Part 84- JET SKI’S!

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Jet Ski's

Jet Ski’s

Smile :)

Smile 🙂

Jet skiing! Nuha was a genius! Seriously! Her therapy was the total opposite of a typical calm spa day. Instead we were going to hit the Dubai waters in style. On JET SKI’S! Uzair met us in the reception shortly after I phoned him. Zaheer and Ashley had vanished into thin air. Either they had seen me and made a mad dash, or they had plans. Nuha could see how angry I was. She buckled and told me the therapy plan and even allowed Uzair to come with…

ME: JET SKIING! Nuuuu you amazing person!

NUHA: I am quite amazing aren’t I!?

UZAIR: Yeah yea, scaredy cat. Let’s see if you actually get ON the jet ski (nudging Nuha)

NUHA: I’ll prove you wrong! You just wait and see Bobat!

ME: How does that even work? You’re also ‘Bobat’ but you’re going to call him ‘Bobat’. Imagine if ALL ‘Bobats’ called each other ‘Bobat’? Wouldn’t that be comical?! (Laughing)

NUHA: Rahem. Shurrup! (giving me  a hug)

We walked down to the beach kiosk where the water sports were

UZAIR: Wait, so where you saw Zaheer?

ME: In the reception. With that chick from school.

NUHA: So is that the girl he cheated on you with?

ME: No. I don’t even know who the girl is. I just call her ‘Joburg Girl’

NUHA: (laughing) ‘Joburg Girl’, how very original Yas…

We got strapped into our life jackets and jumped onto the jet ski’s. There were only 2 jet ski’s so we had to take turns. Nuha and I went first. And. It. Was. AMAZING! The water was cold but the sun was shining bright with a cool breeze in the air. Basically the weather was gorgeous! Next, Nuha and Uzair went. Uzair jet ski’d like a maniac! Seriously, he was all over the place, with this wicked smile on his face. His facial expression was so cute! Like a kid, playing with a new toy, that was Uzair. I was just enjoying the sunlight and the sand so when it was my turn, I opted to not go

UZAIR: Yas, the jet ski awaits you!

ME: Naa, I just wanna sit here and chill

UZAIR: No. Go!

ME: No. YOU go!

NUHA: Eh, while you two argue about who’s going, I’m going!!

And she was gone! Well she conquered her water sporting fears very quickly! Uzair took off his life jacket and plopped him self down on the sand next to me

UZAIR: (nudging my shoulder) What you say?

ME: What I say?

UZAIR: (shrugging his shoulders) I dunno. You look deep in thought

ME: (nodding my head) Just admiring the great endless ocean waters…

I turned my head slighlty to look at Uzair. He looked at me. A small strand of hair had escaped from my hat. He reached out, and as swiftly as he could, tucked that strand of hair back under. I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder, wanting to freeze that moment and keep it forever

ME: (swallowing the lump forming in my throat) Uzair. I needa tell you something

UZAIR: (snaking his arm around my waist, pulling me closer) Shoot

ME: (sighing, speaking fast) Ithinkyoushouldstartdatingagain

I had to tell him. I had to make sure he knew that he and I would not date again. He was too precious for me to loose.

UZAIR: (looking at me quizically) Come again?

ME: (sighing) You need to get back into the dating game. I think you should start dating again (biting my lip)

UZAIR: (running his fingers through his hair) Umm….Err… (Cracking his neck) I don’t really know ….what to say to that.

ME: Say yes (turning to face him) Say you’ll do it! Say you’ll be open minded, and that you’ll think about it.

I held his gaze for a really long time until we were interuppted


It was Zainab

ME: Hey Zay

ZAINAB: Heey! Why didn’t you tell me you were here?

ME: What? At the beach? Wasn’t actually supposed to come. Last minute plans

ZAINAB: Aah, I see

ME: I think I saw Ashley earlier on?

ZAINAB: Yeah she and Zee went to get Starbucks (rolling eyes) Then Zee goes and chucks his cup into the water! (Laughing)

ME: (smiling) Aah, well……what a litter bug?

I didn’t know what else to say! I was trying to compromise. Uzair looked at me as if to say ‘smooth move bro’ I just shrugged my shoulders…

Uzair looked at me.

ME: Zainab this is Uzair. Uzair, Zainab.

UZAIR: Hi how ya doin?

ZAINAB: Good and you? Is this your cousin Yaz?

ME: No, he’s my…. Umm…. Umm…. (looking at Uzair)

UZAIR: (supressing a laugh) I’m your….

ME: He’s my…. Err….

UZAIR: (laughing) I’m her ex boyfriend. Also her best guy friend, her other half and future husband (winks at me)

ME: (speechless expression) Umm…

ZAINAB: Awww, oh my god! Yazmeen he is SO cute! And such a keeper!

ME: (looking at Uzair) I guess he is (ruffling his hair)

UZAIR: Is that so… Because 5 minutes ago you were busy telling me to date other girls (raising his eyebrows at me)

ZAINAB: (sitting down next to me) Yaz, why would you say that?! He’s gorgeous and so sweet! Seems much nicer then Zee

ME: (laughing) Woah, since when did this become 2 against one?! You both cant gang up on me!  (looking at Uzair)

UZAIR: Zainab, just tell this friend of yours to not make the biggest mistake of her life by letting me go (wink) Cause… Ya know… I’m gorgeous. And amazing. And sweet. (Nudging me)

ME: Yeeah yeeah suure (nudging him back)


We all turned to look at who was behind us. It was Ashley. She was standing in between 2 guys, Zaheer and Indian Dan

ZAINAB: Oh hey! Sorry, I bumped into Yaz and we just got talking (smiling)

ASHLEY: Oh, well we were just wondering where you were

INDIAN DAN: Yeah babe. Not cool… Just ditching me (sitting down next to Zainab)

Oh great! Now that half the paki crew was sitting with Uzair and I, I was just HOPING Zah and Ashley wouldn’t plop themselves by us. Fortunately Nuha came…

NUHA: Heey! Ooh I see we have company. Hi, I’m Nuha (sitting opposite Zainab)

ZAINAB: Hey! I’m Zainab, and this ugly fellow here is Daniel, aka Indian Dan!

INDIAN DAN : Heeeey! She’s just jealous she doesn’t have my smexy looks (winks at Zainab)

NUHA: (laughing) Aww, you guys are soo cute! (Looking up at Ashley) why don’t you guys sit down?

I did an inward groan. Really?! Was Nuha trying to HELP or trying to create a horror scene!!

ASHLEY: Err… No that’s fine (smiling) we were just going to carry on walking

UZAIR: (pulling me even closer to him to prove a point) No noo sit down! Chill out. Emjoy the view of the endless ocean (winks at me)

ME: (laughing) Stealing my line Bobat? (looking into his eyes to avoid all eye contact with Zaheer)

UZAIR: It was just SUCH  a good line…. I had to use it (kisses me on my forehead)

ZAINAB: (laughing) Yaz, are you sure he’s your EX?!

INDIAN DAN: Wait, he’s your EX boyfriend….and you guys are….

ME: (finishing his sentence) not dating? Yes, we’re not dating.

UZAIR:  I may not be her boyfriend, but I am definitely her other half (smiling half a smile looking at me)

Ashley and Zaheer who were still standing began to shuffle their feet uncomfortably.

ME: Are you suuure you don’t want to sit down? ( tilting my head with an innocent smile) Your legs might hurt from standing for too long.

But it was Zaheer that answered that. He grabbed Ashleys hand quite viscously and said

ZAHEER: No, we’re fine. Come on Ash

And with that they left. Uzair looked at me, gave me his million dollar smile and kissed me on my cheek

UZAIR: We did gooooood

ME: (laughing) We did reeeeeeeeal gooood! (kissing him on his cheek)

ZAINAB: I am so confused!

UZAIR: (looking at Zainab and Dan) You guys can chill with us if you want. I’m going up to the room, catch the highlights of the match.

INDIAN DAN: Match!!! You mean the footie match?! Dude, I am THERE!

ZAINAB: (rolling her eyes) Boys and their football!

 I thought it might be awkward with Dan and Zainab not knowing Uzair. But it wasn’t! Instead the guys retreated to the suite room to watch the soccer/football while Nuha, Zainab and I went to have tea downstairs. First we went upstairs to dry up. Uzair and I still hand’t fully finished our conversation to do with him ‘dating other girls’. But it’d have to wait. It was tea time with the girls!

NUHA: Soo, Zainab, you and Yasmeen are in school together? Tell me… Was she a TOTAL nerd. When she first came?

ME: Nuha!

ZAINAB: (laughing) Nerd…  not really. She was just REALLY quiet! But then I guess she got use to our crazy paki crew!

NUHA: Yeah, the infamous ‘paki crew’ (laughing) how does one even come up with that name?

ZAINAB: Simple. Most of us are paki.. And we’re a crew (smiling) but then you have the exception of Indian Dan, clearly a British Indian! Yasmeen, Raihaan and Zee are South African so…

NUHA: I’m sorry… Zee is?

ZAINAB: Zaheer. We all call him ‘Zee’.

NUHA: Aah, just like how you call yasmeen YAZ…  (looking at me and supressing a smile) So tell me how long have you been in Dubai for?

I felt like SUCH a third wheel. No offence to Nuu or Zainab, but I was seriously bored! I downed my cup of tea and pulled out my phone and BB’d Uzair

ME: Bored outta my mind! Please come save me 😦

UZAIR: LOL! See this is why you should never leave me 😉 where you?

ME: Coffee shop. I’m going to the bathroom. Meet you there :)x

UZAIR: Sounds good x

I put my phone away and cleared my throat

ME: Umm… Guys I’m just going to the bathroom

They both just nodded their heads and carried on talking about their lives.

I saw Uzair peaking his head around a column. I came around the other way to scare him


UZAIR: God! Wanna scare the living hell outta me Raheem?!!

ME:  (laughing) Aww, man up Bobat! Come on. I needa get outta here. Let’s go for a walk

UZAIR: A walk? It’s dark outside

ME: Dark…Aww is Uzzi scared of the dark (laughing)  It’s winter! The weather will be soooo nice! Come.

So we went walking outside. A proper walk on the beach. Just Uzair and I

ME: I just realised… I haven’t seen Fatz ALL day.

UZAIR: Aww, missing your BFF?

ME: Yes. I actually am (smiling) Tell Zayaand to lay off. (Linking my arm through his)

UZAIR: (laughing) Now you getting me involved in this…


ME: Yes?

UZAIR: I’ve been thinking bout what you said. About the dating thing…

ME: And?

UZAIR: And… (Swallowing and sighing) And I wanna know what made you suggest that? Like, why would you even think of that doll?

ME: I dunno, lots of things. You being here…..but also knowing that you’re going back to Durban. Remember when Ismaeel and I were talking? That day in the airport?

UZAIR: Yeah…

ME: We were talking about long distance relationships and stuff. Cause he dated this girl Camila in Dubai. And he was talking about you and me. And the possibility that long distance might work between us.

UZAIR: And what did YOU think? Think it’d work between us?

I just shrugged my shoulders

UZAIR: (stopping on the sand) Hey (turning me to face him) Look at me… (smiling)

ME: (looking up) Hi


ME: No. (Sighing) I don’t think it would work for 2 reasons. First I need someone there! With me. Get what I mean? And second… you’re my ex. I mean, is it even healthy to re-date your ex’s?

UZAIR: (smiling half a smile) Well that was deep…. And I’m unsure about how ‘healthy’ dating an ex is (wrapping his arms around my waist) Enlighten me doll.

ME: Uzair…

UZAIR: Yasmeen…

ME: I’m serious

UZAIR: I’m also serious

ME: (raising my eyebrows) …

UZAIR: (sticking his tongue out at me) …

ME: (wrapping my arms around his neck) If you can’t beat em, join em!

UZAIR: (laughing) So you going to stop this nonsense about me dating other girls doll?!

ME: Oh HELL no! (Wink) Boiki, I’m telling you straight up now! I will not date you because….

UZAIR: Because why?

ME: Because because

UZAIR: Yasmeeeen….

ME: Uzaaaair… You still owe me an explanation!

UZAIR: An explanation? For what?

ME: That night… At the restaurant. You were telling me you would be with me whenever. And that you didn’t care what anyone thought. So I wanna know why…

UZAIR: God! You Raheem’s are SO stubborn (rolling his eyes)

ME: Yes. Yes we are. Now yallah. Tell me

UZAIR: (stroking my arm) Because…

ME: Because why?

UZAIR: Because… (Smiling sidewards) It’s obvious and undeniable that I … (stroking my face) I love you doll.

ME: (smiling) Well then, that’s also why I won’t date you. Because I love you. And care about you to much to just ‘date’ you. Get what I mean?

UZAIR: I’m getting what you meaning… (wink)



I’ll THINK…. I will THINK about dating other girls

ME: (shocked) Wait? Whaaaat?! (smiling) Seriously!

UZAIR: Don’t get too happy!

ME: What changed your mind?

UZAIR: You. You said you still love me (smiling)

ME: (Sticking my tongue out at him) I always have Bobat. Might even love you more than pizza


Definitely not! Pizza is my first love (wink)

UZAIR: I can live with that (smiling half a smile)

Uzair & Yasmeen

Uzair & Yasmeen

Just Love ♥

Just Love ♥

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Part 83 – HELP!

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Beach Bag!

Beach Bag!

Beige dress

Beige dress

What to wear… What to wear… A hundred different options, I eventually settled on thisbeige and white long loose dress. It was a sunny day, but not scorching hot! Instead of a scarf I opted to shove all of my hair under my  cute sun hat I had bought on a trip to Thailand. Then it was time to butter my mother up to get her to drop me off at Jumeirah Beach Hotel…

ME: Mummmmmmmmmmmy…..

MUM: Yasmeeeeeeeeeeen…. You finally awake?

ME: Err yeah….

MUM: ….

ME: ….

MUM: Well go on! What you want?

ME: A lift PLEASE?!

MUM: (sigh) Of course. Now all your chummies are here you going to be gallivanting all over the place!

ME: Chummies? Please don’t use slang (shiver) It’s so…….. slangy!!

MUM: Don’t have an attitude with me missy. Come on, I’ll give you a lift quickly. Which mall they at?

ME: They at their hotel having a chilled out day by the pool. Swimming and stuff…

MUM: (rolling eyes) Swimming? In winter?

ME: Mummy, Dubai’s winter is a joke!

MUM: That’s true! Well hurry up, get ready!

Within 20 minutes I was with Nuha by the poolside area. Madame Bobat was busy sun bathing in her shorts and shirt. I, on the other hand, was flipping through a magazine in my dress. Very parda friendly compared to Nuha. Zayaan and Fatimah had gone for a walk on the beach. How very romantic, yet un-original. But cute. I didn’t mind being the single one between the 2 best friends. Nuha went into a full detailed story of how she and Omar met, how happy they are, the many lovey dovey stories of the countless sweet things he does for her  etc etc etc…….

NUHA: Err ma gosh! I almost forgot to ask, what happen with Zaheer???

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) Everything was okay. More than okay. (sighing) Then he goes to Joburg for a wedding. Cheats on me. Comes back. Tells me  he kissed another girl. We break up. Kallas.

Nuha sat there staring at me with her mouth in a big O

NUHA: WHAT!!!!!! WHEN was THIS!?!?! WHY did I NOT know about this!?!?! Raheem, you gotta LOT to explain!!!

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) You were happy with Omar. You finally trusted a guy Nuu. I didn’t want to rain on your parade with my break up…

NUHA: (giving me a hug) Aww, babe! You wouldn’t be raining on my parade! You’d be getting me into a very NASTY fight with that dirt bag Zaheer!

ME: (laughing) Well SEE! For his own safety I didn’t tell you, cause you would’ve whipped his butt!

NUHA: Too true! I would’ve. And then I would’ve thrown you one helluva therapy session to mend your broken heart!

ME: It’s healing (swallowing the lump in my throat) I think so….I hope so….

NUHA: Screw this! I’m throwing you a delayed therapy session NOW! Yallah! Le’go (grabbing my hand)

ME: What? Where we going?

NUHA: To see which costume of mine will fit you!

Oh god! I already knew this unknown idea was a crazy one! And to top it all, I was totally sure Nuha did NOT own a pair of shorts that was below the knee…. We burst into their suite room to see the Bobat boys along with Yusuf engrossed watching TV. Of course, some soccer match was on. Why else would they be staring at a TV screen! The cousins were all sharing a suite which was pretty cool to be honest. Nuha, being the only girl, got her own room. Zayaan was sharing with Uzair, Ridwaan with Ismaeel, and Ahmed was chucked on the couch. Shame, poor him.

Either way, their room was AMAZEBALLS! (Can’t believe I used that word) but it really was! They had gorgeous interior furniture, plush couches, a full glass dining table, and the bedrooms! Modern and classy were just a few words I could use to describe the place! It was very nice! The boys all looked at Nuha and I as we interrupted their soccer match. Uzair immediately smiled, hopped off the couch and walked over to me….

UZAIR: (hugging me) Hey there

ME: (hugging him back) Hi

UZAIR: When did you get here doll?

ME: Bout an hour ago. But…  (looking at the TV) I can see you boys are VERY busy!

UZAIR: Soccer! Even on holiday we can’t miss out on soccer .

ME: (smiling) Is that so? Well then I won’t keep you from your ‘soccer’…

NUHA: (screaming from her room) Yasmeen! Come here, I found the perfect shorts for you!!!

UZAIR: (eyeing me quizzically) Shorts?

ME: (nodding my head) I told Nuha about Zaheer. And noooooow Madame wants to give me a delayed therapy session to ‘mend my heart’.

UZAIR: Yeah, but that doesn’t explain the shorts?

ME: I dunno what she’s planning. But I need a swim costume. And as you can see… I don’t have one!

UZAIR: So you’re going to wear shorts?

ME: Do you just like saying the word ‘shorts’? (smiling)

UZAIR: (smiling a sidewards smile) Well, are you even comfortable wearing shorts?

ME: No, not really. But I don’t want to hurt Nuha’s feelings. You even know she won’t own anything over the knee…

UZAIR: I might just have a solution for you doll…. (screaming to Nuha) Nuu, I got the shorts situation sorted!

And with that Uzair held out his hand for me to hold. Then he led me through a hallway and into a room. I was guessing it was his and Zayaan’s room cause it was MESSY! Like very very VERY messy! Clothes thrown everywhere!

ME: My WORD! What erupted here?! This place is a pig style!

UZAIR: (laughing) Swear to god this was ALL Zay. He couldn’t decide what to wear, so he emptied his whole bag!

ME: Hmm… I see that (sitting on the bed) So, Mr. Problem fixer, what’s your solution?

UZAIR: (going through his draw) It’s here…. Some where…. One second Yas,  There we go! Found it (smiling)

ME: What’s that?

UZAIR: Swimming pants!

ME: Yeah, YOUR swimming pants. I aint wearing dude swim shorts!

UZAIR: Firsty, they aren’t ‘shorts’ doll. They cover your knee. And secondly, they not dude shorts…

ME: Come again?

UZAIR: (sigh) Don’t laugh! My mother went to gateway…. And then (smiling) and then she bought me swim pants. But they were girls!

ME: (trying not to laugh) Serious?

UZAIR: Do NOT laugh! (Smirking)

ME: (laughing) But I mean (laughing) Your mother bought you GIRL swim pants!!! (Laughing) Take the hint Uzzi (wink) She wanted a daughter…

UZAIR: (sitting down next to me) Shurrup! (Nudging me) Here, take the shorts! They new, you think I’m going to prance around in chick shorts. Go enjoy your therapy, but please if Nuha gets Cray cray then gimme a call. I’ll come be your knight in shining armour (wink)

ME: (nudging him back) I’ll keep that in mind.

I went into the bathroom tried on the shorts. They fit perfecto! And they were plain balck. Even better! Aunty Salma was seriously a lifesaver! Saved me from wearing Nuha’s colourful short shorts.  Nuha knocked on the door and passed me a swim top. I was set for this mystery therapy session!

ME: Soooo where we going?

NUHA: You’ll see! Put sunblock on. Ooh and leave all your stuff here. It’s going to be a bumpy ride (wink) We’ll get towels from reception.

ME: (waving to the boys who were still watching TV) BYE BOYS!

We left the room and walked through reception. Nuha still being tight lipped about where we were going. She asked the guy at the counter for 2 towels, but while waiting for it she turned around and did a double take on a random couple that was walking towards the beach.
At least, I thought it was a random couple until I saw who it was…

NUHA: Hey, isn’t that Zaheer? And who is he with? Some gori chick?

I turned around. Sure nuff it was Zaheer. And who was he with. Non other than Ashley Jones. But before I could get depressed, or jealous or sad. I let my anger take over! I stormed over to the hotel phones and called up the one person who I knew wouldn’t mind putting on a show for that bloody waste of time Zaheer!

ME: Hey, remember how you said you’d come help me out if I ever needed the help? Well……… I need the help!



Part 82 – Dating Game

Stay tuned for more! In spirit of the last day of 2013, there will be 3 posts today! 😀 Including a 2014 midnight post! Much Love DOAD xoxo

P.S. This post is dedicated to one helluva crazy flamingo, pancake flipping family that I have never met! 😉

ME: Wait…. What?! You….and Haaj… Are RELATED?!

RIDWAAN: (laughing) Why you looking so surprised?

ME: You’ll look NOTHING alike! Like absolutely worlds apart! Nada zilch zippo!

RIDWAAN: (laughing) She looks more like my elder sister and I look like my other sister

ME: How many sisters you got?! Well…. you can’t blame me. You’ll seriously look nothing alike!

RIDWAAN: We get that a LOT! And I have 3 sisters

ME: Haaj is really pretty!

RIDWAAN: Hmm… Should I be offended by that? (Smiling side wards)

ME: (laughing) Maaf, I never mean it like that. (smiling) But then how are you related to the Boabts?

RIDWAAN: (sighing) Your memory is really quite appaling! (smiling) Remember when I first met you, I explained my surname was Omarjee because Uzairs father and my mother were siblings.

ME: Ooooooh, yes I remember that! Makes sense now. (laughing) I’m known for my incredibly bad memory so forgive me!

RIDWAAN: With eyes like yours its hard not to forgive you…

Was Ridwaan Omarjee (UZAIR’S FIRST COUSIN) flirting with me!? I was …. Flattered. Not grossed out at all. Ridwaan was a nice guy. Would I date him? No, that just might cause politics between Uzair and him and I DEFINITELY was not the kind of person that wanted to wreck family ties. Plus he lived in another country. And it would upset Uzair. So for those 2 reasons I accepted the flirt as ‘friendly flirting’.

ME: Aww thanks. But the Bobat’s are the real lucky ones. Green eyes and all that!

RIDWAAN: (laughing) Ti’s a shame I didn’t end up with the green eyes

ME: Naah, you got the other features that are quite profound… Hey, if you’re in Dubai then where’s Haaj?

RIDWAAN: She’s coming in a week. With my parents. They had to attend some function thing.

TAXI DRIVER: Madame we here.

I paid the taxi driver, got out the car but just before I slammed the door shut I thanked Ridwaan.

ME: Thanks again Riddi. For everything…

RIDWAAN: Well it was a pleasure to escort you home Yasmeen Raheem.

ME: You Bobats! Your manners are impecible.. I’ll see you guys later today, salaams

And I left. I made my way up to my room. Jumped onto my bed. And went into the land of rainbows, cotton candy and unicorns…

I woke up to my phone ringing in my ears. Urgh, Fatimah!  Only it wasn’t Fatimah, it was Tariq

ME: (in a groggy sleepy voice) Hello

TARIQ: (enthusiastically) Yazmeen! Wait, are you sleeping?

ME: Mm…… Not anymore.

TARIQ: Did I wake you?

ME: (smiling) Yes, but its fine. Whatsup?

TARIQ: Nothing really… Question, why are you sleeping at 3 in the afternoon?

ME: (jumping up) What?! It’s 3!?!?!

TARIQ: Err…. Yes! (Laughing)

ME: Oh woospies! What a waste of a day for me. I had an early morning. Went to pick up……. Fatimah’s boyfriend from the airport this morning.

TARIQ: Ah! I see. Soo are you going to be tres busy this week?

ME: Why do you ask Mr.Tariq?

TARIQ: Well remember how you owed me that one day…

ME: Mhmm…. I do remember that.

TARIQ: So I’m just making sure you didn’t forget. (Laughing lightly)

ME: Course I didn’t! Tell me when and where and I’ll be there! Just…. Not today. Got plans

TARIQ: Busy lady I see. I won’t take up any more of your time. Bye Yazz

ME: See ya round Tariq!

And the line went dead. I dropped my head back into my pillow. It was sweet. Being liked by guys. It was totally wrong, a waste of my time, but sweet nontheless. I let my mind drift back to the days in grade 3 when I  thoughts boys were gross! And sweaty! And ugly! And how I would CRINGE at the thought of even touching one. But now, look how it all changed…

I had dated a perfect Mr.Right. I wasn’t loyal to that Mr.Right.

