiling) Busy entertaining?

ME: Yeah…

ZAHEER: So I heard Fatimah’s getting married?

ME: Yes, she is. News travels fast hey.

ZAHEER: My mother told me so that’s how I know…

I just gave him this phony over exaggerated smile and watched as his gaze travelled over to where Ashley was sitting. I thought he was going to walk over and plop him self in my seat, but instead he walked towards the door, leaving my class. But before he left he turned around and said

ZAHEER: See you ’round Yasmeen

And he was gone. Well THAT was by far the weirdest 1 minute encounter I had ever had! Since when were Zaheer and I even on speaking terms?! He thinks he can just barge in and make chit chat and forget what happened, well no siree! I was not that easy! Of course I wasn’t one to hold grudges, but that boy had to earn the right to even speak to me! And no, It’s not like I think I’m the queen of Sheba! It’s just, I wanted him to earn it!
The day progressed as normal. I had all my lessons. And the lessons that I had Ashley in, I always found that she would be looking at me, as if waiting for me to ask her something or as if she was wanting to tell me something. I pulled through the whole day, including lunch! That part was easy! Instead of going to sit with the paki crew, I just sat in the class catching up on series I had missed during the past 2 weeks. But then… Came the lesson… I dreaded the most…


Oh god oh god! I really was NOT going to enjoy this! I walked in, predicting that Zaheer would be sitting with Lia and Ashley. I was right! Mustafa was away so there was a spare seat. But what happened next shocked me…

Ms. Breeze my English teacher, said we’d be doing group work and that I should sit where Mustafa would normally sit, which was next to Zaheer!! Lucky for me, Zaheer moved his chair up so that I had PLENTY of personal space. And when I say plenty, I mean plenty! It was as if I was sitting on my own, across the table  from a squished Ashley, Lia and Zaheer. I didn’t mind

I lie

I did mind, a LOT!

They sat there speaking the whole entire lesson! I tried to block out the conversation but eventually boredom overtook me and I slumped, put my head on the desk and opened my ears to hear them speak…

ASHLEY: He chucked the Starbucks cup into the water Lia!

LIA: Zeee!!! You’re the cause behind global warming!

ZAHEER: What can I say ladies, I try…

Eeeeeeugggggh! He made me sick!

ASHLEY: And it was so cute! Indian Dan and Zainab were walking together.

LIA: What is going on between those two?

ASHLEY: Zainab says she doesn’t like him, but that’s bull!

LIA: And what about Dan?

Zeee Do you know anything?

Hello earth to Zee?!

I looked up and wondered why Zaheer wasn’t replying to Lia. But when I looked up I was caught off guard. Zaheer was looking at me. I felt like his eyes were trying to talk to me, as if to ask what was wrong. But of course, he didn’t ask. Because if he asked me that, that would require him to care. And for Zaheer to care he would need a heart! And let’s face it, he didn’t have a heart! But he did speak to me…

ZAHEER: Your chest?

ME: My what?!?!?

ZAHEER: Your chest, it’s showing.

I looked down, and funnily enough my scarf had moved out of place so that a little bit of my skin was showing. I quickly rearranged my scarf to cover it

ME: Thanks

The rest of the lesson I kind of zoned down and started to focus on what had just happened.

Just because Zaheer pointed out that a little bit of my chest was showing doesn’t mean he cares. Or does it? If he didn’t care would he still have told me to cover up?? I came to the conclusion that Zah was a heartless little son of a COW (I lie his mother was a total angel, sweetest woman you’d ever meet) So then after discardig that theory, I moved onto thinking about how he was the black swan in his family. The odd one out. His family were all so nice, and kind and sweet. And he, the total opposite!  Could Zaheer be adopted? Cause he sure as hell was NOTHING like his family!  When we wanted to be, he would fake being nice and kind and sweet, but under all that sugar was something sour! Something so sour and cunning that for some reason I was letting it take up all of my time! As if to snap me out of my daydream, the bell rang! THANK goodness! The day was finally over. I sped out of that classroom as fast as I could onlty to collied into Tariq

TARIQ: Wooah, slow down!

ME: Hey! Hi! Sorry! Just want to get outta here

TARIQ: Hey hi to you to! And can I guess why you want to get out of here? (wink)

ME: I think we both know that you know the reason as to why I don’t want to stick around here! (rolling my eyes)

TARIQ: Drama queen! (laughing) Well on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad was your English lesson?

ME: Hmm….. I rate it an 11!

TARIQ: (twirling me around) Woppa! That means it was beyond amazing!

ME: Err no! It means it was beyond horrific! 10 means horrible, therefore 11 is even worse!

TARIQ: Whatever you say Yasmeen, whatever you say!

ME: Hey! You just said my name correctly!

TARIQ (laughing) Seriously, that’s all you care about… (wink) I’ll see you tomorrow!

ME: Byeee

I got my bags, shoved my books inside and sped out of the school doors in no time! I looked around for my mothers car but it was no where to be seen. She wasn’t in her usual place, she wasn’t in the parking lot, or the pavement. And when I tried phoning her, her phone was switched off! Well this was just great! Just as I was about to walk the length of the car park again to try and find her car, a taxi pulled up on the side of the road and…. get this, Uzair was inside of it!

UZAIR: Yasmeen!

ME: Uzzi? What you doing here?

UZAIR: Your mother was busy with my mother taking her cloak shopping. She sent me to pick you up.

ME: In a taxi? Where’s the horse carriage?

UZAIR: Would you please just get in the car (smiling)

ME: Geez! Moody Mc’moody!

I got in and Uzair got in after me. I gave the driver directions for home but Uzair stopped me

UZAIR: No, we have lunch plans

ME: We?

UZAIR: You and me. Knights bridge Cafe. Your mother made the reservation.

ME: And why would she do that?

UZAIR: (sighing) Because I asked her to. (turning to me) I’m sorry I’m snapping, it’s just, you going to be at school for the rest of the week. I’m leaving in a few days and I just want today to be you and  me.

ME:  Okay, well you have me now so can you cut back on being snappy?

UZAIR: Sorry. So anyway, how was school?

ME: (looking at him) Seriousy Uzzi…… (laughing) You sound like my mother!! (laughing again)  ‘how was school’ LOL!

UZAIR: (running his fingers through his hair) What else I must ask you?

He had this nervous expression on his face and it kind of scared me because Uzair is always calm and composed, never a nervous wreck….except……except for yesterday at the mall! That was the only time he was jittery and that…that was because of that Yasmin chick!

ME: OH MY GOD! You’re nervous!!

UZAIR: Nervous?!? Me?!??! Pa-leeeez!

ME: Yes! Yes you are! And I have a feeling its aaaaall to do with that Yasmin girl!

UZAIR: (his cheeks flushing a shade of red) Noooo

ME: Uzzzi, baby! You’re in LOVE!


ME: No no no! You’re in love with this Yasmin chick! In fact…. (smiling a sneaky smile) I think you love her more than me!

UZAIR: Yasmeen, we will discuss this later! The poor taxi driver will get a headache.

I just laughed! Yesterday after I had left the two ‘love birds’ together and after my many hours of shopping with Fatimah, Nuha and Haaj, Uzair finally resurfaced outside our meeting point, Patchi, only he wasn’t alone. He brought Yasmin as well! And to be honest, OF COURSE I didn’t mind! Those two together were like two monkeys on steroids! Their childhood stories could keep you laughing for days! Yasmin knew almost everyone there since she was pretty clued up with the Bobats, but a quick intro was done between Yusuf, Fatimah, Armaan and Yasmin. She was sweet, a very nice girl, very jolly! But I also got the vibe she was nothing like her mother.

Anyway, after our short car ride to Knights bridge cafe, Uzair and I got off, paid the driver and walked into a very smart cafe that was made of glass. Like literally, two thirds of the exterior was all glass instead of windows which made it look so stylish! We were seated and given menus.

ME: Wooah! My mother has good taste!

UZAIR: Please, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be here.  (wink)

ME: What to order what to order…. I want a chicken sandwich in that hot bread. Oooo! And get a platter of halloumi cheese! Ooooh and that drink looks really nice! No noo, on second thought I want a cafe latte!

UZAIR: (Sighing) Make up your mind!

We ordered a sandwich to share between the two of us, which looked tres tres fancy and amazingly delicious, a halloumi cheese platter, my cafe latte and Uzair had a cappuccino.

ME: Mmmmm….try this halloumi! IT. IS. HEAVENLY!

I fed Uzair a small piece of cheese with my fork. He was hesitant at first, but he reluctantly ate the halloumi off my fork.

ME: Hey, what’s up with you?

UZAIR: I need to talk to you

ME: Okay, so talk to me

UZAIR: It’s about Yasmin

ME: Wait, the other Yasmin (smiling)

UZAIR: Yeah… Now why you smiling like that?

ME: Smiling like what? (biting my lip to stop the smile from spreading) I hear wedding bells!

UZAIR: Yasmeeeen!

ME: Uzaaaaair! Shut up and just talk! What you want to tell me?

UZAIR: (rolling his eyes) Well little miss inquisitive, I just wanted to let you know….. I found her!

ME: (Taking a bite out of my sandwich) Found who?

UZAIR: I found her, the girl who is going to get me back into the dating game…

I smiled, I knew the answer before he even said it.

UZAIR: I think I like Yasmin

ME: (smiling) You’re wrong.

UZAIR: What? How could I be wrong

ME: Because I don’t think you like Yasmin….

I think you love her.

Chicken Sandwich  :)

Chicken Sandwich 🙂

Cafe Latte!!

Cafe Latte!!

Part 89 – Uzair’s intro: Yasmin Laher

THIS IS NOT PART 87! THIS is actually from Uzair’s point of view and will not be numbered 😀 A little background story into his mysterious childhood friend Yasmin Laher! Enjoy, Much Love DOAD ❤ xoxo

Soul Mates...

Soul Mates…

Yasmin. With an I. Yasmin Laher.

Where do I even begin with her? Well I’ll have to go back to the beginning. It’s complicated and messy and hardly anbody really remembers the past. My whole family tries to forget it, but if you’ll want to know how I met the amazing Yasmin Laher, well I’ll have to go back to the start…

You see, shukr,  right now we live very comfortable lives. As the children of the Bobat brothers and sisters, we’ve been surrounded by luxury and wealth because of the family business. One would think that all we’ve ever known are the comforts of today, the golden spoon we are fed with amongst other luxuries. Others can judge as us spoilt, or filthy rich! Or undeservingly wealthy, but let me let you in on a little secret… It wasn’t always like this!

