Part 51 – France away from France

We all turned around, shocked to see Zaheer standing there with a box in his hand.

Where did he come from?

Why was he even here?

Wasn’t he only meant to arrive the next day?

ME: Er- Umm… Well we were- We were just-

I stood up, flustered and embarrassed, not wanting to repeat the question Safiya had asked.

ME:  I actually need to go. I have this um- this meeting thing so-

TARIQ: You said we should ask him, so why are you running away?

I glared at Tariq but he only laughed. Truth be told, I didn’t want to stick around to hear the answer to the question in case it was an answer that would hurt me. If he would say no, I don’t think I’d be able to hide my disappointment.

I didn’t have time to flee though because before I knew it, Zaheer had pulled up a chair next to mine. I slowly settled back down and then, Zaheer was leaning over giving me a quick peck on my cheek. I could only imagine how red my face was.

ZAHEER:  I missed you.

He whispered it into my ear but when I looked around I  could see Safiya, Misbah and Camilla’s shocked faces staring at us.

I smiled shyly before turning back to look at Zaheer, who had draped his arm over my shoulders.

ZAHEER: Okay so whats the question? I want to know.

CAMILA: Well… are you and Yasmeen dating?

I put my head into my hands as a nervous laugh made its way through my body.

ZAHEER: Hmm… That is a very good question, and its one that I can not answer because if I give the wrong answer Yasmeen will get really mad.

I gasped and snapped my head towards him.

ME: That is so not true! What if I give the wrong answer then you get mad at me.

ZAHEER: Thats impossible. I could never get mad at you.

I looked into his eyes and smiled. He could be so cheesy at times.

ME: Whatever.

And I stuck my tongue out in a childish matter.

MISBAH: Hello! Are either of you going to answer the question

ZAHEER: I’ll get back to you on that. Right now me and Yasmeen have a meeting.

ME: A meeting? With who?

Standing up in a dramatic fashion, Zaheer did a really bad imitation of a superman pose.

ZAHEER: With destiny! Now come ON. Destiny awaits!

I laughed as he dragged me too my feet.

ME: Lead the way!

He lead me through the hallways, the box still in his hand. I started to fall behind, he was walking too fast.

ZAHEER: Come on! Don’t want to be late do you?

ME: Late for what?

I felt like Alice in wonderland, when the little white rabbit was freaking out how he’s going to be late, constantly checking his little watch. I was Alice and Zaheer was the rabbit.

I looked around and realised that we were in the arts and music department, a place I wasn’t familiar with because… well my lack of artistic ability is explanation enough.

ZAHEER: Close your eyes and don’t let go of my hand.

I closed my eyes and let him lead me into one of the drama rooms. As soon as we entered I was hit with a fragrance, a beautiful sweet smelling fragrance. I couldn’t quite figure out what the smell was because soon I could smell food. The aroma of hot fresh bread to be precise. I couldn’t see much but my senses were telling me that I was in for a treat.

ZAHEER: Open your eyes.

I opened them.

Before me was a table beautifully set for two and in the middle of it, I could see french bread. Everything was decorated in red: red tablecloth, red tissues, red flower petals on the floor.

I turned towards Zaheer with a ridiculous smile on my face.

ME: What is all of this?

ZAHEER: Since I couldn’t bring you to France, I brought France to you, well some of it anyway.

He walked over to the table and pulled out a seat for me.

ZAHEER: After you my lady.

ME: Why thank you good sir! How did you pull all this off?

Zaheer took a seat beside me.

ZAHEER: The drama department loves me! I asked them very nicely if I could use one of the rooms and they said yes. Then I bought a whole lot of things that I saw in France and voila, our own little France.

ME: I love it.

Zaheer put his hand out across the table and soon my fingers were tied up in a knot with his. He drew lazy circles on my wrist and I couldn’t help but smile.

ZAHEER: I really did miss you

ME: I missed you too

ZAHEER: I saw a cafe just like this where everything was red and I wanted you to be there to see it with me, but you weren’t. So thats why everything is red. And before I forget, these are for you.

He handed me the box he had been holding onto.

ZAHEER: Aaliya insisted on buying the for you! She said it was unfair we couldn’t take you with us.

ME: Your sister is so cute! I think I like her more than you.

Zaheer rolled his eyes before he bent down and retrieved another box.

ZAHEER: And these are from me.

ME: More chocolate! Are you trying to make me fat?

ZAHEER: Yes. It’s pay back!

