Part 63 – Cheesecake Factory


Crazy Chocolate Cravings  ♥

National Day holidays were coming up… Zaheer was going away for the week for a wedding in Joburg. He didn’t really HAVE to go, it was distant family member that was getting married, but I guess all his connection were going down, including Waseem ( his mystery brother I had not yet met). Apparently it was the wedding of the year! I had really wanted to spend the last night with him, before he left me alone in Dubai…for ONE WHOLE WEEK! But I got a call from Rizwana that morning….

Me: Salaams Yasmeen, how you? I’m sorry haven’t been in much contact…been busy with my sister and her baba…

Yasmeen: Wasalaam, don’t sweat it babes! Dubai keeps you very busy. I’m alright and you?

ME: I’m very very alright! You’d never believe it…Uwais and I are together!

Yasmeen: (squeeling with joy) Oh my gaaawd! Congratz Rizwana!! I want ALL the details?!?!?

Me: How about we have supper? You, me, Uwais, Zaheer! A double date?!?

Yasmeen: Yes yes, definitely Rizzu! When you leaving???

Me: Monday….

Monday. That was tomorrow…That was also the day Zaheer was leaving…

Yasmin: That’s quite soon. Okay listen let’s have supper tonight. Lemme just check with Zaheer….. I’ll call you back and let you know where and when!

Me: Okay awesome, see you soon!

To have supper or not to have supper, that was the question….As much as I wanted to spend time with Zaheer before he left to go to Joburg, I wanted to see Rizwana. I weighed up my options.  I see Zaheer every day at school, and I wouldn’t be seeing Rizu till I next went to Durban so I came up with the ingenious plan of seeing them both. Supper for four was booked at the cheesecake factory! I was super excited.  I slipped into my outfit for the night, a simple creme lace blouse, teamed with my floral printed jeans and these new creme pumps I had bought online from this fabulous store in Dubai. The nights were cold, and so were the restaurants and malls so I grabbed my jersey, put on a little lippie, fastened my scarf into place, sprayed the perfume Armaan had gotten for Eid and checked my phone. Zaheer texted to say he was waiting outside…

ME: Mummy, I’m going now

MUM: Where you going?

ME: I told you I’m going for supper, with that girl I met at the fashion show, Rizwana.

MUM: Okay, don’t be out too late. Keep your phone on…And phone me if you need me to come fetch you!

ME: Okaaaay Salaamas

And I was out. She didn’t exactly know the details of who else I was having supper with. But I guess she wanted me to get out the house! I had been a real couch potato lately, lounging around all day, reading blogs,good ole fashion chilling, ooooh and eating lots and lots of chocolate ..…I don’t know why, but I felt like I was eating for two. I had weird random cravings for baking at midnight, and ice cream in the morning. I felt like a pregnant woman, my appetite had even doubled!!! Like I was eating for the little non-existent baby growing in my belly. I got into the car and told Zaheer about my being pregnant theory. He found it HILLARIOUSLY funny

ZAHEER: (laughing) Sooo… preggerz? (wink) Congratulations man! Who’s the father?

ME: (looking at him with an annoyed expression) YOU!!!

ZAHEER: Aww…. I’m gunna be a daddy!

ME: (shoving him lightly) Shurrup Zah! (laughing)

ZAHEER: So what we naming It?? (taking my hand into his and playing with my fingers)

ME: It’s not an IT! It’s a baby, it has feelings you know…

ZAHEER: Maaf mummy, so what names you have in mind Sweetie?

ME: Oh I dunno, Honey! No heavy long hectic names…

ZAHEER: (tickling the palm of my hands) Hmm….So is it a boy or girl ?? (smiling his lopsided smile)

ME: What would you want? (entwining my fingers through his)

ZAHEER: Either. As Long as I’m the father…that baby is going to have killer looks! (laughing)

ME:  Ya yaa, your big fat blue bum! And what about their mother??

ZAHEER: Their?!?! Wait, plural?? We having twins??(smiling his big goofy smile) Double Trouble (wink)

ME: (laughing) Nooo,  triplets!! You know…. 3….odd number! It’s sunnah (big cheesy smile)

ZAHEER: (nodding his head) You and all your sunnah’s! (playing with my fingers)

His touch made the butterflies in my tummy come back…

ME:  Zaheeeeeer!

ZAHEER: (looking up into my eyes) Yassssssss!

ME: I’m going to miss you….

ZAHEER: I haven’t even gone yet!

ME: Do you have to go for this wedding? (making big eyes puppy face)

ZAHEER: Err, yes! If my father tells me I gotta go, I gotta go. You dunno him….you dunno how he is…. (moving his gaze of my eyes)

ME: I don’t??? (tilting his face up to look at me) Then tell me about him.

ZAHEER: Naa, don’t want to ruin tonight. Come on, we here.

We got off the car and made our way to The Cheesecake Factory to find Rizu and Uwais there. WOW! They were such an adorable couple!
Me: Heyy doll, you look amazing!

(Doll….that reminded me of Uzair)

Yasmin: Aww thanks, you looking gorgeous as well! Rizu this is Zaheer, Zaheer this is Rizwana and her boyfriend Uwais.

The guys greeted each other, and started their usual chit chat of sports. For guys that have never met each other before, they got on really well.

ZAHEER: Eh, we coming just now…I’m going to show Uwais those soccer boots

ME: Okaay, dont be too long!

They walked off leaving us ladies to have our girl time!

Yasmeen: So spill, I want to know everything!!!

Me: Well we kind of like had a heart to heart after leaving here, than he admitted being into me! I was soo happy, than when I admitted I liked him too, he handed me this cute bear!!( showing her a picture)

Yasmin: Oh my word that’s so adorable!! So cute and sweet and thoughtful….Zaheer also asked me ‘officially’…He set up this whole room in school, decorated it in red with roses and then he pulls out a box of pizza.. (smiling) and on the inside of the box it was written ‘Will you be my girlfriend or is this too cheesy?’ (laughing)

ME: (laughing) Oh my god that is cheesy!! But very romantic… hey, i forgot to tell you, my sister said you should come home. She wouldn’t mind designing something for you if you like? She wants to get her name out

Yasmin: Oh my word!!! Are you serious?!? Thanks man. Yes, I will definately pop in with my mother sometimes. Can I have her Pin or address??

Me: I’ll BB it to you.

Then the guys arrived. We all headed towards the table sat down and ordered our food.  I warned them the servings were huge so we all decided to share. We ordered our food. We talked we laughed. The guys got on really well. They were both big big fans of Man United so there was no problem in keeping the conversation going

ME: Oh my god! Do you boys thik of anything else other than soccer?!?!

ZAHEER: I think about you (drapping his arm around my waist pulling me closer)

ME: Zaheeeeer

UWAIS: (laughing) Too right! (draping his arm over Rizu’s shoulder) We love our soccer, but we love you girls even more

OMG! Soooo cute he gave her a kiss on her head….I looked up into Zaheer’s eyes. A smile spreading across his face. His lips were so close to mine. But we were in public, so I quickly looked away and motioned for the waiter to come

RIZWANA: What you ordering now??

ME: Cheesecake! Duh we came to ‘The Cheesecake Factory”. Can’t leave without having cheesecake


ME: Then you guys can take it to go (laughing) Seriously, you’ll thank me the oreo cheesecake is to DIE for

UWAIS: Did she say Oreo! Yasmeen order away!

So we ordered 2 slices of Oreo cheesecake. And before the war over who was going to pay broke out I quickly told Rizu and Uwais it had alreday been taken care of

UWAIS: What do you mean its been taken care of?

ZAHEER: Remember how I said I was going to the bathroom earlier on…ya….well….I lied

RIZWANA: eh man you sneaky little thing

ME: Aww thanks (laughng) You guys are our guests! It was our treat

ZAHEER: Well…..MY treat…I payed

I shoved him hard in his gut, Uwais and Rizwana found that funny

UWAIS: Fine fine, but then when you’ll come down to Durban we get to treat you guys

ME: Deal!