There was a time when sweets and chocolate was a simple luxury on its own for me! Something my father would buy if he had a few cents to spare. My father always fulfilled our needs, but never the un-affordable wants. Like wanting to travel, wanting to provide my mother with all she has ever wanted, wanting to buy me toys like all the other children had. It wasn’t always like that either. My parents got married, nothing fancy, a simple wedding. Life was good, my father found a job and he was working. But then my Dada wanted to set up a family business, and so his children left their jobs to support their father in his decision. Was it a wise idea? At the time, no. My Dada became very sickly and passed away soon after the business started. It wasn’t successful at first. Like at all! The bobats had all put their life savings into the business and were trying really hard to make something of it. But one thing for sure, they didn’t give up. My father and uncles and aunties had patience and persevered through that time with the little they had.  I didn’t personally suffer. I was a young boy and I didn’t understand what it meant to have little or a lot, but if you compared the Bobat lifestyle from today to 15 years ago, you might as well say we were suffering!

It was before the business boomed. Before my father and his brothers finally got their big break! It was back in the day when we were… Somewhat just barely sticking to ‘average. Borderline of average and poor. It was around this time, 2 years after my Dada passed away, that Nuha was born. This was a blessing but also quite an issue. Nuha’s parents already had one mouth to feed, Zayaan, and my family had me to feed. But arrangements were made.

You see, Aunty Farhana and my mother were the best of friends all through out their schooling lives. From the time they were small girls, till matric, and even after that! They were inseparable, a bit like Fatimah and Yasmeen. So anyway, the Laher’s offered to take me in for while so that my mother could care for Zayaan. I know I know, it was all confusing and complicated, but I was a child. I didn’t want to leave my mother and all my cousins and all my family! But the Laher’s took me in and made me feel at home. Yasmin and I are the same age, I’m just a few months older, so we got along from day one! We were always together, inseparable! She would definitely be that childhood friend of mines that I hoped I would never forget. We grew up together, played together, fought together, we did everything together! Even after I went back to my mother 6/7 months later, every single day she would either come home or I would be by her.

But I always noticed that the way I was with her, was never the way I was with Nuha. Nuha was my sister from another mother! But Yasmin, Yamin was intriguing to be around!  She wasn’t your typical girly girl and that’s why we got along so well. I remember when we were kids, we would play soccer, and you’d think

”Hey, she’s a girl, I’m not going to tackle her”

but she use to come with force and just tackle me, slide that ball from me in a second and score! She was a pro at soccer, and a pro at showing me those light brown puppy dog eyes. Every month went I got my allowance, she would make those big puppy eyes and batt her lashes at me and I would give in and buy her anything she wanted form the sweet shop down the road, whether it be a 99 cent bubblegum or an ice cream. I guess I was the softer one in that relationship. Friendship. Whatever you want to call it.

It was definitely a relationship, a bond I strongly shared with Yasmin. I guess I owe my sensitiveness to her. She would be the one that would get into fights on the roads with the other boys from the neighbourhood and I would come and break them apart, tell the guy off for being an absolute sissy then look at Yasmin, and her bruised arm and just chuckle… I would always want to care for her bruises and scars but she was a scary one when she was small. Tough, cute and scary! And no matter how hurt Yasmin Laher got, she would  never accept the help of others. There was only one time, one time in our lives that Yasmin let me help her. And that was today at Dubai Mall, when she let me carry her shopping packets.

Words can not even conjure how shocked I was to see Yasmin in Dubai mall! I hadn’t seen her in years! They had been in Durban all their lives, but her father wanted a change, he wanted Yasmin to have a higher education so he gave her that by taking his family ALL the way to America! He had taken her out of my life! Away from me, and I won’t even lie when I say she was my best friend, my only friend excluding my cousins, because….. face it, who wants to be friends with a guy who’s best friend is a chick!

When you’re a young boy, girls repel you. But not Yasmin! No way! Yasmin and I were like a Ying and Yang sign! But once Yasmin left, I cleared up my act, became more of a ladies man! I charmed my way through my teenage years! I probably sweet talked every girl my age, testing the waters, seeing how it felt to actually be liked. Every single girl I met never matched up to the beauty of Yasmin! I would flip through old pictures of her from the albums we had of us growing up and I would just stare aimlessly into her golden eyes, and miss that friendship we had. I don’t know when I realised my feelings for her were so strong.  Maybe it was when I met another Yasmeen that had triggered all those feelings. But that Yasmeen was no Laher, she was a Raheem.

I happened to meet her at a family wedding. I had heard from a cousin of mine that this chick was stunnerz, single and sweet. The three s’s that opened my eyes and opened up my heart to the possibility that I could finally find my Yasmin to replace the Yasmin that had left. It might sound as retarded as it is, but she was the only Yasmeen I let into my life after Yasmin Laher and the only reason I did so was because I was hoping, praying that this Yasmeen would kick the other one out of my mind!!! But it didn’t work…

I know, I know! With 2 girls that are both called Yasmeen/Yasmin, it’s hard for you to follow. So bluntly let me put it like this to you. I’m going to tell you something I really shouldn’t. But since I’ve been opening up so much I figure, what the heck! What more could I loose. So here goes…

Till today, I compare Yasmeen Raheem to Yasmin Laher.

I have never mentioned it to another living soul. It was always a war my mind would have, over the 2 Yasmeen’s. Even when we were dating. Even after we were dating, I was always comparing Raheem to Laher.

And. She never. Ever. Matched up.

She never became worth more to me than Yasmin Lahir. And I feel like a total pea-brain for even saying that, but its true. So you can imagine my bewilderment when I saw Ms.Lahir today. In Dubai. In Bloomngdales. Shopping! I mean… Shopping?! The last time I met her, she wouldn’t think twice about getting her nails dirty. But here she was standing in front of me, no longer a girl, but more like a young woman! With her perfectly manicures nails and her flowing abaya and swarovski scarf pin, she took my breath away. And I didn’t know what to do. Yasmeen Raheem was the only one that had the ability to do that to me. I told her all those things on the beach. But was I saying it to her? Or was I saying it to the Yasmin Lahir I pictured in my head?

And to top all of that, I could see that Yasmeen was putting two and two together and trying to get me and Yasmin alone. And it worked. And I enjoyed it even though at first I was a nervous wreck!  But Yasmin was easy to be with, no drama, no troubles, no problems. And we just talked and talked and talked! About EVERYTHING! From the time she was 13 when she left Durban to the present day, when her parents informed her they were moving back.

ME: What?! You’re moving back! For real?? (smiling in shock)

YASMING: Yes! I am so psyched! You have no idea how much I have missed Durban Beaches!

ME: You have no idea how much I have missed you.

I just blurted it out without thinking. I looked at her, worried she’d be taken aback, or freaked out! I didn’t even know if she was single. But I was going to risk it!

YASMINH (smiling) I was hoping you’d say that. Because I missed you too.

ME: Good! Now I don’t feel like a loner anymore.

YASMIN: (laughing) Loner! Soo while I was away you made friends?

ME: Nooo! I sat around waiting for you to come back.


I’m kidding Yassi! Yeah, you left me all messed up so I got my act toget-

YASMIN: And became the biggest womanizer in the whole of Durban!

ME: No fair! I was going to say that (laughing) How you knew?

YASMIN: Facebook doesn’t lie (wink)

It took a moment for me to register what she was saying…

ME: Nooo!!! You stalked me on facebook?!? (Laughing) Since when do you even have facebook!?!

YASMIN : (shrugging her shoulders) I don’t. My friends have so I would just use theirs and stalk people!

ME: Stalker! (rolling my eyes) And you never bothered to tell me! I could’ve spoken to you.

YASMIN: Yeah! But then you would only miss me more (smirking) So see… I saved you the pain!

ME: (in a sarcastic tone) Gee, thanks! I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

YASMIN: (hugging my arm) Aww, I’m just kidding with ya!

ME: Got a real American twang there hey! (putting my arm around her)

YASMIN: (gasping and speaking in a sarcastic tone) Really?! Well no shizz sherlock! I’ve been surrounded by Americans for 6years!

ME: And look how they corrupted you (wink)

YASMIN: Yes, they’re SO evil that I am standing before you wearing abaya….. And scarf!

ME: (laughing) So is this a full time thing? The scarf and abaya?

YASMIN: Abaya? No! I’m wearing it cause I like to pretend I’m arab! (smiling this goofy smile)

See! THIS is what I’m talking about! Yasmin doesn’t care what anyone else thinks! If she wants to play pretend and fake being an arab at the age of 19, she will!!

YASMIN: And the scarf… Well I’m trying that as well. In america, I just found it hard to wear. So maybe once I’m on Joburg I’ll start…

ME: Wait? What?! Joburg???

YASMIN: (sighing) Yes, I was kind of waiting to tell you this… But …. When I said we moving back, I meant we moving to South Africa. Not Durban…

ME: (running my fingers through my hair) Joburg huh? Well…. That sucks!

YASMIN: What were you imagining in that crazy head a yours? (nudging my shoulder)

ME: (smiling) You and me. On the Durban streets. Playing jump rope!

YASMIN: (laughing) I remember that! We used to use my Barbie Doll skipping rope right?

ME: Yes. Yes we did.

Just then her phone started to buzz. She answered it and spoke away while I let it sink in that Yasmin Lahir was moving back. Yes, she was moving back to Joburg. But at least she wasn’t half way across the world anymore! My best friend was back!

YASMIN: Helllooooo! Earth to Uz Uz!

ME: What. Yeah. Sorry?

YASMIN: We’re going to have lunch. Want to join us?

ME: Sure. (standing up holding out my hand) Madame?

YASMIN: (taking my hand) Oooh. What a gentleman!

ME: My mother trained me well…

YASMIN: Your mother… Or that other girl Yasmeen?

I looked at her. She looked at me. She knew. She didn’t buy the crap Yasmeen told her about us being family friends. I just nodded my head.

YASMIN: Oh come on! You have to tell me (laughing) I deserve to know!

ME: (shaking my head and smiling) Okay fine what do you wanna know?

YASMIN: Everything…. About her!