I dated the bad boy. I got me heart broken by that same bad boy.

Maybe it was time I didn’t ‘date’. Instead, I could just enjoy spending time with guys. Friendly quality time with guys, who were just friends. Like Ridwaan for example. That wasn’t a problem. He stayed in another country so it would always be friendly. And Tariq was basically as honest as honest gets! He said he understood that I didn’t want anything ‘official’ or ‘heavy’. I smiled knowing that either way, with or with out Zaheer, I would hopefully be alright. There was just the problem of Uzair…

Uzair Uzair Uzair, as much as I wanted to date him. I knew I couldn’t. We couldn’t. Because at the end of the day he was an EX. My EX. He was an example of my past. A  lesson. Something I had to learn from. I learnt that I couldn’t date Uzair. Sure, when we were dating we were amazingly happy together. But it takes more than just ‘happiness’ to make a relationship work. I screwed up, I wasn’t loyal. And somehow Uzair found it i his big heart to just forgive me and look past my flaws and still accept me. That boy was worth a lot. He didn’t deserve to just be ‘dated’ and be someones boyfriend He needed to be treasured.

I had made up my mind.

I would not date Uzair Bobat! In fact, I would do quite the opposite.

It was my turn to give him my blessing to date other girls. Uzair was a big boy, but he needed that extra push for him to date. And HELL NO was he going to date some messed up ‘Yumna’ type like Ms.Karodia. Noo. Noo. Noo. Uzair Bobat was going to date a stunning, amazingly sweet, totally adorable, fun, loving girl! And I was going to make sure he found this special girl. Soon.

Ofcourse, he didn’t have to go marry her…cause like… I said I wouldn’t ‘date‘ Uzair. But who knew….maybe in 4/5 years we could end up samoosa running into each other.

But that was way into the future!

For now, Uzzi deserved a special girl after all the crap he’s been through. So with a new mission in mind, I jumped outta bed, into the shower and for once I felt really happy! Happy that Uzair and them were in Dubai. Happy that I didn’t have to stress about the ‘leading man in my life’ because….I didn’t have one! And I was learning to be happy without having a guy! And to top all of that, I even had a way to get Uzzi back into the dating game!

Grade 3: Boys...UGH!

Grade 3: Boys…UGH!



Shout out to “Raemo for being the best cuzi a girl cud have&  to my henna banana?! for being my bestie (aka yas and fats)! Love you guys to the moon and back ..Xxnabz”

Part 81 – Dubai Airport

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Still broken... Still betrayed...

Still broken… Still betrayed…

Penguin Walking

Penguin Walking ♥


I wanted to duck. To hide. To just not be seen. But why? Wasn’t this the perfect place to show Zaheer that I was totally and completely over him? But that would be lying. Because I was still hurting over the betrayal. And if I stood there pretending that Uzair and I were back together, it would totally contradict what I told Uzair. He was NOT my rebound. And no way in hell was I going to use Uzzi just to prove a point. I was better than that. Uzair and I were both better than that. So in a frustrated panicy mood I quickly made the decision to tell Uzair that Zaheer was here. One way or another we were all bound to cross paths… I just didn’t know it would be tonight! The Akoojee’s had already left. Madame Fatimah wanted her beauty sleep before she went to fetch her beloved prince charming from the airport the next day. The parents were paying for the bill at the front of the restaurant with Armaan there. It left just Uzair and I…

ME: Err (swallowing). Uzair. (Twidling my thumbs) I needa tell you something…

UZAIR: Shoot!

ME: It’s (swallowing). It’s (looking around me). It’s… (Looking at Zaheer)

Uzair followed my gaze and saw what I was looking at. Zaheer. He was with Waseem and they were about to walk into the restaurant. We needed to act fast. I was either going to hide or I was going to walk outta this restaurant with my head held high. But it was Uzairs decision

UZAIR: (clenching his fist) Yasmeen. (Going tight lipped) Why’d you even tell me he’s here? That flippin-

ME: Calm down Uzzi! Calm down!


ME: Then why are you clenching your fists? (Holding his hand between mine)

UZAIR: (breathing) Sorry. (Relaxing his hand) Nope. I lied. I’m not sorry! (Clenching his fist again)

I had to hold him back to make sure he didn’t go towards Zaheer.

ME: Please Uzair! This isn’t the time to pick a fight! Please please please!? (Making big eyes to persuade him)

I was literally begging by now!

UZAIR: Yasmeen can we just get the hell out of here before I punch that little (some very colourful words)!!!!!!

ME: (gasp) Mind your language boiki! A gentleman doesn’t swear in front of a lady!

UZAIR: Sorry. Make me maaf. Come on. I’m getting you outta here!

ME: But what about Zaheer?

UZAIR: What about that little (an aray of colourful words)!!!! Who cares bout him!!! He can go die in hell for all I care!!!

ME: (breathing) I don’t ‘care about him. It’s just that… I said you weren’t a rebound Uzzi. If we walk outta here, it’ll seem as if you are one! We’ll even hide and duck so that he won’t see us. And then…. And then you won’t ever be classed as a –

UZAIR: (putting his finger on my lip) Woman please shut up! (Smiling lightly) I don’t care what that freaking idiot thinks! I don’t care what anyone thinks! I will walk with you wherever, whenever, no matter who is watching!! You wanna know why?

But I never did find out why. Instead, Uzair spun me around so that I was facing away from him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and started walking. We were doing this really cute kinda penguin walk that couples do when they walk together.

ME: We’re penguin walking! (smiling)

UZAIR: (laughing) Penguin walking?! (Smiling) I guess we are…

I didn’t bother risking a glance at Zaheer. It was really just TOO dangerous. So whether he was looking or not, I didn’t care! And that was because I would walk wherever, whenever, with whoever, no matter who was watching. And that reminded me of what Uzair said…

ME: Hey, you never finished off what you were saying?

UZAIR: (looking confused) When I was saying what?

ME: You know… After you said ‘you wanna know why?’. Well I DO wanna know why… So enlighten me!

Uzair still looked quite confused and he only caught on some time after.

UZAIR: Ooh! Err… Later Yasmeen

ME: Noo. Now! Come on Uzair. Take my mind off of things…

UZAIR: (smiling half a smile) I said later Yass. Come on. I don’t even know where our parents are!

ME: They’re gone to the car. We probably dropping you guys off at the hotel. Where you’ll staying?

UZAIR: Eh, I forgot the name of the hotel. Some Beach Hotel. Starting with a J. Jaaa beach hotel. Juu beach hotel

ME: You mean JUmeirah Beach Hotel?!

UZAIR: YES! That’s the one! All the Bobats are staying there soo…

ME: Shaame. Poor fatz. She was really hoping the Bobat clan would be staying in the same hotel as her (nudging him)

UZAIR: (spinning me around) Oh so now we’re the ‘Bobat Clan’?!

ME: (laughing) Yes. Yes you’ll are. Speaking of which you better be coming tomorrow morning…

UZAIR: If I’m part of this so called ‘Bobat clan’. Of course I’m going to be there!

ME: Good!

We dropped the Bobats off at their hotel. Uzair gave me an ‘undercover’ wink and as soon as he was out the car the BB’s between us started. It was as if he never left me…

Next morning. 5 in the morning to be exact. Fatimah Akoojee was jumping up and down on my bed. My curtains were ripped wide open. Lights were switched on. And the annoying sound of Fatimah’s voice rang through my ears…

FATIMAH: Yasssssoooooooo! Yasmeeeeen!!! Rise and shine you lazy bum!!!

ME: Huuh. Whaa… Urgh man. Go away! Lemme sleep!

FATIMAH: No pi di dopes! We off to the aiprort. Soooo yallah ya butt! Le’go!

ME: (hiding under the pillow) Hmm… Okaaaay.

And then the comfort was ripped out of my hands. I was taken out of my dreamy La La land! I was exposed! Fatimah took the blanket off me. Completely.

ME: Fatiiii!!!!

FATIMAH: Yassiiiii! Come on. Uzair even made you tea.

That got me up!

ME: WHAT?! Uzair is here?!

FATIMAH: Yeaah. HE even woke up before you. He picked me up in a taxi and we came here!

ME: Okay okay. I’m getting outta bed!

Within an hour we were at the airport. Awaiting the arrival of the infamous Bobat Clan. And sure enough they arrived in style. With a LOT of noise. and luggage. And screaming. And squealing And laughing. And a helluva lot of hugging between Fayaan! God I was just glad that I had Uzair by my side so I didn’t feel lonely. And then. Nuha came!!!


NUHA: YASMEEEEEEEEEN!!! I have missed you too too much!!! Girl, you can’t leave me in Durban with this stupid Fayaan! Their cuteness is sickening!!

ME: (laughing) Oh REALLY!!! As if you aren’t in the land of looove with ‘mr. You know who’!!

NUHA: (laughing) Shuuush yoou! Zayaan will hear… And how is Mr. Mohamed?

ME: (clearing my throat). Err… Umm… (Biting my lip) Well Zaheer and I-

UZAIR: (coming to my rescue) They broke up.

NUHA: (gassping looking shocked) What?! Nooooooooo!!! When was this??

UZAIR: Nuu. (Making BIG eyes) Later…

NUHA: Sorry! Me and my big mouth! Come. Let’s just ALL go to the hotel and chill!

And with that she sashayed that ‘Nuha walk’ towards her parents. Soon I was surrounded by the rest of the Bobat Clan, Ridwaan, Ismaeel, Ahmed. Zayaan and Fatimah were there. But not there. They were in their own world….

ZAYAAN: Slaams Yasmeen! Howzit?

ME: Alright and you?! Fatz told you how much FUN we were having withOUT you??

ZAYAAN: (laughing) Fun? Without me?? Impossible!

RIDWAAN: Yeah yeah! With you around there is NO fun! All you do is complain complain complain that you don’t have Fatimah!!

ME: Ohh myy gossh! Fatimah is the same! How you Riddi? (Giving him a hug)

RIDWAAN: (hugging me back) I’m alright and you? Ready to give us the royale tour of Dubai?

ME: (laughing) Of course. Of course! There’s just soo much to do! I highly doubt you’ll will get everything done in 2weeks!

But before Ridwaan could reply, a protective arm was around my waist. Uzair. I didn’t need to look. I knew it was him by the feel of his arm…

ME: Hey there


ME: (looking down at his arm around my waist) Jealous much?

UZAIR: Over you and Ridwaan? Naaah, more like just wanting you for my self!

ME: Awww. Selfish!

Then I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran ahead to make Chit Chat to Ismaeel. Reminder, this was Camila’s ex!

ME: Heey!

ISMAEEL: Ms.Dubai! Howzit?

ME: Alright. And you? Heard you were getting cozy with another Ms.Dubai (nudging him)

ISMAEEL: Ah. Ms.Camila. Quite the girl hey!

ME: Yes. Yes she is.

ISMAEEL: How you know her?

ME: We’re in school together. Now how you know her?

ISMAEEL: I met her. Somewhere….

ME: Suspicious much.

ISMAEEL: (laughing) Naa, just a guy of few words!

ME: Is that so? Cause Camz can talk SO much! Even more than me! Dude, I talk so much its impossible for someone to talk MORE than me!

ISMAEEL: (laughing) That’s true hey! I’ve seen you in action. The whole of Eid I’m pretty sure you never stop talking. Yeah she’s a chatterbox. Something I like about her….

ME: (laughing) I take that as a compliment! Awww, love story gone sour. Shame, dunno how you’ll did long distance. Takes lorta strength. And love.

ISMAEEL: (smiling) A sour love story. Yeah, lorta Love…

ME: I don’t think I could do long distance. Personally, I don’t think long distance relationships work!

ISMAEEL: Is that so? But what if there was a guy that could change all of that?

ME: That guy being?

I followed his gaze. He was looking at Uzair. He was talking about Uzair.

ME: Dude. I just got out of a relationship! Don’t want to jump into something else!

ISMAEEL: I’m just asking, and proving a point. If its with the right person, long distance can work…

I just nodded my head. Ismaeel got me thinking. Sure enough I wasn’t stupid to jump into another relationship straight away. But still. IF it was with the RIGHT person… Could long distance actually work? I mean, it lasted a while for Camz and Ismaeel, but I need someone there. Physically with me. Skype would not suffice. Eventually I slowed down my pace until I was walking side by side with Uzair.

ME: Hey again.

UZAIR: So what you were so busy talking to Ismaeel about? (Smiling half a smile)

ME: Hmm…. Stuff!

UZAIR: Ooh mysterious much!

ME: I know! You’re going to love getting to know me!

And I was about to run off. I liked being mysterious. But he caught me, grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up close so that he could whisper into my ear…

UZAIR: (whispering) Get to know you?? Don’t I already know you…

ME: (smirking) You tell me…

But we were sadly interrupted by Nuha, who bounced over and told us her itinery for the day.

NUHA: Soooo, we going to just CHILL today, at the hotel! Go bring your cozzi from home, you and Fatz. And then we can just chillax by the pool side!

ME: Sounds good to me! I’ll go home SLEEP, I’m still tired. And I’ll join you’ll laterz.

UZAIR: You can still sleep?

ME: I can sleep anytime of the day! Wanna join me?

UZAIR: (smiling) I’d love to. But I think your mother would come after me with a shot gun!

ME: (laughing) Think you mean my father! My mother would opt for the rolling pin! Or pitch fork! (wink)

UZAIR: (rolling his eyes) As if that’s SO much better than a shot gun?!

ME: Oh believe me it is!

We made our way to the airport taxi’s. Everone piling onto each other with their many. MANY bags! I guess they shopped up a storm in London! I was going to wave them off then catch a taxi home.

UZAIR: You not getting in?

ME: Naah. I’ll go home.

UZAIR: On your own? Go with Fatz.

ME: You think she’s going to leave Zayaans side??

UZAIR: Good question! Sure you don’t want me coming with you?

ME: (nodding my head). It’s fine it’s fine. Go! Chill out with your cuzzies!

I gave him a quick hug then went into a different taxi. I gave the driver my directions for home and we were about to leave when…

The car door opened.

ME: What are you doing here?

RIDWAAN: Uzair never want you going alone (smiling) so, if you don’t mind. May I join you?

ME: Not at all. Hop in!

Ridwaan got in. Sitting with an awkward kinda space between us.

ME: Sooo how was London?

RIDWAAN: It was good. Shopped a LOT! But it was freeeeezing cold! Aish Yasmeen it was COLD!

ME: (laughing) I can imagine! Its winter what you expect!? Did it snow?

RIDWAAN: It snowed for a day while we were there. But it was SO COLD! My fingers went numb right through the one day!

ME: Shaaame. You poor thing! And the London chicks?! (Wink)

RIDWAAN: Yoh the London Chicks! Some were too hot! Others… Were very ugly!

ME: (laughing)Sis man! You so bad!

RIDWAAN: Just being honest. (Wink) Eh before I forget, Haaj gave salaams.

ME: Haaj? How you know Haaj?

RIDWAAN: (laughing) What do you mean how do I know Haaj! She’s my sister.


Dubai Airport!

Dubai Airport!



Part 80 – Freaking Out Fatimah

Hey ya’llll!!!!! I have been quite AWOL… I’m sorry! But here. Is. PART 78 😀 Enjoy my little flamingo’s!!!!

Yes I just called all of you beautiful people flamingo’s! DEAL WITH IT 😉 Much Love Doad ♥  xoxo

Fatimah: For Zayaan

Fatimah: For Zayaan



Supper with the Akoojee’s. And the Bobats was beyond brilliant! I was right. The reason for my mothers happiness was because Uzair had come. Of course she must have trusted that boy as it was her idea that he hide in my closet and surprise me. Eh, my mother! Sometimes she could even surprise me with how chilled she was about certain ‘boys’.

But I knew the only reason as to why she let him into my room was because we were not dating. And she knew he cared about me. And she probably saw the Chanel box and KNEW that…well… I was a girl worth it. Jokes. That was conceited. Seriously though WHAT in the world do boys see in me?! I’m not ugly, like ugly Betty ugly. Then again I don’t have strikingly beautiful features like Nuha. I’m bubbly and a chatterbox but not as sweet and friendly as Fatimah. I guess that’s what makes us all different. Zayaan likes Fatz for those things. Omar likes Nuha for her beauty. And Uzair. Well, I guess I’d have to ask him to specify exactly WHAT he liked about me! Cause I seriously had no idea why he would even want to buy me Chanel. I could always ask Zaheer…..but of course asking that heartless little butt face was like suicide! He would probably blank me and pretend I never exist…Let alone ask him a question that involved ‘feelings’. But I wasn’t going to complain! Atleast I was pulling decent guys. Who was I kidding, Uzair and Zaheer were so ABOVE ‘decent’ I was surprised that I could atract boys like that! But now, my chapter with Zaheer was closed, or still in the process of closing (it was a slooooow process). Not that another chapter was going to open! Uzair and I, our chapter never really finished. After we broke up, we were still friends, the best of friends!

And now, after all our ups and downs, Uzair was in Dubai! And my winter holidays was finally going to be in full swing once all the Bobats had arrived! Even though I was CLEARLY the most excited about having an extra day with Uzair, Fatimah was still awaiting her beloved Zayaan. All before supper she kept on complaining…


ME: Awwwwww, look at you using big words!

FATIMAH: Oh shut it Yasmeeen! I’m not in the mood (pouting) I seriously seriously miss him! Like a LOT …

UZAIR: Is she still talking about Zay??

ME: Yepp! She just will NOT give it a rest!

FATIMAH: What can I say…I miss him a LOT!

ME: Like a lot a lot a LOT A LOT!?! (sarcastic tone)

FATIMAH: Yes! That is how madly in love I am with this boy…

I couldn’t help it.. I burst out laughing! There we were walking through Dubai Mall and all Fati was doing was complaining one way. The funny thing was that….ZAYAAN WAS COMING THE NEXT DAY! Couldn’t she just WAIT 10hours?!

ME: Oh just sock it will you! He’s coming tomorrow!

FATIMAH: You telling me to sock it?! (gasping) Yasmeen Raheem! In ALL our years of friendship, have I EVER shut you up?! Listening to your many pointless drama’s and boy stories, and obsessions over food and over the avengers and superher-

UZAIR: Woooah! You like superhero’s?! (laughing) Superhero’ and Yasmeen….Who knew?

ME: Faaaaati!!! You have SUCH a big mouth!!

FATIMAH: (laughing) Woopsies! It’s karma for tellling me to keep quiet! (evil smile)

ME: (rolling my eyes) Yeeah, sure….’KARMA’!

FATIMAH: Eh you better be awake early tomorrow morning!

ME: Morning…that sounds SO …..early! Why? Whats tomorrow?

FATIMAH: W-what? What do you mean WHATS tomorrow?!?! (gassssping)

UZAIR: (laughing) Is she always like this?! This…talkative, and LOUD, and high? (snaking his arm around my waist)

FATIMAH: SEE, now you two look so cute and adorable and its sickening cause my other half is on a plane on his way here!

ME: (laughing, nuzzling my neck into Uzair to tick Fatimah off) You call THIS adorable? Baabe, we’re just getting started…

UZAIR: (laughing) Doll, this is just the starter course to the sickening cuteness ahead! (wink)

FATIMAH: (rolling eyes) What-EVER! Oh and BTW tomorrow is the day the Bobats arrive…JUST in case you forgot Raheem!!

And with that she stormed off into the next store that came into her sight…Which just so happened to be Accessorize. Uzair and I looked at each other and started laughing You could always count on Fatimah to be a drama queen!

I loved accessorize. Everything was so pretty and lovely and I would always want to buy everything in that store…Until I looked at the price tag and realized China Mall had the exact same thing for HALF the price! So we browsed the store till Fatz was calm enough to speak to us again. This girl was CLEARLY on her time of the month…Moody as hell and very VERY emotional over her long lost Zayaan…

FATIMAH: (breathing) Okay, I’m calm. Sorry you guys…..

ME: (hugging her) Welcome back Fati Pataaati!

FATIMAH: Gerrof (hugging me back) Maaaf man, it’s just…just promise me you’ll come airport tomorrow?

ME: OF COURSE! If I don’t, I’ll never hear the end of it from her royal highness Nuha…

UZAIR: Eh that’s my cuzzy you talking about (wink) Watch it!

ME: (laughing) Feeel free to join us Uzzi! 6 am on a Sunday morning!? What could possible be better than that!

UZAIR: (laughing) I’ll be there! (again snaking his arm around my waist) Your safety is my first priority, and I like being the hero in your little story… (sigh) So my sleep will be cut short for you doll (wink) Just this once…

We finished up our shopping then met the parents for supper. It was so nice to see Aunty Salma and Uncle Ahmed! I made some random chit chat with Aunty Salma, It was nice to talk to that Aunty knowing that she liked me..The first time I met her, I thought she was a total ice queen! But during ramadan, and on Eid, I realized it was all in my head. She was such a sweet lady! And shame,Uzair was right! Our mothers had really taken a strange liking to each other. They had become what I learnt through out supper was ‘BBM Buddies’. Constantly chatting over ‘the bbm’. Eh, old people and technology! Jokes. My mummy aint SO old. Supper was tres tres magnifique! The food…The atmosphere..The people… The fathers kept us entertained, laughing throughout the whole night. And when the parents got engrossed in their conversations, Uzair told us his tales of his London holiday. But for some reason I was jealous. I didn’t want him sharing his London experiences with Fatimah, Armaan, Yusuf and Zain. I wanted him to tell only me!  Yes, it was the most ridiculous thing to get jealous over, but hey, I’m a ridiculous girl. So when I eventually got fed up of containing the jealousy and I wanted to burst, I stood up.

Only as I stood up I was quickly ushered right back into my seat by Uzair. He had grabbed by hand and by the feel of his grip, he was not letting go any time soon… So I quickly sat right back down again to not cause a scene and carried on listening to his London stories. Fatimah and Yusuf were engrossed in his stories. His hand was still holding on to mines. I rolled my eyes. GREAT. Now I was under Uzair’s grip.

For the remainder of the night, he did not let go of my hand. I would’ve thrown a fit and got mad at him, but from a harsh grip it turned into a more loving gesture. Instead of it being that tight grip that it initially was, it changed. First he gently just stroked my fingers. But by the time it was time to leave, I noticed our fingers were all tangled up intertwined. under my bag, hidden out of sight. It was my turn to stroke his fingers. It sent shivers up my spine as I felt the familiar smoothness of Uzairs fingers. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling and I really didn’t want to let go. So I sat for as long as I could. And as we were all about to stand up and leave, I looked around…and noticed a familiar face outside the restaurant. Zaheer.



Not my boyfriend...

Not my boyfriend…

Part 79 – Charms & Chanel

Special sorry to ¤ $k¥ ¤ for making her sulk….Sweetie this post is REALLY going to make you sulk even more since you not a fan of a love triangle 😛 SORRY♥ Much Love DOAD ♥ xoxo

A hop, a skip and jump

A hop, a skip and jump

Hug me tight!

Hug me tight!

ME: W-whaa……w-what…..Uzair……You….y-you here?

UZAIR: Yess….me here! Stop blabbering like a baby and get over here doll!

I couldn’t. I was in shock! Uzair was here. In my room. In Dubai. With me. But how? My brain wasn’t functioning properly but I was pretty sure he was supposed to come tomorrow

ME: (swallowing hard) Uzzzi…….

And then a sudden burst of energy kicked in. My legs sprang forward into a hop, a skip, and then a jump! I jumped onto Uzair expecting us both to fall down. Instead we didn’t. He just caught me. How he always does. He was kind of my safety net.

UZAIR: Well hello there Yasmeen!

ME: Hey there Uzair!

We just stood there smiling goofishly at each other. There was soo much to say but silence seemed to be the perfect way to be in this situation. I leaned my head onto his chest, and he let me down onto my feet. He didn’t let go until I was steady, and even after that his hands just wound up behind my waist

ME: (gasping) Uzair! I messed you! Look at your shirt. Oh my god, I’m so sorry seriously! I didn’t remember I  was covered in powder….And….And….don’t worry this powder is washable…..I think… Oh god Uzzi I’m so-

UZAIR: (putting his finger over my lips) Shhhh….. Just shush (running his fingers through his hair) It’s been…. (smiling) MONTHS since I’ve seen you. Can we not worry about how messy you look?

ME: (smiling back at him) Suure

Then he pulled me into this hug. He hugged me. Hard. Harder than anyone had ever before. Tighter so that I knew he would never let go. Closer so that I knew he would never leave me. Ever. I guess I really must have missed him because a tear slipped outta my eyes. I tried to wipe it away before Uzair could see it but he was too quick. He gently whisked the tear away, off my cheek. And pulled me closer. I leaned my head deeper into his chest if that was even possible. We were trying to make up for lost time All that time we cut each other out of our lives, when he was with Yumna, when I was with Zaheer. That one hug seemed to mend all loose ends between us. That hug somehow helped my heart in every way possible! It made me feel loved!