We got our cake to go and left the restaurant Zaheer and Uwais exchanged pins and watsap numbers while Rizwana and I had a heavy heart goodbye

ME: (hugging her) You better hold onto Uwais. I’ve seen the way he looks at you! He’s deffo a keeper

RIZWANA: As if I’m ever going to let him go (pulling away) You and Zaheer, stay as sweet as you are! You guys are like two pea’s in a pod!

ME: Don’t forget me now!

RIZWANA: Impossible! You better gimme a ring when you come to Durban

ME: (holding out my pinky) Pinky promise

RIZWANA : (Looking confused) Err, (laughing, linking her pinky through mine) Pinky promise!

And then Zaheer and I watched them leave. We still had an hour to kill

ZAHEER: (wrapping his arms around me from behind) Baskin Robbins

ME: (looking into his eyes) You read my mind

Baskin Robbins was on the ooooother side of the world, well the other side of the mall. So while we walked, we talked, about this wedding he was going to, what he was going to wear, how fancy the functions were going to be

ME: You better take pictures! Seriously, I wanna see how your family just blows up moner

ZAHEER: Youre one to talk?? Did you not see how mnay drapes your aunty had for eid

ME: (nudging him) Shurrup!

We got to BR… The place was packed with people getting ice cream

ZAHEER: What you want?

ME: Err, I dunno…Surprise me

10 minutes later Zaheer and I were eating chocolate ice cream with chcolate fudge and whipped cream topped with chocolate sprinkles Did I mention in was in a LARGE cup!!!

ME: Eh you seriously spoiling me here! I’m going to obese at this rate

ZAHEER: (patting my tummy) I’m just thinking about the well being of our baby (wink)

ME: (moving his hand away, laughing) Ya yaaaa, suure and how you know what MY baby wants??

ZAHEER: Hmm…its the daddy instinct (wink)

ME: You enjoying this whole parent hood talk…It’s so something I wouldn’t expect from you

ZAHEER: (draping his hand over my shoulders) Well…..if it were any other child then no. I wouldn’t wanna be a father. Or babysitter. Or whatever. But with you…I dunno I could picture us being helluva cool parents

This made the butterfly kingdom in my tummy erupt once again! Whenever Zaheer spoke about the future, our future, this was the effect it had on mee…

ME: Hmm…well lets just hope that you don’t change your mind

ZAHEER: I won’y (smiling that half a smile) I mean, what could possibly make me change my mind

ME: ooh I dunno. Maybe  a pretty girl?

ZAHEER: And where am I going to find a pretty girl if I already have the most most gorgeous girl in the whole of bloody Dubai?

ME: You’ll find her in S.A! (big cheesy smile)

ZAHEER: Yasmeen! Stop being like that… (giving me a knowing look, to shut me up)

ME: What? I’m just saying…(leaning my head onto his chest) Chill out. I’m only joking

ZAHEER: (kissing my head) I know, Come you finished with your ice cream? The drivers here.

So we left MOE (Mall of the Emirates) I had even started to call it moe…It was so much easier abbreviating words. We got to my house. Zaheer being the gentleman thta he is walked around, opened the door for me then held out his hand for me to take

ME: Why thank you Mr.Mohammed!

ZAHEER: How is it that you’re always thanking me whenever I drop you off at home?

ME: Because you;re just too kind and generous and loving!

ZAHEER:Aww, she even compliments! (checking my forhead) Where is all this niceness coming from.. You got the fever? You sure you not sick

ME: (swatting his hand off my forehead) Keep quiet! Goodnight Zaaah (turning to goo)

ZAHEER: (grabbing my hand) Hey, that’s no way of saying goodbye (pulling me towards him)

ME: Hmm…it isn’t….then How does one say goodbye Mr.Mohammed?

ZAHEER: Well first….one does not storm off…They must be relaxed so stop looking so tense and relax

ME: (smiling) I’m relaxed

ZAHEER: Second, they must thank the other for the wonderful evening they had thanks to the other persons credit card

ME: Zaheer!

ZAHEER: Saay it (winking)

ME: (sighing) Thank you for the wonderful evening…………….I am not saying the credit card part

ZAHEER: Fine, Step 3, show some sort of affection!

ME: (laughing) Really Zaheer….

ZAHEER: (stroking my face) Shhh….. (Bringing my fingers up to his lips holding them in mid air)It was my absolute pleasure to make your evening a wonderful one Ms. Raheem (kissing my hand)

And with that he dropper my hand, turned around and walked away. I thought he wasn’t going to turn around, but before he got into the car he stopped in his tracks, did a 180 and looked at me. It was now or never. I wasn’t going to see him for A WEEK! It was up to me….I didn’t have anything to say to him really…Just some ‘affection’ to show. Luckily I was wearing pumps so I ran and diver onto Zaheer to give him a hug! Only, he caught me, hugged me and swung me around instead of us falling onto the ground.

ME: (whispering into his hair) Zaheer

ZAHEER: (putting me back onto the ground) I love you Yasmeen

I couldn’t say it back to him. The last time I did, our whole relationship was jinxed so instead, I reached up and gave Zaheer a kiss on the cheek. This time I was the one to turn around and walk back to the house. When I looked behind me, Zaheer was already gone.

Sigh. This was going to be one helluva loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong week!

Yas's Floral Jeans...

Yas’s Floral Jeans…

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake

P.S. Here’s a shout out to Naadirah, Nabehah , Shaheerah & Sabeehah! Let me know if you want to give someone a shoutout! 😀 Much Love DOAD xoxo ♥

Part 62 – Mr.Right

Heyoooo!I’m back. Here’s the much anticipated Part 61. This post is dedicated to waz a waz one helluva awesome sauce-some reader that I adore to bits! 😀  Much Love DOAD xoxo ♥

Besties For Life ♥

Besties For Life ♥

So much had happened in the past week. A lot of good. A lot of bad. A lot happened! Plus as the days went by, I was getting closer to seeing my best friend!! To be able to give her a big bear hug, I was just counting down the days till she finally got here!! The Bobat’s were also coming after their family trip to Europe. Shame, ‘Fayaan’ were both already starting to complain about how much they gonna miss each other. God! They made me wanna puke sometimes…

(Over skype)

ME: GET a room you guys!!!

ZAYAAN: We are in a room (smiling) MY room. You’re actually currently disturbing us Yas…

ME: Ooh am I! Well watch how the whole of next week I’M going to have Fatimah all to my self!! Muwahahahahahaaa!!!

This was a daily thing Zayaan and I did over BBM, Watsapp and whenever Fatz and I skyped! We would fight over Fatimah…

FATIMAH: Guys guys, no need to fight over me! There’s plenty to go around…

ME: Pff, we not ‘fighting’ over you. I’m just telling Zayaan that you love me more! (batting my eye lashes)

ZAYAAN: Aren’t you suppose to be playing girl friend boy friend with Zaheeeer?!?! (Raising an eyebrow)

ME: Fatz just slap him for me! And no I’m not PLAYING a game Zay. Its called dating, its a relationship! Not a game

ZAYAAN: Aaaah. Thanks for that life lesson. Seriously I appreciate it. It’ll get me far in life!

ME: Fatz!

On qui, she slapped him with a pillow. Since I couldn’t be there to slap him in person, and the slaps I owed him were accumulating, she would just hit Zayaan for me

FATIMAH: Sooo where is Zaheer anyway?

ME: We got holiday this coming week. It’s National day, you know how we have freedom day in S.A., well these arabian dudey’s have national day. Pff can you believe it. We had to dress up in the flag colours yesterday! Eughh! Green, red, white and black. Err red’s not exactly my color so no thanks!!!

FATIMAH: (laughing) So then what you wore?

ME: Jeans, black top, scarf and my open front abaya! Total arab style!!

ZAYAAN: Aloooo! You still never answer her question. Where. Is. Zaheer.

ME: Why you soo eager to know?!?!  Not planning on coming after my boyfriend now are you (raising my eyebrows). First you stole my best friend…… Now Zaheer. Eh you obsessed with me!!!

FATIMAH: (rooaring with laughter) Oh my goood! Have I missed you my batchuu!!!!