So I strolled and spoke to Yasmin telling her everything about Yasmeen number 2. Where I met her. How I met her. Our first date. The day we told her parents about us. Our first ‘I love Yous’. Then came the part I didn’t like to think about much. The break up. I was about to start explaining what Yasmeen did when she came to Dubai during the Summer, but we reached the restaurant and her parents were there. So I sat tight lipped and spoke about everything else but my ex girlfriend.

FARHANA: So Uzair, tell us now, what have you been up to? I feel like I’ve missed out on so much of your life!

UZAIR: Well I’m studying accounting. That’s about it Farhana! I’m a very boring person!

FARHANA: Oh come on! No, boring! Of course not. You 19 isn’?

ME: Yeah, I’m turning 20 pretty soon (smiling) So, you know the big ‘two zero’ is making me feel quite old!

YASMIN: (laughing) Same! I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing and I’m nearly out of my teens and I just want to be a kid again!

ME: And play jump rope!

YASMIN: And have fist fights

And Farhana and her husband roared with laughter, thinking back to how their hectic daughter would get injured nearly every single week without fail! We all sat there telling tales of our childhood, Yasmin’s bossniess, my soft side, the 99 cent bubble gum ( I knew she’d remember that). All through lunch we just spoke about the good old days. We lost track of time completely, and when I finally looked at the time it was way past when I was supposed to meet the others…

ME: Eh,  Look at the time (laughing) It just flies when you in Dubai!

YASMIN: Time flies when you having fun!

ME: You having fun?

YASMIN: Course! I haven’t seen you in half a century!

ME: Half a century. You making it sound like a lifetime…

YASMIN: Well it was a lifetime!

And somehow our hands found each other under the table. There was this heat that was creeping up my neck. Breeeeaaaathe Uzair. Breeeeaaaathe.

ME: Aunty Farhana thanks so much for lunch! But I have to go meet everyone. They waiting outside Patchi.

FARHANA: My pleasure.  And remember there’s no AUNTY! It’s just Farhana! I’m not so old!

ME: (laughing) Maaf! (turning to Yasmin) Yasii, you wanna come? Nuha and them will be there. You can say hi to them?

YASMIN: Sure! (getting up and whispering in my ear) and then you can finish your story

Once we were out of the restaurant I continued telling Yasmin my epic love saga! Jokes, I sound lame as hell saying that…

ME: So she came to Dubai, met her childhood friend Zaheer. And she just ended up spending a lot of time with him I guess. And she came back home. And her best friend Fatimah had just been in an accident. And well… She told me. She told me about her Zaheer and how she had feelings for him-

YASMIN: What!!! She told you?! She sounds very gutsy…

ME: Yeah, I appreciated the truth though (shrugging my shoulders) I took some time to think. Gave her space. And then I went back into her life, as a friend
YASMIN: So after aaaall of that, you could still be with her? As a friend?

ME: I wanted t be there for her. Fatimah was in hospital and I was like…. The knight in shining armour (wink)

YASMIN: I bet you were…

We walked a little while in silence till Yasmin spoke

YASMIN: And now?

ME: Now what?

YASMIN: Now what’s your status with Yasmeen? I saw you hold her… (Looking me in the eye)

ME: I was a nervous wreck. I wanted her there to make it less awkward.

YASMIN: (laughing) Awkward!? Uz Uz we’re family!

ME: I know! I was just in SHOCK!

YASMIN: But what’s the deal with you two?

ME: (smiling) Why you wanna know? You interested (nudging her)

YASMIN: You wish (laughing)

ME: (running my fingers through my hair) Well, I’m single. That’s for sure. Yas was actually telling me the other day I should get back into the dating game.

YASMIN: And what do you think? You going to get back in there?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) If the right girl comes along. Then yes…

YASMIN: (walking backwards so thgat she was now facing me) And when will this mysterious girl walk into your life?

I grabbed her, spun her around and pulled her close to me.

ME: I think she’s always been in my life.

….. (Intertwining our fingers)

In fact, I think she’s standing right in front of me…

Tough Girl Yasmin Sensitive Uzzi

Tough Girl Yasmin Sensitive Uzzi

Part 88- Uzzi into Uz Uz

Hola! Me llamo Dubaingirl!  And I have run out of spanish words, and I don’t know how to say ‘Here is part 86’! 😀 Much Love Oui Oui Oui DOAD xoxo

Bloomingdales  ♥

Bloomingdales ♥

Dubai Mall. It was good to finally be back at my second home! But it was SO busy. It was absolutely crazy how busy Dubai Mall was, seriously! The foreigners were all just flocking to Dubai to get away from the miserable weather in the US or UK. Or to just come shop up a storm in the sales!

Sales. My favourite ‘s’ word! We decided to all meet at Dubai Mall nice and early to have breakfast, and to avoid the crowds. It was the Bobat Clan, the Akoojee siblings and Armaan and I. And guess what?! HAAJ WAS FINALE IN TOWN! So Yusuf and Fatimah were totally engrossed in the love of their lives during our breakfast at Paul’s. I just stared at my cup of coffee, swirling it in circles with my spoon, barely munching on my croissant. The Akoojee’s were leaving the next day and the thought of not seeing Fatimah… well that really sucked. And  they could all sense that I was upset.

Ofcourse, food didn’t come to my rescue. No matter how many chocolate muffins I had, I still had this sorrowful feeling within me…

UZAIR: Hey doll. Why so gloomy?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) Why do you think?

UZAIR: Fatimah?

ME: (nodding my head) Yipp! And I go back to school tomorrow (biting my lip)

UZAIR: Zaheer?

ME: (nodding my head) Right again. I know, it’s silly.

UZAIR: Is that why you ordering so many muffins? (Smiling sidewards)

ME: Trying to drown my sorrows! Not really working…

UZAIR: What bout some shopping? (Raising his eyebrows) Come on, I know you wanna max out my credit card (wink)

ME: Aww I love how you know me so well!

UZAIR: (getting up) Guys, we’ll meet up with you’ll later. We just going on an…err… Important shopping spree!

Uzair grabbed my hand and whizzed me out of my seat. We window shopped for a while until we got to the places of interest… Armani Exchange, Steve Madden, Bloomingdales, Miss Selfridges. The list really does go on and ON! And you would not believe the amount of South Africans! In every single store I went into, I heard a Joburg accent or Durban accent or Cape Townian accent!

UZAIR: Even away from home you find them. (eyeing this south african family)

ME: (laughing) Shush! You talking so loud they’ll hear you.

UZAIR: (shrugging his shoulders) So? They don’t know me.

Uzair. Went off to look at suits and shoes while I browsed a little longer. Suddenly, Uzzi came rushing upto me.

UZAIR: Oh my god! Yas! That South African family, I know them! I know them! (Laughing)

ME: (rolling my eyes) Why am I not surprised?!

UZAIR: No seriously! At first, I just thought they looked familiar cause all South Africans look familiar! But… But I know them!

ME: So go make salaam….

UZAIR: No, I’m shy. You come with!

ME: Uzair! What are you, 12?!

UZAIR: On a scale of 1 to 10, yes I am! (wink)

ME: (rolling my eyes) Man up!  (Holding onto this dress) My clothes, I can’t part with them…

UZAIR: Yasmeen! Please come with me! They right here- (turning around)


I spun around to see who had just spoke. It was a girl, around my age, maybe a year older. She was wearing scarf and abaya. Her face was not heavily made up and you could clearly see she was that kind of girl that had those naturally pretty features. Okay, so Uzair was right. He did know that South African family. That South African family that was no progressing closer towards he and I. I suddenly felt really awkward as if I was crashing a reunion…

UZAIR: I… Hi… Salaam… Yasmin… I mean…

Woah! What?! Was she also called Yasmeen??

YASMIN: (laughing) I’m just as speechless as you are Uz uz!

And she had a twang in her accent, it sounded like an american accent! She couldn’t roll her r’s so she pronounced ‘are’ as in ‘a’e’. Well you get the point!

UZAIR: (smiling) How long has it been, 5/6 years?

YASMIN: It’s just been too long! My mother told me you’ll would be in Dubai, she will be SO psyched to see you!

While she signaled to a woman behind her to come quickly, I took a moment to really look at this girl. Trying to see if she had any features like Uzair. Was she family? Was she an ex? She said they hadn’t seen each other for 5/6 years. Meaning Uzair was 13 or 14. So maybe it was a Puppy Love ex. But one thing for sure, it clicked in my head within seconds…
This girl was no Yumna!!!
They already had common ground!
She was SO pretty (mashallah)
It was a perfect match.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Cupid struck again.
I decided to take things into my own hands and introduce my self…

ME: Sorry, Salaams I’m also Yasmeen! (laughing) Yasmeen number 2!

UZAIR: Yasmeen with 2 e’s meet Yasmin with an I.


ME: He’s talking about how we spell our names. (Smiling)

UZAIR: Raheem, this is Yasmin my childhood friend!

YASMIN: (laughing) His ONLY childhood friend! No one else would play with him when he was a kid. Isn’t that right Uz uz?

UZAIR: Yasi! Some things stay behind with my chubby cheeks and braces!

ME: You had braces (laughing) Why did I never know this Uzzzi?!

UZAIR: (shrugging his shoulders) I guess it never came up. (smiling)

YASMIN: Orrr maybe you were trying to avoid showing her your nasty childhood pictures… (nudging him)

She teased him, he teased her. And then her mother came, also wearing abaya and scarf.

YASMIN: Mummy look who I found!?

MOTHER: No! No man, Uzair?! This can’t be Uzair! The last time I saw him he was short and chubby with braces (embracing Uzair in a short quick hug) how you?

UZAIR: (laughing) Yes, Aunty Farhana, I grew! Alhmadulillah, I’m okay and you?

MOTHER: Please, you know I don’t like being called aunty! It’s just Farhana (smiling and turning to me) And who’s this?

UZAIR: This is Yasmeen. She’s my….

ME: I’m your….

UZAIR: She’s my….

History was repeating it self if you know what I mean 😉

ME: (holding out my hand to greet this aunty) I’m his mothers friends daughter. We live in Dubai so I’ve been taking all the Bobats around.

MOTHER: (shaking my hand and smiling) It’s nice to meet you Yasmeen. Oh yeah, I heard that your whole family came down Uzair.

I was still clutching the items of clothing I needed to pay for. Yasmin’s mother, Yasmin and Uzair were all in a deep conversation. I stood there, shifting my weight from one leg onto another. I wanted to go pay for my stuff so I started to leave. But as soon as I made a move, Uzair grabbed my arm. Mid sentence, he held onto my arm but continued talking away. I could see that Aunty Farhana was looking at how Uzair was holding me. And it didn’t stop there. I tried once again to leave, but this time Uzair caught me and snaked his arm around my waist. My cheeks were flaming up. THIS was not part of my ingenious plan of getting Yasmin with an ‘I’ and Uzair together.