But with love also came guilt… Mentally my mind was still trying to apologize to Uzair for hurting him with Zaheer. He on the other hand was trying to apologize for how he blanked me in the time he had been with Yumna. You could see it in his green eyes…. We both were feeling sorry for things we did that ended up hurting each other. I wanted to stop feeling bad. Because even though at the time, I had Uzair’s blessing to be happy with Zaheer, the guilt sat heavy on my shoulders. Now that Zaheer and I were done, I did NOT want Uzair thinking he was my rebound. No noo noo! Uzair Bobat was not nor would he ever be my sloppy rebound! I would make sure of that. I pulled away from Uzair and turned around. Another tear was falling down my face. I wiped it away and turned around to see Uzair…

UZAIR: You okay?

ME: (sniff) Yeah. It’s just… (Sighing) You’re here. You’re finally here… And…


ME: (breathing a sigh of relief) And I am so glad you are!

UZAIR: (leaning against the wall) Then why do you look so sad doll?

ME: (shrugging my shoulders) I dunno (sniff) it’s just… I dunno Uzair. (Wiping away yet another tear) it’s just…

UZAIR: (pulling me back into him) Heey, hey Yas. It’s okay. You’ve cried in front of me before. But just clarify one thing. Are you crying because I’m here?

ME: Yes… (sniff) I am

Uzair’s face dropped. He suddenly looked very sad.  I took his face into my hands and looked into his eyes

ME: You never let me finish. I’m crying because you here. But they tears of joy… Not sadness (smiling) I am SO so glad that you’re here Bobat!

UZAIR: (breathing a sigh of relief) Thank GOD! (Running his fingers through his hair) Because it would be pretty awkward if those were tears of sadness…

ME: (laughing) No man. Never. Now please… Your turn to clarify, weren’t you meant to be coming tomorrow?

UZAIR: Correct. I was. But then I managed to get on a flight the day before. And I wanted to surpise you AND I wanted an extra day with you all to my self. So the selfish person in me came a day early!!

ME: (smiling) How very selfish of you!

UZAIR: I know right (wrapping his arms around my waist) I’m horrible!

ME: Aand you got to my house how?!

UZAIR: Well, our mothers are actually pretty tight now…..

ME: (laughing) Oooh are they now?

UZAIR: (smiling) Yes they aare. So my mother told your mother and well, your mother is immencely cool. She offered for me to come over and surprise you!

I made a mental note to thank my mother!

ME: And here we are…

UZAIR: Yes. Here we are doll…

ME: (swallowing hard) Listen, Uzzi. I… I. I mean… (Huffing) I’m just…

UZAIR: You’re just?

ME: (breathing out, then talking REALLY fast) I’m just really really really sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you and it was totes unfair how I cheated on you and karma came and bit me in the butt with whatever happened with me and Zah (deep breath) And I don’t want you to think you’re a rebound or even close to a rebound cause you’ll always mean more to me than any other guy has and I really hope I didn’t screw up our friendship relationship whatever you call it (out of breath by now) And… And… And I’m just really very sorry Uzair Bobat! (Finishing that all of in 2breaths)

Uzair just stood there. He was caught off gaurd. I had just said everything I wanted to say to him in a time space of like 30 seconds! I think it was taking his brain a longer time to register exactly what I said. His hands dropped from behind my waist. He ran his fingers through his hair. I smiled to my self. I loved when he did that…  After a while he finally spoke. I had sitten down on the bed by now, next to the Chanel box, waiting for him to stop pacing around and actually talk to me!

UZAIR: Okay. Well that was unexpected. And if you’re sorry then…. (Deep breath and his turn to talk really fast) I’m sorry for being an inconsiderate imbecile and letting Yumna drive a wedge between us and that was very wrong of me because I just cut you out with no explanation and (taking a breather) And I’m sorry and I’m glad we are what we are and I know I’m not a rebound because…. Because (swallowing)

ME: Because?

UZAIR: (getting onto his knee’s in front of me so that he was at eye level with me) Because I had you first doll (smiling half a smile). I can’t be your rebound if I knew you first. And I’m not saying I HAVE you now. Or that I own you. But… (Reaching for the Chanel box) But I want you to know that before there was Zaheer, before there was Yumna. There was you and I. Uzair and Yasmeen. And it was simple and easy!

He slowly undid the remaining tied ribbon on the box. Then lifted the lid of the box to reveal a bracelet. He lifted it out of the box and it was revealed that this was no ordinary bracelet. It was a charm bracelet. I could already clearly make out what two of the charms were. They were the letter U and Y. Before I could comment on how cute the bracelet was Uzair spoke?


He wanted to clip the bracelet for me. I dumb foundedly held out my hand and watched him slip the bracelet. He was still kneeling on the floor so I scootched over and motioned for him to sit on the bed next to me

ME: (staring at the bracelet in awe) Uzair… It’s. It’s really just… Gorgeous! I mean. (Twisting my arm to look at the charms) The U and Y is just SO cute! It makes it mine and only mine. And I know its from you (nudging him) which makes this gift even better

UZAIR: Wanna know what the other charms mean?

I could see that other than the initials, there was a shopping bag (DUH cause I loved to shop) There was a book (Double DUH Because I loved to read) and there was a Chanel charm. But there were a few other charms that I had no clue as to how they were relevant to me….

ME: This one looks like an ice cream…right? And this one is a circle. Aaand, I’m not too sure what the other one is. Umm… Why would you get me an ice cream and a circle charm? (Laughing)

UZAIR: (nodding his head) Aloo, there’s a story behind it!

ME: Go on. I like stories

UZAIR: Well…. May I?

I held out my arm for him to look at the charms.

UZAIR: The ice cream… Believe it or not… is supposed to be frozen yogurt (smiling a side wards smile) It’s the night you and I had wakaberry before YOU had the smart idea of telling your parents about us (rolling his eyes) GENIUS!

ME: (laughing) Wow that’s actually really clever Bobat. Go on…. What’s the circle charm

UZAIR: It’s not a circle. Look closely. Its a ring…. This charm is my favourite (looking up into my eyes) it resembles where we met. At a-

UZAIR and ME: Wedding

UZAIR: Well look at you doll… catching on fast! (wink)

ME: I try! So the rings resemble the wedding which is where we met…

UZAIR: Correct! You have no idea how long it took me to pick out these charms… But to see you smile. It was all worth it

I blushed. On the inside and out I suddenly felt all warm and gooey and mushy. Why oh why did Uzair make me feel like jell-o?!?!

ME: Umm… And this last charm?

UZAIR: (Playing with the last charm) Well this one.. This one was a hard one. I didn’t know whether I should include it or not. But I was like what the heck! You only live once, YOLO and all that crap made me get you this charm

ME: (laughing) Don’t ever ‘YOLO’ again! That’s all good and well but what is it?!

UZAIR: Well isn’t it easy?  It’s a heart!

A heart. Of course! Now that I moved it around in my fingers it looked more like a heart than just a piece of bedazzled metal. Now I was curious. I knew the reason behind the ice cream and the ring. Why the heart?

ME: Now I see the heart…. (looking into his eyes) Uzzi… Why the heart?

UZAIR:  You might not like the reasoning behind it…

ME: I’m a big girl. I think I’ll survive.

UZAIR: Okay well then, think back, to the night I first met your parents.

So much had happened the night Uzzi first met my parents. I thought my father would come after him with a sledge hammer. I thought his mother would bite my head off! And look how far we had come in all that time… Even though it had been 6/7 months ago, I remembered the night like it was yesterday… There were all the fuzzy details of what Uzairs parents and my parents were talking about that night, and the food we ate, and the conversations that took place over dinner. But one memory that was crystal clear in my mind was the first time Uzair Bobat told me he loved me…


UZAIR: Yass, there’s something I need to tell you…I dunno if you gunna like it

My heart sank. Did his parents say he can’t date me? Was it going to be over? Had he found another girl? I started fumbling around. He leaned against the wall while i walked a few steps back and sat on my bed

ME: shoot..whats on your mind

UZAIR: it’s not easy to say…………. It’s just


Don’t freak out…

(he ran his hands through his hair, looking stressed)

Goddamit Yasmeen Raheem,

I Love You


ME: Of course I remember that day Uzzi… How can I forget it!?

UZAIR: Well…..the heart resembles that day….those feelings…those words that I meant….

I didn’t know if I could handle anymore of what he was saying. The more he opened up to me, the more lovable and sincere he was, the guiltier I felt about how I hurt him with Zaheer. Yes it was months ago. And yes, maybe he had forgiven me. But did I deserve to be forgiven? More importantly, did I really deserve a guy as amazing as Uzair Bobat?



Chanel Charm Bracelet ♥

Chanel Charm Bracelet ♥

Shout out to ”Raeesa & Shabaaz for being the best couple – from anonymous -”

Part 78- The Colour Run Part 2

This post is dedicated to the Villain of the West! But in reality she’s not a Villain….. AT ALL! She is a super duper hero with amaaaazing batwoman skills! Her batwoman instincts are even better than mine 😉 Just gotta lover her muchness! One minute she’s batwoman, the next minute she’s Superwoman! So to the Villian of the West I LOVE YOU TOO TOO TOO MUCH ♥♥♥♥♥ 😀

Much Love Doad ♥ xoxo

Colour Run!

Colour Run!



I wanted to go over. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind. We were out in the open, in public, and my shouting and screaming would probably get drowned away in the already very noisy place we were in. So it would be perfect for me to have a go at her, to tell her what an absolute…… she was!

But it was no use. I didn’t have it in me and I wasn’t one to cause a scene so I just linked my arm through Yusuf’s and Fatimah’s and dragged them with me to say hi to my fellow school mates.

ME: Camz!

CAMILA: (turning around) Hey Yas!

ME: (looking around the circle of familiar faces) Err, Hey guys

They mumbled back a very dull ‘hi’

TARIQ: Yasmeen?

I turned around and lo and behold Mr Tariq (whatever his surname is) was standing behind me….Looking absolutely  smashing in his colour run t-shirt and a pair of HOT pink shorts!

ME: Err, nice shorts?

TARIQ: (bursting into a smile) It was a dare….Don’t get any ideas… I am SO straight its not even funny!

ME: (laughing) Yes and I’m pretty sure your shorts can vouch for your…err….’straightness’.

I looked at Yusuf and he eyes me quizically as if to ask who is this?

ME: Oh, Yusuf this is Tariq, Tariq this Fatimah’s brother Yusuf.

TARIQ: Hey man! (turning towards me) I never knew you were doing the run Yas?

ME: I’m not……..I’m walking!! (big cheesy smile)

CAMILA: Lazy bum! (nudging me)

ME: Yes yes, that I am. Anyways, we’ll see you guys around

And before we turned away to leave I risked some dangerous eye contact with Ashley. She was looking at me. Not looking at me giving me daggers, but then again she didn’t look like she was felling sorry or sour over what she had done. She looked normal, as if I was nothing more than a mere acquaintance to her. I decided to just leave it. If THIS was what she wanted to play at…..well two can play at the game.

Yusuf Fatimah and I were in our own little bubble either way. We were literally inseparable, not that I minded. It had been ages since the three of us did something together. It felt just like old times, being with them, laughing with them. I was comfortable in my own skin.The run was going to start pretty soon but then I saw it.


And of COURSE, I was Yasmeen Raheem! I HAD to buy a little souvenire just so that I could remember this amazing day with my besties!

ME: I’m just going over to that shop over there. Won’t be a mo! There’s drinks in that stall over there if you’ll want.

FATIMAH: Wheeeere?! I’m thirsty!

YUSUF: Must I come with you Yas?

ME: (nodding my head) Naah, I’ll be fine. Go with Fatz. I’ll meet you’ll back here

So I walked off to a very crowded looking store. I knew I was going to have to shove my way through the crowds but I was going to! I already knew what I was going to buy. All around me I had seen people wearing these different coloured neon sunglassess that were SO CUTE! As I was pushing my way through the crowd, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around, which was hard to do, to see Traiq standing there, trying to supress a laugh

TARIQ: (smiling) You need a hand?

ME: (huffing) With what excatly? I think I’m stuck in here….

TARIQ: (laughing) Yes, you are. Maybe I should just leave you in here…

ME: Aww, now why would you do that? You’re the good guy aren’t you?

TARIQ: (walking closer to me) If I’m the good guy, then why have you been avoiding me?

I was shocked. Avoiding him?!?! Who said that I was vaoiding him?!?

ME: Avoiding you? (looking confused)

TARIQ: Yeah, you haven’t replied to any of my messages…. (walking even close to me)

ME: Because I’ve bee SO so busy with Fatz. I’m pretty sure  I’m avoiding everyone…

TARIQ: Is that so? And how can I be sure that you’re not just using Fatimah as your excuse?

ME: Well then…. I’m guessing you’ll just have to trust me!

TARIQ: (wrapping his arms around my waist) No problem there….

I know he was Tariq, and he had his arms around my waist…………BUT HE WAS TARIQ!


ME: (remaining calm) So am I let off the hook? Cause I swear I really was not avoiding you…

TARIQ: It’ fine. I was just messing with you.. What are you waiting in this line for anyway?

ME: I want the cute neon sunglssess

TARIQ: (rolling his eyes) GIRLS!

ME: Yes GIRLS! You GUYS love us and cant live without us (nudging us) But now this line is soo long Fatimah and Yusuf are going to get worried…

TARIQ: Soo whats the deal with Yusuf?

ME: What do you mean ‘whats the deal’?

TARIQ: (shruggig his shoulders) I dunno. He seems like he’s more than your best friends brother….

ME: Well he is. He’s kinda my best guy friend and running buddy. That’s why he’s here. I wasn’t going to do it if he didn’t come…

TARIQ: (smiling half a smile) And what about me? If I was here….would you still have run?

ME: Well you seeee (wrapping my arms around his neck) I had no clue you were here. YOUR lack of communication… (rolling my eyes)

TARIQ: Oh so it’s my fault now? (smiling) Well then, how do I make up for my fault?

ME: By getting me to the front of this god damn line!

Tariq raised his eyebrows, dropped his hands from my waist, grabbed my hand and started to shove people out the way!

TARIQ: S’cuse me…………Pardon me………….Coming through…….Sorry……….. Please move…….Thank you

And we were at the front!

TARIQ: Go on now. Buy what you want, the race is starting soon.

So I picked up the neon glassses I wanted the most. THE PINK ONES. And I paid for it, but as I was about to turn away and leave, Tariq grabbed my hand

TARIQ: Mind if I copy you? (holding another pair of neon pink sunglasses in his hand)

ME: Well….. I AM a trendsetter, (nudging him)  so I don’t mind at all!

And then we walked away from the crowd, wearing our matching sunglasses! I think we looked pretty damn cute! We kind of separated without saying anything. He walked towards his crew, and I walked towards Yusuf and Fatz. They weren’t my crew. They were my family! And I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world!

The race began and it was really AMAZING! We started off walking, but soon Yusuf and I were running side by side, just like old times. We made little chit chat about Haaj and school, but it was mostly silence. And then…THE COLOUR WAVES BEGAN! It was really spectacular, to see the colour fly around you, to get messed with the power and then to keep on running coming out of that designated area to see your perfectly clean clothes were now messed, in vibrant colours of pink, blue, red, yellow! Within a few hours, we finished off the race. We looked like RAINBOWS! All colourful from head to toe! I had yellow powder all over my face, pink all over my jogging bottoms, and my scarf was just an aray of colours. My mother was waiting outside for us. We sat on these lastic bags so that we didn’t mess the car…

MUM: Yusuf, Fatz, your mother wants you home. We going out for supper tonight. Your bags are in the car so just remember to take them when I drop you off

ME: Mummmy! Can’t Fatz just come home with us?

MUM: Aunty Zaheera said it. Not me. You’ll see her tonight stop your whining

I sat there. I was NOT whining! It wasn’t my fault I wanted to spend all my time with my other half.

We dropped the Akoojee siblings off at their hotel then made our way home. My mother for some weird odd unknown reason was in a  VERY good mood. It was creepy What could possibly be making her so happy?


MUM: Spill what?

ME: Mummy, you are bursting with happiness! You’re smiling from ear to ear! Why?!?!?

MUM: Oh so now it’s a crime for me to be happy?!

ME: Well YES! Cause THIS is creepy happy!!

MUM: Eh shush you!

She was clearly being quite stubborn so I just dropped the subject. I was really tired anyway…….. 5k running or walking took a toll on my very unfit body. I just wanted to get home and sleep! But knowing we had plans for supper tonight, I knew I had to shower and get changed. Allah knew how many showers I would have to take to get that powder off my skin! JOY! I had a challenge ahead. So as soon as I got home I rushed upstairs and into my room. I was about to dive onto the bed, but two things stopped me…

1. I WAS COVERED IN POWDER! I would just make more mess or my self  if I jumped onto my bed.

2. There was a small black box sitting on the edge of my bed, wrapped in white ribbon ribbon.

The small box made me stop. I cautiously walked over to it. It wasn’t just any box, it was a gift box, from Chanel! There was no tag on it, no name no nothing. I was guessing it was for me, I mean, it was in MY room. Maybe that’s why my mother was SO happy. She bought me a present. I was about to untie the ribbon and open the box when I heard footsteps behind me. But that was impossible, because behind me was the door to my closet. I froze. I was scared to turn around. Who the hell was in my closet? More importantly what on earth were they doing here?!

I turned around.

And that’s when I saw him, with this big smile on his face and his hands spread wide open…


Colour Run Dubai 2013 ♥

Colour Run Dubai 2013 ♥

Chanel Box

Chanel Box

Part 77 – The Colour Run

This post is dedicated to the one……the only……the most retarded cousin in the universe….. the girl with flare…..the girl in stripes…..sometimes she’s even in spots….. SHE IS….. She knows who she is 😉 😉 😉 And the funny part is…..SHE DOESN’T EVEN READ THIS BLOG 😀 But that’s okay…..its still dedicated to her! ♥♥♥

Jummah Mabrook to all you beauts out there ☆ Maaf for not posting err’day…. Been busy trying to find inspiration for Yasmeen’s life! THIS is your Fabulous Friday Fajr post 😀 Much Love DOAD ♥ xoxo

Go Run!  No thanks.

Go Run!
No thanks.

Nike Takkies ♥

Nike Takkies ♥


ME: Fatimah…WHAT are you even TALKING ABOUT??? (sticking my fingers into my ears to block out her annoying voice)

FATIMAH: I am talking about only the GREATEST and COOLEST 5k run on earth!!!!! (jumping up and down, clapping her hands like a seal)

ME: (taking my fingers out, only to roll my eyes at Fatz) Oh please!!! Don’t start with this again!!! You know I don’t doo sports! Like….EVER!

FATIMAH: 9snorting) Since when?! If I remember correctly, YOU use to be the athletic one between us!

ME: (rolling my eyes) Yes…That was BEFORE I moved to Dubai and became a lazy Dubain! (sticking my tongue out at Fatz)

For the past few days Fatimah kept on talking about this run, ‘The Colour Run’. It sounded very…er….colourful but it involved actually doing something. Ugh, effort! Basically, you could walk or run or dance this 5k event and along the way people would chuck coloured powder at you! I watched a video on Youtube, not that I had a choice. Fatimah literally shoved the iPad in front of my face forcing me to watch it! The event moved around worldwide, from California to London, to Las Vegas and this year, it just so happened to be in Dubai. This caused Fati Patati to go into a MAJOR frenzy! She was sooo thrilled that she could finally take part in this race, that in her little frenzy……… SHE SIGNED UP FOR THE RACE….. what was even worse was that………SHE SIGNED ME UP AS WELL!!!! WITH OUT MY PERMISSION! It sounded very cool, don’t get me wrong, but I mean…..seriously…the last time I went running was in Durban…with Yusuf. It was AGES ago! And I only ever ran with Yusuf. It was kind of our thing,  our weird bonding time reserved only for Yusuf. Now that he was in Dubai, maybe he could motivate me to get my lazy buttocks off the couch and do this run, that’s if he was doing the run as well..

FATIMAH: Look, PLEASE can we do it?!?

ME: Not like I have a choice! You already signed us both up! (huffing and folding my arms)

FATIMAH : (smiling in a guilty way) Trueeee! But I never knew you’d be SO against it! Come on Yas, live a little!
ME: Err, I’ve lived enough for the past few months, thanks for the offer though (big fake smile)

FATIMAH: Why do you have to be like this!?! Its just a run! Imagine how many stories we’ll have to tell our childre…. and our grandchildren….. and our nieces and nephews and-

ME: Ya Allaah! Dont start this whole family talk again! I have enough stories to tell all those people….WHEN the time comes!!

FATIMAH: Please please please please YASMEEN RAHEEM! I wouldn’t bug you, but I don’t want to do it aloooone! I’m in a foreign country, and as my host, you can NOT let me wander off and do things like this…..alone!

ME: (sighing) You wanna know the reason WHY I wont do it?


ME: It’s……its the running. I only ever ran with Yusuf. It was kinda our thing. I dunno, I just haven’t run with anyone else ever. Baabe you’re my bestie and I loove you to bits! But if you want me to do this, I’m afraid I can only do it if my running buddy does it

Fatz looked at me, shocked. I think she couldn’t believe that for ONCE, for ONCE in her lifetime, I was picking Yusuf over her. But it was true… When it came to running Fatimah liked to talk and talk and talk…. and talking and running was very tiring! Yusuf and I knew each others paces, we knew how to motivate each other to push our selves further on the running track. We were comfortable running with each other. We were running buddies. Fatimah and I were buddies for eveeeeerything else! And Yusuf would normally ALWAYS be the third wheel. This time around, it was Fatz who had to take the back seat… Yusuf and I had a LOT of catching up to do anyway…


ME: I’ve never been more serious in my life sweets! (enjoying her reaction)

FATIMAH: So like….you’re SERIOUSLY picking Yusuf…..over ME? (still looking gobsmacked)

ME: It’s only temporary (trying to hide a smirk) Come on Fatz….

FATIMAH: I mean….YUSUF! You pick Yusuf over me?!?! For running?!?!

I tried very hard not to blush or even start smiling… Fatimah had absolutely NO CLUE that Yusuf and I had a history and I was planning on keeping it that way as long as we both were alive…

ME: Err….yipp…..Fatooo you want me to run, Yusuf has to come

FATIMAH: (sighing) FINE!

Then she stormed off to go get her brother signed up for the run online. Suddenly, I was kind of excited for this colour run…

So it was Yusuf Fatimah and I that were signed up for this god damn colour run. My mother offered to drop us off at the place where we’d be running so Yusuf stayed the night. He and Armaan fell asleep on the couch, so poor Yussi woke up with a sore back. Fatz and I had learnt our lesson from the dreaded sleep on the couch and decided we were better off in my lovely comfy bed… Only to be woken up at 6 o clock…….ON A SATURDAY MORNING!!! Could Fatimah kill our holiday spirit any more than making us wake up eaaaarly way before freaking sunrise?!?!  Huffing and grumbling we made our way to the bathrooms and got ready. We wore the t-shirts given to us in the colour run package, pulled on our jogging bottoms and I put on my scarf…

FATIMAH: Sweetie, you wearing scarf and running?

ME: Err, yess. Why?

FATIMAH: (nodding her head) Just thought you might be uncomfortable running in it. Thought you might wear a hat or something.

ME: Naa, contemplated wearing a hat but ALL my hair shows from the back soo i settled for a scarf. Best part is that its white! It’ll get totes messed with the powder!

FTIMAH: (laughing) SEE! Thats the spirit! You actually excited about this!

ME: (rolling eyes) Just trying to make the most outta this

Fatz walked over to me and gave me a hug….

FATIMAH: I wasn’t trying to be rude…Its just i am SO proud of you! You wear scarf, I mean you got guts!

ME: Proud? Of me?? Guurl are you cray cray?!

FATIMAH: (nudging me) I’m serious! I am super duper proud of you Yas! I want to try and start wearing scarf full time… I dunno…we’ll see….

YUSUF: (appearing in the doorway) You girlies ready?

ME: Yipp! Just give us a second, putting sun block on! I seriously do NOT need to get any more tanned than I am!

FATIMAH: Oooo! I forgot too! Gimme some as well Yas

YUSUF: Well when you two princesses are ready, we waiting downstairs…

We smothered our selves in suncream! I was being serious. I did not want to go out and get an odd tan, and end up with weird tan lines everywhere. I checked my phone and was surprised to see that Camila had changed her DP to a picture of her with her colour run T-shirt. Guess she was doing the run as well so I BB’d her to ask…

ME: Heeeey! You doing the colour run?? 😀

CAMILA: YES! Are you??? 😛

ME: Unfortunately yes X_x My best friend from SA is down soo she’ s forcing me too!