ME: See! She loves me more. I’m her batchuuu!

ZAYAAN: Is that so (wrapping his arms around Fatz, kissing her ear) Hmm… Well then she’s my Fati Patati!

ME: Oh whatever!! Blaagh! You guys make me wanna puke!

FATIMAH: Now you know how I feel when you tell me about Uzair and Zaheer! Where is Zaah anyway?!?

ME: You’ll made me go off topic! Soo as I was saying, Zah and them are going down to joburg for the week, cause of the holidays. Some family wedding is happening there, so he’s busy packing now. But I’ll see him tonight

ZAYAAN: Aww! So then don’t you have to plan whatchu gonna wear? Don’t you have anything else to do other than waste my time?

ME: Faaatz!

Again, Zayaan caught a pillow beating from his girlfriend while I just laughed away…

FATIMAH: You two seriously need to suck it up this December and just GET ALONG! You’ll acting like children!

ZAYAAN AND ME: We are children!


And that set us all laughing agin for another good 5minutes

ME: (wiping away a tear of laughter) Eh, you’ll too much! Listen I gotta go.

FATIMAH: Whyy? Its still early?

ZAYAAN: Lover boy is waiting for her (wink)

FATIMAH: Chat a little longer. You only seeing him in the night…

ME: Yaa! But I  needa go plan my outfit (wink)

ZAYAAN: See! Don’t I know your bestie so well!?!

ME: (laughing) I’ll leave you two in peace! Stay as cute as you are my favouritest couple! Send my love to Nuha! Love you Fayaan.

FATIMAH: Loove you too baabes

ZAYAAN: Err, I’m warming upto you. Not yet ‘loving’ you

Fatimah nudged him hard in his gut!

ZAYAAN: Uffff!!!! (Holding his tummy) Jokes jokes Yasmeen( fake smile) LOVE you!

FATIMAH: Much better! Have fun

ME: You too salaams doll

And with that the skype call ended. I had actually kinda sorta lied, or not told Fatz the whole truth of why I had to go. I was meeting Zaheer for supper, and my outfit was already planned (duh) The real reason I ended the call was because I had arrangements. So as I sat there contemplating weather I was doing the right thing or not, my skype started to ring. It was Uzair. I looked at the time. 5 o clock ON the dot! That boy was always so punctual…  I took a deep breath in and answered the call. All of a sudden I could see his face. Staring at me through the screen. This heat began to spread from my neck all over my face. I turned away from the camera hiding my now very tomato red face!

ME: Err one second. Just getting my…. (Looking around my room) my water bottle!

UZAIR:  Hello to you to Yasmeen. No problem take your time…

ME: Got it. Wow! So that’s how much you’ve grown since I last saw you??

UZAIR: Hmm sarky??

ME: Noo I’m being serious. You’ve gotten taller? Eh, you Bobats are like tree’s man!

UZAIR: (laughing) And you got……shorter. Eh, you Raheems are real midgets!

ME: Take that back! But yes, I admit I have gotten shorter. Fake tear fake tear (wiping away the fake tears)

UZAIR: So how you been? How’s Dubai?

ME: I’ve been alright! Lot’s of tests coming up in Jan though so just a lot of prep work. And you??

UZAIR: I’m on holiday (smiling) Nooo campus for the next 6 weeks! Such bliss

ME: (laughing) If you trying to make me jealous, its not working!

UZAIR: Wasn’t trying to make you jealous…Now I’m just chilling and waiting to leave Durban to go London!

ME: London! You will LOVE it! We went there last year! But you’ll going in winter so you better pack warm…

UZAIR: Yaa, Fayaaz said it was going to be FREEZING! Eh what’s the weather like in Dubai? Dunno what to pack…

ME: The weather here…… Is gorgeous! Dubai winters are just fab! The nights are chilly the days are cool and breezy. Its not a wet Durban hailing winter. Its just… lovely….

UZAIR: Soooo….light jackets and jerseys?

ME: Definately (laughing) When are you’ll off to London?

UZAIR: Same day the Akoojee’s leave for Dubai

ME: Oooh. Nice (smiling)

UZAIR: Soo, you wanna start or should I?

ME: I love how you get down straight into business (smiling). First things first, whatever I tell you, Nuha can’t know I told you. We can tell her together when she comes to Dubai. Deal?

UZAIR: Done! Thanks for doing this Yas. Really. I need answers…

I thought back to last week. After I cut the skype call with Fatimah and Nuha, Uzair called me. I hadn’t heard his voice or spoke to him in months! I was soo…shocked….Definately caught off gaurd by his phone call.

UZAIR: Look, before you cut the call. Don’t. I know I’ve been all AWOL recently but now, this is more important. This whole Yumna thing

ME: I…I…Uzair… I can’t tell you. You needa ask Nuha

UZAIR: I did! She won’t tell me. I even asked all the boys but they all being tight lipped. I dunno what to do?!?!

ME: Look I need to go Uzair

UZAIR: Just think about it! Please. How am I supposed to make things right if I don’t even know whats wrong?

ME: (sighing) Fine. I’ll think about it. No promises.

UZAIR: Thanks

And I had thought about it the whole week, when yesterday I BB’d Uzair telling him I’d give him all his answers. So here we were, skyping….. It was like 99.99% awkward. But that 0.01% felt normal

ME: Okay. Well shoot. Ask me anything

UZAIR: I don’t exactly have a question. Its more like a demand… Tell me everything.

I silently hoped that Nuha would forgive me, but it was un fair that Uzair still didn’t know. So I told him EVERYTHING! From start to finish. But because he was Uzair Bobat, he asked me questions after EVERY single sentence!

ME: Duude! Lemme finish!

UZAIR: Sorry sorry… Carry one

But he never did stop asking his questions. I guess he wanted to know it all in detail.

UZAIR:  So it was Yumna?  Yumna’s the best friend? (running his fingers through his hair) She’s the culprit?

ME: Correction, the ex best friend…(After a moment of silence) You still do that?

UZAIR: (looking confused) Do what?

ME: (smiling a side wards smile) Run your fingers through your hair…

UZAIR: (giving me a shining smile) Old habits die hard!

ME: Soooo is Yumna an old habit?

UZAIR: No way man! You crazy! There’s more to this chick than meets the eye and I’m only realizing this now.

ME: Listen I dunno weather you two are still dating bu…

UZAIR: We not, well I dunno my self. I told her last week there was stuff I needed to sort out and that she and I should take a break. She had her chance to come clean Yas. If she wanted to tell me, she could’ve told me then…

ME: I knoow. I know. But the reason why Nuha never told you was because Yumna made you happy. And if Yumna does make you happy then…

UZAIR: Then? Then what? I could never look at her the same after hearing about all of this! We all get up to crap in our lives. But at the end of the day, I’m not going to force my self to be around someone I can no longer stand

ME: (sighing) Fine fine, do what you want. We all just want to see you happy Uzzi (smiling)

UZAIR: All? Define all?

ME: We worry sick about you! Zayaan, Nuha, Fatimah, Me, Ridwaan! Even Armaan was wondering what happen to you…

UZAIR: Aah! But not Zaheer…

ME: Oh what has Zaheer got to do with this anyway. Forget him. Focus on what WE think about you and what WE want for you. We want you to be happy, kallas!

UZAIR: You been doing Arabic for what, 3 months now, and that’s the best you can doo???

ME: (laughing) I’m just getting started!

Then I launched my self into a biography of my self in arabic. It was the only dialogue I knew off by heart…

UZAIR: (laughing) Child I dunno what you saying! All I caught was my name is Yasmeen, something about south africa and err… Yipp! That’s all I understood

ME: (laughing and shaking my head) Pff useless! Uzii, can I ask you something?

UZAIR: Shoot

ME: How’d you meet her? This Yumna? Where did you meet her? What made you like her? I know I’m being quite nosy…but I’m curious.