ME: (clearing my throat) Sorry, I just.. I just need to go pay for my stuff. You know, before it gets busy. So… (Untangling my self from Uzair)  It was nice meeting you err.. Farhana and Yasmin.

YASMIN: (smiling) Hey wait up! I’ve also got stuff to pay for I’ll come with. (Turning to her mother) Mummy! Would you stop chatting and finish up your shopping! We have lunch reservations soon!

FARHANA: Sorry, you know me! I like catching up with people. (Flashing us a smile)  Keep your phone on Yasmin, I’ll call you. Uzair give your mummy my salaams.

And then she walked away, leaving the three of us in Bloomingdales. I led the way to the counter, Uzair and Yasmin were walking and talking together behind me. I just kept on breathing to stay calm. I mean, WHAT was Uzair thinking?! All that touchy touchy affection… Was that to prove a point?! To who?! For what?!
Argh! Boys could be so hard to read at times. I paid for my items and luckily while waiting for Yasmin to pay, my phone rang

ME: Hello?

FATIMAH: Babe, where are you?! I got news to tell you. In private. Just us two.

ME: I’m at bloomingdales. Just leaving. Oooh sounds mysterious, where you wanna meet?

FATIMAH: I dunno! You live here and you asking me!

ME: Well there’s an Armani Cafe I have been dying to try out! It’s by Zara

FATIMAH : Meet you just now! Don’t be late. Yallah!

And she cut the call. Oh what in the world could be sooo important she needs to tell me now…

UZAIR: Who was that?

ME: That was Fatimah. She wants to meet me for coffee. Girl talk time

UZAIR: Ah. I see

ME: You carry on with Yasmin! I’ll see you later okay

UZAIR: Yas, man. Wait (reaching out for my hand)

ME: (pulling back) No Uzzi. Just no. We’ll talk later but right now ( pointing at Yamin) there’s your childhood friend, that has no idea you and I have a history.

UZAIR: So? So what if she knew?

ME: Just…. Go catch up with her. I’ll be fine

UZAIR: Promise you’ll be fine?

ME: (holding out my finger) Pinkie promise

Uzair locked his pinkie through mine and we held on for a second too long. Yasmin came and looked quizically at our pinkies interlocked. I quickly pulled mine away cleared my throat and spoke

ME: It was nice meeting you Yasmin! I leave you two to catch up on the years you’ll have missed without it each other (smiling) Salaams

YASMIN: You’re going?

ME: Yeah, my friend wants me to come ASAP! (rolling eyes) She’s a total drama queen

UZAIR: (laughing) As if you’re not!

ME: I am not! Maybe… sometimes! Okay fine, I’m a drama queen! But that’s why me and Fatz are besties. I’ll catch you later Uzzi (waving to Yasmin) Byee

I walked towards the Armani cafe and I could already make out Fatimah. She was the only one sitting there with her sunglasses on her head!

ME: Madame, why are your sunglasses on your head?

FATIMAH: (feeling her head) Oh my god! I didn’t even realize (laughing) I must’ve looked like a clown walking around!
ME: (sniggering) You probably did! Now what’s this great big emergency

FATIMAH: Sit sit, order something. Anything you want! I’m paying

ME: You’re paying? Fati, since when do you have money?! You can never hold onto money for more than a day! Always spend spend spend!

FATIMAH: Just keep quiet and order!

So I did as I was told. I ordered a hot chocolate. It had been drizzling outside (Rain in Dubai, crazy right!) So I wanted something warm to drink. Fatz and I were still quite stuffed from breakfast so we just ordered a few macaroons to try out between the two of us

ME: Okay, so seriously, who’s credit card you stole?! Cause I know you a kanjoos with your money!

FATIMAH: (laughing) You’re right! Zayaan gave me his card!

ME: Ooooh how scandalous! Max out his card then run away (laughing)

FATIMAH: Yasmeen!!! You so horrible! And I wouldn’t ever do that to my Zayaan….

ME: (laughing) Chillax, I’m just kidding around! And why would you not do that to Zayaan? (taking a sip of my hot chocolate)

FATIMAH: Because I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him…. (in a timid voice) I’m getting married to Zayaan Yasmeen…

PPFFFFFFF!!!! I couldn’t control it!! There was hot chocolate in my mouth, and the next minute I’m spitting it out in shock all over fatimah


Fatimah sat across me, clearly looking as shocked at me, but she was shocked at the fact that I just spat my hot chocolate out at her

ME: You’re joking? Or being serious? WHEN did this ALL happen?!?! How long have I not known about this for?!

I was bursting with fury and excitement and anxiety and more excitement

FATIMAH: (takinga  tissue to wipe away the mess on her face) Well…… it happened a few days ago…..

Did you REALLY have to spit your drink out Yas?!

ME: (smiling sweetly) Sorry… I’M IN SHOCK! My baby girl is getting married! This is CRAZY!

She continues to dish out all the drama of her FAYAAN-TASTIC life! He asked her, she freaked (typical Fatimah style). Worried that her parents would say no she realised that Zayaan went to them before he went to Fatimah to ask her

FATIMAH: I was like what if my father says no? And he said sweetie I already spoke to him. What kind of indian boy would I be if i didn’t go the parents boy

ME: (laughing) Oh my god! Zayaaan, is something else! Well In Sha Allah you’ll have a very blessed happy marriage-

FATIMAH: Save the speeches for later Yas! (laughing) First things first, are you’ll coming down to SA in April?

ME: I dunno why?

FATIMAH: ……. Cause we planning on having the wedding then. Fingers crossed, if everything goes well!

ME: APRIL! God Fatz……. I am just so thrilled for you! Even though I think this is all happening so fast, but I geuss you’ll doing it the halaal way!

FATIMAH: Yes, you should learn! To be halaal, less haraam

ME: Says the girl that doesn’t wear scarf!

We just looked at each other then bust out laughing, making sure we weren’t disturbing the other people at the cafe

FATIMAH: I’m going to find Nuha now. I have to tell her next. Zay and I wanted to tell her together

ME: Awwww, was I the first to know?! So sweeeet (batting my eyelashes)

FATIMAH: Of course you’d be the first to know! I’ll see you later. And woman, please… for the love of god, KEEP YOUR PHONE ON!

We left the cafe and went our separate way. All of sudden I didn’t want to shop. My feet hurt, my packets were getting really heavy, and I was just TOO enthusiastic for Fati pataati! I found a bench somewhere in the mall, I pulled out my phone and started to stalk people on Facebook. Zainab’s new years pictures had just been posted. Yippe! More stalking for me! I strolled through some hilarious shots of the paki crew breaking down on the dance floor! They looked like absolute clowns! Lia looked stunning in her dress along with Zainab, and I hate to admit it but Ashley looked nice as well…. not stunning just nice! I finished up the whole album of her party pictures, and realised there was only one of Zaheer. There was only one picture of Zaheer. Wasn’t he meant to be the party animal? From the looks of it, he looked so distraught and fed up in that one picture, I guess it just wasn’t his nice. But he did look awfully handsome in what he was wearing….


No, I would not torture my self with those thoughts! I shut my phone off and shoved it into my bag. And when I looked up to observe the world around me, I saw Uzair in the distance, with his arm around Yasmin with an ‘I’. I smiled knowing he’ll be okay without me, but there was also this puking sensation within me. God I hope I wasn’t going to be sick!

Armani/ Dubai Caffe!

Armani/ Dubai Caffe!

Shut out to ”Yasmeeen & Asmaaa…my amazingly super duper crazy yet awesome cousins! I love you guys…♥ thank you’s for making this holiday one to remember! When you’re feeling down, just remember that I’m thinking of you’ll all the time!

P.S.-Asma, when you finally catch up, I just wana let you know that I sent this on our partyyy dayy!! 😛 xo From your cousin, S! I know you love me! ;)”
Shout out to ”Aamina. Congrats to my awesome sister Aamina on your 6A’s 😀 you’ve made us all proud!!
Love you x”
Shout out to ”Shakoo. CoNgratulatioNs Shako0o aNd All the Matriculans 😛 !! Shakoo you AwEs0mE like that neh 😉 *high five*!Much Love HaAj 😛 ”

Part 87 – The ‘M’ word

Heyoooooo! So thought we might bring another characters garam masala problemo’s into this! Much Love DOAD xoxo


*****Fatimah’s Point Of View*****

I was awoken during my sleep by my phone, which was ringing. I checked the caller ID hoping that it was anyone but Zayaan. It was my bestie Yasmeen. I sighed a breath of relief. I smiled. She was probably phoning to tell me how rubbish her New Years was without us. I don’t know why she wanted to spend it alone in the first place!

ME: (half asleep) Do you even know what the time is?

YASMEEN: Err… I know that its TOO early to be sleeping! How are you sleeping SO early on New years Fatz?

ME: Geez I dunno… The shopping in Dubai takes a toll on you I guess.

YASMEEN: You would not believe the night I had!

ME: (smiling) Was it horrible? Miserable? Did you miss me too much?

YASMEEN: Noo.. (Giggling) More like a very eventful night.  I went out with Tariq. Remember him? Yeah. So we were leaving his apartment-

ME: His apartment?! YASMEEN RAHEEM!!! What the hell were you thinking?!

YASMEEN: Geez calm down! We’re just friends. I swear! Just friends! Nothing happened! Nada. Zilch. Zippo!

ME: (sighing) Yes ,you’ll better just be ‘friends’. (sighing) Carry on…

YASMEEN: Right so anyway, we were leaving JBR and Zaheer phoned him and said he needed a lift. Fatimah Akoojee. It was… By FAR the most awkward car ride I have EVER been in, in my life!!!

ME: (laughing) Oh my god! That does sound quite awful! It was just you, Zaheer and Tariq?

YASMEEN: Yes! That Ashley chick tried squeezing her self in saying she needed a ride home, but Tariq said his driver didn’t want to play chauffeur to the whole of Dubai! (laughing) You should have seen how devastated she looked!

ME: (laughing) serves her right! Get to the awkward part now…

YASMEEN: Right! So anyway, when Zaheer finally gets there we get into the car. And they made ME sit in FRONT! On my own! I mean…. I couldn’t say no. They were giving ME a lift home! So I just sat there. On my own! I pulled out my phone and played candy crush the whole way home!