CAMILA: Shaaame 😛 Come on it won’t be THAT bad! Your friend??

ME: Pff, yeah we’ll see about that -_- My bestie Fatimah? I told you bout her right??

CAMILA: Oh yeaaa the ‘best friend’ 😛 Thought you were talking bout that Bobat girl…

ME: Bobat girl? You mean Nuha 😉 Naaa she’s only coming tomorow. Should I even ask WHY you thinking of Bobats?!? or should I shurrup 😛

CAMILA: 😦 You know me….I over think everything! And I wasn’t ‘THINKING’ of the Bobats 😉 I dont care enough about HIM to THINK about him 😛

ME: Loool so now we calling him HIM?!? Downgraded from Ismaeel to HIM?! 😉

CAMILA: YES! He deserves the downgrade!! Anyway i’ll see you at the track! 😀 mwaahs x

Shaaame! Camz had it hard. She needed some serious closure from Ismaeel, and I was hoping that when the Bobats got here they would ‘accidentally’ bump into each other at Dubai Mall and be forced to resolve their arguments and just move on. It would be better for them to leave each other in peace rather than constantly having small mini arguments every second day.  After having a little pity party in my head for Ismaeel and Camila I made sure I had everything I needed in my cute little back pack.

Sunglasses. CHECK

Phone. CHECK

Camera. CHECK

Money. CHECK


I made a mad dash into the kitchen and looked for food…Food foof foodie food food! I ended up taking one of those healthy snack bars just in case I got really hungry after the run….or in between the run….or even before the run. Never knew with Yasmeen Raheem’s unpredictable hunger pangs! The car ride was quite quiet, well thats only fi you cut out Fatimah’s constant chatter of how AWESOME and how AMAZING the colour run was going to be. She went and made her self comfy in the fornt seat so I ended up in the back with Yusuf which wasn’t so bad…. He and I were silently rolling our eyes and laughing at Fatimah’s over enthusiasm that was really NOT needed. I mean…it was 7 AM IN THE MORNING! All I wanted to do was sleeeep…..I eventually did put my head onto Yusuf’s lap and had a 10 minute nap. It was one of those power naps cause as soon as I woke up, I didn’t really feel tired. At all! I was filled with a new burst of energy! I had this new lease of how I was going to finish off this race with my best friend and my favouritest guy friend! YES, THIS was going to be a fantbaulous day! We made salaam to my mother, jumped off the car and made our way towards the crowds of people scattered all over the place. Where in the wooorld was I going to find Camila?!? But then I spotted her.

Only she wasn’t alone…

She was with people from school!

Thank god Zaheer wasn’t there…

But the person she was with could just as well be as heartless as Zaheer…

For it was non other than Ashley Jones!

Could this morning get any worse?!?!?

Keep Calm...

Keep Calm…

Yusuf & Yasmeen

Yasmeen &Yusuf

Part 76 – Attention seeking Ashley

So ‘lark’ I’ve taken a liking to ‘lark’ talking like Nazia because ‘lark’ its tres annoying so ‘lark’ this message is just wishing you ‘lark’ a wooooonderful night/morning! Hope its ‘lark’ just as awesome as you guys are!!! 😀 😉 😀
If you guys are annoyed with the ‘lark’ thing…. That was my intention 😛 To be annoying 😉 Much Love DOAD ♥  xoxo



LIA! Yazz!

Always so full of enthusiasm Lia rushed forward to give me a hug.

LIA: Argh! I know your name…Wait don’t tell me! Fatimah (hugging her as well) What are you guys doing here? I never knew you were into vintage?

ME: Err, I was never a huge fan! But after seeing this shop. Vintage is my new Forever 21!!!

LUA: I know right! This place is just so cute though. (Looking at our packets). Soo what’s the occasion?

ME: What’s what occassion?

LIA: (pointing at the packet) The reason for the vintage style… What’s it for? A wedding? Party?

ME: (laighing) No noo. I just bought it. Cause I liked it

LIA: Niice. And Fatimah? What’d you buy?

FATIMAH: (not exactly smiling at Lia) Umm… A sequined top. Yas, I’m waiting outside in case your mother comes.

And with that she left. I didn’t want to be left alone with Lia but I figured Fatz wasn’t exactly a fan of Lia after what I told her…

LIA: Okaaaay then. Hey, how’re you doing?

I was shocked. Taken by surprise. She….cared?? Was it possible that these artificial idiots cared?

ME: Err, I’m fine I guess. You?

LIA: I’m alright (breaking into a smile) I meant how’re you doing with this Zaheer thing? I noticed you 2 kinda….

ME: Broke up? Yepp…. Broken

I bit my lip hard. The last thing I needed was for there to be waterworks.

LIA: (putting her hand on my shoulder) I’ve been there. Raihaan and I… It was so very very VERY awkward at first! But I refused to let a guy stop me from chilling with ma crew (doing some gangster pose)

ME: (laughing) All up in ma face hey! Since when were you gangster (nudging her) I dunno… I mean I still don’t know how a guy like Raihaan got SO lucky to get a girl like you.

It’s true! Lia was gorgeous, super pretty amazingly nice, a peoples person. And she could dance SO WELL! Raihaan… Was just…. A bit weird…

LIA: (fake laugh) Yeaaah. A girl like me! A spaz hyper-

ME: Super sweet pretty and nice girl! (Smiling) Trust me. I have a question… You still sit down there with the paki crew. Isn’t it awkward?

LIA: It still is. But that’s because Raihaan is an immature little imbecile that refuses to even be friends. Let alone talk to me!

Now, I got worried! I still had another whole school year with these peoples. Including Zaheer.  I didn’t want to stop talking to him altogether. I didn’t need the most popular boy in school blanking me! Or maybe this was for the best… I was still so confused and again this was not the place or time for a waterworks scene!

ME: (huffing) Well let’s just pray I get over this whole thing pretty soon. Zaheer seems to be moving on at the speed of light (tight smile)

LIA: You mean Ashley and Zee? She always had this thing for him. Like for a whole 2years she liked him. Nothing happened. Then whenever he got bored, Ash became his… ‘Thing. I don’t know how to explain it exactly. Sometimes it lasted a week, 2weeks. The longest they had a fling for was maybe 3weeks… Don’t sweat it. Its not a relationship. It’s a fling

ME: Liaaa! That just makes me feel ever… Worse! If Ashley knows it won’t last, why does she even go back to him?

LIA: She likes the attention she gets from him. Zee has this way of talking to a girl, making them feel special, making them feel as if he’ll be there 24/7. (Smiling) Sweetie, he really was there for you, heart and soul. He had a ‘relationship’ with you. All these girls, well god only knows why he does what he does…

ME: (biting my lip) Yepp. (Sighing) Soo for the sake of attention she let’s him take advantage of her??

LIA: (nodding her head) Pretty much. We’ve tried talking to. Zainab has even spoken to her. And they’re best friends! But nothing seems to sink into Ashley’s head…

ME: Well I think… To be honest I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m not used to this. No offense, the South Africans I know tend to be more loyal  (smiling). With the acception of Zaheer of course!

LIA: (laughing) Of course! I get what you mean so no offense taken… Raihaan and I…He’s South African, and he would never so much as look at a girl twice when we were together.

ME: Seee (laughing) Loyal South Africans! Listen, I’ve got to go. My mums probably waiting outside

LIA: I’ll see you in school?

ME: Naah, I’m ditching this week…

LIA: Aah! Lucky you! Well anyways, if you wanna hang out during the winter break gimme a call. Or when we go out I’ll call you?

ME: I will (giving her a quick hug). But don’t be offended if I don’t come. You know… Awkward and all with Zah.

LIA: (laughing) Yess I understand. Take Care Yaz!

And with that I left. Being more confused then when I walked into the store. Ashley. Zaheer. It had never been serious. She wasn’t my replacement. She was filling empty space. She wasn’t permanent. She was temporary. But no way in hell was I thinking of me and Zaheer getting back together. Oh no noo nooo! That boy made it crrrystal clear he wanted to ‘move on’ have a fling with every girl in school. Every girl in the city!  He wasn’t even worth my time. I needed to think about me! I was in no state of mind or place for a relationship. And Fatz and Lia were right. I shouldn’t let a boy run my life. Sure it’d be awkward at first, but my school ‘friends’ were his friends. Excluding Ashley….. He could keep her for all I cared!

We got home, modeled our clothes for my mother read salaah then jumped into our jammies. It was movie marathon time!!!!

ME: What movie? You pick…

FATIMAH: I’ve seen all the new ones already. Downloaded them on my laptop and watched them on the plane.

ME: You ever watched ‘The Breakfast Club’?

FATIMAH: The what?

ME: The breakfast club!!! Oh my god! You HAVE to watch it! It’s a classic man! It’s old but SUCH a nice moooovieee Fatz!

So we made popcorn, plain for me cheese for Fatz. We rummaged around looking for other food to snack on when we stumbled across… Nachos!!! And choco chip cookies!

ME: Where did these come from?

FATIMAH: Who cares! Warm it up, I’m taking the popcorn up, you bring the nachos and cookies.

Yes. We were also on a fattie food marathon! So with all the movie food upstairs we switched off the lights in proper movie marathon style! I had watched the movie before. And believe me when I say that it was just… a FAB movie! Too amazing for words. I would have never watched it if it wasn’t for ‘Pitch Perfect’. Another one of mines and Fatimah’s all time FAVE movies. But the ending of ‘The Breakfast Club’ always managed to bring tears to my eyes… It was just… Just… Soo touching *fake tear fake tear*. Seriously, if I’m obsessing sooo much about a movie, it means it was THAT good! We ended up falling asleep on the couch which proved to be tres uncomfortable! We were deffo in need of a massage especially when we woke up In the morning with painful shoulders…

MUM: Morning Lazy bums! Wakey wakey!

ME: Arghh… Maaaa. Its so early!

MUM: You know what time it is? It’s half past 11!

ME: Aaah… Not even afternoon. This IS early!

MUM: Wake Fatimah up and come downstairs. There’s eggs, waffles and pancakes for breakfast.

I jumped off the couch at the speed of light!!! PANCAKES! WAFFLES! Not such a fan of egg……… But I was dreeeaming about those golden waffles with my maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. Or should I have it with golden syrup and fresh cream?!?! Soo many options sooo little time!  I had already tucked into my breakfast when Fatimah decided to pitch up looking like a bomb site!

ME: (laughing) Sweetie! What happen!? Have you looked in a mirror?!?

FATIMAh: (rubbing her eyes). Huh. What? (Sitting down opposite me) eh leave me alone… You know I’m not a morning person… (resting her head on the table)

ME: Yes! I think anyone could see that. Come now what you want for breakfast?

But she never answer. Instead her head was on the table, and you could just about hear the slight snore. That lazy bum had gone back to sleep. On the dining room table!! Her face was precious though. She slept with her mouth open. She looked hilarious! This was definitely a Kodak moment….that was going to be sent to Zayaaaan!!!!!

I took a picture, added a caption saying ”Gorgeous adorable Fati Patati sleeping on the dining room table”. then sent it to Zayaan, Nuha and Uzair. Within seconds Uzair replied. We hadn’t spoken much the past few days. I had been SO busy with Fatoo and I guess he was soaking up London’s… Err… Cold icy cold winter!

UZAIR: Hey stranger! So that’s why you been so AWOL 😉 Fatz kidnapped you

ME: Guilty! Sisters before misters 😉 Eh you’re just as much of a stranger as I am…

UZAIR: Oh am I now 😉 And what makes you say that?? I could’ve been busy buying you a gift…

ME: And were you actually busy buying me a gift 😉

UZAIR: ‘Actually’ yes, I was. So I’m telling you from now you better like it! Even if you pretend to like it! 😛

ME: If you bought it I’m sure I’ll love it 😀 Sooo how’s London? You went to visit the Queen yet?

UZAIR: The queen? It. Is. Freaking freezing man!!!!!!! :O So cold!

ME: Yes, the queen of England! Shaame poor baba. That’s why you need a cuddle buddy… Must I call Yumna 😉

UZAIR: THAT is not funny Yass 😐 you said no more Yumna talk…  Ooh yes yes the Queen and I had a very interesting talk on how she’s letting me kidnap you and take you to London 😛

ME: Hmm… Is that so?! And how you going to haul my big fat buttocks all the way to London?!? 😛

UZAIR: My private jet 😉

ME: Dream on Bobat!! 😛  and maaf 😦 I’ll stop with the Yumna talk

UZAIR: You are maaf’d! 😀 what time is it there?

ME: Nearly half 12. its 4 hours difference genius 😛 before you start doing maths. Cause we both know maths isn’t exactly what you best at 😉

UZAIR: Ooh! And you’re sucha mathematician!?!

ME: Actuaaaaally… I am! I’m in this advanced programme in school for maths 😀

UZAIR: Aww, you still go to school :’) What a cutie!

ME: THAT is not funny 😐

UZAIR: Fine fine, ‘Maaaf’ 🙂

ME: You’re maaf’d 😉

UZAIR: Using my words against me eh Raheem?! 😛

ME: No waaay 😛 why would I use anything you say?!

UZAIR: Cause I’m cool ‘lyrrat’ 😀

ME: I see you sounding like a british boy 😉 don’t get too caught up in the land of the brits! I want my Durbanite Uzair!

UZAIR: You’ll be getting your Durbanite Uzair in 4days. Then you won’t be able to get rid of him

ME: Who said I’ll want to get rid of him…

UZAIR: But then I’ll also want my Durbanite Yasmeen. Not the Dubain girl…

ME: No promises hey. I heard Yasmeen’s changed…

UZAIR: Do you believe she has?

ME: I dunno 😕

UZAIR: I can assure you one thing. When Durbanite Uzair and Durbanite Yasmeen see each other, there’s no telling what they’ll do. But one thing for sure. Everything will fall away. It’ll be just like old times

Everything will fall away?! What did that even mean… Did it mean we were just falling apart? That the distance was actually getting between us??  Or more like  What did it mean!?!? Aghh! Why couldn’t boys be more specific!!!

Uzair and Yas x

Uzair and Yas x

Part 75 – Vintage Chic

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Vintage Store

Vintage Store

A sleepover! It was what I NEEDED. I didn’t need to be gallivanting with Tariq. Or thinking about the ‘Z factor’. Or using up all my memory space to think about boys! Ugh! School was over for the nest 2 weeks. Well not officially. I had taken leave (even though it wasn’t allowed). But it was important! It was CRUCIAL I spent some quality time with my BFFAEAE (best friend forever and ever and ever). So we decided to spend the night at my house. My father had gone away for the day on business work, and I kinda forced Armaan to go stay with Yusuf at the hotel. So it was a little girls night, my mother Fatimah and I. And it was FAB! Fatz picked me up from school and we sent straight home. I changed outta my school clothes then got ready to go.

ME: Where we going anyway?

FATIMAH: Yeah Aunty ‘Suu’ what we doing?

MUM: Well you little ladies. That’s kind of a surprise. So just wear something pretty and get into the car

We did as we were told and within 10 minutes we pulled up outside this small nifty looking shop

ME: Err, where are we?

MUM: Keep quiet! And stop with your questions. Come now, the shop closes early so yallah

FATIMAH: (laughing) How I LOVE your mother!

We walked into the store. And at first I was so confused. The store looked ancient, like really old, not dusty old, more like vintage old. It had railings and railings of clothes, dresses, long tops, shirts, skirts. Everything was completely vintage! And then it hit me

ME: Mummy!!! This is that vintage place we saw in the magazine?! The one with that gorgeous gold dress!

MUM: Yess. I thought I could treat you girlies to a dressing up experience. Only everything here is one of a kind

FATIMAH: Woww! (Looking around the store in shock) this is jusssst… Amazing! (Running towards a rack of clothes) this top! Ssooooo perrty!

MUM: you two knock your selves out. I’ll pick you’ll up when you’ll ready

My mother left. Fatz and I looked at each other then within seconds we were flicking through the many racks of clothes. It was a quiet small store and we just so happen to be the ONLY peoples there. Which was even better. We went in and out of changing rooms trying on ball gowns puffy dresses, fitted dresses, sequined dresses. Shoh, there were just SO many!

FATIMAH: Hey what you think of this one? (Twirling for me)

ME: The length is a bit awkward. Don’t ya think?

FATIMAH: Yeah. Like its too short to not wear pants but too long to wear jeans

ME: And this one? (Striking a pose)

FATIMAH: Oo! Its gorgeous. Smile (taking a picture) that pic is total display pict material!

ME: err. I’m not wearing scarf in that pic madame

FATIMAH: Oh yeaa. Holy girl now hey (wink) so you been wearing scarf full time?

ME: Yepp. That’s the plan. Although occasionally I don’t wear it…

FATIMAH: Hmm… Occasionally meaning???

ME: Like when I’m skyping with you and Zay, I don’t wear. And when I skype Uzair. And a few occasions when I was with Zah I had it off… I know! It’s not right!

FATIMAH: I’m not judging sweets! You wear more often than I doo

ME: I know, but I still need to take it more seriously. It’s just…with Uzair it seems odd for me to jump and quickly put a scarf on in front of him if he has to walk in. Ya know what I mean?

FATIMAH: I guess I do understand…. When you’ll dated you never wore scarf full time, so I get what you saying. Nooow……… (long pause)

ME: Nooow whaaaat??

FATIMAH: Now what’s the story with Mr. Tariq

ME: Isn’t he just…

FATIMAH: Gorgeous?

ME: (laughing) Missy! Keep your gaze down! You’re taken!

FATIMAH: (laughing) Maaf maaf apa. But seriously. You and Tariq?!

ME: It’s nothing. Qassam… I just got OUT of a relationship. He’s just being friendly

FATIMAH: Friendly?!?! You can SEE he likes you. He might as well tattoo it across his forehead

ME: Tattoo’s are haraam! Duuuh! Everyone knows that!

FATIMAH: (nudging me) Yass! Take me seriously for like one second!

ME: gee gee (sitting down on the couch in the change rooms). I’m listening

FATIMAH: Right! This is another boy. Friend or not friend or more than a friend, he is involved with you in a flirty manner

Flirty manner?!? she sounded like such an apa I had to pinch my self to stop the laughter that was going to escape through my mouth

FATIMAH: Any other time I would be..more enthusiastic about a very handsome guy being interested in you

Interested?!?! She deffo was spending too much time with the aunties. Its as if she were that kinda Aunty that likes to match make all the young people…But i didn’t interrupt her

FATIMAH: (sighing) All I’m saying is that, I don’t want to rain on your parade…. You just got out of one hectic relationship you had with Zaheer. And we both know it wasn’t that puppy love kinda dating….

I looked up at Fatimah. She was right. Yes, I was young, I wasn’t tying the know or anything or confessing my undying love for someone, but it wasn’t a fling or puppy love. He really did mean something to me

FATIMAH: And the worst part is that you basically have to see this idiot everyday at school, and I guess Tariq is there to fill a void

My mind wandered back to when Tar came over to comfort me in the mall outside forever 21 that day. When Fatz had left he said it him self, he wasn’t looking to date me, or to even have a ‘thing’ with me. He was just there, to be supportive I guess.

FATIMAH: Sweetie, just please pleeease please, don’t love to easy. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve for any boy to just come take! You need to get a new perspective! I told you your life was going to become boy orientated when you move to Dubai…THIS is why you do NOT leave your best friend  (smiling) Because you can’t live without her and she cant live without you…

I got up and gave Fatz a big bear hug! She was right. I did need her, now more than ever so she could get me out of my stupid rut I was in

ME: I knoow I knoow…….. When is my life NOT boy orientated?!

FATIMAH: That would be never (laughing) But I have a solution to your problems…..

ME: Oh really! It better not be one of your messed up ideas on how to get my head straight and blahblahblah

FATIMAH: I promise you you’ll enjoy this!!!

ME: Yallah then, tell me!

FATIMAH: (spinning around) Well look around! We didn’t come to this amazing vintage store to talk about idiotic boys! We came here to SHOP! Yasmeen Raheem we are going to shop those boys right outta your hair!!!

ME: Boys!? Why you pluralizing it…. I only want one boy out of my head and that is z factor

FATIMAH: I think that can be arranged. Now come on! There are soo many rails of dresses we haven’t even gone through yet

So we finished up our little DMC, and went back to the clothing racks to see what we could find. 10 minutes later, we were knee deep in sequins, and puffy dresses, swimming in a sea of vintage clothes…..

ME: I am absolutely luuurving this dress! It fits so well! Don’t ya think Fatz?

FATIMAH: It’s gorgeous Yaz! Very vintage chic… And the colour is the perfect mix between gold and champagne.

ME: I want it Fatooo!!

FATIMAH: So then buy it Yasooo!!

ME: (sighing) Yeah, but then when am I gunna wear it?!

FATIMAH: Sweetie, you had 2 ball gowns in your closet and we use to dress up in those all the time! You’ll find some occassion for this dress

ME: I’m thinking… No one in the family is getting married. So no wedding functions. (Face breaking out into a HUGE smile) LIGHT BULB!!!

FATIMAH: Huh, I’m confused?

ME:  I.
Can wear this.
Drum roll please…..


FATIMAH: …. (Bursting into crazy fits of laughter) WOMAN ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!

ME: Hell yeah! Prom is a while away, but I would soo wanna wear this! Plus its one of a kind, can’t clash with anyone at prom… (sticking my tongue out)

FATIMAH: Ohmygawd! Stop saying ‘prom’. I feel so american right now (laughing) PROM…what next a crossage?

ME: Maaaaybe (wink) But there are soo many boys out there, I mean I’d end up with a few hundred crossages…

FATIMAH: Pff…Right… Sure. So when is this ‘prom’ of yours?

ME: Some time next year. But all the girls already started looking at styles and colours for their dressess.

FATIMAH: Are all of Zee’s friends talking to him after this ‘joburg girl’ fiasco?

ME: Talking!? Sweetie, nothing has changed between any of them! It’s only him and me that don’t talk. Ooh and Ashley

FATIMAH: Ashley? The blonde american british iranian one???  Wow that was a mouthful…

ME: Yes yes. She’s the devil.. I mean she’s the one…

FATIMAH: wait, soo why you two aren’t talking?

ME: (sighing, biting my lip) Because she’s Zaheer’s new flavour of the week

FATIMAH: (Gasssssping) NO!!! Noo way!!! Zaheer and Ashley! I can’t believe he would do that to you!!!

ME: Well start believeing it sister! They’re not dating or anything serious. He’s just basically touching her up. In front of me. Its just….sickening!! REALLY!

FATIMAH: (raising her eybrows) Jealous? So what about the other girls? Those 2 we met at the mall the other day? Lia aaand-

ME: Zainab? They pretend like NOTHING is wrong. Its seriously beyond fake. They’ll talk to me and sit with me… But then when Zaheer comes he’ll pay attention to them and suddenly, he’s mr.charming, sweeping them off their feet with his twisted words and pretty face and AARGH!!!

FATIMAH: Breeeeeaaaaaathe!! Yasss breeeeaaaaaathe. In through the nose out through the mouth. Wait. Was it in through the mouth out through the nose?!?

Just breeeathe

So I stood there in champagne coloured dress, breathing in and out following the soothing voice of Fatimah.

ME: Okay mummy Fatimah, I’m caalm

FATIMAH: Good. Maybe we should just stop talking about this….and go back to taking selfies and dressing up!

ME: Yes! Pleeease! Anything but Zaheer and all his fake friends!!

FATIMAH: Just one last question… Now that you called all his friends fake, does that make Tariq a fake friend?

I thought about her question. I still stuck to my statement. Zaheer Mohamed and his crew were not honest. They lived life for a laugh. They didn’t care about anyone else. If they did, they’d give a damn about others. But Tariq. He was… Different. (How cliche’d does that sound?!) But it was true. He was genuinely a good guy! It wasn’t his clothes or his money or his looks (maybe partially his looks, those eyes were irresistible). It was his honesty…

ME: Naah, Tariq isn’t fake at all. He’s…..real.

FATIMAH: Okay. NOW we can close that topic of discussion (looking at her watch) oh my god! Look at the time!! We’ve been here 2 hours!

ME: What!? (Laughing) Oh well… Time flies when you having fun!

FATIMAH: (twirling in her ball gown) and I’m having a BALL of a time. Gettit?! Cause I’m wearing a BALL gown?! (Laughing at her own joke)

ME: (laughing at the stupidity behind the joke) Ya Allah! Child, what do I do with you?? That was the lamest thing you have ever said. Well one of the many lame things you’ve said… (grabbing her into a rough hug)

FATIMAH: Aww, you love me really ‘doll’

ME: Noo ‘dolling’ me! That’s being hypocritical…

FATIMAH: Sue me! Imma hypocrite

ME: Shurrup and just go change! I’ll call my mother and tell her to pick us up.