UZAIR: (running his fingers through his hair) Akh, its complicated. My head was messed up. She’s one of my friends sister, Sulaiman Karodia? Dunno if you know him

ME: No, i dunno him. Carry on

UZAIR: So ya, I met her at soccer the one day. I could see she was one of those girls that dint really do relationships. She needed a ride somewhere so I offered and that’s how he got talking We kept in contact.  A week later I was her boyfriend (nodding his head) should’ve known though…

ME: Known what?

UZAIR: That there was something that went down between Nuu and her. The first time I spoke to her, she even told me they use to know each other and…

ME: Uzair, don’t do this to your self! Non of us would’ve guessed. Its finished now
UZAIR: Well I wanna finish it once and for all (standing up)

ME: Where you going?

UZAIR: (sighing) To officially break up with Yumna.

ME: (laughing) You know that’s how I found about you and her! Through Facebook! Soo you might wanna start by changing your status…

UZAIR: The power of social networking eh! Yass…

ME: Gee…

UZAIR: Sorry. For going all AWOL on you

ME: (smiling warmly) Its totally fine!  Seriously, you got enough sorry’s to say at the moment save them for Nuha or Zayaan. Or your cuzzies. They your family

UZAIR: You also family!

That made me blush even more! Ya allah, Yasmeen get a grip!

ME: Well family doesn’t leave family so pinky swear no more going AWOL?!

UZAIR: Pinky promise! You still believe in pinky swears?!?

ME: What can I say, old habits die hard! (Wink) Hey, good luck with Yumna!

UZAIR: Thanks! In sha allah she doesn’t go ballistically mad with me and start throwing stuff! I dont wanna deal with a black eye

ME: (laughing) I’ll sit and make du’a you come back home in one piece. Chat to you soon

UZAIR: Salaams

And he was off. To go get rid of Yumna, to mend things with Nuha.

At the end of the day, he was Uzair Bobat, always Mr.Right!

Thank God for Skype...

Thank God for Skype…

Mr.Right aka Uzair Bobat

Mr.Right aka Uzair Bobat

Part 61 – My Poor Nu Nu’s



My poor Nu Nu! Shame, it was really such a shocking story, nothing any of us would have expected to happen on a normal Saturday afternoon. She was in tears over the phone with me. Zaheer’s driver dropped me off at home, and as soon as I was in the safety of my room, we had a skype session. Nuha was sobbing half the time so Fatz was filling me in on what happened. Apparently, Uzair pitched up with his new girl friend, that Yumna chick (I knew she was bad news) Now here’s where it gets juicy..

This Yumna, is the SAME girl Nuha’s ex boyfriend cheated on her with. Nuu never told anyone her name, Zayaan didn’t even know her name, he only knew her by face so when he opened the door that Nu had shut in their faces, he was shocked out of his socks to see Nuha’s ex best friends hand linked through Uzair’s. Uzair being…well….UZAIR, had NO CLUE what was going on. He was dating Yumna Karodia, his soccer friends sister, not his cousins ex best friend. It was a very hectic Saturday to say the least. The thing we all just could NOT wrap our head around, was why??? WHY would freaking stupid Yumna Karodia want to stir trouble in the Bobat household by coming for lunch?? She knew Uzair was Nuha’s cousin the moment she laid eyes on him! So WHY would she walk straight into her house, acting as if nothing had ever happened to them??? This was basically what happened….

Zayann let Yumna and Uzair into the house, Nuha ran to her room, Fatimah accompanying her not knowing why she was crying. Nuha’s mother, Aunty Faaiza and all her cousins were completely confuzzled as to what was going on. At that point, Zayaan was the only one that knew who Yumna really was…

UZAIR: Hey Zay, what happen to your sister??

ZAYAAN: (looking at Yumna) She felt a bit sick. Think her gag reflex was triggered

THAT had me in fits when they told me over Skype! Gag reflex….I thought Zayaan that insult!

UZAIR: Is she okay? Heard there’s a nasty bug going around

ZAYAAN: (staring looking grimly at Yumna) No, noo. She’s fine.

AUNTY FAAIZA: Uzair! You have grown so tall! I haven’t seen you for so long. And this is your friend… Yumna? Is that you Yumi?? Eh, you too, you’ll just keep growing!

Of course Aunty Faaiza would know Yumna! They use to have lift clubs when they were kids, when they USE to be best friends.

YUMNA: (finally speaking in her croaky toady voice) Err, gee, it’s… its been very long Aunty Faaiza… (looking down at her shoes)

UZAIR: (looking at both of them) Wait, you’ll both know each other? (smiling) This lunch won’t be so bad after all…

While Aunty Faaiza, Yumna and Uzair chatted away, Zayaan was busy filling in his cousins on the situation, explaining that Uzair’s ‘girlfriend’ just so happened to be the girl that got between Mo and Nuha. Being the tight knit group of Bobat’s that they are, they were furious, furious that this girl could have caused their first cousin so much pain and still have the nerve to walk into this house… Zayaan wanted to devise a plan on how to get this chick outta his house, because sooner or later he was going to loose it and just go mad! It was Haaj that came up with a brilliant idea

ZAYAAN: Look, I don’t want my mother finding out about all of this. Nuha’s been through enough.

RIDWAAN: How we gonna get this Yumna out the house without looking suspicious?

YAHYA: eh, you know how your mother is with questions. They never end!

HAAJ: Err, Guys, I got an idea

YUSUF: (smiling) That’s my girl (wrapping his arm around her waist)

HAAJ: (blushing) Since I’m the only girl here, I could make up some excuse and Yusuf and I will take Yumna out somewhere…

ISMAEEL: Ya, but what excuse?

HAAJ: I dunno……Oooo I GOT IT! We can say we don’t have cake for desert! And then Yusuf can take me and Yumna to Spar to get a cake…BUT I send Yumna in to get it, then as soon as she’ outta sight…….wait for it………….(long dramatic pause) WE DRIVE OFF AND DITCH HER!!!

The boys all looked at each other than at Haaj

ZAYAAN: Haaj…….that is Brilliant man!! (high fiving Yusuf) One clever girl you there! Okay, so we’ll go intervene and tell my mother?

HAAJ: Come on sugar! (kissing Yusuf on the cheek) Lets go kick some ex best friend butt!!! (punching her hand into the air, that girl was crazy, but we loved her)

ZAYAAN: Mummmyyy!! We forget to get dessert for lunch

YUSUF: I’ll go fetch it, Haaj and I will go

HAAJ: (siding next to Yumna) Hey, I’m Haaj (giving Yumna a tight unexpected hug)) OMG! We should totally get together sometime. Why don’t you come with (linking her arm through Yumna’s) Sorry Uzaaaaaair, I’m stealing your girlfriend for like 5minutes.

And with that Haaj,Yusuf and a very confused Yumna left to go to ‘Spar’. Uzair was left standing there surrounded by all his moody looking cousins, and they all seemed to be looking straight at HIM.

UZAIR: What? Whys everyone looking so down and out, (plopping him self onto the couch) And where’s my Nuhaa?

ZAYAAN: Really? You dunno?

UZAIR: Dunno what?


UZAIR: Yes, I know my own girlfriends name, so watcha guys think of her?? (switching on the tv)

ZAYAAN: (grabbing the remote switching off the tv) What we think of her? You actually have NO clue?

UZAIR: Not a clue whatcha talking about bra!

RIDWAAN: We ain’t your bra’s as long as you with that chick

UZAIR: Aaah, now I get it! You’ll don’t like Yummy….

ZAYAAN: Yummy? Seriously dude, of all niknames Yummy?

UZAIR: What? She is quite yummy (wink)

AHMED: Eh you sicken me Uzair! I haven’t seen you around! You know we cousins? You know we exist?

UZAIR: I have  a girlfriend now man!

ISMAEEL: So? Zayaan has Fatimah but he doenst go all AWOL on us! (huffing)

YAHYA: Yaa, you dated Yasmeen and still managed to have time for us, but with this new chick, she just seems like bad news… Yasmeen suited you more.

UZAIR: Yaa?! (shouting) Well where is she now?!? Huh, where’s Yasmeen?!? Oh thats right shes busy kissing some freaking Zaheer guy in bloody Dubai!