ME: (laughing hysterically) YASMEEN! (Laughing) Woah! I think that just made my 2014! (Catching my breath) Candy crush?! What are you, 5??

YASMEEN: Hey! Don’t be dissing Candy crush! It was my life saver! I swear, I would’ve died without my phone. And the whole car ride the 2 boys were yapping away about sports and movies and other stupid stuff! I just wanted to disappear!

ME: Shame! I guess you learnt your lesson…

YASMEEN: What lesson?

ME: Never spend New Years without your best friend!!!

YASMEEN: (laughing) New Years was fine! It was amazing! Tariq had a gorgeous view from his place! It was just that car ride! God I cringe just thinking about it. And then, when I get home, Tariq gets off the car comes around to open my door and helps me off! He even walked me to the house door!

ME: What?! Seriously?! Nooo way!! And Zaheer was in the car the whole time!! GOOD! (Laughing)

YASMEEN: (laughing) Look at us laughing away like witches. Might as well call us evil and buy us broomsticks!

ME: But weren’t you happy? That Tariq showed you attention in front of Zaheer?

YASMEEN: To be honest… I wanted Zah to be jealous. But at the same time I didn’t want to be using Tariq. God! T’was. Just. So. Awkward!

ME: (laughing) I can imagine! And THIS is why I don’t have an ex!

YASMEEN: Missy, unless you marry Zayaan, I’m afraid you will have an ex… Eventually!

My stomach did an inward groan. Yasmeen had brought up that  dreaded ‘m’ word. Marriage.

ME: Haha. Yaaa…. Umm… I’ll talk to you tomorrow, going back to sleep. We’re still on for Dubai Mall yeah?

YASMEEN: Definitely! I’ll get my mother to drop me off tomorrow. Sweet Dreams!  Oh, and Happy New Years Fatoo!

ME: Happy New Years to you too Yasoo! Salaams

I cut the call and put my head onto my pillow. But I could not, for the life of me, go back to sleep! I willed my eyes to fall into a deep slumber, but every time they closed, I would only get flashbacks of Zayaan. The walk on the beach. The discussion we had. It would all just overwhelm me. And I would open my eyes and try to clear my mind!  I tossed and turned for hours until I decided I needed some air. We didn’t have a balcony in our hotel room, but we had a window that opened slightly. I walked over, unlocked the window and let the cool Dubai winter breeze come through.

It was all going so well! My first relationship. The first guy I would ever let any where near me. Zayaan. From the minute I saw him, I thought he was good looking. But looks aren’t everything! I was Fatimah Akoojee, known as a ‘Nun’ to Yasmeen because I would never date, let alone talk to boys! I knew it was haraam and wrong and all those other things, but generally the whole ‘dating’ thing never really appealed to me. And I will admit, even when I first met Zayaan, it was dangerous territory And I knew that. I could feel my self leaning towards the idea of dating him. And then, it happened! Zayaan was, perfect! We had our ups and downs. Our sour days our sweet days. But we pulled through! I even remember our very first conversation we had over BBM. I made him promise me 3 things if he wanted to continue talking to me…

ME: There’s conditions though

ZAYAAn: Conditions 😕 For what?

ME: You have to promise me three things, and you have to abide by them

ZAYAAN: Your wish is my command 😉

ME: Smooth!  😛

ZAYAAN: Seriously though, what are they?

ME: 1. You can’t mess around with other girls if you’re talking to me

ZAYAAN: I don’t talk to girls (except family) other than you.  So done!

ME: 2. No sending me mixed signals.

ZAYAAN: I’m as blunt as a butter knife 😉 done!

ME: 3. Under no circumstances are you to break my heart! Ever!

ZAYAAN: Fatimah Akoojee, I asure you that will never happen…

ME: Promise?

ZAYAAN: I Promise.

Zayaan was a total gem! At first we were both hesitant to date. Zayaan, just like me, never saw the point behind dating. But I guess we changed each other. For the better or for the worse, I wasn’t sure of then. But I let him into my life because he cared about me. He didn’t care how skinny my jeans were or how I wore my hair or what I wore, he cared about me. And that was all I ever really asked for. We built a relationship in the past 6 months. We were strong, we were loyal and frankly I trusted him with my life. Everyone teased us when we were split apart for a week during the holidays, but when a guy becomes your other half, it’s hard to part. Yes yes, I sound like a soppy romantic! I can blame this ALL on Yasmeen! That silly silly girl taught me how to be soppy and how to love and how to trust! If it wasn’t for her I would still be a shy girl living in my shell. I’m glad she’s taught me that there’s more to life than just taking care of your siblings and acing school! No bragging, just being honest.

And now, now where did I stand? I feel as if I have no right to complain because I have everything. Shukr, I have a loving wonderful family! A gorgeous Best Friend! Another amazing light of my life Nuha. And then, Zayaan. I won’t lie to you, I have actually imagined us getting married. I’ve pictured it in my head. I’m going on into my final year of studies. Zayaan is going onto his last year in Uni. After that, I could study through UNISA and be married to the greatest guy I had ever met! Well…the only guy I had ever met. But that didn’t bother me. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on all the other fish in the sea, because I had everything I wanted in Zayaan. I had a plan. Study for one more year. Marry Zayaan. Live happily ever after. Blah. Blah. Blah. You get the point. But as life likes to do so, it throws challenges at you.

So it was a few days back, when Zayaan and and I were walking on the beach. It was an innocent walk, we were just strolling listening to the waves, watching families on the beach play and have a good time. It was just Zayaan and I. He had asked me to meet him in the reception. He made me wait a while though, but when he finally stepped outta that elevator, I knew why he took so long…
*rolling eyes*
Mr.Bobat had to look his best! And well… He did. In a short sleeve baby blue Polo tight with his striped white shorts, Zayaan was looking iresistibly handsome!

ME: Finally! I’ve been waiting here ages!

ZAYAAN: (leaning down to give me a kiss on my cheek) Sorry, you know I like to look my best.

ME: I know that (linking my arm through his) So, what’s the plans for today?

ZAYAAN: Well, the weathers nice. So how about a walk on the beach?

ME: Sounds good to me.

We walked and talked about anything and everything. We talked about my school, his studies, the holidays, his trip to London, my stay in Dubai. Then we moved onto a more interesting topic, Uzair and Yasmeen. I loved my Best Friend, to bits and pieces and of course I wasn’t back biting about her, I was just sharing my concerns with Zayaan

ME: I worry about her Zay. She hasn’t been in a stable relationship since Uzair

ZAYAAN: What about that Zaheer?

ME: I wouldn’t say he was exactly ‘stable’. They were head over heels in love! And that was all within like a month and a bit. They had a rocky patch even when they first met (thinking back to Eid) Then Zaheer came to Durban, sweept Yas off her feet and now…

ZAYAAN: Hey, I can see you worried. But Yas is a big girl.

ME: I know. But she moves too fast! Like I just worry that I won’t be there to pick up the broken pieces cause I’ll be in Durban and she’ll be in Dubai-

ZAYAAN: (stroking my arm) Well if you’re that worried I will personally pay for the flight ticket to Dubai so you can be with Yas (smiling sidewards) She’s a tough cookie. She slipped up with Zaheer. You learn from your mistakes (intertwining his fingers with mine)

ME: Well I hope she learns…

Just as I started to calm down about the whole Yasmeen situation, Zayaan stopped in his tracks. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even look at me, he just looked out at the sea. He dropped my hand, took a few steps forward then turned to look at me.

ZAYAAN: Fati, there’s something we need to talk about

ME: Err… I’m listening…

ZAYAAN: No, it’s like really important! Sit…

So I sat on the sand, anticipating this ‘really’ important news

ZAYAAN: (breathing out) I’m not going to beat around the bush. I promised you I wouldn’t send you mixed signals, and have I ever

I shook my head. Zayaan had always been honest with me, blunt and straight to the point

ZAYAAN: (breathing out) So here goes. I can’t date you Fatimah. I love you with all my heart. I love being with you and I want to be with you, but not like this. I mean, I’m not the kind of person to date…and neither are you. When I first met you, thats what we told each other isn’t?

It was true, we had said that neither of us were interested in dating. But that all changed…

ZAYAAN: The thing is, I am being such a hypocrite.

ME: (looking at him quizically) Hypocrite? How?

ZAYAAN: I walk around telling Nuha not to have a boyfriend, but look at me. I’m in the wrong here Fatz! I can’t tell my little sister not to date if I go against my own saying by dating

I bit my lip. I willed my self to come up with some response but I just couldn’t

ZAYAAN: (running his fingers through his hair) Fatimah, I just….I just can’t. You and I both know its wrong…and I can’t. I’m sorry.

By that stage I was really confused. Was this him breaking up with me? Was this just a phase that we would get over? Or were we stuck in a rut? Zayaan lowered him self down, and sat next to me on the sand

ZAYAAN: Babe, I’m not breaking up with you (looking at me) I’m asking you….


ME: Asking me what?

ZAYAAN: (sighing) I’m asking you to marry me…

I WAS SHOCKED! I didn’t even start freaking out until later that night when I fully realised what Zayaan was asking me

ZAYAAN: You don’t have to decide now…but I cant go on like this. I can’t ‘date’



Say something Fatimah?

ME: For a moment there, I actually thought you would break my heart

ZAYAAN: A promise if a promise. I won’t break your heart

ME: (breathing in) Umm… (standing up to leave) I’ll see you at supper

And then I just ran off! I could hear Zayaan calling out my name in the distance but I couldn’t look back. I got to the reception, hailed a taxi shouted out my hotel address and we whizzed off down Sheikh Zayed road. I only honestly started crying when I got to the safety of my hotel room. Then, it was like the flood gates of tears were opened! I tried my hardest not to cry to loud. I really was not in the mood to explain the days events to my brother, or mother. I just sobbed and sobbed until I felt my eyes would go dry for crying. And when I eventually did stop crying, I lay down and just let it all sink in


Is there a set date for marriage?

Rules? Regulations?

Was I even cut out to be a wife?

All these questions overwhelmed me as I thought about the ‘M’ word. Sure as hell marriage was scary, but wasn’t I planning my fantasy wedding to Zayaan in my head anyway? I didn’t mind the Zayaan part. I loved him. But I thought I would have atleast another year before I thought about bridal gowns and tissues and centre pieces and ARGH!