FATIMAH: You buying that dress?!

ME: YES! I am deffo NOT parting with it! (Clutching to the dress for dear life) It’s just too fab! Mashallah…  You getting anything?

FATIMAH: I really liked that sequin top I tried on. The light blue and gold one. It was really cute!

So with our desired clothing, we made our way to the cashier, paid for our stuff, thanked the assistants for putting up with all of our noise and excitement and left. Only before we got to the door, it opened from the other side…

And in walked someone that looked very familiar…

Someone I knew…

That someone was Mademoiselle Lia Rai….

Best Friend Hugs ♥

Best Friend Hugs ♥

Ball Gowns

Dress up with Yas and Fatz!

Shout out to  ”Leyya, for being an amazing friend & always making us laugh smile We love you so much ♡ From Ammaarah & Rumaanah”

Shoutout to ”My Dom Half 😘 thank you for being the most AMAZING person in my life 😍 & I’m no words can do justice as to how much I’m going to Miss You 😥 . From your Dom Person 💕 #Y”


Part 74 – Master of Heartbreaks


(Sing the words below in tune to Call me Maybe)

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Bad Boy Zaheer

Aka Zaheer

Love. That word and all that it stands for is bull****. All of it doesn’t mean a single thing. Its merely a fantasy, a dream, an idea. an idea that is so often used in today’s world, and so often is it thrown around that it has lost its value. And instead of being a feeling, it simply just is a word. Love.

I’ve always had my head and priorities straight. It was pretty much girls girls girls. Then my grades. But I always had that covered. It wasn’t like I was dumb! Just that I wasn’t motivated. At all. Who needs motivation when they have charm and good looks?! Two things I knew I had plenty of. And of course I used it to advantage, chatting up the ladies, getting what I want. I never really had a plan. I never really needed a plan. It was simple. Ace my A-Levels, get into a top Uni. Party hard! Work my butt off. Ace varsity and graduate. Then it was all left in the hands of my Memon mother. Either an arranged marriage or me having to work abroad and then settle years later. I was leaning more towards the latter option. Marriage had its place and time and for me it wasn’t any time soon. The samoosa runs could wait another 6 years. I had all the time in the world to just sit back relax and enjoy the luxurious life in Dubai. I mean who wouldn’t? We lived on the palm, the beach was at my doorstep. I went to a school where all the girls worshiped me, (seriously no conceitedness intended), but it was true. Then I had ma best bro Tariq to join me on this roller coaster of a lifetime! Yeah I had it all. I still DO have it all. One girl is not going to take that all away…

That one girl. That god damn one girl. Yasmeen. Who was I kidding? Me….. In a re… Re….relat. The ‘R’ word basically. Zaheer Mohamed doesn’t and will not ever date. That was the plan. But hey, plans change. People change. Pff naa, that’s also a lie. People don’t change. They can get better at things. But change, now sweetie let’s not kid our selves. So there I was 3 months ago thinking I was in ‘love’. Thinking I had found my soul mate, my one true love. Again, all BULL! Lemme let you in on a little secret, Love and Zaheer. Two words that will NEVER go together. Of course girls LOVE Zaheer, but he don’t LOVE them. He could like them, for maybe 5 seconds. Maybe even 5 minutes if he’s really generous…. But then I just wash them straight outta my hair and move on.

No noo nooo…. I’m not a bad boy. Bad boys are those guys your mother would warn you about. Tell you to stay away from. But I guarantee you, your mother would NEVER tell you to stay away from me, Zaheer Mohamed, a total bicharo looking kinda boy. In fact, I assure that your mother will encourage you, maybe even straight up tell you to come talk to me, because guess what? I live in Dubai , I’m good looking and….oh yeah… that’s right! I’m kinda loaded. Again, no conceitedness intended. Its the truth. And the truth can be painful.

Naah, I lie…. it isn’t a pain being loaded! It’s a gift. It got me the designer shoes I need to whisk girls off their feet. It buys me the perfume that girls would go dizzy just dreaming about. Yes yes, being rich is a privilege, but hey you get some gold diggers out there, and I make sure I steer clear of them and their mothers at ALL costs… But no, I was no bad boy. I was pretty much the heart breaker in disguise.

Ashamed. Not at all.

Proud. Sort of.

So to all those girls out there, don’t say I didn’t warn you when you feel the heart break of Zaheer Mohamed…

But there was one girl I didn’t warn. It was too late to warn her anyways. She was wrapped up with me. I was wrapped up with her. Yasmeen. I never warned her. Not once did I behave arrogantly or rudely. Except for the time that I told her she didn’t know me… The night before she left… But I barely remember that night. I try to forget it all. To block it all out.  To pretend it NEVER happened! She was stupid to think I would change. Everyone was stupid to think I was going to change! And for what? A girl!? Hmph… You got to know me better than that to know that Zaheer Mohamed doesn’t change for anybody! And I proved that, to my self, to everyone around me. I proved my point… And I didn’t care how many people I had to hurt in the process…  But one thing you should REALLY know is that… It was never part of the plan. I was never meant to hurt Yasmeen. But it had to be done one way or another.

Joburg. Joburg. Joburg. So many memories where do I begin! I could start with the wedding and go into the boring details of it… Or. The night life. I choose the latter option. More excitement. More va va voom! The best holiday by far! It was sick! The good kinda sick! The people we were chilling with all through that wedding weekend were total nut cases! They were just what I needed! A dose of crazy! They had no care in the world. We partied late, played poker, shisha err’thing! I owe my best holiday all to them.

Being in that hotel building till the late hours in the morning was like another world all together! I kept on getting messages from the outside world, from Tariq, from Yasmeen, from Ashley and the girls, all asking about my trip. But worlds couldn’t explain the the time of my life I was having! Fun. Hmm… Fun. One simple word can describe such freaking crazy memories. But the one night, I just needed a breather.  I needed to know that the poker the smoking the partying, it was all actually real! And that these party people existed. So I went to the terrace restaurant. This outdoors place that had a magnificent view of Joburg.  I ordered my self a drink and went over to the railing where a girl was standing. There were plenty girls that were taken by the guys, by my cousins, by the partying dudes. I respected that, they were taken, but oooh the single ladies. I’m pretty sure I chatted up every single one of them in that week! But this girl, she seemed occupied. Her mind seemed occupied. Her back was facing me and she seemed wrapped up in her thoughts. I didn’t want to bother her, so I just went and stood close by, taking in the view of the night city lights. I was about to let my mind wander off……. When the girl turned around spilling my drink all over me….

The rest of the night was history. The details weren’t important. But it was HER. It was HER, I had seen HER and the all feelings for Yasmeen vanished. Believe me, it was NOT love at first sight or any of that romancy crap you invisioning between Joburg girl and me. It was more that SHE…was just….. So HOT! She was beyond hot! And that  body was fit! An athlete, definitely. You could see it. She was tall…. And of course I didn’t think twice about getting ‘to know’ her. She was single. I wanted to mingle. We got. And it was history.

Did I feel guilty?! Absolutely not.

I was dating Yasmeen. Agh, but why even bother thinking about that. She’s the same as every other girl. I had done it a million times already.

Find a new girl, move on.

She’ll manage to live through it. But seeing that girl….. It proved something. It proved that ‘love’ didn’t exist. There was no soul mate, that perfect somebody out there for me! I ‘thought’ I loved Yasmeen. (Key word there, ‘thought’, past tense. ) But I was wrong. There is no. Such thing. As love. It does not exist! Nor will it cease to exist! There’s such a thing as arranged marriage of course, and that’s probably where I’ll end up at the end of the rainbow. So why. Even. Bother? Hmm…. Why? What’s to gain from the lovey dovey crap you say to a girl? And the words she says back to you?! They mean zilch! You just end up being one helluva messed up emotional roller coaster There is no gain. Maybe pain, but that doesn’t even affect me! I don’t get hurt, I hurt others. So might as well spare Raheem. Put her outta her misery. Let her know her prince charming of a Zaheer is dead.


And that he never really existed.

He was a phase.

A phase of stupidity.

A phase of blindness.

I couldn’t see that love didn’t exist and roped Yasmeen into this. I needed less luggage. I needed to drop Yasmeen. I was done! With all this mushuu love crap! Done. I felt nothing after joburg. Nothing for Yasmeen, nothing for anybody, nothing for life it self. I preferred to describe my self as numb. Numb to everything around me, oblivious to others feelings. No, not selfish. I was numb. HELL NO I was not hurting. Because how could I hurt when I didn’t feel pain at all? Ever….

Nothing could beat the time I had in Joburg. There was no NEED to feel like I was having a ‘good time’ anymore. Even when I was with Tariq, it just felt like a drag. There was no NEED for me to have a girlfriend. There was no NEED for me to feel anything. For anyone. Because I was Zaheer Mohamed. Master of heartbreaks.

And on that plane ride coming back to Dubai, my mind was made up. I was going to tell Yasmeen. And I did tell Yasmeen Not because ‘she deserved to know the truth’ or other soppy romantic reasons, but it was the easiest way to just END things. No questions asked. No remorse. No guilt. No blame. No tears. That was the new plan. I had a reputation to maintain. I re arranged my priorities, got my head straight, and walked off that plane into the Dubai heat…



Bad Boy...

Bad Boy…

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Part 73 – Bitter Betrayal

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Back to bed...

Back to bed…

School!  Bloody bullocks. I had SCHOOl! I got outta bed, put my alarm off, then like a a groggy zombie walked to the bathroom, did my morning procedure, face wash and all that. I looked in the mirror. Was I even in the mood to look presentable?! Was there a point?! A purpose?! Who did I have to impress anyway?! As long as I was happy with walking out the house as a groggy zombie, why should I care what anyone thought?! I slipped on my skinny black jeans, pulled on my school jersey, tied my hair up into a messy bun and took my scarf. I slipped on a little lippie. Heartbroken or not, I could never leave the house with my lips not lippie’d up!

Armaan and I ate breakfast in silence. We both looked so bad! We had bags under our eyes and looked like we hadn’t slept in days. Which was sorta true. We only finished off with the Akoojee’s at mid night last night. And now he we were, surviving on 6hours sleep, having to go to school for 8hours. Yes, I was complaining a helluva lot! Everybody knew not to mess with Yasmeen Raheem when she barely had any sleep.

We got to school on time. The driver dropped us off which meant the car ride was quiet. I plugged in my headphones all the way till I was in the safety of my classroom. Only. I was shocked. To see him. To see Zaheer. In my class. Only he wasn’t waiting for me like how he normally would. Instead, he was there. With ashley! What the hell was going on?!?!?!

I quickly looked down, not making eye contact with the group of them around the table I sat on. It was Ashley, Zaheer, Lia and Zainab. How typical… He was the only guy with 3 girls. I went to my locker took out my books, laptop, pencil case…. I basically tried spending most of my time by my locker to avoid going by the desperato girls and the Z factor. I turned around holding my mountain of stuff to see that Zaheer was gone. It was just Ashley there. She sat watching some show on her laptop clearly avoiding eye contact. She was such a… a…. a…. I mean…. what the HELL was she thinking?! How absolutely bloody desperate was she that she was taking my leftovers?! That is basically the mentality i had behind what I had just seen

And for once I kind of felt Nuha’s pain. I felt something of what Nuha would’ve felt when she found out Yumna kissed her boyfriend. This…this was different. It wasn’t the same as Nuha’s scenario…Ashley wasn’t even my BEST friend. But its like….I thought she ha dmy back, i thought she would THINK before she jumped all over Zaheer. It was like betrayal beyond betrayal! She was such an absolute…. Argh! Words could not even freaking describe how fuming mad I was!!!! So I just sat down in my seat. Which was next to hers. Argh… Could this morning get any worse?!?!?!

The teacher took the register and dismissed us. The day went by at snaaaaaaaails paaaaaaaace. Luckily my Fati Pataati had gotten a Dubai numero so she bb’d me from her new number and kept me company all through our first break. Yes, I sat like a loner in the classroom instead of going down by the paki crew. The last thing I needed or wanted was to see Zaheer all over Ashley. My word. My head could still not wrap around at how QUICK that boy moves on. And to have the audacity to come be all flirtatious in MY classroom.  Where I sat!?!?!?!  I mean, he wanted to prove a point. His point came across loud and clear. He wanted to move on, yallah! But it sucked at the same time… I tried to pay attention in my classess after break, but the whole time my mind was wandering back to Ashley. And Zaheer. And somehow I started to think about Tariq. So when he caught up to me in the hallway, I was relieved to see his face…

ME: (turning around) Hey!

TARIQ: Come on sunshine, gimme a smile!

ME: (smiling) There? Am I smiley enough for you..

TARIQ: Where were you? During break? (Walking in step with me)

ME: Well, I wasn’t really in the mood to see Zaheer womanizing with all the girls. So…ya know… I was just hibernating in my class

TARIQ: Zaheer wasn’t the only one sitting downstairs. Whabout me? Wait, you sat on your own?

ME: Yes! Because lonesome is the best way to go about this!!! (Big fake cheesy smile)

TARIQ: Oh reeeeallly?! (Nudging me) So then should I leave you alone ‘Ms.lonesome’?

ME: Naah (nudging him back) you’re an exception to that saying…

TARIQ: If my memory doesnt fail me i believe the saying was more along the lines of  ‘lonesome causes depression’?

ME: Soooo? I don’t mind slipping into depression either…

TARIQ: (smiling and nodding his head) Well I mind! And I’m pretty sure Fatimah would mind as well…

ME: Don’t pull the best friend card on me Tarrrrr!

TARIQ: Why nooooot? (smiling that smug smile)

ME: (sighing) Whether I’m depressed or not, she’s miles away in Durban sooo, depressed or not it won’t affect her!

TARIQ:  (looking at his watch)  As much as I would LOVE to carry this conversation on, I have to get to class. You better come down at lunch!

ME: (looking around to see the hallways were empty) Or what?! (Smiling smugly)

TARIQ: (walking right up to me) Or I’ll come drag you down. Kicking and screaming. Even you bite or claw me, Yasmeen Raheem I will get you downstairs!

I could feel his breath on me. And something in his voice made me believe that he really WOULD carry me down. Even if I started screaming and kicking…

ME: Fine, we’ll see

TARIQ: Good (wink)

And he was gone. But once again, he didn’t turn his back on me. He walked backwards facing me with this genuine smile plastered on his face. As contagious as his laughter, his smile made me smile within seconds. The next lesson went a bit better knowing I wasn’t a loner in school now that I was single… And without any boyfriend. Then, before I knew it, it was lunch! I made my way to my locker praying to god Zaheer was NOT in my room! I took a quick peep, yipp he wasn’t there and neither was Ashley. I took my food and started to make my way downstairs to where the ‘paki crew’ sat. In my mind I no longer considered to be part of that crew… As I was walking down the stairs I rounded the corner…

The sight I was greeted with made me seeth.

It made me sick.

It made me mad.

So uncontrollably mad!

Zaheer was with Ashley, his arms wrapped around her waist walking with her outside. The lump in my throat returned. I could feel the tears pricking in the back of my eyes. I bit my lip extra hard, pinched my self and tried to breeeeaaaathe. I thought of Nuha. The advice she had given me. Then I thought of Uzair. And how I wanted nothing more than to cry onto his shoulder, and want him to tell me it was all going to be okay. Instead, I felt a hand on my shoulder. A strong steady warm hand turned me around to come face to face with a pair of blue eyes. Tariq. He looked behind me to see what I had seen. To see what made my mood so rotten. To see what had taken my smile away. He nodded his head as if to say lets go. It reminded me of something my Nana would do, only he’d nod his head and say ‘Challo’… I thought Tariq was going to walk me back upstairs to my room, instead he walked me outside. Outside where Zaheer was

ME: (swallong the lump in my throat) No Tar, please no

TARIQ: Shh, calm down

We walked outside. We neared where the paki crew were sitting but Tariq shocked me. Instead of going to sit there, he walked straight past Zaheer and the paki crew, who now had their eyes on us, and went to a bench on the far side of the outdoors courtyard. He sat me down, pulled up a chair and sat opposite me

TARI: You okay?

I nodded. I couldn’t really say anything. I didn’t WANT to say anything. I didn’t trust my voice. So instead I opened my container and found a lovely surprise. Samoosa’s. Not just any samoosa’s…they were my mothers famous delicious chocolate samoosa’s

ME: Want one?

TARIQ: Err, no thaks

ME: Oh come on Tar! They’re chocolate!

TARIQ: Seriously? Chocolate samoosa’s?! (looking shocked)

ME: (laughing) Yes! Come on now! Once you have one, you wont ever say no again. Yallah!

TARIQ: Mmm…on onw condition…You have to feed me

ME: Done! Close your eyes… And tell me how delicous it tastes

TARIQ: (closing his eyes) Okay,

(opening his mouth, he bit the samoosa) Mmm…..

Oh my gawd! That is soo good (opening his eyes) Seriously! Did you make that?

ME: Me? In the kitchen! Err, no! My mother made it…

TARIQ: Well your mother must be really talented!

ME: (msiling to my self) Yeah, I guess she is

The rest of the day was kind of numb. I didn’t feel happy sad mad, I felt nothing…I chose to feel nothing. I steered clear of Ashley and Zaheer, just waiting for the school day to come to an end so I could leave that wretched building and not have to see everyone’s wretched faces….except Tariq’s of course! And then, IT WAS 3 O CLOCK! I dashed outta school in a hurry, waved to Tariq as I whizzed past him and into my mothers car. I jumped into the front only to see that someone was already sitting there….

FATIMAH: YASOOO!!! Chuck it, I’m sitting in the front (wink)



Think I Think

Think I Think

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Part 72 – Wild Goose Chase

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Tariq's Blue eyes

Tariq’s Blue eyes

TARIQ: Yazz!

ME: Heey!

It was non other than Tariq! That boys timing was impeccable…and Fatimah’s facial expression was PRICELESS! Her mouth was hanging wide open. Of course she was shocked. Who wouldn’t be?! Tariq was a total babe magnet.

TARIQ: Hi! I thought it was you. I saw the girls talking to you and from the scarf…

ME: The scarf! My trademark (laughing) Oh yes, Tariq this is Fatimah.

FATIMAH: (shyly timidily quietly looking at Tariq) Err, hello

TARIQ: So THIS is Fatimah hey? The best friend, am I correct?

ME: Mhmm, yes you are. What are you doing here? I don’t believe for a second that you were about to walk into Forever21….

TARIQ: (laughing)I know you girls like this place. I’m more of a Harvey Nichols kinda guy (walking closer to me)

FATIMAH: (feeling slightly awkward) Yas, I’m just going to see that…that store okay?

And she was gone in a flash. I looked at Tariq who was now standing right by me….

TARIQ: I was actually coming to check up on you (placing his hand over mine) I heard what happen with Zaheer, I’m sorry Yasmeen. Really, I’m sorry

ME: (swallong hard) It’s not your fault. Don’t apologize…

TARIQ: You’re right its not my fault. But still, I can’t help but feel responsible. From the start, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. He;s Zaheer

ME: Did you come here to make me feel better or worse? (smiling half a smile)

TARIQ: Sorry. Zah was an idiot. What he did was wrong and the fact that nobody really realizes tha-

ME: Tarrr…. Seriously, it’s alright. It’s fine. I’m alright

TARIQ: (looking at me quizzically) Are you? Are you really?

ME: (nodding my head) Whatever happened happened. I can’t…..(sighing) I can’t change it. I’m just glad the holidays are here so I don’t have to see his (my turn to use some very colourful words) face!

TARIQ: (laughing) Oooooo, madamoiselle Raheem has a tongue!

ME: Yes……yes I do! (smiling)

I looked down and noticed Tariq’s hand was still over mine. I was scared to look into his eyes because they were every shade of grey and blue mixed together. They were mesmorizing and I would just get pulled into them and argh! It would just be a very messy situation…

TARIQ: Here’s some advice. Forget it. Forget him. Forget what he did. Just, live your life

ME: That’s going to be hard considering we go to school together….

TARIQ: You don’t have any lessons together (pulling his hands away and shoving them in his pockets) Look, I’m not coming onto your or anything… I’m just offering you my friendly services. My shoulder if you wanna cry, my humor if you want a laugh, and of course my handsome face if you want to look at something pretty…

That caught me so off gaurd that I just burst out laughing louder than expected!

ME: (nudging him in his tummy) Shurrup! (laughing) That was amazingly worded though…How many times you used that dialogue on a girl?

TARIQ: Ooo, wat too many time, I’ve lost count! Lets just say it’s a full proof dialogue (wink)

Tariq made me laugh, a LOT! We chatted for another few minutes until my hands started to ache form carrying the packets.

TARIQ: Here, lemme carry them for you (reaching his hands out to take the packets)

ME: Noo, noo its fine…

TARIQ: Don’t be ridiculous!

ARGH! WHY do London accents have to be so god damn cute?! The way he said ‘ridiculous’….

ME: Fiine, only because I think the blood stopped circulating in my hands… (handing some packets over to him)

TARIQ: How I love when you talk science to me! (wink) Where’s your friend gone?!

ME: That. Is a very good question! (looking around) Oh god! I lost my best friend on her first day in Dubai! That too in DUBAI MALL!

TARIQ: Its fine…We can just call her.

ME: Umm, that’s the thing….They came THIS morning….she doesn’t exactly have a Dubai numeroo…

TARIQ: Yazmeen!

ME: Correction! It’s YaSmeen!

TARIQ: My apologies ma lady, Yasmeeeeeeen! How on earth are we going to find her now?!

ME: We? You’re sticking around… No Tar, you came to the mall to NOT look for Fatimah. Go, I’ll be fine.

TARIQ: (smiling his sidewards smile) You’re not getting rid of me and that’s final!

ME: But-

TARIQ: No but’s! Now yallah your touche (walking off)

ME: MY touche?!??!?!

TARIQ: That means butt!

ME: Err, in what language?!

TARIQ: My language (wink)

And then we searched high and low for Ms.Akoojee! I swear she was hiding from us on purpose. She knew that if I had to go to the restaurant where our parents were waiting, WITH OUT her, my mother would kill me! I had to find Fatimah before 8 o clock! We checked Forever 21 again, Bershka, Pull and Bear H&M! You name it, we searched it…..but she was no where to be found…..

TARIQ: Do you have any idea where she could be?

ME: Well, her boyfriend is kind of into sports. She could’ve gone to Nike to buy him something..

TARIQ: That’s good enough for me. Le’goo

But we had no luck. We checked Adidas, Nike, Reebok, every sports store…Fatimah was just. Not. There!

ME: (sitting down on a bench) I give up! I give up….I dunno where she is!

TARIQ: Whats the rush anyway?

ME: We’re having dinner, my family and hers and my mother will just murder me if I loose Fatz!

TARIQ: So does she know when and where the supper is at?

ME: Well, yes….she does.

TARIQ: So then don’t freak. I’m pretty sure she’s messing with you (giving me a sneaky smile)

ME: And how are you SO sure of that?

TARIQ: You’re YaSsSmeen! You’re easy to tick off…and when you get mad its funny, and cute. Funnily cute

Me: (smiling) Thanks, I think. (sighing)I am really sorry though! Your afternoon was spent on a wild goose chase! Looking for my baboon of a best friend!

TARIQ: (tiliting his head sideways sitting down next to me) Naah, don’t be sorry. I wouldn’t change a thing about today. It was…..spontaneous. Maybe even fun (wink)

I sat on the bench and let my mind wander off into the dangerous territory of the z factor. I thought about what his reaction would be if he saw me with Tariq right now. Would he react? How would he feel? Would he be jealous? Would he even care? They were good friends, but they were SO different. Zaheer aimed to please the public, he was a peoples person. He thrived on chatting up girls, making everyone fall in love with him. Tariq just seemed so honest and up front. If people didn’t like him, it didn’t phase him. With Zaheer people wanted to be around him because they he gave them attention. But with Tariq, it was his personality (and DUH his looks) that made people want to know him. He would always tell something how it was, he never tried to sugar coat anything. I looked up to see Tariq looking at me, his piercing grey eyes staring back into mines…

ME: What?

TARIQ: Nothing

ME: (smiling) No. What are you looking at?

TARIQ: Is that a trick question?

ME: (nudging him playfully) Seriously. Why were you looking at me like that?

TARIQ: Looking at you like what?

ME: Like that?! (drawing circles in mid air around his face)

TARIQ: (shrugging his shoulders) I don’t know what you’re on about. I was merely looking at you…

ME: Yess! I think we’ve both acknowledged that. The question is, why that facial expression?

TARIQ: (laughing) You’re going to have to clarify what facial expression I supposedly had to you. Supposedly I had a facial expression that you’re supposing I supposedly had. Although supposedly I don’t re call this facial expression you suppose I had…..

