Part 62 – Mr.Right

Heyoooo!I’m back. Here’s the much anticipated Part 61. This post is dedicated to waz a waz one helluva awesome sauce-some reader that I adore to bits! 😀  Much Love DOAD xoxo ♥

Besties For Life ♥

Besties For Life ♥

So much had happened in the past week. A lot of good. A lot of bad. A lot happened! Plus as the days went by, I was getting closer to seeing my best friend!! To be able to give her a big bear hug, I was just counting down the days till she finally got here!! The Bobat’s were also coming after their family trip to Europe. Shame, ‘Fayaan’ were both already starting to complain about how much they gonna miss each other. God! They made me wanna puke sometimes…

(Over skype)

ME: GET a room you guys!!!

ZAYAAN: We are in a room (smiling) MY room. You’re actually currently disturbing us Yas…

ME: Ooh am I! Well watch how the whole of next week I’M going to have Fatimah all to my self!! Muwahahahahahaaa!!!

This was a daily thing Zayaan and I did over BBM, Watsapp and whenever Fatz and I skyped! We would fight over Fatimah…

FATIMAH: Guys guys, no need to fight over me! There’s plenty to go around…

ME: Pff, we not ‘fighting’ over you. I’m just telling Zayaan that you love me more! (batting my eye lashes)

ZAYAAN: Aren’t you suppose to be playing girl friend boy friend with Zaheeeer?!?! (Raising an eyebrow)

ME: Fatz just slap him for me! And no I’m not PLAYING a game Zay. Its called dating, its a relationship! Not a game

ZAYAAN: Aaaah. Thanks for that life lesson. Seriously I appreciate it. It’ll get me far in life!

ME: Fatz!

On qui, she slapped him with a pillow. Since I couldn’t be there to slap him in person, and the slaps I owed him were accumulating, she would just hit Zayaan for me

FATIMAH: Sooo where is Zaheer anyway?

ME: We got holiday this coming week. It’s National day, you know how we have freedom day in S.A., well these arabian dudey’s have national day. Pff can you believe it. We had to dress up in the flag colours yesterday! Eughh! Green, red, white and black. Err red’s not exactly my color so no thanks!!!

FATIMAH: (laughing) So then what you wore?

ME: Jeans, black top, scarf and my open front abaya! Total arab style!!

ZAYAAN: Aloooo! You still never answer her question. Where. Is. Zaheer.

ME: Why you soo eager to know?!?!  Not planning on coming after my boyfriend now are you (raising my eyebrows). First you stole my best friend…… Now Zaheer. Eh you obsessed with me!!!

FATIMAH: (rooaring with laughter) Oh my goood! Have I missed you my batchuu!!!!

ME: See! She loves me more. I’m her batchuuu!

ZAYAAN: Is that so (wrapping his arms around Fatz, kissing her ear) Hmm… Well then she’s my Fati Patati!

ME: Oh whatever!! Blaagh! You guys make me wanna puke!

FATIMAH: Now you know how I feel when you tell me about Uzair and Zaheer! Where is Zaah anyway?!?

ME: You’ll made me go off topic! Soo as I was saying, Zah and them are going down to joburg for the week, cause of the holidays. Some family wedding is happening there, so he’s busy packing now. But I’ll see him tonight

ZAYAAN: Aww! So then don’t you have to plan whatchu gonna wear? Don’t you have anything else to do other than waste my time?

ME: Faaatz!

Again, Zayaan caught a pillow beating from his girlfriend while I just laughed away…

FATIMAH: You two seriously need to suck it up this December and just GET ALONG! You’ll acting like children!

ZAYAAN AND ME: We are children!


And that set us all laughing agin for another good 5minutes

ME: (wiping away a tear of laughter) Eh, you’ll too much! Listen I gotta go.

FATIMAH: Whyy? Its still early?