It was all just to much! I thought of who to phone… Yasmeen? Nuha? Zayaan? No no no… I didn’t want to trouble anyone until I had a clear mind. So I tried and tried to  clear my mind… but nothing worked. Even on New Years Eve, I retired to my hotel room pretty quickly because I was still confused.

But now, sitting here, it all made sense!  I knew how to solve my confusion! It was time to do things the Fatimah Akoojee way. I wrote up a list of Pro’s and Con’s for marrying Zayaan.

PRO: Zayaan (duh), Nuha as my sister In law, Handsome hubby, Cute future children (in sha Allah), Less sin (halaal way)

CON: It would have to happen soon.

That was basically the ONLY con I would come up with. It finally all became SO much clearer to me! Why was I fretting over this when I had my other half? I should’ve spoken to him days ago. He’s the man I want to marry! I looked at the time, Yasmeen was right it was pretty early to be asleep on New Years. I called and on the 3rd try Zayaan answered….


ME: Zay, I’m sorry.

ZAYAAN: Fatimah

ME: I’m sorry I didn’t speak to you about this. I’m sorry I ran off at the beach that day…

And yes

I will marry you!



Shout out to “Wishing a very happy birthday to one of thee most amazing friends Sabeeha… from your besties Shakirah, Asmaa and Faheema. We love you ♡ “

Part 86 – New Years 2014!

There will be no post tomorrow…so don’t bother bugging my brains 😉 😛 😉 Much Love DOAD  xoxo

yea so..

Ice cream… Food… More Ice Cream… More Food



New Years Night was a blast! Truthfully I had a lovely time watching the fireworks from Tariq’s apartment in JBR! We finished the tub of ice cream before it was even midnight. Luckily, Tariq had a back-up tub of vanilla ice cream. It was plain…but it would do! We played stupid games like charades and 30 seconds. We may have just been 2 people, but Tariq really did have the ability to make it seem like we were surrounded by others. The pancakes…..were just out of this world! We tried to savour them but they were just too irresistibly yummy that we ate them all up! Like whoever thought of making Haagen Daaz pancakes was a genius! Tariq and I were both definitely food lovers! Or maybe it was just that we both shared a very strong bond for dessert, or maybe chocolate, or maybe sugar! Sorry I’m babbling on…It’s the sugar talking!

We awaited Midnight on his huge balcony that was furnished. It had 2 out door couches, a round table, a heater, some umbrella’s, and a view that was obviously breath taking! Tariq had even thought of blankets as it was FREEZING! It was Dubai! I mean who knew it would get COLD in Dubai?! Wrapped up in seperate blankets we stood, looking over the balcony railing.We both kept smiling stupidly at each other…waiting till the clock had struck 12…waiting till 2013 wa over…waiting for the New Year. And then, you heard the crowds of people screaming below. Guess it as midnight! The party poppers were popped in style! Tariq wished me a Happy New Year’s then leaned over and gave me a kiss on my cheek. What, don’t be judging me!!! It was New Years after all! Then, we just kicked back and relaxed on the couches in his balcony waiting for the fireworks…

We waited…

And waited…

And waited…

ME: Umm….are your fireworks always this delayed? It’s quarter past 12 and STILL no fireworks?

TARIQ: (laughing) Patience young grasshopper! It’s all synchronized. The fireworks at Dubai Mall go off first, then the Burj Al Arab, and then the Palm along with the Atlantis.

ME: That is SO ridiculous! (laughing) Dubai mentality….. Only Dubai would do such a thing.

We waited another 15 minutes and then


Far in the distance you could see the Atlantic lighting up! Only it didn’t feel so far away. Tariq’s view made it seem like the fireworks were on our doorstep! It was magical! The colours, the sparkles, the fire, the magic! It was brilliant! Definitely a ‘Canon moment’. I pulled out my camera and snapped away, at as many angles as I could get, as many picture as I could take. Tariq was laughing, watching me snap away at the night sky. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not capture the full beauty of the fireworks on a camera. So instead of wasting my time ‘trying’ to capture the beauty, I simply put my camera away and enjoyed the evening, watching it with my own eyes instead of seeing it through a camera lens…

ME: (sighing and smiling) God, this really is beautiful!

TARIQ: MashAllah (smiling sidewards)

ME: (laughing) Yes yes, very ‘mashAllah’ indeed…

This boy! He could be SO British the one minute, and the next  he could say something like ‘MashAllah’…

ME: Can I tell you something? But you cant take offence…

TARIQ: Do I have a choice? (smiling) Hit me!

ME:  When I first saw you, I did not for a second think you were Muslim.

TARIQ: (looking confused) And why is that?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) You don’t look Muslim. The blue eyes, its rare to see a Muslim with blue eyes

TARIQ: I got them from my mum. She’s British (smiling) My dad is from Pakistan. They met in England when he was studying there. He reverted her.

ME: Again, I would never think you were Paki. You’re too…….. fair.

TARIQ: (laughing) Ms. Judgy Judgy. Anything else I should know?

ME: Ooooh! One last thing, your accent! (smiling broadly)

TARIQ: (sighing) What about my accent? Lemme guess, you hate it?

ME: Quite the opposite… I adore London accents! They are SO posh and London kids sound totes adorable when they speak!

TARIQ: (laughing) I swear I had this conversation with you before….about accents.

ME: You probably did. (smiling) So tell me more about your self? Your rentals?

TARIQ: Not much to tell. Born and raised in London. My dad is some rich guy that from time to time appears on business magazine covers. My step mum, well she likes to run the show around here.

Woah?!?!?!? STEP MUM?!?!? Since when did Tariq have a step mum???

TARIQ: She keeps us all in check I guess (looking at me) Stella, my step mum. She’s not exactly Muslim, so opinions differ in  the house very often between me and her.

ME: Tar, I’m sorry to ask, but umm…. you have a step mum?

TARIQ: Oh I didn’t tell you? My mum died (biting his lip) 10 years ago. Some stupid lorry driver-

I took his hand into mine. I knew what it felt like when a loved one was in an accident. I went through the same thing with Fatimah. But I had no idea what it felt like when you lost a loved one in an accident. Especially if that ‘loved one’ was your mother.

TARIQ: I was 7, she went out to the supermarket. (smiling) Funny thing is, she wasn’t even driving a car. She was crossing a road. (sighing) So she died on a Tuesday morning. I was at school. That was my second last day in that school… (looking off into the distance) The funeral was held the next day. My dads family flew in from Pakistan. (Looking at me) They were the only people I really felt comfortable around for some reason…

He stopped.

I could see he wanted to go on, to keep talking but something was stopping him.

I urged him on. I stroked his hand

ME: Go on

TARIQ: (looking out into the open) It was chaos after that. Emotional chaos. Everything reminded me and my dad of my mother. I stopped going to school for a while. I didn’t cry (looking at me) Do you know that Yas? I didn’t even cry at my own mothers funeral. After about a week I went back to school. Everyone stared at me as if I was a freak. It was my last day. The teachers hugged me too tight. The kids in my class acted too nice. It was all soo…. soo fake and phony. My dad told me on the way home ‘Son, we’re moving’. And that was how I ended up in the sunny city of Dubai.

I wanted to tell him I was sorry. Sorry that he lost his mother. Sorry that he never cried at his mothers funeral. Sorry that everyone was too fake and too phony. But I knew one thing, Sorry didn’t help. So I stayed quiet, even though the atmosphere around us was loud. When I finally thought of the right thing to say I looked at Tariq.

ME: She would’ve been proud. (swallowing)  She would’ve been proud to see what a gentleman you have become. (smiling) I may have never met your mum Tar, but I can assure you, you made her proud.

TARIQ: (squeezing my hand) I hope so. God, there’s not a single day that goes by where I don’t miss her. My dad…. Well all I can say is that he’s got to be the worlds greatest father.

ME: And what about your step mum? Stella?

TARIQ: She’s alright. Lucky for me my dad isn’t one of those guys that marry those gold diggers. But Stella is……nice. She can’t replace my mum, but she takes care of my dad and I. She loves to spend my dad’s money (smiling) But hey, I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t spend it either.

ME: (looking down at his shoes) Thousand dollar shoes eh?

TARIQ: Are you ever going to let that go? (smiling)

ME: Maybe… when I eventually forget about it.

TARIQ: I’m sorry. To rain on your NYE’s with my life story.

ME: Sorry? Don’t be! Please, I wanted to know more about you…and yes your life has been more complicated than mine (smiling) But there’s nothing wrong with complications in life. Its what makes life, life.

TARIQ: That, was deep!

ME: (laughing) Oh shut up (nudging him)

Tar, thanks for tonight. Really, I could not thank you enough!

TARIQ: Well thanks as well, for listening. Not a lot of listening goes on with the Paki Crew. Everyone just talks talks talks! (laughing)

ME: Too true.

We cleared up the mess we had made in his apartment, put on the funky NYE glasses he bought, took the remaining un-popped party poppers and left Tariq’s apartment. On the way down, whenever someone got into the elevator, we POPPED the popper and ran out the elevator before they could kill us! Call us immature, but I say we were just embracing 2014! When we finally made our way downstairs, we saw the endless line of cars!

ME: Oh my god! Look at the traffic!

TARIQ: Err, Yazz even a knight in armour can’t solve this problem (laughing)

ME: Why are you laughing!? (trying to not laugh) THIS is not funny?!

TARIQ: Cause I’m trying to think of a way to get you home…and so far…I think you’re stumped (smiling half  a smile)

ME: (rolling my eyes) Stumped?! Tar, I need to get home! My mother will KILL me!

TARIQ: Okay…okay… I’m thinking. You will never be able to hail a taxi in this traffic. I can get my driver to pick us up, but we’ll have to walk to get to where there’s no traffic

ME: (inward groan) Walk!! Again… (sighing) Thank god I wore pumps!

So Tariq called up his driver who said he would be there in 45 minutes


Oh well, it was better than walking home. We started to walk against the traffic, not really knowing where we were going to meet his driver, when my phone rang. It was Zaheer

ME: Err hello?

ZAHEER: Is Tariq there? I’ve been trying to call him but he isn’t answering his phone.

ME: Err, he’s here.