ME: ……

TARIQ: supposedly

I just started laughing! This boy was insane!

ME: What?! Now I’m more confused than ever!

TARIQ: (flashing his million dollar smile) That’s the point! (wink)

ME:(imitating his English accent) You’re ridiculous!!

TARIQ: Errr….Was that suppose to be how I sound?

ME: (laughing) Yes!! Pretty good isn’t it?!

TARIQ: It’s actually not too bad Raheem. Come on, I better help you with your packets. Where are you guys having dinner?

ME: That Italian restaurant by the water fountain.

TARIQ: Don’t send me on another Wild Goose Chase looking for an Italian restaurant… (standing up) Need a hand? (Holding out his hand)

ME: (taking his hand) Why thank you!

TARIQ: (looking at me, tilting his head and giving me a side wards smile) You’re most welcome!

We walked to the restaurant in silence. Truthfully, it wasn’t awkward. I could let my guard down with Tariq. I wasn’t trying to impress him and I knew that he would see straight through the artificial stuff.

ME: Do me a favor pleeeease?! Just casually walk inside the restaurant and see if Fatz is sitting there?

TARIQ: People will think I’m weird!

ME: I thought you didn’t care what people thought about you… (looking at him knowingly)

TARIQ: (Pulling me closer so that he was whispering in my ear) I don’t.

And he walked off to see if Fatimah was there. I had to make sure she was here with me so that my mother wouldn’t ask HOW and WHY I lost my other half!!! Tariq came back nodding his head. Fati wasn’t inside. Just as I was about to give up and walk into Vapiano (name of the restaurant) I heard one loud screechy voice screaming my name. I turn around to see non other than Fatimah Akoojee running towards me

ME: You crazy woman! Where the hell were you?!

FATIMAH: Oh. So I’M the crazy person?!?!

ME: Err. Yes!! We looked all over for you!!!

FATIMAH: Wait, who’s we?

TARIQ: Remember me? Just by the way, you owe me my Saturday!

FATIMAH: Oh my gosh! Yasmeeeen! You made him waste all this time looking for me???

ME: I never! He insisted!

FATIMAH: I am sooo sorry Tariq! (Laughing) I was only meant to make Yasmeen go on a wild goose chase looking for me!!!

I looked at Tariq as if to say ‘ I TOLD YOU SO’!!!

ME: SEE! I knew she was going to pitch up. Giving me a mini heart attack (nudging Fatz lightly) You idiot!

FATIMAH: Aww you love me really! (giving Yas a hug) (looking at Tariq)Again, I’m sorry!

TARIQ: It’s fine (laughing) you guys have a cute relationship….Like sisters

ME: Like sisters?!?!?!

FATIMAH: Correction: We ARE sisters! Our parents just split us up at birth!

TARIQ: And Yooou (pointing at Fatimah) might just be as crazy as Yasmeen!

ME: AS crazy?!?!?

FATIMAH: What you talking? I’m crazier!!!

Tariq was laughing away, clearly entertained by Fatimah and I. But his phone started to buzz. I didn’t quie get to see who was calling as he swiped his phone to cut the call…

ME: Who was it? Dint you answer?

TARIQ: Naa, not important. Listen I’ve got to go…

FATIMAH: It was nice meeting you Tariq. Yas I’ll see you inside okay…

And Fatz left. She did that on purpose to leave Tariq and I alone

ME: Sooo… How many apologies do I owe you?

TARIQ: (looking quizzically at me) Apologies? For what?

ME: For wasting your day! Duuuh! The guilt is eating me up inside Tar!

TARIQ: (laughing) No apologies necessary ma’am. But I do know how you can pay this little debt…

ME: Name it!

TARIQ: Gimme a day

ME: A day?

TARIQ: I know your friend is in town. But just give me one day. One day of your winter holidays to just have fun! You can even bring that Fatimah if you want. Bring your whole family, bring all your South African weirdos you got hiding in your cupboard!

I laughed. My South African weirdo’s were going to be here in less than a week. Aka the Bobat crew!

TARIQ: Just a day. What do you say!?

ME: I say….. You tell me where and when and I’ll be there (smiling)

Tariq’s face burst into a smile. It made me want to smile and before I could help it, I was smiling from ear to ear.

TARIQ: I’ll see you tomorrow okay?

ME: Uff, school…don’t remind me!

TARIQ: (putting his hand on my shoulder) It’ll be okay. I promise (giving me his million dollar smile) I really gotta go.

ME: Goo goo! I’ve kept you long enough!

TARIQ: Enjooy your dinner

ME: You tooo

And then we was walking away. But he didn’t turn his back. No no no! As he walked away, he was walking backwards, facing me. He eventually bumped into one lady and only then did he turn around and walk with his back facing me. That smile. His smile had such an effect on me that the entire supper I sat there. Smiling like I had just won the lottery or something. Armaan was shocked to see me smiling so much. He must’ve been thinking what was up with his whacko of a bigger sister. The only person that kinda sorta knew the reason I was smiling was Fatimah. And she sat there kicking me under the table through that entire supper, which was fab! An absolutely gorgeous evening with my other family the Akoojee’s. We had dinner outside in Dubai’s winter breeze. We watched the water fountain in all its lighting glory. Had dessert. Said our goodbyes (till the next day of course) Then we made our way home. But as I climbed into bed, my smile soon began to fade. A lump formed in my throat. Zaheer. Tomorrow. School. I let my nightmares pull me under as I fell into a deep sleep….

Unbiological Sisters ♥

Unbiological Sisters ♥

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Part 71 – Sisters Before Misters

HEEEEEEY! IT’S SO GOOD TO FINALLY BE BACK! Maaf for the caps’s…just…I…missed you guys….(fake tear) soo much! 😀 Let’s get down to biltong business now….HERE IS PART 69! And of course it has to be dedicated to one helluva amazing person, my other half! Don’t get too busy in the jungle and forget about me 😉 😉 I know you really wanna be your neighbors BFF, but don’t forget, I EXIST! 😀 My other half, my jaan….. love you lots My jungle Buddy! ♥  xoxo Much Love DOAD xoxo



Oleeey oleeeeey oley oley oleeeeeey!!!!

The excitement. The happiness the JOY! Ooo on the sight of her gorgeous face. FATIMAH! The minute I heard small little Zain baba screaming, I began to jump up and down. I could not contain the excitement bubbling within me. So much so I thought it was going to be like one of those movies where the cray cray lady runs through security to see her one true love. That was going to be me if Armaan hadn’t grabbed me and held me back.

ME: Fatimah!!!! (Waving) over here you banana!!!! Fatoooo!!!!

FATIMAH: (running to me) YAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

I couldn’t resist, I ducked under Armaan’s hand that was holding me back and ran to Fatz! She dived onto me enveloping me into a beeg bear hug!!!!

ME: Don’t you EVER EVER leave meeee!!! EVER agaaaaain!

FATIMAH: (tearing coming in her eyes) Awwww! Babe! Get over here

Fatimah never cried. Not in sad movies, not while reading sad books. Nothing. So when I saw the tears in her eyes…I was touched!

ME: Awww. My Fati Patati! Don’t cwwwwwwwy! (Wiping the tears away)

FATIMAH: (swatting my hand away) Shush you!!! (Wiping her own tears away) I missed you too tooo too much! I just…


YUSUF: break it up you two! You’ell embarassing… People are staring

ME: YUSI! (Jumping onto him giving him a hug) so what if people look?!

YUSUF:  Yasooo! Well if people look, they’ll think we retarded

FATIMAH: (joining our group hug) aww! Guys include me

YUSUF: noo! You not part of our cool group

ME: neither of us are part of it! Only HAAAJ is (wink)

YUSUF: (jumping away) Shush you! Come on big mouth.. Dubai awaits!

The akoojee’s were staying very centrally to our house and Dubai Mall. In fact, to be exact. They were staying at the JW Marriott Marquis, the tallest hotel iin the world. You know how Dubai is, Go big or go home. And they went BIG! And stunning. The building was alongside sheikh zayed road, and was so fancy from the exterior, that the moment we went inside, I wasn’t shocked to see the fancy chendeliers and modern lobby

ME: This place is…

FATIMAH: Amaaazing!

AUNTY ZAHEERA: Aren’t you use to all this glitz and glam Yas?

ME: no no! How cany anyone get use to this? There’s always something more glam in Dubai…

AUNTY ZAHEERA: So you staying the night with us? (nudging me)

MUM: She wishes! She got school tomorrow.

YUSUF: it’s Sunday tomorrow?

ME: Yes… We have school on Sunday…

Fatimah looked at Yusuf. Yusuf looked at Fatimah. They both looked at Zain. And the three of them burst out laughin/b it was really NOT funny. More like traigic how went to school on a Sunday. I started tickling Zain!

ME: and what you laughing at zainoo?!

ZAIN: I dunnoooow. Fatoo is laughing

ME: and isn’t she got a funny face

ZAIN: yee her face is sooo funny

ME: like a clown

ZAIN: (giggling) like a clown!

FATIMAH: Zainooo!!!  So wait, you seriously going school tomorrow?

ME: I’ll just go tomorrow. Then I’m missing the rest of the week

MUM: You wish

We eventually twisted my mothers arm enough so that she let me off for the rest of the week after tomorrow. I was psyched! We let the Akoojee’s check in to their rooms while we set off home. We would be seeing them in a few hours. But it looked like they REALLY needed the sleep…

6hours later with many shopping bags in each of our hands, Fatz and I decided to have a rest. We had been shopping for the past few hours but now we wanted of some much needed caffeine to have the energy to continue our shopping spree!

FATIMAH: My feet are soooooore!!

ME: Shaame! Must I cal Zay to come massage them for you?!?

FATIMAH: Shurrup! (Sticking her tongue out at me)

ME: Well who asked you to wear elasticated pumps?!

FATIMAH: Me! Cause they are perrtty…

ME: Aww Zayaan is far far away (wink) no need to dress up for me doll!

FATIMAH: Doll?! Still?! I thought now that you awaay from Uzii you’ll stop saying ‘doll’!

ME: You know what they say (thinking back to my skype convo with Uzair) old habits die hard (big cheesy smile)

FATIMAH: Hmph…. Yea, I see that! Soooo what’s the story between you two?

ME: who two?

FATIMAH: don’t play dumb! Between Uzair and yooou?!

ME: Let’s order something first before we dive into that topic.

We had come to one my favouritest cafe’s in Dubai Mall, Shakespeares &. Co It was so vibrant, the furniture all looked vintage… And the food…. Oh the food and cakes and treats were just marvellous!

FATIMAH: Soo what’s good here?

ME: The triple chocolate fudge cake is tres tres yummy!

FATIMAH: Tres? Huh, what?

ME: Tres means very in french!

FATIMAH: I’m ‘tres’ sorry madamoiselle! (Laughing) since when you speak french?!?!

ME: The girls in my year take french, so when I revise with them I pick up words here and there. Would you just hurry your butt up and order?!?!

She ordered a cappucino (how very standard of her). I wasn’t cray cray about coffee… And I was in no mood for tea. So I ordered a very colourful tasty looking cocktail. Alongside that, we ordered a slice of chocolate cake and a cinammon muffin.

FATIMAH: Okaay, so yallah! Spill all on the Uzair situation!?

ME: It’s really not THAT bigga deal… That day…that day we were skyping, you Nuha and me and he walked in. Well we started talking from then…

FATIMAH: What?! So loong and you haven’t even told me?!

ME: What’s there to tell?!

I had to keep my lips sealed and avoid eye contact. Fatimah had the ability to stare me in the eye and get the truth out of me. She couldn’t know that I told Uzair the history between Nuha and Yumna…

FATIMAH: So there’s nothing more to tell me? (Raising her eyebrows) I heard he and that Yumna broke up? She was one helluva nasty girl

ME: Mhmm… (Sipping my drink)

FATIMAH: And, um. You haven’t mentioned lover boy Zaheer yet…  (winking at me) where’s all the juicy lovey dovey stories about prince charming?!

ME: (swallong hard) Fatz, there’s something… I kinda needa… I didn’t tell you but. (Twiddling my thumbs) Zaheer and I…Fatz we… We finished. We broke up.

Fatimah looked shocked! She didn’t expect me to say that… I was even quite shocked that I hadn’t burst into tears!

FATIMAH: No! Baaabe, what happen?

Things were going so well?!  I mean, was it a rough patch? An argument? Did he forget your 1months anniversary?

ME: No noo. Nothing small or petty…(Sighing) It was…it was something else

FATIMAH: what else could it be?! I mean, the last time I met Zaheer. He was buyinh you Pandora! What went wrong?

ME: (swallong hard) I…I dunno. (biting my lip) It was to do with (sighing) another girl….


I told her the story of joburg girl! The phone call, the confrontation between Zaheer and I. I told her every single detail my memory could recall. And ofcourse, in true Yasmeen Raheem style, I cried… Fatimah’s face turned serious. Her hand clenched then un clenched a few times before she exhaled and spoke

FATIMAH: Where is that ( an aray of many various colourful words that were beyond my PG vocab).

ME: (shaking my head)Leave it. He’s not worth it!

FATIMAH: He’s not??? He just bloody cheated on you?!?!?!  And you let him get away with it?!

ME: What was I suppose to DO FATI! I couldn’t change the past! I couldn’t undo what he did… I couldn’t stop liking him!(Swallowing) I have to go to school every freaking day with him for gods sake! I have to SEE his face!

FATIMAH: (in a whisper) you gunna see him. Tomorrow?

I nodded my head, reached for my juice and took a looooong sip. Fatimah got out of her chair walked over to me and gave me a kinda backwards hug. She squeezed me tight and rocked me to side to side

FATIMAH: I’m sorry I wasn’t here. Otherwise I would’ve kicked his… (another lot of very colourful words) to CHINA!

ME: You going to kick him to China? (smiling) You do that!

FATIMAH: (sitting back in her seat) I don’t get it….. Why didn’t you tell me?

ME: I wanted to tell you face to face… Plus you were so happy with Zayaan, I dunno. I didn’t want to rain on your parade…

FATIMAH: My parade! Yass… Boys come and go. But you and me. We’re forever! Always going to be besties! In-bloody-seperable! So try and get rid of me sista! (Winking) You will always faaaail!

ME: And that’s why I won’t ever get rid of you darling!

FATIMAH: …. So who else knows? Besides me?

ME: err, Uzair….

FATIMAH: WhAt?!?! You told UZAIR, your EX boy friend… But you never tell ME?!?!

ME: Fatzz it’s not like th-

FATIMAH: ugghh… Yasss. Why would you?! He can’t be your rebound!

ME: Woah! Rebound! Hell nooo! You don’t understand sweetie. You see he was telling me about his break up with Yumna. And I tried…oooh I tried SO hard to mask my breakup. But he’s like you. You’ll have that way of making me spill my guts…

FATIMAH: OR maybe you just have a VERY big mouth…

ME: That as well (laughing) but anyways I ended up telling him about Zaheer. And that’s how he knows

FATIMAH: And no one else knows?

ME: Well armaan also know-

FATIMAH: Oh! Oh! So even your brother gets to know before me?!?!?

ME: (laughing) Shill out woman! He heard mines and Uzair’s skype conversation. That’s why! Its not like I discuss my love life with my brother. Eww. That’s weird!

FATIMAH: But still! He knew second! I mean I’m the THIRD person to know!!

ME: Well this is what you get for having an annoying boyfriend… You get delayed news!

FATIMAH: Hmph… VERY delayed

ME: Fatz…


ME: Can we not let the ‘z factor’ ruin our day? Please. Seriously, I am emotionally EXHAUSTED from thinking about that boy!!!

FATIMAH: Sure thing! No more x’s and y’s and z’s! What are sisters for! Yallah finish your muffin! Forever 21 is calling my name!

We set off towards forever 21. Our arms were aching from the weight of the packets we had so far, but Fati ‘claimed’ it was her workout. It was by far the BEST shopping spree I had with fatz! We spent ages in Forever21, picking what we like, trying it on, going back again to see what the store had… It was hours before we finally settled on what we were going to buy…

ME: Hey lemme see that jacket of yours?

FATIMAH: Which one? This denim one?

ME: Eeeeeep! I also got it (showing her the denim jacket) We can match!

As lame as it sounds, we liked to match each other. Obviously not every day, just from time to time. But now that we were living in different places, it didn’t matter because we wouldn’t be seen wearing it together. Fatimah left Forever 21 with that denim jacket, a black dress, a bright electric blue blouse, these killer black heels and a pair of these snug floral jeans. I on the other hand bought a long skirt, a lace blouse, a pair of sandals, a bag, the denim jacket and a long printed dress.

As we walking out of Forever 21 we just so happened to bump into Lia and Zainab

ME: Hey guys!

ZAINAB: (giving me a hug) Yazz! Heey, what you doing here

ME: (introducing Fatimah) THIS, is Fatimah!

LIA: Oh My GAWD! Its sooo nice to FINALLY meet you! Yaz did NOT stop talking about you the entire week!!! (Higging Fatimah, Lia was the nicest person on Earth)

ZAINAB: (laughing) Yeah, everyday she was like ”Omg Fatz is coming. Omg fatz is coming”. And I’m like who’s fatz?

FATIMAH: (laughing) Well now you guys know, I’m ‘fatz! The one the only. It was nice meeting ‘Yaz’s school friends (emphasis on the ‘z’ in my new english name)

LIA: Enjoy your trip Fatz. Maybe we’ll see you around. See you at school tomorrow Yaz (giving me a quick hug)

Then the 2 girls disappeared into forever 21.

FATIMAH: Sooo…. Umm… Since when did you become ‘Yaz’?!

I looked at her and just stuck my tongue out at her!

ME: I was always Yaz! Why? Is the name too cool for you?

FATIMAH: Pff as iff…

But I couldn’t really hear what she was saying. Instead my mind was occupied with what Lia said…  School. Tomorrow. Joy. Only my thoughts were interrupted when I heard a guy screaming my name. Well it wasn’t exactly my name, it was what I was accustomed to people calling me by, ‘Yaz’. The voice was familiar. Fatimah and I turned around to see a guy walking towards us. Walking towards me. Fatz looked quizzically at me. I didn’t look at her though. My eyes were fixated on the guy walking towards me. A smile spread across my face…

Friends are Forever xoxo

Friends are Forever xoxo




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Part 70 – Islamic Yoga…

Jumuah Mabrook! Hope you all have a very blessed and fabulous Friday… Much Love DOAD ♥ xoxo

Breathe, Release, You...

Breathe, Release, You…

Friday Abaya

Friday Abaya

I sat on my cute mini black yoga mat. My legs folded, my back upstraight, my eyes closed and I breathed. I had taken to yoga, Islamic yoga to be specific to release the tension within me. It was the weekend, and instead of obsessing over everyone’s Facebook status’s and instagram pictures, I decided to treat my self to some much needed ‘me’ time. I focused on my breathing reading zikr as I breathed in and out. People could laugh at me and the thought of what I was doing. But it was soothing, calming for my mind and heart. I thought about Zaheer constantly, but in times like this, I pushed those thoughts away and focused on the good in my life. My loving parents, my wonderful brother, my bestest friend, the greatest ex boyfriend anyone could have, among the other loved ones I had in my life. I was a lucky girl!

So I quickly wrapped up my little Friday morning yoga session. I  had to help my mother make salad for lunch. We were going over to Maliha’s  house for lunch. If it was anywhere else, I wouldn’t want to leave the house. But knowing that I  was going to see Maliha made it better. I could finally explain to her the messed up situation I was in and the reason behind why I was bubbling like a baby on Thursday. I made the salad read my Friday surah’s, read my salaah and showered. Not in the mood to dress up, I settled on wearing this new abaya my mother bought. It had a rope design that was simple yet stylish and classy. Wearing my Tory Burch pumps and grabbing a purse from my walk in closet, I cleaned up my room.

I looked around the room. The night before I attempted to erase all traces of Zaheer. But it was hard. Because every time I looked at that window, I thought of the phone call. I thought of Joburg girl. And every time I looked at my shoes, I thought of the Loubie’s. So in the end I decided to stop looking at the window and I ended up putting my loubie’s away to stop memories from re surfacing.

There was one gift, however, I was particularly fond of. And it didn’t matter that Zaheer gave it to me. It was the Pandora rings. I adored them! I wore them every single day! So why should I stop wearing then for some guy? I decided that I would continue to wear them, not to flash it around, not to tick Zaheer off. But I wore it because I wanted to. I wore it for me. They were my final touch for my Friday outfit. After a few selfies, I went downstairs. Armaan knew from the night before that Zaheer and I were finito. He heard the skype conversation between Uzair and I and came into my room to talk about it…

ARMAAN: Bunny?

ME: Bunny booo! When was the last time you called me that?

ARMAAN: When was the last time you were home on a Thursday night?

He walked over to my bed and sat down

ARMAAN: I heard. What happened. I heard you talking to Uzair an-….

ME: (swallowing hard) It’s fine. I’m fine

ARMAAN: I didn’t come here to pity you. You my sister. You a Raheem. You not going to surrender to this piece of crap Zaheer

ME: Waait, I thought you liked Zaheer?

ARMAAN: Well now I’m team Uzair

ME: Team Uzair?! (laughing) This isn’t twilight man!

ARMAAN: So that’s where my sisters smile disappeared too!

ME: (smiling big and cheesy) It didn’t disappear! It was hiding

ARMAAN: Well tell it to stop hiding and come out. Don’t let him take away your smile…

ME: Err no. There’s nothing to smile about sooo…

ARMAAN: Moody Margaret (walking over jabbing his fingers into my sides)

ME: (laughing and jumping) No man that tickles

ARMAAN: Exactly!!!

And then Armz and I were having a tickle war! Full on tickle war! He knew I wasn’t ticklish under my arms or by my neck but my sides of my tummy, I was SUPER ticklish there! Lucky for me I knew he was  ticklish my his neck. I pinned him to the bed and tickled him way. I was literally sitting on top of him with all my weight weighing down on him when my mother walked in…

MUM: Ya Allah! I left for one hour! And you’ll already killing yourselves?!

ME: Think you misunderstood mummy! I’m showing this big mouth who’s boss!

ARMAAN: And that ‘boss’ would be me!

I jumped up and down on him, my weight causing him to make a big loud Ufff!

ARMAAN : MUMMMY!!!! Tell her to GET OFF!!!

MUM: Yasmeen, you suppose to be the elder one?!

ME: I am the elder one, and the smarter one and the more mature one. And of course the prettier one (getting off Armz)

ARMAAN: Ya ya! That’s what you THINK!

He ran out the room before I could get my hands on him and slap him! I was glad he helped me take my mind off things last night. And I was now counting on Maliha to do the same…

Lunch was really nice at the Ebrahim’s house. Maliha’s mother Radiya was so friendly and chatty, and I instantly loved her company! After taking our plates to the kitchen, we excused ourselves and went to Laila’s room. Once behind closed doors I told her the entire story. From the first day I met Zaheer, our childhood that I couldn’t remember, the stories of when he came to Durban. And I ended the conversation on how we broke up, including joburg girl.

MALIHA: You know I’m in his form class? I have to deal with him all the time!

ME: Really?  You so quiet I never realized you’ll were in form together…

MALIHA: Yea well I talk if I have to but like now, see. I’m talking to you!

ME: (laughing) Yeah but sometimes I feel SO bad cause I’m blabbing away bout my life stories and you just sit there. Silent

MALIHA: (laughing) Don’t be silly! Don’t feel bad… I enjoy your stories and all your drama. I don’t have much going on for me so its very entertaining

ME: (smiling) Well then I’m glad I could entertain you! Hey, you got a laptop here?

MALIHA: Yea mines is on the table over there.

I walked over to the table, a cute light pink laptop was there

ME: Pink?

MALIHA: (rolling her eyes) Don’t ask… I’ve had that laptop for years. And you know…when you a kid you want pink…

ME: (laughing) Cause like duh! Everyone wants a cute light pinkilicous laptop

Maliha threw a pillow at me but missed.

ME: Mind if I use it? I just remembered my friend is coming to Dubai tomorrow soo I just wanna skype her quickly

MALIHA: Sure. I’m just going to the bathroom

I logged onto her laptop, signed into my skype account and prayed Fatimah was still online. She waaass!!! They were 2 hours behind, so it was like 2 o clock there. They must have been getting ready to leave for the airport. Time for me to intrude. She picked up on the 3rd ring

ME: Fatiiii Pataaatiiiii!!!!

FATIMAH: Yasooo my Yasoooo!!!

ME: All packed and ready??

FATIMAH: Err, nearly! (Pointing the camera at her suitcase) If I could just get this god damn bag to close!!

ME: Sit on it! I’m sure with your weight the whole thing will collapse (laughing)

FATIMAH: Oh ha ha ha! For your infoooo I lost 4kg’s!