All the guys were shocked with his outburst!

UZAIR: (running his fingers through his hair) Whats your deal anyway??? Why you’ll all hating on Yumna???

Zayaan: (sighing) It’s cause…..

NUHA: No zay! Let me tell him

Everyone turned around in shock to see Nuha standing there, a tissue in her hand, a cup of coffee in the other. She walked towards the boys in the TV room…

NUHA: Err, could you guys leave? I kinda wanna talk to Uzzi. Alone…

ZAYAAN: You sure? We can tell him for you

UZAIR: Tell me?? Tell me what??

NUHA: Please Zay, I can handle it….Fatimah’s upstairs, go. (nudging Zayaan)

All the boys started to ‘ooooooooooooo’ which made everyone laugh. It killed the tension a bit. One by one the guys left the room, some went to the kitchen to eat, some went to the other TV room to watch the soccer match, Zayaan went up to chill with his other half. (#FAYAAN)

UZAIR: Well?

NUHA: So where’s your girlfriend?

UZAIR: Gone somewhere with Haaj and Yusuf… Why is everyone being so finicky about her anyway? As if she’s part of the mafia or something??

NUHA: (sitting on the chair opposite to the couch) Noo, not the mafia exactly. But there’s something you needa know….

UZAIR: Okaay then. Tell me. I don’t get what all this secracy is about!!

NUHA: (breathing) It’s not easy Uzzii… Its to do with Mohammad Ismail

Nuha was saying this to test Uzair. To see if he still cared, or if he had gone completely off the tracks  Anger flickered across his face, and Uzair clenched his fists. Yipp, he still cared!

UZAIR: What about him? What did he do to you? Did he come talk to you? What he said? Did you see him? I swear to god I’ll break his face!

NUHA: Noo noo noo. I said its to do WITH Mo…. I never said its about him… It’s… its….. its about Yumna

UZAIR: Well everything today was about Yumna! I was going to make her meet the family, meet you guys, introduce you’ll to each other. She’s such a nice girl once you get to know her

Nuha swallowed the big lump that formed in her throat. Should she tell Uzair? He sounded so happy…

UZAIR: I know I havn’t been here much lately, and I’m sorry for that. But its cause everything reminds me of her. Of Yasmeen. This house brings back memories of being with Yas on Eid. You remind me of her cause you’ll two are friends. But with Yumna, I forget about it all, I forget about Yasmeen. You get what I’m saying?

Nuha nodded her head. Of course she understood the heartbreak you feel after a break up. Its horrible. It ate her up alive when it happened with her and Mo. But she found her way of getting over things and that was with her family. For Uzair it was different. His family reminded him of Yasmeen. His way of getting over her was Yumna…

NUHA: Yess I get what you saying.

UZAIR: Yaa, so anyway what did you wanna tell me?

NUHA: (pausing for a moment) Just that… Just that….. Yumna seems like a very nice girl. (standing up to go) Sorry Uzzi. I needa go back upstairs. We were actually skyping Yasmeen before I came down

UZAIR: Oh. Well um,tell her I said hi…

Nuha went back upstairs, burst into the room and told us the whole story. I was GOBSMACKED! She clearly had the worlds bigggest heart, forsaking her happiness for Uzairs…Thats something!

ME: Nuu, you sure you going to be okay?

NUHA: Yes yes my dear Yasmeeen! I will survive this! I told you, I got my Omar (wink)

FATIMAH: Eh, all she does is talk about Omar, and I haven’t even met the guy! (laughing)

ME: YES! And how they dating, but not dating cause aaaall of a sudden Nuha Bobat is too holy for that isn’t?!?!

NUHA: Pff whatever guys. Eh what am I suppose to doooo?!? Yumna’s going to come back just now…

ME: Nuu, I know you didn’t wanna tell Uzair, but can I ask why? Why didn’t you tell him about that backstabbing little shit Yumna? What stopped you from telling Uzair?

UZAIR: What stopped her from telling me what?

Fatimah and Nuha turned around in shock to see Uzair standing in the doorway. My mouth was hanging wide open. And in a moment of surprise, I quickly ended the skype call not knowing what to say or doo….Uzair was about to find out about Yumna Karodia

Best Friends

Best Friends

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Part 60 – Nuha and Mohammad Part 2

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Back Stabbing Best Friend

Back Stabbing Best Friend



My best friend…My best friend in the whole wide world was sitting on my boyfriends lap, making out with him, slobbering all over his face. Like a freaking SLUG! I found it hard to breath all of a sudden. I felt like everything was closing in on me. Everyone turned to see who had just walked in,but I couldn’t see them. I couldn’t hear what Mo was saying. I couldn’t breath. My breaths became so short, that I started to cough uncontrollably. All I could see was my best friend and my boyfriend, their faces in shock to see me. I could feel something weighing down on my shoulders, and before I knew it I was running. Running away as fast as I could, away from that sick sight. That disgusting feeling of betrayal started to eat me up inside. I felt like someone was driving a stake through me. Call me dramatic, call me whatever the hell you want, but nobody had or ever will feel whatt I felt when I saw Mo and my best friend together. I ran home. Zayaan was waiting there, waiting for me to get back so he could shout at me but once he saw me, once he saw the state I was in, his broken betrayed smaller sister, his face became filled with concern…

ZAYAAN: Nuu, nuuu! Look at me! What happened? (enveloping me into a hug)

I couldn’t bring my self to say anything. The words wouldn’t form in my mind, my voice was croaky, I was hiccuping and crying and coughing. I was a mess. But I managed to say ONE word.

ME: (hiccup) M….M….Mohammed

And then I blacked out.

I only woke up the next day, and found my self tucked into my bed, Uzair was sitting on my bedside with Zayaan.

UZAIR: Salaams sleepy head, you feeling okay?

ME: What? When did you get here? Was I sleeping?

UZAIR: Shhhh, dont ask too many questions. The doctor said your head will hurt (standing up to go)  I’ll just leave you two alone

I wasn’t ready to be alone with Zayaan……he tried to slap me!!

ME: No, (grabbing Uzairs hand) Stay,please.

Pain flickered across Zayaan’s face. He was hurt that I didn’t trust him any more. He could see just how much he had broken me yesterday…

ZAYAAN: (walking closer to the bed) Nu, I’m sorry! I know that doesn’t suffice for what I did yesterday but I don’t take any of it back but…I’m still sorry…. what do you remember from yesterday?

ME: It’s okay (smiling) Yesterday? You mean….I’ve been asleep for 24 hours?

UZAIR: Yaaaa. um.. (whispering to Zayaan) You telling her or am I?

ZAYAAN: (hissing) Let her rest..The doctor said its what she needs…

ME: Nooo, tell me. Look I’ve slept for ages, I’ve had plenty of rest. Plus my memory hasn’t been erased. I still remember yesterday….

And all of a sudden the emotions came flooding back, the betrayal, the pain, the heartbreak EVERYTHING! It was too much to take  in all at once, I wanted my head to stop throbbing, I wanted my heart beat to slow down. I wanted to feel calm…

ME: (sinking my head into the pillow) The truth has to come out sooner or later. I prefer sooner… Please…Tell me I can handle it…

So they sat on either side of me on my bed and re played the events of yesterday. This is how it went down…

I had gotten home and before I could tell Zayaan what I saw at Mo’s house, I fainted. Zayaan called Uzair and told him to take care of me while he went off to see Mohammad. THIS was my favorite part 😀

He replayed how he got there to see Mo and my best friend together. Not once did he hesitate. He walked straight into his room, cracked his knuckles than took a huge swing and punched him across his face. Uzair was in fits laughing when Zayaan was explaining to us how Mo started to scream out of pain! (Yes, us Bobats are pretty damn heartless) Zay threatened Mo and told him to NEVER cross his path or mines. Again, not flinching once, he looked at my best friend………AND SPAT ON HER SHOES (did I mention I have the best brother ever). He mumbled something to her about  being ‘an easy chick’ and a few other nasty statements. Then he walked outta that place…. LIKE A BOSS!!!