I handed the phone over to Tar

TARIQ: Hey man



TARIQ: The traffic is crazy I got Salim (his driver) to pick us up


TARIQ: No problem mate


TARIQ: Just walk straight over the bridge


TARIQ: We’ll be waiting


Tariq ended the call then handed me back my phone. I fought off the urge to ask him why Zaheer had called, but it was eating me up alive. So after a moment of silence, I gutsied up and asked him.

ME: And what was that about?

TARIQ: Zee needs a lift so he’s walking over here and then Salim will pick us up.

ME: Doesn’t he have his own driver??

TARIQ: You would know wouldn’t’ you (wink)

ME: Tar! Not funny!

TARIQ: That was pretty funny (nudging me) He’s staying over at mines tonight so he’s coming home with me.

ME: (Sarcastic smile) Joy!




A gentleman, Your mother would have been proud...

A gentleman, Your mother would have been proud…

Shout out to ”Theee most crazy cousins Eva Faati (faatima), Naami (zainab), Miss sarcasm (mariam) for being there for me and for all the wild rides we’ve been on thee ups and down  much love your most adorable, beautiful and lovable cuz (jokes) 
Mariam (Your Jaan)”

Shout out to ”Hirah, Seema, Zeenat, Aamirah, Zaakira, Umamah, Tasmiyah, Qurutulain,  Zaahida, Bushraa, Nazeerah, Safiyyah, Aaminah Bibi & Fatima … Love you girls to the moon & back ❤ From the one & only MARYAM 😀 <3”

Part 85 – New Years Plans

Here ya go people! Hope you’re enjoying the new year as much as I am 😀 Much Love DOAD  ♥ xoxo

Blue eyed Tariq...

Blue eyed Tariq…

New years eve. It was universally known that you had to do something amazing on new years!!! You just could NOT sit at home like a couch potato and do nothing. Unfortunately, THAT ‘nothing’ was my exact plans for New years. I didn’t want to go out with anyone. I didn’t want to dress up. Plus it was going to be crazy busy on new years! EVERYWHERE! The beaches, the hotels, the Address, Dubai Mall, it would all be chock a block! Roads leading to Dubai Mall were going to be closed from like 2 in the afternoon. I mean just imagine the people flocking to the mall to try and get the perfect spot to watch the magnificent fireworks that never ceased to disappoint!

Of course, I had never experienced the atmosphere in Dubai first hand. But I had heard of experiences from other people that had spent their NYE’s in Dubai. They all seemed to enjoy it but said the fireworks were too short AND that it was VERY crowded. Hats off to Dubai for spending millions of dirhams yearly on fireworks!!! Seriously, National Day alone must have cost a fortune and now they were trying to break a world record by having the ‘Worlds Largest Fireworks Display’. Bravo Dubai. How many other ridiculous world titles were the world going to exist?!

I like fireworks. I mean who doesn’t like pretty colours in the sky?! Was I bothered to fight through crowds of people to see fireworks? Err…. No. I could see the fireworks from the comfort of my couch. No crowds. And I could wear my sweats! Although I did have a killer NYE outfit I was planning on wearing. But the morning of the 31st of December, the last day of 2013, I woke up absolutely NOT in the mood to partay away and enjoy New years. Shoot me. I was having a bad morning. The bad morning progressed as my mother told me that the South African group was planning to all go see the fireworks at the Burj Al Arab from the beach. Don’t get me wrong. It sounded like a nice idea. To just sit back, stroll on the beach, pitch camp and enjoy New Years with people you love!

News flash.

I didn’t exactly ‘love’ that South African group yet…  Don’t get me wrong, the girls and I got along just fine! In fact we even had our own BBM group which consisted of Saffiyah, Taskeen, Layyah Camila, Laila and I. We would just talk rubbish all day long. But then the girls started to discuss plans for New Years night. The Ameen’s were gone to South Africa for a wedding so Saffiyah and Taskeen were out of the picture. That just left four of us. I didn’t mind spending time with Layyah… But with Layyah you get her obnoxious annoying weird brother Luqmaan. No thanks, I’d pass up the opportunity to see his face at all costs!

And then there were the Bobats, who had a perfect view of the Burj Al Arab from their hotel room as it was right next to each other. So they were staying put. Uzair called and told me to come. I told him I was feeling sick and that I wouldn’t come. He pushed it a bit further but could see that I was in no mood to leave the house. He let me be. Then it was Fatimah’s turn. At first I gave her the cold shoulder. I loved my Best friend, but seriously, she was in Dubai for 2 weeks only. She was going to be leaving in a few days, and then I was only going to see her in months!

FATIMAH: Oh come on Yasmeen stop being like this

ME: Me?! This is so NOT my fault I am SO sorry if I want to spend just a little more time with my best friend. But obviously she is too busy with her boyfriend!

FATIMAH: Hey! What about you?!?! Spending SO MUCH TIME with UZAIR!

ME: What rubbish! I don’t ever see him! You see Zayaan like, EVERYDAY! And anyways if I remember correctly I’ve only spent TWO DAYS with Uzair…

FATIMAH: (sighing) I’m sorry! Okay, Let’s just get over this! I admit that I have been neglecting you and babes, I. Am. Sorry. Make me maaferz Yasoooo!

ME: You know I’m not one to hold grudges. Idiot, all’s forgiven! (Laughing)

FATIMAH: What you doing for tonight?? Come by us! We all going to be sitting in the room, staring out the window waiting for the fireworks! How amazing is that (laughing)

ME: Quite amazing! Much more exciting than my night!

FATIMAH: So then come by us! Uzzi said you said no!?

ME: I’m not really in the mood to go out the house Fatz…. Like I Just wanna sit in my sweats and watch TV and eat junk food…

FATIMAH: This better not be you slipping into some kinda depression???

ME: Nopes! It’s more like me being moody and…err…. ‘On my time’

FATIMAH: Say no more (laughing) YES! It’s for the better that moody Raheem is at home when she explodes for no reason how she very often does when she’s ‘on her time’!

ME: Oh shurrup (laughing) Have fun tonight! Don’t be kissing too many people at midnight eh…

FATIMAH: You don’t be kissing too many teddy bears either!! (Laughing) Speak to ya later babe!

ME: Mwaah, salaams

But still the Bobat clan did not give up! An hour after Fatimah, Nuha called! Now this was a tricky situation… She was Nuha Bobat. When she wanted something, she sure as hell got it! Whether she had to go through hurricane Katrina, she was going to get it! So to avoid her talking my ear off and lecturing me for being an unsociable little butt face on the phone, I just let the phone ring

And ring

And ring

And ring

And ring

That girl had a lot of time! After about 7 missed calls she stopped phoning and instead BB’d me, still lecturing me about how I was being stupid to spend New Year’s on my own… I smiled, and didn’t reply. Oh well,

New Year’s Resolution: Start getting my point across to Nuha Bobat and not feel pressurised!

So while my mother was busy prepping her little picnic basket for their midnight New Year ’s Eve picnic at the beach with all the other South Africans, I sat in my room planning my lonesome night ahead. I made it my mission to prove the universe wrong. I, Yasmeen Raheem, was going to stay at home and NOT go out. I will defeat the universal rule of having to go out on NYE’s! I felt ridiculous sitting in my room, mapping out my boring night ahead. The plan was basically to watch series until half 11. Then I was going to watch the fireworks on TV. Scream ‘happy New Years’ to the empty house that I was going to be in! I mean, even our maid had plans for NEW YEARS!? Is that crazy or what? Then I got to the part of what I was going to eat while watching my series…I decided on Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream, with those delicious cookies my mother had been buying from Spinneys. Of course, I needed more sugar to numb the lonesome. CHOCOLATE! Or even better…. CHOCOLATE PANCAKES! Yes, yes, I think there was definitely enough sugar in my plan for me to just completely forget I was alone.

Thinking of being alone and being lonesome, it reminded me of Tariq, and the time I told him that he was the exception.

************ FLASHBACK************

ME: Yes! Because lonesome is the best way to go about this!!! (Big fake cheesy smile)

TARIQ: Oh reeeeallly?! (Nudging me) So then should I leave you alone ‘Ms.lonesome’?

ME: Naah (nudging him back) you’re an exception to that saying…

************ FLASHBACK************

And right then, I didn’t mind being with him. He was most probably invited to Zainab’s party. The party I was also invited to. The party I was not allowed to go to! I was still going to respect my mother’s wishes. The last thing I wanted was to start 2014 badly by getting myself into BIG trouble by sneaking out the house. But I was still holding onto this smaaaaall hope, this smaaaaaall possibility that Tariq would not be going to the party. Oh well, a girl could dream. But there was only one way to find out. I phoned him.

He didn’t pick up.

I phoned him again.

Still no answer

The third time it went to answering machine. I was about to give up and throw my phone across the room…when my phone started vibrating!

ME: Tariq!

TARIQ: Sorrrrrry! I didn’t have my phone on me. Zaheer had it.

ME: Oh.

TARIQ: Yeah, we were just getting some stuff for Zainab from Spinneys. And he had it.

ME: Oh.

TARIQ: So is that what you called me for…. (Laughing) To ‘oh’ me?

ME: (smiling) Noo…. Well I was just asking if you’re going to Zainab’s… But I see you clearly are.

TARIQ: Yeah. NEW YEARS!! 2013 went by so quickly!

ME: Yeah, very quick…

TARIQ: So, will I be seeing you tonight Ms.Yasmeen?

ME: Wish you were, but my rentals said no!

TARIQ: What?! Why??

ME: (sighing) Loooong boring story.

TARIQ: Wait…so then why’d you call?

ME: Nothing, really its nothing. Go enjoy your night!

TARIQ: Yazz, tell me…

ME: Well…. I was just holding onto this small teeny tiny possibility that you weren’t going to Zainab’s.

TARIQ: And why is that?

Tariq was a VERY honest person. I might as well be as honest as he was with me. So I told him how I turned down all other New Year’s invites because I was in no mood to party

ME: So basically…I’m a moody little git that doesn’t want to be around anyone!

TARIQ: Correction, you want to be around me.

ME: Correct (laughing) It’s weird. But it doesn’t matter. Go enjoy your New Years. Don’t get too drunk.

TARIQ: (laughing) I don’t drink! I can’t stand the smell of alcohol. Why is it weird?

ME: (sighing) Cause I’ve known you for the shortest amount of time but I’m willing to spend New Year’s with you and not my best friend..

TARIQ: And why is that?

ME: Cause you’re an individual. Fatimah is going to be with all the Bobat’s and they’re a big group. Same with the South Africans. They’re both groups of people. You’re just one person, with SO many personalities you feel as if 10 million people are that (laughing)

TARIQ: Hmmmm………..….Compliment or insult?