ME: Mashallah! And why you lost 4kg’s?? Zayaan is starving you or something?

FATIMAH: Sis man (laughing) You so bad! No,  I just been cutting down on snacks and baking and sweets.

ME: Well get ready to gain those 4kg’s!!! Cause you coming to Dubai! And there’s no room for dieting here so you might as well scrap it !!!

FATIMAH: Ya yaa we’ll see. Hey, where are you? What happen? You did up your room?

ME: No, I told you about Laila. Laila Ebrahim?

FATIMAH: Er, the girl from school?

ME: Yaa. We came here for Friday lunch so I asked her if I could use her laptop. SEE!! This is dedication to our relationship! Because I love you more than Zayaan does!

FATIMAH : Allah! Don’t start this again! (Laughing) You’ll love me equals! End of story.

ME: Noo! Its more like 51% 49% split. Of course, HE gets the 49%!

FATIMAH: Awww, you missing me soo soo soo much. Shame, I’ll tell Zaheer to give you more attention.

And that’s when my happy bubble burst. But I didn’t let Fatimah see that. She still didn’t know we broke up. Unlike Uzair, I didn’t change my status on all my social networks. A public relationship means a public breakup so thank god I didn’t have to go through that… But I didn’t tell Fatz or Nuha yet because I wanted to tell them face to face. Uzair knew but he had to keep it a secret. I would tell her when I saw her but right now I needed to make sure she didn’t find out from anyone else…

ME: (smiling) Eh, don’t worry about Zaheer. Rather focus on how you going to be sooo alone without your Zayaaan!

FATIMAH: (laughing) Yees. Yess. Fayaan will be seperated for ONE WHOLE WEEK! How sad?!?

ME: Sad. Very sad. Tragic. As tragic as Romeo and Juliet’s love story. Aren’t they leaving today as well?

FATIMAH: Yeah for London. Soooo, Nuha tells me you and Uzair are talking again (looking at me very quizzically)

ME: What is the deal with Uzzi and me talking? We were friends once… We friends again. Okay Mummy Fatimah?

FATIMAH: Okay Mummy Yasmeen

YUSUF: (walking into the room) Heyoooo Yasooo! Got my bed ready there?

ME: As if you staying with us!! I don’t to listen to your whining and squealing over how much you missing Haajirah! I won’t get any sleep the whole night!

FATIMAH: They had the cutest goodbyes yesterday Yas! SO cute! He gave her-

YUSUF: (covering Fatimah’s mouth with his hand) Eh CNN, keep quiet! Leave my Haajoo baby out of this!

ME: (laughing) YOUR HAAJOO BABY?!?!?!

FATIMAH: I knooooow right!!! How cuuuute!!!

ME: Sooo cute! Yusuf is smitten over Haaj!

YUSUF: Smitten?!?! What are we, 5?

ME: You, maybe. But no, we’re 18!!!

YUSUF: (giving me big eyes) Ooh so like that now. Just watch ms.Raheem. When I come on that side of the screen you going to catch it.

ME: Oo I’m so scared! Eh, before I forget, (motioning for Maliha to come over) This is Maliha Ebrahim!

YUSUF AND FATIMAH: Heeey Malihaaaa!!!

MALIHA: Heeey! Yas, they having desert now I’ll see you downstairs. Nice meeting you guys!
ME: And you 2 scare me. And I think you’ll need to finish packing So I shall leave you to it…

YUSUF: See you soon Yassooo Baby!

FATIMAH: Love you my Jaaan!

ME: Travel safe my darlings! See you on the other side salaams

And with that the line went dead.
I couldn’t believe it…
I was finally going to be seeing my best friend………

Distance can't stop us ♥

Distance can’t stop us ♥

Shout out to ”My cuzy wazy RAEESA! I can’t wait to see you! Oh and this new friend I made, well I don’t know her name but u can call her MISS AWESOME! Miss awesome is a BOSS 😀 From Ammarrah”

Shout out to ”Basheera Moosa, Saajidah Jazbhay, Umme Farwa and just to those girls that enjoy the blog from Aanisah”

Part 69 – Unspoken Feelings

Soooo this post just HAD to be dedicated to the ‘Parda Aunty’!!! The crazy funkilicous, very hip, cool and young parda aunty 😉 Sweetie, you know who are! My Barney Boo! One day we will get together and sing the many Barney songs to the world 😉 Cracking all the windows  😛 Mwaahs Love you lots like jelly tots

Patience Yasmeen...

Patience Yasmeen…

YASMEEN: I. (Sniff). I. I’m sorry. I (sniff) I couldn’t hold it (sniff)god these tears are (sniff) making me all wet!

ME: (chuckling) Yasmeen, you upset and you worrying about weather you getting wet or not

YASMEEN: (lightly laughing) it’s just (sniff) it’s just (and crying all over again)

If I had ever wanted the miles between us to disappear and want her in my arms, I had never wanted that more then I wanted it right then! She was crying, and I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t pull her into that rough kinda hug and tell her everything was going to be okay. I couldn’t rock her in my arms and kiss her head. I couldn’t do anything except talk to her. To a screen!

ME: Yasmeen. Don’t cry. Please. I can’t be there for you and…it just pisses me off..cause like you so far away and i can’t do anything about it!

It was her turn to laugh

YASMEEN: ooh so you care about the distance between us?

ME: when have I stopped caring about the distance between us. Come on noe, pretend I’m there,  tell me please. What happened?

YASMEEN: (hiccup) oh god. Not the hiccups again. One second lemme clean up my face

ME: it’s fine… I’ve seen you cry plenty times ( smiling half a smile)

YASMMEEN: (breathing out) okay, I’m composed. I’m calm. I’ve stopped crying. (Swallong hard) soo…umm.. Zaheer went to a wedding in (pausing) in joburg. And long story sho-

ME: no. I want the long story. No shortcuts

YASMEEN: (huffing) umm.. (Sniff) so yeah he was gone for a week…and like… (Swallong) we never spoke. Well he never replied to ANY of my messages (sniff) and I let it go cause…you know… When you with family it gets hectic

Long silence

ME: Yas?

YASMEEN: ya yaa (hiccup). I’m just trying to get rid of my hiccups. Holding my breath for 80seconds. Din’t work. (Sighing) so anyway…. (Biting her lip) he comes back
And it was awful Uzair (tearing up)

ME: Shh, don’t cry. No guy is worth tears. Didn’t you tell Nuha that

YASMEEN: (nodding her head)

ME: So then? No tears. You Yasmeen Raheem! Strongest girl I know

YASMEEN: (laughing) strong…  Yeah I’m so strong look at the state of me!

ME: so then what happen after that?

YASMEEN: he got back to dubai and… (Huffing) and tells me he kissed this other girl. Or got with this other girl…Or whatever it was, he basically….he…he

ME: Cheated

YASMEEN: (swallowing, and after a moment of silence) Yes

I didn’t know how to react. This was the girl i cared about madly. She left me for Zaheer, the same guy who as she just said wasn’t faithful to her, wasn’t loyal to her, hurt her, broke her trust. I could somehow feel her pain, not because it had happened to me because it had never happened to me. No, I felt her pain because that was truely how much I cared about her. At first I didn’t know how to react. I could picture his face the night of Yasmeen’s party, when he gave me the daggers, it was a warning signal for me to stay away. I obliged, thinking that Yasmeen’s happiness lied in his hands. But now, looking at her, he hadn’t made her happy? He had broken her! She was hurting, broken, in tears. And I couldn’t do anything about it except sit there and mentally beat the crap out of Zaheer in my head.

ME: Yasss

YASMEEN: No, don’t say anything. Nothing can make this better. Don’t tell me I’ll be alright (sniff) Okay, cause you don’t know that (sniff) You don’t know that…so…..just

ME: Yasmeen, everything will be okay

YASMEEN: God damn it Uzair! I just told you not to say that (biting her lip) How do you know…huh? How do you know my life is going to be fine?

ME: Because…… (running my fingers through my hair) Because you have people that still love you, and…and care for you. Less than a week ago YOU told me all of this, that I had people that were there for me, so now I’m telling you what you told me. You have us! Fatimah, Nuha, Zayaan, those friends of yours…that chatty one Haaj. And then you have me.

YASMEEN: 9smiling to her self)

ME: What? Why you smiling like that?

YASMEEN: Smiling like what (still smiling)

ME: Like that. Yasmeeeeen!

YASMEEN: Uzaaaaair! (laughing lightly)

ME: YOU LAUGHED! Wooow so the moody girl can laugh

YASMEEN: Shut up! Yes I LAUGHED?!?! So what? That doesn’t make anything better

ME: Truee, but it’s a start

YASMEEN: Well, just help me get my mind of things..Talk to me

ME: Talk to you?

YASMEEN: Talk to me! Tell me stories…i dunno random things

ME: Err, okay then. Well we leaving for London in 2 days if you must know so all the Bobats are having one big lunch tomorrow at Nuha’s house

YASMEEN: Nice nice! How IS nuha and her infamous Omar

ME: Eh! That guy is something else (laughing) He and Nuha,  you should see them together, it’s just hillarious how she hangs on his EVERY word. And then wherever she’ll go he’ll follow her like a little lost puppy!

YASMEEN: Shame man! You soo bad. They sound soo in love..And how’s Zayaan with all of this?

ME: Thanks to Fatimah, he’s chilled. The infamous ‘Fayaan’ are like the star couple of westville


ME: Fatimah never told you (laughing) It’s true….they known as the ‘star couple’

YASMEEN: (laughing) I know why she didn’t tell me….It’s cause she knew I would tease her one waaay

Letting the laughter subside….

ME: See

YASMEEN: See what?

ME: Time. Time heals. You need to be patient. Good things come to those who are patient. Time will heal your broken heart

YASMEEN: (smiling that sweet smile) I know, i know…It’s just that i got one week of school left, till the holidays, till i’m with all of yoooou peoples! But until then, I have to see his face, everyday!

ME: So then avoid him

YASMEEN: Avoid him?

ME: Yeea, i’m sure theres other places inn school where Zaheer won’t be

YASMEEN: I guess you right, I’ll try it’s just…HARD! He became my everything Uzair, and now…now I’m like nothing to him

ME: Hey! Don’t ever say you ‘nothing’. You are something, something amazing, and special and important to other people. Whats his loss is just my gain

This kind of made Yasmeen blush. I could see the heat rushing through her face, her cheeks instantly red!

YASMEEN: Well if you can handle all of this crying. And hiccupping. And…

ME: I’ve handled it once, I think I can handle it again

The conversation had taken an unexpected turn into talking about our past, our relationship, what we use to be. If it was going to carry on sooner or later my unspoken feelings were going to come out. And that was the LAST thing i needed to deal with. I did nlt want to freak Yasmeen out let alone put my self through the pain of having to face rejection. I made a quick decision to end the chat while it didn’t get awkward or messy

ME: Yas, you look tired. Go get some rest doll

YASMEEN: awww, You doll’ed me! You haven’t doll’ed me in ages!

ME: (laughing) Yes, well i was scared Zaheer was going to come for me

YASMEEN: (laughing) Shaame, well it’s lovely to hear you say that again…..’doll’ (wink)

It was my turn for my face to go reddish. God I really did miss her….

YASMEEN: Anyway, I guess you right. I’ll go sleep it out. Fingers crossed everything looks better tomorrow

ME: And no more crying! No guy is…

YASMEEN: Worth my tears! I got it Uzzzzi

ME: (smiling) Godd, just making sure! Sweet dreams doll. Salaams

YASMEEN: Sleep well. Wasalaam

And her face disappeared from my screen. I was a big boy. I didn’t cry when I had unspoken feelings. I didn’t listen to sad soppy songs and wilt away.

No. I dealt with it like a man! I vented my frustration of having these unspokenfeelings into something. Something competitive…Something that would make me get into the zone and forget about Yasmeen….And I had just the remedy. It was right in front if me. In a matter of minutes I was indulged into my game of



It was a competitive game, it took my mind off things, and all round, it was some good ole fashion fun!I could have sat there the whole day playing candy crush. It seemed to work at the start, but as the game went on, there was still that nagging sensation that nothing was going to solve my problems. Argh! If ONLY Yasmeen Raheem would get out of my head?!?!?

Unspoken Feelings....

Unspoken Feelings….



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Part 68 – Uzair’s EX

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We were done. Officially. My Facebook status was now proudly publicizing that I was single. My twitter bio was rid of her name and my BBM status no longer had her initials YK. Yes yes guys…. I was finished with Yumna Karodia for good. In fact, I think I was done with this whole dating thing. I was on holiday. I was studying. Who said I had to tie my self down to a girl? Not that I was going to be one of those pathetic players. But I could be friends with who ever I want to, do what I ever I wanted to. It just felt good! I felt free…

I remembered that Yasmeen told Nuu to tell me I should tell her ‘the story’. So when she got home from school I BB’d her to tell her to come online. 10minutes later, Yasmeen’s face popped up on my iPad screeen

YASMEEN: Holaa!!!

That girl! Someday’s it was salaam, somedays bonjour, sowbona…the languages never stopped! Even though she sounded excited her face looked quite tired. Probably too many late night calls with Zaheer…

ME: Yeboo

YASMEEN: So come one? Spill all!

ME: So you not even going to ask me how I’m doing? Hows my health? What if I’m heartbroken?

YASMEEN: You just got rid of Yumna Karodia!!! I’m pretty sure you’re not heartbroken…

She managed to smile, but it looked very forced. What was up with her? I knew Yasmeen. She had 3 different smiles, her cheesy big smile (which was…err…kinda scary and unattractive yet totally funny) Her fake smile (her lips would be tightly closed) And then, her genuine true smile (my favorite, ). She could smile that smile and it would just make you wonder, why is she so happy? But somehow it made you smile back at her.

ME: You okay? You look…tired?

YASMEEN: Hectic day (swallowing hard). Come on Uzzi! I wanna know how you broke that idiot’s heart?!?!

ME: Calm your self…

Again, no smile. No nothing. Her brown eyes just stared back at me through the screen. I sighed. She didn’t look like she was in the mood to talk about whatever was going on with her so I dived into my story

ME: So I went over to her house last week and she wasn’t there. Her mother told me she went to Musgrave with her friends. Now I wanted to get it over and done with, soooo I went there and found her and all her friends by Gloria Jeans.

YASMEEN: Wait, had you changed your Facebook status by then???

ME: Yaa this was all straight after I spoke to you. So I walked up to them and Yumna just looks down into her empty cup of coffee. I’m guessing Facebook alerted her that she was single…Non of her other friends looked shocked when they saw me come. They thought we were still dating. So anyway, I told them ‘Girls can I borrow Yumna for a minute’

YASMEEN: Aww, good you didn’t do it in front of all of them. Even though Yumna deserves it, at least you didn’t stoop so low. Carry ooon….

ME: So we walked and I told her straight ‘Yumna, we done. You knew we would never last from the minute you saw me and you got nobody to blame but your self. You never bothered coming clean and one rule I live by is family first! So say what you want or just stay silent, what you did was so wrong and it was to your best friend. And to not have the audacity to aapologize after that is the worst part. I won’t sit here and lecture you, cause you’re not worth my breath or time. We done Yumna’

And I walked away

Like a BOOOOSS!!!

YASMEEN: (finally giving me a proper smile) Like a Bobat Boss! Shoh, and then you just walked away?!

ME: Yipp! And when I walked past her friends I was like ‘Byee Girls’. Eh, I really hope I don’t see any single of them again!  That would just be so awkward

YASMEEN: (smiling that fake smile) yea

She tucked her fringe behind her ear and started to play with the ends of her hair, lost in her own thoughts… She always did play with her hair when she was thinking, just like how I would run my fingers through my hair when I would think. Yasmeen had the softest hair, she had never dyed her hair or did all those funny things to her hair. It was naturally brown with the lightest hints of natural highlights. I always told her she should never change it. She cut it into a bob the once. For 2 weeks straight I laughed at her, and she cried over the loss of beloved long hair.

Why was I even thinking back to when we were dating?

ME: Didn’t you start wearing scarf full time?

YASMEEN: I did, but you know… In front of you…feels weird to wear. I know its wrong but…

ME: I’m not judging you…just asking. Yasmeen?


I looked at her. Her brown eyes looked at me. They seemed as if they were drowning in sadness. As if they were looking at me pleading for help. The inner me, the old Uzair was just jumping to be Prince Charming and swoop in and save the day. But I was no longer her prince. Zaheer was. But I was still her friend…

ME: What’s wrong?

YASMEEN: Nooothing

ME: No yasmeen. Somethings wrong. What is it? And I have my ways of finding out so…’Yallah’ spill!

YASMEEN: (sighing) It’s…’ nothing…..really. Just a really rough day at school!

ME: So school is bothering you??

YASMEEN: (huffing) YES! Uzair, yes! You happy, school IS bothering me!

ME: Yasmeen, stop being difficult! Just tell me whats wrong? If it’s not school then what? Is it Zaheer?

I think that was her breaking point,

Because withing seconds she was crying.

And then I felt like the BIGGEST idiot EVER!

Oh Allah! What did I just doo?!?!?

Feeling Lost...

Yasmeen Feeling Lost…

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Part 67 – Joburg Girl

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You, Me

You, Me

I woke up. With a smile on my face. That was how I normally woke up every morning. Looking forward to school! It was crazy, I wasn’t really a morning person in Durban, but in Dubai there was just a different vibe to the mornings. But my smile didn’t last long, because then I remembered all of Nuha’s words from yesterday. But I had decided I was going to try and keep the self pity to a minimum! I was going to shove that uneasiness to the side, get my buttocks outta bed and get to school! So that once and for all, this whole mess could be sorted out! Or it could just get messier. I arrived at school reasonably early to find that there was no Zaheer waiting there for me at the gate. Oh game on Mr. Mohamed! Two could play at his twisted game! And I was so ready to put up a fight.

The day went by, lesson after lesson. We passed each other in the hallways a few time. He smiled his lopsided smile. I just looked at him as if to say ‘really, you’re smiling?’. Then. Lunch came. Ashley Zainab and Lia were busy helping the dance teacher out with some performance. So when I went outside by the paki crew, it was just Zaheer, the guys and me.

ZAHEER: (seeing me) hey, can we go sit over there?

ME: Err. Okay. Yeah sure whatever

I willed my mouth to shut up and stop making a fool of my self!

We walked towards this bench. I sat on it while he pulled up a chair so that he was facing me.

ME: sooo…

ZAHEER: (sighing). Yas…

ME: don’t. I mean. From that expression I don’t even want to know…

ZAHEER: well I’m going to tell you anyway.

ME: so who is she?

ZAHEER: this chick I met in joburg… Not my cousin or anything

ME: ok. And what’s so important about this joburg girl?

ZAHEER: (looking un-fazed as ever) we were up late every night. You know, the one night the one night it just happened

ME: could you just be the slightest bit more specific please?

ZAHEER: I… Yas… It was late everyone was just being mad and…and doing stupid things…

And one thing led to another. And we just kind of ended up

I became numb. Paralysed with fear. I didn’t want to hear what he had to say

ZAHEER: We kinda got…

Got: British teenage definition of 2 individuals kissing, when they are not tied down to each other.  In this scenario, Zaheer ‘got’ with joburg girl

I took a proper look at Zaheer and tried to figure out what he was feeling. He hadn’t sound ashamed, when he said what he said. He didn’t even look ashamed. He looked proud. Zaheer had this blank expression that showed no guilt. No remorse. Just a blank face looking at me waiting for me to react. Nuha’s words sprang to mind. Breath. So I tried to breathe as normally as I could. Did I want to speak!? Was there any thing for me to say? I knew if I spoke the croaky frog within me would come out and just prove how weak I was. So with shaking trembling legs, I stood up, cleared my throat took one long look at Zaheer than walked away, as fast as I could to find Laila! I needed to talk to someone. Anyone about this! My phone was in the sixth form area, too far for me to phone Fatz or Nuha. I needed to tell someone that I was right. My speculation was right! Zaheer Mohamed had cheated on me! With a girl I didn’t even know! With a girl who’s face I had never seen sickened me! I ran around like a headless chicken trying to find Laila . Laila, quiet conservative but over the top funny and so much fun to be around. She was half Zimbabwean and half South African. The thing about Laila is she was the best listener ever, because she barely spoke. But I accepted that, and I would talk double the amount to make up for whatever she never say… I finally found her in the library on her laptop.

LAILA: Yasmeen? You okay?

ME: (nodding my head silently)

LAILA: Wanna sit down? You looking really pale?

And then the flood gates burst wide open! Luckily when I cry I don’t make a sound…at first. I don’t wail and cry out loud, it’s more like quiet, very silent but wet crying! Luckily, the salaah room was next to the library and close by to where Laila was sitting so she quickly kind of made ms huffle walk over to the salaah room, and took me into the girls section. Then I just cried. The whole of lunch we sat there, she didn’t really say anything, she didn’t ask any questions, she just waited till the hiccups subsided. And even after that she waited with me. It was well after lunch when we finally left the salaah room. I was walking towards my form class when Laila links her hand through mine

LAILA: Maybe a trip to the bathroom is needed before you go into class….looking like that…

ME: (laughing lightly) Do I really look that tragic?

LAILA: Not tragic. Let’s just wait till your eyes stop looking so red, and your face can dry up a bit, okay?

I nodded my head and let her lead me to the bathroom. This was a side to Laila I hadn’t seen before. She was talking…like making converse without me having to ask her questions. I didn’t say much but she told me all about how she’d been living in Dubai nearly all her life. We got to the bathroom, I washed my face and looked at the time. We both had free study periods so we were in no rush really to get to class. She continued to talk, telling me how she was the eldest daughter, with a smaller brother and sister

ME: So you’re the responsible child?

LAILA: Yea but I’m a total klutz!

ME: Hey, thanks! For all of this, for everything. I know I took up all of your time

LAILA: It’s fine. Listen I’ve got physics next so maybe we should head upstairs, grab our books and stuff…

ME: (looking at my watch) Yes! God, I’ve got english. I never did tell you why I was crying?

LAILA: You didn’t look like you wanted to talk about it. It’s fine you can tell me some other time.

And with that I gave her the biggest hug ever! She was a bit shocked, but reluctantly she hugged me back. I guess she normally never show affection to anyone. I walked to my class, grabbed my stuff and made my way to my english literature class. Oh god! NO! Zaheer was in that class with me, and what was worse is that we sat next to each other! Could this get any worse!?!?!?

As if fate were testing my patience,  I walked into the class to see Zaheer’s normal seat empty, the seat next to mine. Instead he had moved onto the table with Ashley, Lia and this other boy Mustafa. I knew people would wonder why the ‘star couple’ were not sitting together, but I pushed that all away and sat in my normal seat. I sat through a whole hour of english literature listening to the laughs and chatter of Zaheer, Ashley, Lia and Mustafa.

Well this was going to be a torturous few weeks of school….



In the darkness...

Too dependant

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Part 66 – Mummy Nuha

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Don't know what to doo...

Don’t know what to doo…

I didn’t know if I wanted Zaheer to keep speaking. I didn’t know if I wanted to hear what he said. I didn’t even know if I was going to believe what he was going to say… I swallowed hard, trying to get the lump in my throat to go, but it was stuck so I just stayed silent…

ZAHEER: Yass…You there?

ME: (making some weird sound) Ergh Ya?

ZAHEER: Did you hear what I said?

ME: Err I gotta go

ZAHEER: Okay, where? (something in his tone said he knew I was avoiding this conversation)

ME: Back to sleep. Bye!

ZAHEER: See you at school

And with that the line went dead. School! I had completely forgotten! I would be seeing him EVERYDAY! I would HAVE to listen to what he had to say at school…Argh, I was now officially dreading school.. Okay okay. Breeeathe Yasmeen! The school was big enough for the both of us. I could just hide and not confront him and not talk to him. And just avoid him and hope he’d drop it. I needed a second person’s advice on what to doo. Nuha? Fatimah? Fatz wasn’t exactly a love guru but Nuha had her fair share of heart breaks. I skyped her in hope she wasn’t busy.
ME: Nuu Nuu Nuu! I know you probably busy but please HELP!

NUHA: Why don’t you ever make salaam? Or say a proper hello?

ME: Maaf,  assalamualaykum Nuha Bobat!

NUHA: Waalaykumsalaam Yasmeen Raheem. Now what’s the problem?

ME: It’s Zaheer. You know how he went to Joburg for that wedding…..

NUHA: Yess, that over the top fancy wedding?

ME: Yaa, that one. So he phoned me this morning and…and I hadn’t heard from him this whole week. He never reply to any of my messages! And then he drops a bombshell on me

NUHA: Wait? Seriously, Yas, you using the word ‘bombshell’?

ME: Nuu! That is SO not important right now…Just shut up and listen! Please.

NUHA: (laughing) Okaay okaay I’m all ears!