ZAYAAN: Lover boy is waiting for her (wink)

FATIMAH: Chat a little longer. You only seeing him in the night…

ME: Yaa! But I  needa go plan my outfit (wink)

ZAYAAN: See! Don’t I know your bestie so well!?!

ME: (laughing) I’ll leave you two in peace! Stay as cute as you are my favouritest couple! Send my love to Nuha! Love you Fayaan.

FATIMAH: Loove you too baabes

ZAYAAN: Err, I’m warming upto you. Not yet ‘loving’ you

Fatimah nudged him hard in his gut!

ZAYAAN: Uffff!!!! (Holding his tummy) Jokes jokes Yasmeen( fake smile) LOVE you!

FATIMAH: Much better! Have fun

ME: You too salaams doll

And with that the skype call ended. I had actually kinda sorta lied, or not told Fatz the whole truth of why I had to go. I was meeting Zaheer for supper, and my outfit was already planned (duh) The real reason I ended the call was because I had arrangements. So as I sat there contemplating weather I was doing the right thing or not, my skype started to ring. It was Uzair. I looked at the time. 5 o clock ON the dot! That boy was always so punctual…  I took a deep breath in and answered the call. All of a sudden I could see his face. Staring at me through the screen. This heat began to spread from my neck all over my face. I turned away from the camera hiding my now very tomato red face!

ME: Err one second. Just getting my…. (Looking around my room) my water bottle!

UZAIR:  Hello to you to Yasmeen. No problem take your time…

ME: Got it. Wow! So that’s how much you’ve grown since I last saw you??

UZAIR: Hmm sarky??

ME: Noo I’m being serious. You’ve gotten taller? Eh, you Bobats are like tree’s man!

UZAIR: (laughing) And you got……shorter. Eh, you Raheems are real midgets!

ME: Take that back! But yes, I admit I have gotten shorter. Fake tear fake tear (wiping away the fake tears)

UZAIR: So how you been? How’s Dubai?

ME: I’ve been alright! Lot’s of tests coming up in Jan though so just a lot of prep work. And you??

UZAIR: I’m on holiday (smiling) Nooo campus for the next 6 weeks! Such bliss

ME: (laughing) If you trying to make me jealous, its not working!

UZAIR: Wasn’t trying to make you jealous…Now I’m just chilling and waiting to leave Durban to go London!

ME: London! You will LOVE it! We went there last year! But you’ll going in winter so you better pack warm…

UZAIR: Yaa, Fayaaz said it was going to be FREEZING! Eh what’s the weather like in Dubai? Dunno what to pack…

ME: The weather here…… Is gorgeous! Dubai winters are just fab! The nights are chilly the days are cool and breezy. Its not a wet Durban hailing winter. Its just… lovely….

UZAIR: Soooo….light jackets and jerseys?

ME: Definately (laughing) When are you’ll off to London?

UZAIR: Same day the Akoojee’s leave for Dubai

ME: Oooh. Nice (smiling)

UZAIR: Soo, you wanna start or should I?

ME: I love how you get down straight into business (smiling). First things first, whatever I tell you, Nuha can’t know I told you. We can tell her together when she comes to Dubai. Deal?

UZAIR: Done! Thanks for doing this Yas. Really. I need answers…

I thought back to last week. After I cut the skype call with Fatimah and Nuha, Uzair called me. I hadn’t heard his voice or spoke to him in months! I was soo…shocked….Definately caught off gaurd by his phone call.

UZAIR: Look, before you cut the call. Don’t. I know I’ve been all AWOL recently but now, this is more important. This whole Yumna thing

ME: I…I…Uzair… I can’t tell you. You needa ask Nuha

UZAIR: I did! She won’t tell me. I even asked all the boys but they all being tight lipped. I dunno what to do?!?!

ME: Look I need to go Uzair

UZAIR: Just think about it! Please. How am I supposed to make things right if I don’t even know whats wrong?

ME: (sighing) Fine. I’ll think about it. No promises.