ME: Pay back? For what?

ZAHEER: When we were kids, you used to call me Zaheer the Fattie, Fatso, Fat Mohammed, Fat Zah!

I started to laugh uncontrollably, unable to stop!

Not because what he said was funny, but because I remembered calling him that the once and he started crying! The thought of a chubby 11 year old Zaheer crying was hilarious. And then he and I started to have our daily dose of arguing. Once again, we were pulled in to this whole other world, where only he and I existed. After laughing and defending our ‘fat’ stories for what seemed like hours, Zaheer stood up and held out his hand.

ZAHEER: Yasmeen Raheem, Can I have this dance?

ME: There’s no music?


ZAHEER: On the contrary mademoiselle, dancing to no music is the best kind.

Before I could argue, he pulled me up and began to spin me around. He was light on his feet and I was impressed. I had no idea what I was doing so I just followed him as best I could, trying really hard not to step on his feet.

ZAHEER:So, am I forgiven?

ME: Forgiven for what?

ZAHEER: For leaving you here in this crap hole.

I laughed and smiled.

ME: It wasn’t so bad. I made new friends!

ZAHEER: Who? Those South African girls?

I nodded my head.

ZAHEER: They don’t like me very much…

ME: Do I even want to know why they don’t like you?

He gave me a guilty look.

ZAHEER: Let’s just say I pulled a prank on the girl in the year above. She didn’t like it very much.

So Zaheer explained the prank that he pulled on Safiya and I could not blame her for hating him. He was terrible and horrible but even I couldn’t hide the fact that his prank was hilarious. Only Zaheer Mohamemd would think of doing something as stupid as what he did!

And so when the teacher walked into the room, the sight she probably saw was me breaking down in tears of laughter in Zaheer’s arms.

TEACHER: What is going on in here you two?

ZAHEER: Miss! This is Yasmeen, remember I told you about her?

TEACHER: Zaheer, of course. Only you can make a racket like that.

ME: Er- Hi. Sorry.

TEACHER: Don’t forget to clear this room up once you’re done!

ZAHEER: Thanks.

And with that she left us alone. Zaheer reached for my hand and smiled.

ZAHEER: Nice ring.


ME: Thanks! It was a gift.

ZAHEER: Oh really? Might I ask who bought you these rings?

ME: A friend. You might know him. Short, fat, slightly balding?

He gasped.

ZAHEER: Hey! I am not balding… Am I?

ME:  I’m kidding! Your hair is fine.

ZAHEER: So, I’m your friend?

ME: Well what else would you be?

ZAHEER: I was thinking more along the lines of…

ME: Of?

ZAHEER: If I tell you, are you going to tell your friends?

ME: Do you want me not to?

ZAHEER: It’s up to you.

He smiled and a moment of silence enveloped us before Zaheer cleared his throat.

ZAHER: I’m pretty sure you know what I want to be in your life.

ME: I’m not quite sure Mr. Mohammed. Please, enlighten me

ZAHEER: 2 words. Take a guess.

ME: That’s a tricky one. Lets see, best friend? No, that can’t be it. Body guard? No wait. Thats one word.

ZAHEER: Actually…

He began to say as he walked towards the table and retrieved a large box.

ZAHEER: I know this isn’t very French, more Italian to be honest but…

He opened the box to reveal the cheesiest margarita pizza and a few scribbles on the box.

ZAHEER:  Will You be My girlfriend?

Will you be my Girlfriend?
Will you be my Girlfriend?

361 thoughts on “Part 51 – France away from France

  1. W says:

    MISS Author!! I LOVE this post. just soooo romantic ;;)

    hope one day you’ll find a guy who will treat u the same way Zah is treating Yas! 😛

  2. Zax says:

    Omg! Zaheeeeeerrr! Aaaah! Finalllyyy!! *happy dance* This chapter was soooo sweeeett! <3. Loved it ! :D. The pics are super cool. Can Zaheer get any more Sweeter ??!! Now Yasmeen better say 'Yes'!!!