Luckily, while Zayaan was telling me his story, I had my tub of chocolate ice cream so as I cried and listened and laughed I ate my way through an entire tub! Uzair had stayed the night with us telling me that Mo never even bothered to come and find Zayaan to settle the punching score, or to come and apologize to me! I figured he and I were done. That two time cheating bloody freaking rascal! He deserved to rot in hell for all I cared! I wanted to just start throwing stuff around, starting with the many little gifts he had gotten me over the years. All of a sudden I had this URGE to rip of the heads from the teddy bears he had won for me at a fair. But by then I was emotionally exhausted so instead of asking Uzair and Zayaan the 101 questions I still had, I decided to sink my head back into my pillow and drift off to la la land…where my dreams were sweet, where Mohammad Ismail did NOT exist…

Over the months I healed. This was the time I depended most on my brother and Uzair. They might have been boys, but they were sensitive and strong for me. I never bothered phoning Mo or my best friend, or any of my old ‘so called’ friends. It was around this time that Uzair got a girl friend. (aka Yasmeen) He was always there for me but  from that point on I had to accept I wasn’t the only girl in his life. As much as he wanted me to meet her, I wasn’t ready to start trusting people again, and he respected that. Seeing him happy in a relationship, I was jealous, but also happy that he found someone. Weather he trusted her or not, I had been betrayed by my best friend AND boyfriend. I lost faith in everyone  except my family.

Allah was truly on my side after the breakup. Not once did I have to come face to face with Mo, not once was I forced to see him and have to deal with all my emotions. I let the grudge go…slowly. I healed and got over him. The only time I ever saw him was during Ramadan, 2months ago, at Ci Gusta. Luckily I wasn’t alone. That was 6 months after the breakup. I had learned to love and trust again, and I had the two most amazing friends anyone could ask for, Fatimah and Yasmeen. It was a shock for me to see Mo. We were bound to bump into each other sooner or later, and I’m glad it happened and it was finished. It was in the past.  I thought it would bring back old feelings for him, but it didn’t. There was nothing left for us to say to each other, there was nothing left between us…


And now, now I was happy, with Omar. He was sweet soft caring, above all he brought out the better side of me. He was a hafaiz, and before you start judging him, we haven’t exactly done anything. We see each other only in the presence of other people, never alone. We don’t go on dates, we don’t kiss each other good night. I’m not justifying anything, I guess its still wrong, but at the same time, he makes me happy, and he doesn’t get scared talking about marriage and settling down. He’s a few years older than me, okay 4 years older than me, 22. Like a typical good guji son he’s becoming a doctor (how original) But he wasn’t forced to. He has this crazy weird passion for biology! Oh well, whatever floats his boat….

I’ve been happy with Omar for the past 2months. I met him at our Eid function and we’ve known each other ever since. My life finally had that perfect balance between family time, my love life, my studies and most importantly my religion. The only one thing I was lacking was my cousin, Uzair. I missed that boy. Ever since Yasmeen left he became all M.I.A. on us. We tried and tried to get him to open up but that just seemed to make things worse and he stopped coming to see us. His daily visits to our house became weekly which turned into monthly. Now, I was lucky to talk to him for 5 minutes! But then we got a surprise phone call from non other than Uzair….

MUM: Uzair, darling! It’s been too long. So nice to hear your voice? How are things?

UZAIR: Alhamdulillah they alright…Err I wass wondering if I can come over on Saturday? Haven’t seen Zayaan and Nuha for a while

MUM: (laughing) You’ve never needed an invitation before, you always welcome at home! Come, yes yes, we haven’t seen you in soo long!

UZAIR: Yaa… you mind if I bring along a friend?

MUM: Not at all, so we’ll see you Saturday then?

UZAIR: Gee Salaamualaykum

I was so psyched! Normally, Uzair would NEVER phone. He would just rock up whenever he felt like it. This time around my mother actually prepared lunch for him. Zayaan invited all the cousins, Ridwaan, Ahmed, Yahya, Ismaeel, he even invited Fatimah (duh, his girlfriend, those two were inseparable)

ME: Eh, don’t forget to invite Yusuf? And Haaj!

ZAYAAN: You mean that big chatterbox??

ME: (laughing) Don’t be dissing Haaj! I promise you there won’t be a single dull moment with Haaj around

So the guest list was set, lunch was cooked  and Saturday finally arrived. I decided to wear my long floral dress! Spring had finally arrived in Durban, well sort of. The weather was being really Bipolar, but Saturday was a brilliant gorgeous sunny day! Soon, the cousins started to arrive, Ridwaan and his brother, then Yahya and Ahmed. Then finally FATIMAH CAME! I had been seeing loads but she was always with Zayaan. Eh, the award for cutest couple goes to….FAYAAN! She was forever here, not that I minded one bit. She provided the perfect distraction to keep Zayaan pre occupied so that he couldn’t figure out I had a boyfriend.The only thing that was really missing was Yasmeen. And Fati Pataati felt it as well. I ran up to her giving her the biggest bear hug

ME: Fatooooo! My darling It’s been too long

FATIMAH: (laughing) Really? Missing me soo much even though I saw you like…..err….yesterday!

ME: Correction! You saw me for like 5 minutes…Too busy lost in my brothers eyes (nudging her) I miss my Yasmeen

FATIMAH: I knooow! We’ll see her soon enough In sha allah,Now she’s not here so gimme another hug Nuu!

ZAYAAN: Woah woah woah save some tlc for me babe (Fatimah and I were still hugging)

ME: You can have her! (untangling my self from Fatimah)

ZAYAAN: (laughing) Your loss is my gain (walking over to Fatimah, draping his arms on her waist) Helloooooo there Fati Patati!

FATIMAH: You promised you were going to stop calling me that (tilting her head to one side)

ZAYAAN: Aw, you’ll always be my Fati Patati (kissing her on the cheek and running away before she could slap him)

I was in fits laughing! The sight of those two were just too funny. Just then the door bell rang. Wait, we had a door bell?? Since when?? Nobody ever rang it, everyone just walked straight into our open Bobat household…

ME:  I’ll get it!!! (opening the door)

No. Nooo! Nooo!!!

It can’t be!

It couldn’t be…. NO!

The nerve…she had…..I mean….

What The Freaking hell?!?

What…what was she even DOING….Here??

Of all places…HERE! My house….

This….was…..all….It was just….

It was just too much!!!

And before I knew what I was doing I slammed the door in Uzair and Yumna Karodia’s face! I leaned against the door, my legs feeling weak. Oh god I really hope I wasn’t going to faint again…

Zayaan- Like A Boss

Zayaan- Like A Boss

Family Over Everything!

Family Over Everything ♥

Part 59 – Nuha and Mohammad Part 1

Yin to my Yang...

Yin to my Yang…

Mohammad Ismail. The love of my life, the boy of my dreams. He was the yin to my yang,  the guy that stole my heart.  I thought I would spend the rest of my life with him. Oh well, a girl can dream… And I dreamed big and fancy. I had planned everything, our fairy tale wedding, living in a huge Westville house, Mo coming home to a home cooked meal. I had thought about it all, right down to the finest details, like the tissues we would have had at our wedding. Our non-existent, ‘never going to happen’ wedding….

We had known each other from school years. He was the class clown, I was hoity toity miss popular! We never initially saw eye to eye. I hated him. He was so immature! Then, one day he decided to bring his ego down to an all time low and asked me out on a study date. I was shocked, but I said yes because he was the most good looking guy in our year. Plus, it was a ‘study’ date…Not that we got much ‘studying’ done. We were young, 13. I lied to my parents saying I was going to have coffee with my friends when I  met up with him at a cafe instead. Eventually our mutual relationship blossomed into love. I was probably the happiest teenage girl! I had a boyfriend when non of my friends did. And he wasn’t a player. He was different to the other guys. We grew over the years, but our feelings never changed. Our feelings had always stayed the same, if anything, they got stronger. I loved him, cared for him more than I cared for my self. I was young, stupid, naïve. But he never took advantage of me at the time. Not once did he do me down. Not once did he betray my trust. But that was before he got pressurized by Zayaan… That was before he cheated on me with my best friend!