UZAIR: Thanks

And I had thought about it the whole week, when yesterday I BB’d Uzair telling him I’d give him all his answers. So here we were, skyping….. It was like 99.99% awkward. But that 0.01% felt normal

ME: Okay. Well shoot. Ask me anything

UZAIR: I don’t exactly have a question. Its more like a demand… Tell me everything.

I silently hoped that Nuha would forgive me, but it was un fair that Uzair still didn’t know. So I told him EVERYTHING! From start to finish. But because he was Uzair Bobat, he asked me questions after EVERY single sentence!

ME: Duude! Lemme finish!

UZAIR: Sorry sorry… Carry one

But he never did stop asking his questions. I guess he wanted to know it all in detail.

UZAIR:  So it was Yumna?  Yumna’s the best friend? (running his fingers through his hair) She’s the culprit?

ME: Correction, the ex best friend…(After a moment of silence) You still do that?

UZAIR: (looking confused) Do what?

ME: (smiling a side wards smile) Run your fingers through your hair…

UZAIR: (giving me a shining smile) Old habits die hard!

ME: Soooo is Yumna an old habit?

UZAIR: No way man! You crazy! There’s more to this chick than meets the eye and I’m only realizing this now.

ME: Listen I dunno weather you two are still dating bu…

UZAIR: We not, well I dunno my self. I told her last week there was stuff I needed to sort out and that she and I should take a break. She had her chance to come clean Yas. If she wanted to tell me, she could’ve told me then…

ME: I knoow. I know. But the reason why Nuha never told you was because Yumna made you happy. And if Yumna does make you happy then…

UZAIR: Then? Then what? I could never look at her the same after hearing about all of this! We all get up to crap in our lives. But at the end of the day, I’m not going to force my self to be around someone I can no longer stand

ME: (sighing) Fine fine, do what you want. We all just want to see you happy Uzzi (smiling)

UZAIR: All? Define all?

ME: We worry sick about you! Zayaan, Nuha, Fatimah, Me, Ridwaan! Even Armaan was wondering what happen to you…

UZAIR: Aah! But not Zaheer…

ME: Oh what has Zaheer got to do with this anyway. Forget him. Focus on what WE think about you and what WE want for you. We want you to be happy, kallas!

UZAIR: You been doing Arabic for what, 3 months now, and that’s the best you can doo???

ME: (laughing) I’m just getting started!

Then I launched my self into a biography of my self in arabic. It was the only dialogue I knew off by heart…

UZAIR: (laughing) Child I dunno what you saying! All I caught was my name is Yasmeen, something about south africa and err… Yipp! That’s all I understood

ME: (laughing and shaking my head) Pff useless! Uzii, can I ask you something?

UZAIR: Shoot

ME: How’d you meet her? This Yumna? Where did you meet her? What made you like her? I know I’m being quite nosy…but I’m curious.

UZAIR: (running his fingers through his hair) Akh, its complicated. My head was messed up. She’s one of my friends sister, Sulaiman Karodia? Dunno if you know him

ME: No, i dunno him. Carry on

UZAIR: So ya, I met her at soccer the one day. I could see she was one of those girls that dint really do relationships. She needed a ride somewhere so I offered and that’s how he got talking We kept in contact.  A week later I was her boyfriend (nodding his head) should’ve known though…

ME: Known what?

UZAIR: That there was something that went down between Nuu and her. The first time I spoke to her, she even told me they use to know each other and…

ME: Uzair, don’t do this to your self! Non of us would’ve guessed. Its finished now
UZAIR: Well I wanna finish it once and for all (standing up)

ME: Where you going?

UZAIR: (sighing) To officially break up with Yumna.

ME: (laughing) You know that’s how I found about you and her! Through Facebook! Soo you might wanna start by changing your status…

UZAIR: The power of social networking eh! Yass…

ME: Gee…

UZAIR: Sorry. For going all AWOL on you

ME: (smiling warmly) Its totally fine!  Seriously, you got enough sorry’s to say at the moment save them for Nuha or Zayaan. Or your cuzzies. They your family

UZAIR: You also family!