  3. Faaiza says:

    OMG!!!!! This was such an “aaawwwwhhh” post ♥♥ 😀 Zah is such a romantic & an amazingly sweet guy! 🙂 ♥
    I hope Yas says yes *happy dance* 😀 oooohh pizza, now I’m hungy! 😦 still an hour to go for iftaar, but hey I got pizza for iftaar 😀 yaayyy me 😉 lol ok sorry I went off topic, blame it on the hunger 😉

    It was so sweet of Zah to bring France to Yas just coz she couldn’t go there.. 😉 And he even apologised for leaving her behind..
    Can’t wait for the next post!! 😀 u gotta give us another post later tonight, or even midnight 😉 please don’t say no! Its the days of Ashura 🙂 and u know u wanna give us another post 😉

      • Faaiza says:

        Jee jee *angel face* makin lots of dua u give us another post or 2 tonight 😉

        C’mon Ms Authorness how can u tell us no during these blessed days *eyelashes* would u prefer us nagging u insead? 😛

      • Shaakira D says:

        LoL but if u make the intention of the new post as a gift to us u will get reward and we will make extra dua 4 u;;)its a double win-win situation 4 u:D PlzZzz imagine all the DOAD family making dua for u iftaar time!*crossing my fingers*hope this’ll work;P..ohh and a fasting persons dua’s are excepted esp @ iftaar time x_x (I’m trying to think of more ways to motivate our request for a new post 2nyt)=))

    • Faaiza says:

      Sharky is right Ms Authorness!! Please don’t say no to us 😦 of course we always make dua for u 😀 but today & tomorrow is extra special, coz I’m sure a lot of our DOAD family members here are fasting, all our duas for u today & tomorrow will definitely be accepted In Sha Allah 🙂

      C’mon Ms Authorness pretty please give us another post :d

      • dubain01 says:

        ahahahahahahhahahahaha!! LOEVE YOU GUYS LOTS LIKE JELLY TOTS

        No post tilll tomorrow 😉 It’ll be everyone’s prezzie after they break fast….. 😉

  4. ♥MasoOo♥ says:

    OooooW zah is jst tooooOooo cute #lovestruck ♥ nice way to ask her to be ur gf ♥ #ouliknis ….can’t wait to see what she says ……nxt post 🙂

  5. HaAj says:

    Oooh My Woooord…!! *holding my breath* & *dancing face*..!! This was a Super Duper Awesome Post..!! *love struck*…!! Zah&Yas are Just toooo cuteeeeee..!!! *eye lashes*..!! Ai Zah is tooo funny in front of those girls…he just….!! *laughing*..!! That just made the girls more curious..!! 😉 lol *big smile* I new he wudnt ask there Coz he has he’s plans *jumping up and down*..!!! Hes meeting was so cuteeeeee..!!! Zah: Since I couldn’t bring u to France, I brought France to Uu..!! *dancing face*..!! Will Uu be my girlfriend or is this too cheesy..!! Woooohaaaa that was cuteeeeee..!! *eye lashes* & *blushy* & *Butterflies* & *butting eyes*..!! Yas will be like Ofcz My Habibii..!! 😉 I was waiting for this day..!! 😉 haha Yas u gotta say Yipz..!! *holding my breath & waiting*..!! #Zah&Yas ♥ *love struck*..!! #Cuteness

    Did the teacher just catch them & did nothing..??!! *laughing*…!! Zah is clearly their favourite…!! *dancing face*..!!
    Zah is funny..!! Lol he pranked the poor girl..!! *laughing*..!!

    I want Pizza & food..!! 😉 My hungry button is jammed again..!! *can’t watch*..!! *laughing*..!!

    ★Tanx DOAD family…!! Uz made my day..!! *big smile*..!! I sent my tanx comment in the last post :-D..!! And My Aarie Applie I liss for apples *wink wink*.!!
    Xoxo Much Love..!! *big bear hugs*..!!

    • dubain01 says:

      ofcourse my habibi hahahaha Haaj, would you just like to come join meh and you can plan out ALL the convo’s between the two love birds 😉 😛

      Well Zaheer has a way with wordss…..:)
      hahahaha hungry button! Let’s all just get fat on pizza!
      Bigger hugs back at you haaaaaaj ❤ xoxo

    • Shaakira D says:

      Haaj…”my hungry button is jammed ‘again’..” Wasn’t ours always jammed?!=)) Aarie Applie is having an effect on us all, coz we all want apples now x_x even Faai!:P

      • HaAj says:

        Lol yes Shakoo..Our hungry buttons need to get fixed like asap..!! 😉 lol Ooh Aarie Applie will be glad she had this incredible effect on us.!! Love her lotz *hugs*..!!