I could sit here and blame this ALL on Zayaan. Say that if he had never pressurized Mo and I, we would still be dating, we would still be together, happy. But Zayaan was doing what any elder brother would do, he was being protective. Everything he did, he did because he cared about me, about my reputation. He cared for me and at the time I hated that he wanted to interfere. Why was he poking his nose into my love life? Only now am I so appreciative that he did intervene. When he found out that Mohammad and I were dating, he went ballistic. Uzair was my life saver. He talked some sense into him, told him not to tell my parents, that things would only get worse. Luckily, Zay was busy with metric that year, so Mo and I had a few extra months of dating in peace. No pressure from Zayaan, no marriage talks, no nothing. He and I were happy, probably the happiest we had ever been. It was around this time that Mo’s family had decided to move into Westville. I was psyched that my boyfriend would be living in such close proximity to me!

But then all hell broke loose on earth a month later. Zayaan was finished with his studies, and with plenty of free time on his hands, he began dropping subtle hints about ‘marriage’. Over time his hints became less subtle, more straightforward. At first I thought HE was the one that wanted to get married, but when I realized it was aimed at me, I was shocked. World war 3 erupted in our house! My parents were away so there was nobody there to stop us from screaming at each other. Zayaan nearly slapped me he was so mad……. I even remember how the conversation went.


ZAYAAN: You are such a DISGRACE! Such a bloody disappointment of a sister! Nuu I’ve had it up to here with all your shit!

Zayaan was always so careful with his language. He considered the word ‘bloody’ to be quite vulgar, so I knew he was in a terrible mood as soon as he started shouting me…

ME: Meee?? Zay he is just a guy! It’s not like I’m dating the whole of freaking Durban!

ZAYAAN: No! But you might as well be. You too small to date!

ME: I’m not 5, I’m 17! It’s not like we getting married or anything!!! (screaming)

ZAYAAN: Yaa well maybe its about time you should!?!

ME: What the hell has gotten into you??!!? I go my whole life ahead of me!!

ZAYAAN: Listen here girly! I don’t want people talking crap about my sister! So get your shit together! There is no room for dating in your life!!!

ME: Buut…..

ZAYAAN: If daddy has to find out you will be in a helluva lottta trouble! So I suggest, before I go and punch that little shit Mo, you make a decision. You either break up with him or you get married?!?

ME: (bursting into tears) Zayaaaaaaaaan! Stop trying to RUIN my life! You cant just gimme an ultimatum like that (turning to walk away)

ZAYAAN: Nuha Ahmed Bobat!! Where you think you going?!?! (screaming now)

He never EVER called me by my full name unless he was crazy mad! He was crazy mad!

ME: (turning around to look at him) And if I don’t do either? (sniff) Then?!?!? THEN?!?!

ZAYAAN: Then I’ll just have to go persuuuuuuuuade Mr.Ismail! (giving me  god damn evil smile)

ME: (gritting my teeth) You wouldn’t?! Leave Mo out of this!

ZAYAAN: He’s already part of this Nuha!! He’s involved with YOU, he’s involved with ME!!

ME: Just (sniffing) Just…don’t talk to him about this……….. This whole marriage thing (sniff)

ZAYAAN: (walking to the kitchen, shoving me on my shoulder) Well, its a bit late for that (pouring him self some water)

ME: (following him into the kitchen) Wha…what ….. what do you mean?? Zay….. (starting to breathe short breaths) Zaaay LOOK AT ME!!!

ZAYAAN: (looking up) What!?

ME: Tell me you didn’t speak to mo?!??! (tears starting to flow down my face) TELL ME….. you did NOT speak to Mo about this??(bursting into sobs)

ZAYAAN: You were being difficult, I bumped into him last week and confronted him…

ME: (takinga  deep breath in) You….you…had NO freaking right to!!!

ZAYAAN: Oh reeeeeeeeally?! Is that so, cause last I checked I was your elder brother!

ME: So!?!? That doesn’t give you the right to meddle in MY relationship!

ZAYAAN: I didn’t meddle I just…

I wasn’t bothered to listen to his sad excuses. So I just started to breathe. It helped release the anger. I became calm and composed. I dried my tears and walked away, away from the negativity surrounding Zayaan  and I, away from the house. I didn’t want to listen to him. I got outside and wondered where to go. There was only one person I wanted to see right there and then, Mohammad. So I ran down the winding road until I got outside Mo’s house. The nice thing about his house was that his bedroom was on its own in the garden, so I went through the back,  and made my towards his room. I needed my boyfriends shoulder to cry on. I needed to hear his voice, hear his laugh. I needed to look into his gorgeous brown eyes and know that everything was going to be alright. Nearing his room, I could hear people laughing, they were cheering. He probably had his friends over and they were watching soccer or something. But when I opened the door I got the biggest shock of my life!

Nuha, just breath

Nuha, just breath…

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever

Part 58- The Matching Loubie’s

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The Lobie Couple ♥

The Lobie Couple ♥

Once Uwais and Rizwana had gone, I was left alone. I finished off the little coffee I had in my cup and was about to make my way towards the taxi lines when my phone started to ring…

ME: Hellooooo

ZAHEER: Don’t kill me. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry

ME: Huh, for what?

ZAHEER: Well I forgot to call you. Me and Tariq ran a lil over time with our squash

ME: (laughing) It’s fine, it’s fine. I was……occupied

ZAHEER: Is that so?? By what..or by whom?

ME: Calm down, she was a girl. I met this South African girl at the fahsion show so we just had coffee and now she’s gone.

ZAHEER: Aww, making friends! So cute

ME: Shut up! You phoned didn’t you…what you want?

ZAHEER: Hmm, right now, you!

ME: Aww, so cute!

ZAHEER: (laughing) So what you say? You up for a late lunch with me?

ME: Yes I am starved!

ZAHEER: When are you not? I’m in the mall I’ll meet you by the aquarium.

5 Minutes later Zaheer’s hands were wrapped around me from behind

ME: Stupid! We in public. Let go of me

ZAHEER: Fine! I don’t even get a hug (folding his arms in front of him)

ME: No( nudging him to lighten the mood) Now where we eating?

ZAHEER: Food food food! That’s all you think about. (smiling from ear to ear)

HE was in such a jolly happy mood! I loved this side of him, its like the 5 year old inside of him came out to play and  I just adored the innocence in his jolly smile.

ZAHEER: (Grabbing my hand) Come on lazy bum ( quickening his pace to a run)

ME: (hissing) Zaheer! Stop running! We in public..

ZAHEER: Just run!

So we ran, like headless chickens through Dubai Mall, down an escalator, passing stores until we were outside.

ME: (panting) Wha…whaaa..whaaaat we doing…he…here?

ZAHEER: Eh, you haven’t ran a marathon! (laughing) We having our lupper.

ME: (quizzical face) Our whaaat?

ZAHEER: Lunch supper, put it together you get lupper!

We ended up eating at ‘More’ this restaurant that had everything from seafood to burgers to pizza to pasta. We decided to share a seafood platter, I was in the mood for prawns… The weather was just lovely. It was actually a bit chilly, winter was setting in..Zaheer pulled out my chair, let me sit then saw how I was shivering…

ZAHEER: You feeling cold? (taking off his jacket) Here…. (draping it over my shoulders)

ME: (smiling warmly) Thank you habibi!

ZAHEER: (Leaning back in his chair) By the way….I’m loving those shoes!

ME: (laughing) Oh, these old things! They cute right. Your shoes arn’t sooooo bad either

ZAHEER: Eh, I just realised..we both wearing loubie’s! (smiling that contagious 5 year old smile)

ME: Sweetie, I love you…but you sounding a bit..err..well….

ZAHEER: I am straight! (laughing) Seriously though, (looking under the table) Look!

So I looked under the table and sure enough both of our shoes had the signature red under soles…

ME: THIS is SUCH an instagram moment. (suddenly very excited)

ZAHEER: I don’t take pictures (shileding his face)

ME: Aww come on! We can be The Loubie Couple! (batting my eyelashes)

ZAHEER: The what? Err no thanks (still hiding his face)

ME: I don’t want a picture of your face! I’m taking a  picture of our shoes!