That made me blush even more! Ya allah, Yasmeen get a grip!

ME: Well family doesn’t leave family so pinky swear no more going AWOL?!

UZAIR: Pinky promise! You still believe in pinky swears?!?

ME: What can I say, old habits die hard! (Wink) Hey, good luck with Yumna!

UZAIR: Thanks! In sha allah she doesn’t go ballistically mad with me and start throwing stuff! I dont wanna deal with a black eye

ME: (laughing) I’ll sit and make du’a you come back home in one piece. Chat to you soon

UZAIR: Salaams

And he was off. To go get rid of Yumna, to mend things with Nuha.

At the end of the day, he was Uzair Bobat, always Mr.Right!

Thank God for Skype...

Thank God for Skype…

Mr.Right aka Uzair Bobat

Mr.Right aka Uzair Bobat

35 thoughts on “Part 62 – Mr.Right

  1. faiza says:

    Welcommmmmmmmmmme back ms awesome.

    Gr8 post as always. Damn I missed uzzi. He so right for yas. Zah is nice but for someone else.

    Yas stiL cares alotttt for uzzi otherwise she would never have told him or even got involved in this whole dilemma!

    As for fayaan—-ooooohhhhhh too cutie, reading about them makes love and life sound so perfect.

  2. ♥MasoOo♥ says:

    Finally finally #dancing 😀 uzzi Mr.Right ;;) his breaking up with yumna 🙂
    So cute 🙂 ♥ Uzzis Back #dancing. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen in Dubai!!! Fayaana. #ouliknis 🙂

  3. W says:

    Yesss!!! Finallyy we got it!! 😉
    Was worth the wait miss D!
    Keep us thee good work

    Hmm wonder who’s ur so ‘awesome’ friend if he\she gets a post dedicated to them 😮

    Can’t wait for the next post! : D

  4. W says:

    Yess we finallly gota post!!! 😛

    Was worth the wait miss D 😀

    Hmmm I wonder who’s ur ‘awesome’ friend if he/she gets a post dedicated to them :O lucky person

    Keep up the awesome work miss D 😉

  5. #TeamUzair says:

    I’m head over heels in love with a fictional character #Uzzii *in love*.. Can he get anymore perfect?? Ahhhhh I hope to find my Uzair Bobat one day *fingers crossed*.. Thinking of Fayaan gives me hope of love exsisting *heart*

    Awesome blog @dubain01!!!! Thanks a million *big smile* and don’t ever stop writing *dancing*.. I look forward to the next post *smile* xoxo

  6. .... says:

    Yas& Zaheer make a good couple and uzair is da best guy frnd type…shame now poorr uzair is left with no gf 😦 hope we get another post today

  7. faiza says:

    I hope zah meets an old flame or some1 else at the wedding . Yas heart would be broken but uzzi will be there to mend the broken pieces…..
    Zahhhhh is too much of that perfect bf. Uzzi on the other hand…….mmmmmmmmmmmh his just something else 😛

  8. Saadz says:

    OoOooooOoooMG Miss authorNess canNnn uu make me fall inlove with Uzzi mo0ore ?!!??!! *crying* *inlove*…..can Uzi get anym0ore perfect ?!!?! *smitten*…Uzzi has surpassed the levek of being just Mr. Right ! …o0oh please let me find my Uzair !! 😛 *making dua* lmao…Uzzi u will get uUuur princess !! The beat to ur heart ! And the life to ur smile <3…lmao o0oh and let her name be Saadiqa !! *ROFL*…#TeamUzzi<3….and finaaaally he is breaking up with miss bad news Yumna !! *dancing* *speak to the hand*…Yumna,with a lot of pleasure I'd like to announce that… uuUuu are history monkey bum !! *smirk* *dancing*…Uzzi is waaaaay to0o good for u !! Lmao n thanx Yas for telling Uzzi !! *dancing* *hugs*..he had all the right to know ….go0o Uzzi go0o !! …lol and caaaaaant wait to seee Yas and Zahz evening !! 😉 :P…Zah always has sumthn amazing up his sleeve !! *eyelashes*…and poor Uzzi is still hurt about Zah ! 😦 *beeeeg hugs*