      • Faaiza says:

        Noooo sharky, I actually want Apple Crumble 😛 but its kinda the same thing neh? 😉 coz it still has apples in in lmao!! 😛

      • Aarie Applie says:

        I think I was born without a hungry button *embarrassed*
        Oooh yesss *dancing* I’m having an effect on url =))
        It sounds like I’m an apple lover to those that don’t know the joke behind it *laughing*
        Love u too Haaj *hugs*

      • HaAj says:

        Lol Aarie Applie that’s a story that love :-D..!! And yess u are a apple lover ;-)..!! Mix that with lindt 😉 *hugs*..!! Faaiza u got secrets now 😉 ..!!

      • Aarie Applie says:

        Yeah that’s our inside joke that only BA members would get =))
        Αη∂ to the others out there……I’m NOT αη apple lover *laughing*

      • Aarie Applie says:

        Hahaha haaj I told уσυ that уσυ need to forget bout that story! Its kinda embarrassing *cant watch* aahh of course the lindt!! *droool* faai is sharing wid me her lifetime supply *dancing*

      • HaAj says:

        My Aarie Applie dnt feel shy..!! 😀 That story is too cuteeeeee…!! *eye lashes*..!! Yes ur lindt supply..!! 😉 that uz don’t wanna share with us 😉 :'(.!!

  6. anon says:

    Haha well as a reader I like to boost authors confidence and mind you not only authors…but its good to make people happy 🙂

  7. Awesome Moh says:

    Lovely post !!! My english skills hv seriously improved since iv started reading this blog hehehe..awesome as always !! 🙂

  8. Fan! says:

    Sorry about that! Was drooling and didn’t realise my hand was on the keyboard lol! That pizza looks sooo good 😛 cheesy or not, I’ll take that pizza 🙂
    ZAHEER 😉 My oh my oh my! He is the King of Romance 😀 every post I fall deeper and deeper inlove with him 😉 #confession If only I could pull him out of this blog and place him in my life 😛
    Ms Author if I dream on Zaheer and I having a French datee, all ur fault 😮 But i wouldnt mind 😛 I’ll thank you in the morning haha 😀

    • dubain01 says:

      FAN! You really do know how to make my mornings 😉
      Your happily ever after with Zaheer…..errrr….ya…..we’ll see about that 😛
      hahahahaaha!!! Mwahzz so do you need to thank me for any err…..frenchy dreams 😉 xoxo

  9. sabee says:

    Awesome post :p it’s so cute what Zah did, I hope Yas says yes *fingers crossed* and the teachers saw them and did nothing :/ Zah is really a ‘teachers pet’…. now since I’ve had my daily dose of DOAD I can start studdyiing x_x Ehh but my eyes are burning 😥 I think I need some carrot juice 😀 lol and I think I’m the smallest here 😐 well from the people that comment. Soo ms amazing sweet awesome authorness it’s a sunnah to spend on your family since we have a DOAD family ;;) spend some time and give us another post pleeaassseeee

  10. ~$k¥~ says:

    no wayyy! Dis post jst provd dat zah isnt real!
    He is jst OUTTA DIS WORLD!

    Real guys dont do dat kinda stuf, rly! 😦

    Nevamind, 2m il jst hav 2 take myself 2 France away 4rm France, n pull out my red tbl cloth n red dinner set….

    Thanx 4 da wake up call mis D, n 4 da kewl idea 😉

    Zah is 4rm Planet Hearts n Flowers, da kind of alien dat has da power 2 make grlz melt….. Ahhhhh!

    • N says:

      Hey Ms.Sky , I was just wondering, do you go by the name of Bright Sky at times? I know someone by the name of Bright sky, not sure if its the same person..

    • FattyPoo says:

      Thank you dear authoress for this AMAZING post …..loved loved looooooooooovvvvveeeeed it ! 😀

      Hahaha ~$k¥~ your comments are so detailed 😀 lol planet hearts and flowers :p

  11. ~$k¥~ says:

    @N, nope, im jst sky wit dollars n yens. I dnt read otha blogs… No tym un42n8ly…

    My heart belongz 2 DoaD 🙂

    Oh n sory mrT, U cant b my beeg bro… Ure my laaitie 😉 hi 5!

  12. ~$k¥~ says:

    lollz mis D 🙂

    I hav many titles, i am sweetooo, mummy, khala, foy n chaachi 😉 glad i can be jst sky here ;D

    We haf a century down, yayy! Way da go misD! Here’s a much deservd pat on da back 4 u, xoxo

    Da name Aarie Applie crax me uppp hahaha… But call me slow if u want, but i dnt get it? Am i misn sumthn?

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