ME: Both! (Laughing)  Go! Go enjoy your evening! Don’t worry about me, I find solace in ice cream! And pizza…and pancakes!

TARIQ: Ah! A food lover I see. Just like me!

ME: I am pretty sure you don’t eat as much as I do!

TARIQ: Oh yes I do! In fact I am pretty sure I eat more!

ME: Let me guess….your metabolism is freakishly high?!

TARIQ: That…. and I also gym

ME: Ah, I see

TARIQ: Yazz, where do you live?

ME: Umm…. Why?

TARIQ: Don’t worry! I won’t stalk you (laughing) I want to drop something off.

ME: A gift! You shouldn’t have

TARIQ: I didn’t. (laughing)

ME: Then what are you coming to drop off?

TARIQ: You’ll see!

And then the line went dead. But I hadn’t even given him my address!! Eh, that boy! I really didn’t expect a ‘gift’ to come as he had no idea where I lived, so I didn’t anticipate any visitors for the remainder of the last day of 2013. By 8 o’clock my parents and Armaan left to go to someones house for a brai. The South African group would go to the beach from there. I wished them all the best in those crowds. In return my mother told me I better not try ‘anything’…

ME: Mummy, don’t worry I won’t sneak out the house and go to Zainab’s!

MUM: And if you want to leave the house because you want to go by the Bobat’s just phone me first and let me know… Okay?

ME: Gee mummy! Now GO! Enjoy the fireworks!

And then they were gone! The house was quiet…Well not actually. I could hear cars blasting music from outside, so I went onto my balcony and watched over the parade of cars with their music blasting and the people inside, all psyched for New Years. I only came back in when I heard the doorbell. It was probably my mother forgetting her phone or forgetting something else. She was always forgetting stuff. I opened the door. But it wasn’t my mother

ME: Err…what are you doing here?

TARIQ: Here to drop off a gift.

ME: (looking around) How….I mean…how did you get here?

TARIQ: There’s this thing called cars. More specifically taxi’s.  Not even going to invite me inside eh Yazz?

He didn’t even wait for an invitation. Tariq just walked straight into my house. I was still standing by the door, my mouth hanging in a huge O! How did he get here?! As in, how did he know my address?!?

TARIQ: It’s a nice place you got here! Very big….and modern…and very smart!

ME: Thanks…. Now how did you get my address?

TARIQ: I tracked your number (big smile)

JOKES!  (Laughing)

Geez you should’ve see your face! It was priceless

Seriously, I’m not a stalker. I got it from Zaheer.

ME: Oh

TARIQ: Why is it that whenever I bring Zaheer up, all you say is ‘oh’?

ME: Because that low life scum bag doesn’t deserve any more words than ‘oh’. It’s a simple, 2 letter word!

TARIQ: Ah, I see…

ME: Soo where’s my present?

TARIQ: It’s right here!

ME: Where? I don’t see it?

TARIQ: One knight in shining armour, at your doorstep ma’am (saluting to me)

ME: Huh? Whaaat?! I am so confuzzled Tar!

TARIQ: Allow me to clarify… You, ‘the damsel in distress’ are not allowed to attend Zainab’s party. I ‘the knight in shining armour’ will take you out of your misery, whisk you away in my pumpkin carriage, and absolutely KILL New Year’s Eve with you! (smiling) What do you say?

ME: I say ……….you are absolutely crazy!!! And you’ve bloody lost your mind!!

TARIQ: (laughing) And I say that I think you should get out of those sweats, and put on something….. ‘Pretty’! (wink)

ME: (looking at him quizzically) Wait? You’re seriously being serious?

TARIQ: (laughing) Yes I am seriously being serious! You still owe me a day remember!? So you can’t even say no! Today is the Day Yasmeen Raheem! In fact, I’m letting you off easy. You owe me 24 hours, but I will accept a mere 4 hours with you… (Wink)

ME: Well it’ll be 3 hours by the time I’m ready!

TARIQ: Well then you better hurry up! Go! Yallah (nudging me)

I sprinted up the stairs, taking them 2 at a time! Luckily I had planned out a NYE outfit even though I wasn’t planning on wearing it. It was, if I say so myself, GORGEOUS (mashallah)! I was wearing a black top under this totes adorable patterned satin jacket I bought from Mango. I paired it with my white jeans from Zara. I slipped on my bershka lace pumps and took my long strap bag that could just about fit my phone, wallet and lippie. My canon camera was hanging around my neck. I didn’t care where we were going! I was definitely going to take pictures and remember this New Year’s Eve, wherever it may be. With whoever it may be with…

ME: Ready!!

TARIQ: Wow that was quick!

ME: Its cause I had my outfit planned from like the week before!

TARIQ: Ah, well you are looking… (Smiling)….. smashing Yazz.

ME: You’re not looking so bad yourself Tar! Now come on we are so going to get stuck in traffic.

TARIQ: Hold your horses you eager beaver…

ME: Horses AND beavers… by any chance are you a farm boy? (nudging him)

TARIQ: Do you think farm boys own thousand dollar Tods shoes?! I think not (wink)

ME: Oooooh show off (nudging him)

TARIQ: (sigh) Are you always this annoying?

ME: Ouch! That was hurtful Tar… And yes I am! Get used to it.

TARIQ: (smiling) Would you like to get into the taxi Yazz? (Opening the door)

ME: So sweet you held the door open! Thank you Mr ‘thousand dollar shoes’ (wink)

TARIQ: (rolling his eyes) Jealous much?

ME: Very!  By the way, where are we going?

TARIQ: It’s a surprise!

As we got into the taxi, I realised that I had to phone my mother. But what was I going to tell her? I couldn’t tell her I was going out alone with a guy. Of course I trusted Tariq, but my mother had NO clue who he was. And he was definitely NOT Uzair or Zaheer. She didn’t know him, his family or his background. God, this was already a recipe for disaster.

ME: What am I going to tell her Tar?!

TARIQ: Just tell her you went to a different beach to see the fireworks.

ME: You think she’ll buy it? I really don’t want to lie to her ….

TARIQ: I’m still keeping it a surprise, but the beach is partially part of the night planned ahead. So technically you are not lying.

ME: (laughing) That sounds confusing… Let me just give her a call.

So I phoned my mother. First time she never pick up

I phoned again

And Again

And again

Still no answer. I just resorted to BBM’ing her.

ME: Slaams mummy! I decided to have my own little picnic 😀 Without you’ll! Went to a diff beach to see the fireworks. Tried calling you but you weren’t picking up… See you later  slaams

It was easier to lie and type than to phone. The car ride was quiet. I could see the taxi driver was driving towards the Marina, which was also quite close to JBR, but then we got stuck in traffic. Surprisingly, in the middle of traffic Tariq just opened his door! Before getting off he paid the driver and looked at me

TARIQ: We’ll be in traffic ALL day! Might as well walk… The weather is lovely. (holding out his hand for me to take) Shall we?

ME: You’re making me walk Tar! Not cool bro… (Taking his hand) We shall.

There wasn’t much walking to the place Tar was taking me to. I was going to FREAK if he took me to the beach by JBR! My shoes were so NOT beach shoes! Luckily the ‘surprise’ destination was in a building.

ME: Do you live here?

TARIQ: (nodding his head) No, my dad owns quite a lot of properties in Dubai. Most of them we rent out but this one,  he decided to keep. He lets me use it as my…..

ME: As your?

TARIQ: Trying to get the right word for it…

ME: Man cave?

TARIQ: (laughing) Yeah, something like a ‘man cave’, only it’s not stereotypically messy. Everything has a place so it’s clean and tidy. I’m a bit of a neat freak

ME: (speaking sarcastically) No! You don’t say! The guy in crisp white shorts with his hair perfectly combed back…..…says he’s a neat freak?! Shocker (nudging him)

TARIQ: I actually enjoy this annoying side of you (smiling sideward)

ME: I take that as a compliment….

So how much more walking till we’re at your apartment/man cave thingy?

TARIQ: Well it’s this building, (looking up) but the lift ride might take a while, I have the penthouse at the top!

ME: (looking up) Like….at the TOP?! Like the very very veeerry TOP?!

TARIQ: (laughing) Are you afraid of heights??

ME: YES! Very much so Tar!!!

TARIQ: (laughing even harder) Well then I promise you it’s worth the view! We’ll see the beach and the Atlantis fireworks from my apartment.

ME: (sighing) Well if you promise (holding out my pinkie) But you’re going to have to pinkie promise…

TARIQ: I pinkie promise, Yasmeen Raheem, that it’s worth it! Now come on!

So we entered into the building and travelled up the lift, which really did take ages! Or it felt like ages! And the amount of stops we had to make for people to get on and get off…. I was just finally glad when Tariq said we were finally there

ME: Oh thank GOD! I was getting elevator sickness!

TARIQ: (rolling his eyes) Drama queen! (Smiling) It’s this apartment, let me just get the key.

He unlocked the door and opened it. Pitch black. With a switch of a button the whole room sprang to life. Neat, clean, modern, manly, yet stylish, and decorated for an occasion. Wait…. What?! There were party poppers and these funky New Year’s Eve glasses along with these party hats!! And….and there was cake! And a tub of Baskin Robbins on the kitchen counter along with what looked like… like pancakes!!!





Did Tariq go and buy all of this?! I turned to face him….

TARIQ: Ta-raaaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy New Year’s Yazz!

ME: What?! I mean…. You did all of this?

TARIQ: Just a few bits and bobs to make this New Year’s even better.

ME: I mean….. Cake! You bought cake! And….and Ice cream! And….and those cute little party poppers! (Smiling) You really outdid yourself!

TARIQ: Naaah, this was nothing! I did this in like…what…an hour? Imagine if I had a full day’s notice! (wink)

ME: (smiling) Imagine…

TARIQ: Go check out the view, the balcony door is open.

I walked over and even before I opened the door I could the crowds of people down below on the JBR walk. The crowds of people created a very vibrant loud energetic atmosphere. It was nice. And the view. Holy sheesh kebabs….. the view over looked EVERYTHING! Well that’s exaggerating just a wee bit, but you could see all the way till the Atlantis! So the view, compared to mines, was really something….

This New Year’s Eve was going to be spectacular!

NYE Outfit!

NYE Outfit!

Pancakes  ♥

Pancakes ♥