    As fo0or our cuuuuUuuuUuutie Pie Fayaaaaaaan !!! *dancing* awwWwwwWwww they are so0o adorably perfecto0o !! *jumping*…lol lol eyyyyyy Zayaan Faati Patati loves both u and Yas theee most jst in different ways !! :P…Lmao lo0ove the way Yas and Zay fight !! *rolling*…and Faati obviously didn't hit the love of her life with all the strength she had ! *wink wink*…awWww Faati we know uuUuu loved him since the first day u laid eyes on him ! 😛 *eyelashes* #TeamFayaan<3

    OooOoour over goRgeous authorNess !! ThanxXx for theeEee super Fantastically amaaAzing and beyond post !! *dancing* *inlove*…too0oooo0tally loved it !! Wo0oho0o !! *dancing* aaaaand welcome back !! 😛 this post was to0otally worth the wait !!…xoxo

  9. HaAj says:

    WoohOooOo..!! Dubain back *dancing face*.!! Ms Awesome Authorness I missed Uu tOooo muchneSs & I wnt say wu else missed u ;-)..!!

    AwwWw Fayaan are just toOoo cuteee.! *love struck* & *eye lashes* & *blushy*.!
    Yas & Zay fights are sUper hilarious *ripped*..!!! And the pillow at Zay was thrown with much looooooove ;-)..!!

    AwwWww Uzzi Wuzzi Is back & being thee same AweSome Uzzi *dancing face*.!! Oooh Uzzi I’m sOoo over the MoOOon u back to being u Mr Right :P.!
    My cutiee Uzzi u willl get ur sunshine sOon *fingers crossed*.!! Uzzi Wuzzi Uu the Man.!! Uu can do it..!! NoOne can..!! Go Uzzi.! Go Uzzi.!! *dancing face*.!! Go & tell big bUm Yumi off *straight face*.!

    AwwwWw them cuzzys are tOoo :P..!! *biiig smile*..!! Wait Armaan was worried :o..??!! Thats sweat Armaan ;-)..!! Coz u not a Uzzi Fan and Uu a Zah fan ;-)..!!

    TanXx Awesomness Authorness for thee AwesOme Post *big bear hugs*.!!! I sOoo looooVed it to bits *big smile*.!! Overly Excited for thee next Post :P..!! Zah&Yas sUppEr date ;-)..!! *fingers crossed*.!!

    • HaAj says:

      Lol the above 2 comments were the next 2 post ;-)..!! Hahaha laughing at myself #Insanity 😛 loove u too Haaj & Saadz ;-)..!! ~Jinnys 😀

      • HaAj says:

        Oooh Ms Authorness u really do love me ;-)..!! *cough cough* I loove u tooooo :P..!! YipZz u gotta read my post/bayaan before u sleep ;-).! *laughing*.!! Hey I’m getting my pancakes & golden syrup*drool* sunday morning inshaAllah *dancing face*.!! Shud I TanxXx u or not ;-).! Lol okii I’ll TanxXx u only if I really get it ;-)..!! What’s say..?? 😛

  10. ¤ $k¥ ¤ says:

    okies, so while ure all gushing abt Fayaan, im curious abt sumthn ryt….

    Wut r evry1s thorts on PDA?

    I personally wud DIE of embarrassment. 😮 I hav neva held/hugd/kissed my hub in 4rnt of ANY1! Not evn my besties!

    I was shy 2 SIT next 2 him on my wedn day becoz my grandfather n uncles cud see me, lol.

    My opinion is dat those special moments of intimacy shud remain private. And its also a matter of adab….

    Wut do yawl think? 🙂

    Dis is jst out of curiosity, i swear!

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