ME: So he’s like I need to tell you something. And I asked what. And he said it’s to do with another girl…….

NUHA: That’s it?

ME: Be a bit more supportive! I mean there’s only ONE possible explanation for that… And its an explanation I don’t want to hear ( biting my lip to stop my self from crying out of self pity)

NUHA: So how you so sure the explanation is a bad one?

ME: Because he also had changed his display picture to him with his brother, the groom, and this girl.

NUHA: Soo, didn’t he explain to you then on the phone? What he wanted to tell you?

ME: Noo. I avoided it and said I’m going back to sleep. But I have to see him at school tomorrow anyway sooo… I dunno what to doooo?!?!

NUHA: It’s a confrontation! Look, the question as to what he wanted to tell you is going to go through your mind. Believe me I WOULD KNOW! So since you called ME for advice are you going to listen…..

God, she was such a tough nut, but she had a point. She was more experienced with having to deal with confrontations than I was

ME: Yes yes, Mummy Nuha! I am ALL ears!

NUHA: Right. So this is what you do. You go into school tomorrow, try and be normal. Don’t avoid him if you see him but then don’t run up to him in eagerness either. Be calm, be cool, be chilled! It’s free advice, you can either take it or leave it

ME: Got it! I’ll be as cooooooool as a cucumber!!!

NUHA: …Err……Okay….and ….don’t say that

ME: (laughing) Alright, yallah.  What next?

NUHA: Then, when you guys are sitting in your little paki group, or whatever you call it, either before he sits or right before you’ll all get up to leave tell him you wanna talk to him!

ME: But what if he asks me? What if he comes up to me first and tells me he wants to talk to me before I get the chance to ask him?

NUHA: Well, he’d actually be making it easier for you because then you’l know for sure that there IS something that needs to be discussed.

ME: And….Umm….what do I do if I……if I don’t like what he has to say?

NUHA: (sighing) Well then you  put on a big girl face, pretend that nothing in the world fazes you, smile and walk away. You breathe, god, do not hyperventilate and faint like how I do! Just breathe, clear your mind, think and then react

ME: Got it, breathe, clear my mind and then react…

NUHA: AND THEN you come tell mummy Nuha so that I can tell the Bobat clan to go kick Zaheer’s bum back to Mars!

ME: (laughing) Love you and your little Bobat clan! Thaaanks! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. When you guys coming to Dubai again?

NUHA: 10 Days and counting!! Oooh as much as I want to come I’m going to miss my Omar so much!

ME: Eh, why don’t you two just get married and call it a day?! You’ll sound soooo cute together and so in love and blah blah blah! Just put a ring on it sister!!

NUHA: I would……I mean we started talking about itt……

ME: WAIT…WHAT?!?! (shocked) For reaaal?!? OMG Nuhaaa thats great! So what he said?

NUHA: Well he was the one that brought it up. I mean, I was shocked at first. He said he first wants to get a job, be stable and then he’ll think of marriage, but he said….well he just said some REALLY cute things that I shall not repeat to you…

ME: Awwww why not?!?! (batting my eye lashes) Come on! You can tell me…

NUHA: Goodbyyyeeee Yasmeeeen (cheesy big smile)

ME: Fine!! Byeeee Mummy Nuhaaaa (sticking my tongue out at her)

NUHA: Send my love sand salaams to your mother!

ME: You too! And tell Uzzi boy I said hello and that I’m still waiting for him to tell me his story!

NUHA: Wait? You two are fine now? You’ll talking?

ME:  Err, yeeea. We had this little skype session last week and the air was cleared between us.

NUHA: So what story he has to tell you?

ME: He said he was going to break up with Yumna, because….umm….cause….cause she was becoming such a handful. So yeah, I want to know how it went for him.

NUHA: And you SURE theres nothing between you and Uzair?!?!? (looking at me curiously)

ME: Positivititio Mummy! Now can I gooo? Some of us need to help make supper!

NUHA: (laughing) Me and the kitchen is a recipe for disaster baaabes! We all know that! Chat tomorrow Love yoou

ME: Love You tooo Bunny boo! Salaams

But even after all the advice Nuha had given me, all the pointers and tips and what to do and what not to do’s there was still that one question that was bugging me. What on earth was I going to do tomorrow?!?!

Advice, take it or leave it?

Advice, take it or leave it?

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Part 65 – Bowling and Boy Blues

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Johnny Rockets Milkshake ♥

Johnny Rockets Milkshake ♥

Zaheer was back! Omiwoord! Yes! His father cut their trip by 3 days because of business! To say I was happy was the understatement of the year. After the week of being with Tariq, Ashley, Zainab, Lia, Raihaan etc. I was glad to finally be with my Zah.

Although I had been really occupied a few days before with Camila. There was quite a bit of drama between her and her now ex boyfriend. Shame, she was dating this boy from South Africa , doing long distance (dunno how she did it). So anyway, Camila’s father is super strict, very loving but disciplined and she was totally scared her father was going to find out. So to avoid getting in major trouble, she broke things off with this guy. And you would never believe what a small world it is. Her ex boy friend just so happened to be Uzair’s cousin Ismaeel! I mean what a small world. I told Cams to come over so that I could attempt to mend her broken heart with some much needed TLC.  She spoke about everything! From start to finish, no detail left un told. Right there and then I had found someone that could talk MORE than me… Never thought I’d come across someone like that…

ME: You okaay sweets? (Giving her a hug)

CAMILA: (sniff) Yeaa (crying into my shoulder)

ME: It’s going to be okay. Seriously! Its really going to be okay… You don’t have to cut him out of your life. You guys can still talk, as friends

CAMILA: I know (sniff) I know. Its just, you know, I really do like him! And he’s fighting for me Yas, which makes it harder!

ME: Babes, feelings don’t go away over night… At least you know he loved you if he’s fighting for you. At the end of the day, if you know you’re doing the right thing then…

CAMILA: I am doing the right thing. I love him, but I promised my father I won’t do anything like this. Not after last time…

Last time was referring to the last time she got in trouble with some other guy. Her father took everything away from her, phone, laptop, trust, freedom. So I saw the sense in her decision to stop dating Ismaeel.

ME: It’ll be alright! Come, let’s go eat our sorrows awaaay!!! (giving her another big hug)

We ended up going to MOE to go bowling! The last time I went bowling was like…. Last year

ME: Just pretend Ismaeel’s face is on the pins!

CAMILA: (laughing) Then for sure I’ll win!!!

ME: Seriously man! You can take all your emotions and just THROW!

Camila being the clutz that she is, goes to throw the ball, only it slips out of her hand and goes tumbling backwards!

CAMILA: (laughing) OMG! Did you just see that?!?!?! (Clearly shocked at her own clumsiness)

ME: Ya Allaaah! Tryna kill me Camz (laughing) Forward! The ball goes forward!

So after an epic and funny bowling game, we went to Johnny Rockets to drown her sorrows in chocolate milkshake. We spoke little more about the ‘Ismaeel Situation’

CAMILA: I’m only going to be seeing him next when I go to S.A, which is like in July….

ME: Ey, wait? Ismaeel is Uzairs cousin. He’s a bobat right??

CAMILA: Err yaa. Why?

ME: All the bobats are coming for holiday to Dubai! In like 2 weeks! I’m pretty sure Ismaeel will be there…

CAMILA: Oh my god! (Laughing) Don’t liiiie!! I laugh I bump into!

ME: Maybe once you see him you’ll just jump on him! (wink)

CAMILA: (nudging me) Shurrup! No, this is for the best

That night was really brilliant! But now, my Zaheerooo baby was back home. Yippi yi yi. My cousin tasneem (the make-up artist) was having a ball of a time teasing me with Zaheer.

TASNEEM: Hahahah! Oooo la la! Seriously you the future Mrs.Mohammed 😉

ME: 😦 keep quiet! Don’t get my hopes up Tas!

TASNEEM: Maaf Yasoo! Just don’t get hung up on this one guy 😛 and forget about all of us 😦

ME: I’ll try my best mummy 😀 and I could never forget you aloo’s :*

TASNEEM: Don’t mummy me :O I’m not that old!

ME: Maaf tasoo!

Eh, I really missed my cousins! And my grandparents! And uncles and aunties! And I was only going to see them in March when we went down to Durban. IF we went down. It wasn’t finalized yet. But for now, Zaheer was my happiness. Gosh, I sounded like such a corny piece of corn! When my mother said she was going to drop food off at Aunty Raeesa’s, I jumped at the chance to go with her! Only when we got there, instead of being greeted by Zah, I was faced with Waseem. He was even more handsome in person (mashallah, mustn’t put nazaar on him). We didn’t speak much. He could see I was looking around for Zaheer so when he spoke he startled me…

WASEEM: Zaheer is sleeping if that’s who or what you looking for…

ME: (blushing) errm… Noo…but thanks for telling me… Err…Waseem right?

WASEEM: So you still suffering from your amnesia? (Laughing) My mother told me about how you forgot all of us. Still no memories triggered?

ME: Haha. Err. Yaaa. My memories quite appaling…

WASEEM: Well lemme try triggering your ‘appaling’ memory. Every time you would come home, you would beg me to give you a piggy back ride!

ME: (laughing) My woord! I apologize for that! Even though it was years ago!

WASEEM: And the once…The once I remember you made me carry you the day before I had an exam. And take you galloping all over the house. And I was feeling queasy. And the next day I ended up vomiting!

ME: (blushing heavily now) Oh my word Waseem! I am SO very sorry. I err…I was kind of a very demanding brat back then! You and your brother have told me that…

MUM: Oh Yasmeen, there you are. Come make salaam to Aunty Raeesa then we can leave (turning to look at Waseem). Waseem! You just keep growing come here!

WASEEM: Well if it isn’t my favorite Aunty Suuuu!!

What is it with this family and calling my mother ‘Suu’. So I went off and found Aunty Raeesa in the kitchen. I made salaam and made some panchaat. Zaheer would always tease me how I make panchaat with all the aunties! They all liked me for my big mouth I guess. His royal highness Zaheer never did wake up when I was there…

The next day I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked to see what time it was… 8 IN THE FREAKING MORNING.  And of course. It was non other than Mr.Mohammed calling. I answered in a gruff miserable voice.


ZAHEER: Oooo :well good morning to you too sunshine!

ME: What you want?!

ZAHEER: A yacht, private jet, ermm, ooo wouldn’t mind a house in Beverley Hills though. Why do you ask?

ME: Zaheer.

ZAHEER: Yasmeen.

ME: Cut the crap

ZAHEER: What crap?

ME: It’s 8 in the morning!

ZAHEER: My point exactly! You needa get your lazy bum out of bed

ME: Kay

ZAHEER: Why you being so moody

ME: Oh. I dunno. Maybe because you haven’t bothered replying to ANY of my messages for the past WEEK!

ZAHEER: I was busy. I was with family. I’m sowwiiie

ME: (sighing) Its fine. Soo how was the wedding? (Getting out of the bed) I’m still waiting for those pictures you promised?

ZAHEER: The wedding was good. Very fancy. The functions were boring but chilling with my cousins, what a ball of a time we had. Everynight we were up playing poker…

ME: I’m sorry? What??? Poker???

ZAHEER: Yeea, I use to play but then I forgot how to, but playing with the big guys was soo good!

ME: Err. Okay. What else?

ZAHEER: Nothing really. Food was good

Something in his tone of voice made me feel really uneasy. Like he was just talking to delay something more important. I let it slide and pushed away the uneasiness

ME: Sounds nice! Oh yeah I met Waseem yesterday

ZAHEER: Yeea he told me. Eh, sorry man I was sleeping yesterday. Soo many late nights in Joburg caught up with me

ME: Too many late night playing poker? (Lightly trying to make a joke)

ZAHEER No! (Over defensive). I was with family Yas. I don’t see them all year round so I was making the most of it…

ME: Err I was joking Zah…

ZAHEER: Okay. Fine whatever. Sorry I’m being snappy

ME: It’s fine. I’m just glad you back

ZAHEER: why? Missed mee?I heard you were busy out with the paki crew

ME: (laughing) Dream on! Ohmyword! Yes! What a blast we all had eh.

ZAHEER: Glad you having fun in Dubai. Yas I need to tell you something

I had walked over to my balcony now, and I was staring out the window. Happy that Zaheer was finally in Dubai

ME: Yeaaa…..

ZAHEER: It’s to do with a girl

My heart sunk.

Sunken Heart

Sunken Heart

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Shout out to ‘Aadila Chotia ♥ ‘  From Sumayya Chothia

Part 64 – 42nd National Day

Hey guys! Dubai’s real National Day is tomorrow 2nd December, so in advance here’s to wishing them a Lovely National Day! 😀 ♥  

The Cars..

The Cars..

Dolce and Gabanna Blazer

Dolce and Gabanna Blazer

Nationaaal Daaay!!! I had NO idea what all these Arabs did on National Day, but I could clearly see they had a lot of pride in their country! From the week before, stores started to give discounts to celebrate the 42nd National Day of the UAE. This was perfect for me. Nothing better than shopping AND discounts! From the morning of their National Day, cars were revving their engines all over Dubai, decorated in flags of the UAE. One car was plastered with pictures of the Sheikh all over the windows. It was crazy! I had no idea how I was going to spend the day! My parents were taking Armaan and going to the Ameen’s house to see some firework display. From their roof, you had a clear view of the Burj Al Arab, which was where one of the many firework displays was going to be. I on the other hand was NOT planning on spending another second with Luqmaan the creep as long as I could help it. But if I didn’t go then I would just wilt away in my jammies at home while everyone else in Dubai was living it up. So I was absolutely OVER THE MOON when Zainab called me…

ZAINAB: Hey Yaz! You doing anything today?

ME: No, not really, no plans

ZAINAB: Goodie! So then you can come with us. We’re all going to Dubai Mall. Up for it?

ME: Yes yes! A thoooousand times yes!

ZAINAB: (laughing) Calm doown Yaz!

ME: I am just REALLY glad to get out of the house!!

ZAINAB:I know right! Ash adn I didn’t wanna be housebound. So we’ll see you later, at around 3 ish

ME: I’ll be there! Where should I meet you guys?

ZAINAB: We’ll be by the cinema…We might watch a movie to kill time before the fireworks

ME: SUPER! Erm….Zainab?

ZAINAB: Yesss….

ME: What are you wearing??

ZAINAB: (laughing) Guurl you make me laugh! Well I’m wearing red jeans and  a black top, colors of the flag!

ME: Soo, should I wear the national colors?

ZAINAB: I aint arab but I just go with it. See you at 3 mwaahs, byeee!

ME: Toodlooo

And then I dragged my lazy buttocks upstairs. I was alone at home, and the silence was making me feel so depressed. Some Maher Zain was needed… So I turned up his songs nice and loud and listened to it echo through the house. Then it was time to raid my closet. I had become much more independent with picking out my clothes. I no longer needed to skype call Ammarrah every time I went out. Although, when it came to taking fashion risks I ALWAYS consulted with her first…wouldn’t want to go out looking like  a clown. So I looked through the many coloured jeans I owned… But everyone else would be wearing that. I kind of wanted to look different, bold. Then I thought back to the Dolce and Gabanna blazer I had. I rummaged around and found it hanging. Yes! It was perfect! It had this gorgeous floral crochet design in colors of red,white, creme and a tint of turquoise. I paired it with my light colored blue jeans, a white silk top and my creme jelly sandals I bought from Aldo.

I BB’d my mother, told her I was off to Dubai Mall and said I’d meet her later. I had some time to kill, so I quickly went to check my skype to see if Zaheer was online. He wasn’t. He hadn’t been on in days, he hadn’t replied to most of my messages. He had only sent me ONE picture and that was of Aaliyah in a cute gold puffy dress…And the caption was ”Aaliya wanted me to send you this picture.. Hope all is well with you.” He sounded SO formal.. ‘hope all is well with me?? Since when did he type proper full sentences. WITH full stops…. I just looked at his message, replied ”cool, send her my love” and shoved my phone into my pocket. The taxi took me to Dubai Mall where I was greeted with half of Dubai’s population! I found my peoples, standing in a circle, my Indian, Paki, British, American, (whatever you want to call us) crew!

ASHLEY: (running over to give me a hug) Yazzzzzzz!

ME: Assssssssssssh (hugging her) Hey babe?

ASHLEY: We were wondering where you were? Come one, movie starts  in like 5!

So we made our way to the cinema. Then it hit me that the first time I ever met them was here, at the cinema, this bubbly loving amazing ‘crew’. The only difference was that this time around, there was no Zaheer. It was actually quite nice that he wasn’t there. The attention wasn’t on him. Everyone’s voices were heard. It wasn’t the ring leader Mr.Mohammed leading the conversation. Raihaan, as usual was his very energetic self wacky self, although there was this awkwardness in the air. He and Lia had broken up last month and I guess he resorted to being weird,  to deal with the break up. Lia was a gem at hiding the awkwardness, but I made sure she was included in every single conversation. It’s the least I could do after she was so nice to me the first time I met everyone…

ME: Hey sweets! You okay?

LIA: (giving me a big smile) Yaz! Hey, yeaah I’m fine. What bout you? Hows Zee?

ME: Err, he’s been super busy. Haven’t really spoken to him much. (changing the subject) What movie we watching?

LIA: Catching fire! (squeeling) I am SO excited!!

ME:  (squeeleing with her) Err Ma Gaawd!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING AGES FOR THIS MOVIE!!

LIA: I knooooow right!! OH my LORD! Liam Hemswoorth! Josh Hutcherson!

TARIQ: Can you guys stop screeching!!! We’re in public

ME: (laughing) That’s never stopped you from being loud before!

TARIQ: Yes, but people find me funny! (wink)

ME: Ya yaa! Now shurrup and do the happy dance with me.

TARIQ: Happy Dance… Err why??

ME: Becaaaaause……..WE. ARE. GOING. TO. WATCH…

LIA: Drum Roll Please….

LIA AND ME: CATCHING FIRE!!!! (woohing, breaking out into a weird dance)

All the guys started telling us to shut up and stop attracting attention to our selves, which made Lia and I laugh even more. This girl was my partner in crime when it came OBSESSING over books and movies. Soon we got our pop corn, drinks, nachos, chocolate, sweets, cotton candy…You name it, we had it. I just so happened to be sitting next to Tariq  and Lia in the cinema. Thank god! I’m the type of person that will watch a movie, and while watching it I’ll STILL obsess over how good the movie is! So basically, Lia and I sat there gawking over the amazingly gorgeous Finnick Odair (My word, that actor was a total hunk). So after many good memorable laughs, an AMAZING movie, and a full stomach, Catching Fire finished. We were still going to stick around and watch the fireworks so we decided on a trip to Candylicous to kill time.

The guys…………..went…………..INSANE!!! It was like they had never seen candy before in their lifetimes. Zainab and I had our phones out, videoing and taking pictures of them acting like total fruit cakes! Tariq was the best! He was giving me company and taking selfies with me, pouting, posing, doing the fishy face! We all had a ball of a time. He even went up to a random person and told them to take a selfie WITH us! It reminded me of what I did to Zaheer when he refused to take a picture with me. I ended up telling Tariq about that story, and we got so caught up we didn’t even realize that everyone else had left the store….

TARIQ: So hows Zaheer?

ME: How should I know? He’s YOUR friend!

TARIQ: Yesss, But he’s YOUR boyrfriend!

ME: (smiling) Jealous? Am I stealing him away from you Tar?

TARIQ: (laughing) You can keep him! He’s all yours Yaz…

ME: I haven’t really spoken to him…. Since he went to Joburg.

TARIQ: How do you even pronounce that word (in his refined london accent) Joobuuurg…Johannesbuuuurg…Jooo Joooo Burgyy Burrrrg

ME: (laughing) Duuude! What are you saying?!? (laughing) Eh, You london people are too much!

TARIQ:  Seriously though Yasmeen, you guys pronounce your words soo funnay!

ME: Oh WE pronounce them funny?! (shoving him lightly) Do you have any idea how you guys speak? (putting on a british accent) ‘I’m off to have tea! With the queen”

TARIQ: (laughing) Tell me, when have you ever heard a British person say that?

ME: No one really (laughing) I just like saying that. Oh my god…… (looking around) where is everyone?

We looked around and noticed two heads peeping, looking at us. When we looked in their direction, the heads vanished and the people made a run for it. It was Zainab and Inidan Dan. They were running out of the store trying to ditch us. Tariq began to laugh

TARIQ: (grabbing my hand) Up for a run?

ME: Err…….what?? NO

TARIQ: Too bad! RUN!

So we started running through the store, trying to maneuver through the crowd and make our way OUT of the store. Zainab and Dan were soo slow compared to Tariq, who was surprisingly very fast. I on the other hand was lagging behind…

TARIQ: Come on slow coach!

ME: Whaa….what is the po….point of this? (huffing out of breath)

TARIQ: For the heck of it man! Now run faster!

I couldn’t run any faster so I just let him drag me. We finally stopped running when we got outside, to where everyone else was. They all were red in the face laughing at the sight of Zainab, Dan, Tariq and I.

LIA: What happen to you guys?!?! (laughing) Oh my gaawd! Yaz, you look exhausted!

ME: (leaning onto Tariq) Nev…..never….NEVER again will I come to the mall…with….with You guys!!

TARIQ: Aww, I’m sorry. You were just so damn slow!

I made a funny face at him and told him to shut up 😛

ASHLEY: (laughing) What happen though??

So while I tried to catch my breath, Tariq re told the story of how Zainab and Indian Dan tried to ditch us. Only because we soo much faster and cleverer than they are, they failed! Tariq had this way of telling stories that made them seem so much funnier than they actually were. We were all now together, no member ditched, standing outside waiting for the fireworks to starts, when my phone started to buzz. I was still standing quite close to Tariq. Thinking its my mother checking up on me, I pulled out my phone, only to see that the buzz was just alerting me that Zaheer Mohammed updated his profile picture. I looked up and met Tariq’s eye, I smiled, then looked back down at my phone and clicked to see his picture

It was a picture of Zaheer, standing next to a guy that looked a LOT like Aunty Raeesa….with a mix of Uncle ahmed. That was probably the infamous Waseem. He was actually really….REALLY….VERY handsome. I know I know, Zaheer was my boyfriend, but seriously, Waseem had this killer jaw that……well……..He was handsome. End of story! My eyes scanned the picture and saw that the two gentlemen were not alone. Waseem was standing next to this other guy. I assumed he was the groom (wore a REALLY fancy suit) but Zaheer was busy looking at this girl he was standing next to. It was like, someone took the picture while he was busy talking to her. I didn’t really know how to react. Was I supposed to react? After all, it could just be his cousin. Did I not trust Zaheer? I mean, he was at a family wedding? Emphasis on the ‘family’?!? But I knew so many people who were dating their second and third cousins….  Suddenly, I felt really claustrophobic.  I started to look around me,looking for empty space to get out of the crowd, but the only thing I managed to clearly see was Tariq’s face. He had also seen the picture on my phone. Instead of saying anything, or trying to make things better, he just gave me this hug. This warm innocent caring hug that said a thousand words I didn’t want to hear…

And before anyone started to look at us, and question this sudden affection we had, the fireworks started to go off! All shades of red, green and white fireworks started to cover the sky! My head was kind of tucked away and hidden in Tariq ( who was wearing Hugo Boss perfume, I know because I LOVED that perfume) I was glad he had hidden my face, because I couldn’t trust my self or the tears that were prickling in my eye, but when I blinked back the tears, I turned around to see the fireworks. It was spectacular. Out of this world! The Burj Khalika had fireworks shooting off in all directions, creating the most fabulous display I had ever seen. Tariq could see how shocked I was…

TARIQ: (screaming over the fireworks sound) If you think THIS is something, you should wait till you see New years Eve

ME: Wait? You mean they get BETTER than this??

TARIQ: Of course it gets better…Things always get better…Just how it will get better with Zaheer

ME: Tar…

TARIQ: Don’t let him spoil your mood tonight. He and I are friends, but I know how he can be….You’re here, with all of us! And we’re your friends, with or without him. You’ve got us

ME: Thanks!

I guess I needed to hear those words, I needed to hear someone else say that without Zaheer there was still some life left in me. I just really missed him, too the extent that I became lifeless, even if it was for a few days. So instead of giving him any more thought, I trusted that everything would sort it self out once he got back to Dubai. Right then though, I enjoyed being in the company of my amazing friends. Yes, I was proud to be part of the ‘Paki Crew’!

Finnick O God Damn Dair ♥

Finnick O God Damn Dair ♥



Shout out to a certain someones cousin who is recovering from surgery…’Get well soon miri love your cuz’. And a get well soon from the DOAD Famalam! (yes tandoori, I just stole your word) 😉 Also a shout out to Nazeefah Mosam, Sumaya Munshi, Zaakirah Omar, Sabeeha Omar and all the BA girls, from W 🙂