ZAHEER: Not now man……You can take the picture it after supper okay?

ME: Promise you’ll let me take one?!

ZAHEER: Yes yes, I pinky promise (holding out his pinky)

ME: (interlocking my pinky through his) Pinky promise!

Our food arrived, we attacked it like we had never seen food in our lives. Eventually we came down to the last prawn.We both looked up at each other smiling this sneaky smile. Zaheer’s fork got their first but instead of shoving the whole thing in his mouth, he halved it, poked his fork in one half and instead of putting it into his mouth, he fed it to me

ME: (through the mouthful of the half prawn) Aww, sharing is caring…

ZAHEER: Seriously?! You quoting Barney?

I poked my fork into the other half of the prawn left in the plate and popped it into Zaheer’s mouth…

ME: Well I love yoooou, you love meeeeee (big cheesy smile)

ZAHEER: (singing in tune) Let’s get together and kill barney. With a sword and a knife and a fork up his….

ME: Zaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!

ZAHEER: What? I hate barney! He’s stupid!

ME: No he’s not! Leave my purple baby dinosaur alone…

ZAHEER: (laughing) Eh you too much (shaking his head)

Zaheer paid the bill. We decided to not have desert, clearly the seafood platter had our buttons nearly popping!

ZAHEER: Hey, you eaten the chocolate cake from bloomie’s?

ME: (gasping) Bloomie’s sell cake!?!?

ZAHEER: Yaa the little bakery in the front. Magnolia Bakery?

ME: I’ve walked past it with my mother…

Bloomingdales had this gorgeous mini bakery part of the store in Dubai Mall, but we’d never eaten from there before.

ZAHEER: You have not LIVED till you’ve eaten that cake Yas!

ME: But I’m so full, Zaaaaah! Another day.

ZAHEER: We can take it to go. Stop complaining, I know you want it! (wink)

It’s true. How could ANYONE ever say no to chocolate. Or cake. So imagine CHOCOLATE CAKE….. The slice looked heavenly and it came in the cutest box and packet.

ME: There! You got me lupper and you got me cake, Now can I take the picture of our shoes?

ZAHEER: (sighing and huffing) FINE

We stood outside waiting for Zaheer’s driver to pick us up while I took shoe selfies. I took about 25, scared that they all wern’t good enough when Zaheer got fed up.

ZAHEER: Eh man, how long you taking?

ME: One second! You wont take a picture with me soo, your shoes have to suffice. And what CRAP you talking you DO take pictures…Facebook!

ZAHEER: Ya, but those aren’t selfies! I don’t take selfies!

ME: Well I dooo! So suck it up and take a selfie with me

ZAHEER: Nooooo!

ME: Fiiiiiiine! (calming my self, I was seirous about my selfies) I’ll just have to go find some other random dude to take a selfie with me (giving him the dagger eyes I walked away, tapping a guy on the shoulder) Err, excuse me.

GUY: Yes?

ME: Would you mind taking a selfie with me?

WHAT was I doing?!?!? I didn’t know this guy? He looked about 20, arab, extremely attractive, but still a stranger. OH HECK TO IT! Zaheer was being difficult! I would just take one with a stranger!

GUY: Err, okay?

ME: My boyfriend won’t take one with me (pointing at Zaheer who was now walking over to us) So will you take a selfie with me?

ZAHEER: That won’t be neccesary. (sipping his arm around my waist) Do you mind taking a  picture of US?

ME: (smiling) I knew I could get you to come around.

ZAHEER: It’s still not a selfie.

ME: Ya yaa we’ll see

GUY: Smile guys

So we smiled while the guy snapped away taking pictures of Zaheer and I. Once the Arab dude had given me back my phone, in the spur of the moment I held it at arms length and quickly took a selfie while Zaheer hadn’t quite registered what I was doing…

ZAHEER: Yasmeeeeeeeeeeeen!

ME: Zaheeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

ZAHEER: Delete it!

ME: Err, NO!

ZAHEER: I’ll chase you for it! And grab you and swing you around till you delete that picture!

ME: You don’t scare me (that was a lie, he REALLY scared me)

ZAHEER: Oh is that so Miss.Raheem (walking closer to me)

ME: Yes it is Mr.Mahommed (walking away from him)

Just then my phone started to ring, but Zaheer made a dive for me and wrapped his arms around me, making it hard for me to swipe my finger and answer the call!

ME: Zaheer, my phone’s ringing!

ZAHEER: Aaaaaaarrrre you gunna delete the picture?!?!/


Zaheer started to tighten his grip around me making it hard for me to breath

ME: Okaaay!! Maybeeeee (gasping for air)

Finally I was out of his grasp, able to breath and able to answer the phone. It was Nuha.

ME: Nuuuuu! You are MY LIFE SAVER!

NUHA: (sniffing) Yas….. (sniffing again) I….

ME: (seriousness settling onto my face) Nuuu, whats wrong?

NUHA: It’s…..(sniffing) I…It’s….I dunno (sniff)….what to do.

ME: Nuha just breathe……Whats going on? Is everything okay?

Zaheer realized it was something serious. He wasn’t a fan of Uzair but he knew Nuha was my really good friend. He signaled to show me that his driver had arrived. I started to walk towards the car still pressing the phone onto my ear, unable to hear what Nuha was saying through her sobs…

NUHA: Yasmeen (bursting into tears)

ME: Baaabes, I need you to tell me whats going on? Just breath….

NUHA: (breathing in and out) Yasss (sniff)…..

ME: Nuu, whats wrong?

NUHA: It’s her…..(stifling her sobs) She’s….. (sniffing) She’s here…

Chocolate Cake...

Chocolate Cake…

Magnolia's  ♥

Magnolia’s ♥

Part 57 – The Fashion Show

Fashion Show Outfit

Fashion Show Outfit

Fashion Show

Dubai Mall Runway


SATURDAY! The sun was shining, birds were singing, and my brain was screaming at me to get up, and get out of bed! Soo after snuggling up in my blanket for an extra 10 minutes of chilled daydreaming, I checked my phone to see the time and was welcomed into the day with a text from Zaheer…

ZAHEERl: Wakie wakie babes! 😀 Thought we could spend the day together…until my mummy told me you going for some stupid fashion show!!

ME: Heeeeey there :)x hahaha yaa think she gave me the ticket to keep me faar away from you 😉

ZAHEER: Now why would she do that to her future daughter in law?!?!  My mummy’s not heartless…

ME: Never said she’s heartless…shes saving me from a trouble maker like YOU 😀

ZAHEER: Meee????  Trouble?? NEVER!!! 😉

ME: So how you spending this gorgeous day?? x

ZAHEER: With the most gorgeous girl in the world, you! 😀 x

ME: So cuuute! Corny, but cute 😉 Come we’ll have lunch at Dubai Mall after the show?

ZAHEER: Maybeeee…I got squash later with Tariq so we’ll see, I am cute! Corny, but cute 😉 x

ME: You my cute corn 😀 hahahaha!! That was lame… Need to get ready, mwahz xxx

ZAHEER: I’ll call you later and let you know bout lunch 🙂 x

Then it was a mad dash! I scrambled out of the covers, ripped open the curtains and let the sunshine stream through the window. I was right, it was a gorgeous day! First thing on my to-do list, an outfit! It had to be mind blowingly FABULOUS! Dress? Skirt? Abaya? Jeans? Long top? Crop top? The possibilities were endless….Sandals? Heels? Pumps? Loubie’s? Urgh! Soo much to choose from soo little time! And there was no Ammarrah to turn to so instead, I BB’d her to see if she was available for a little skype fashion session! An hour later, with all my clothes all over the floor of my closet, a voice came from the laptop, which was sitting on top my of  my drawers…

AMMARRAH: The belt is cute, not feeling the color of that top though. The jeans make your butt look awesome though!

ME: (laughing) Amz, you definitely know how to make my morning girly!

AMMARRAH: Well, what can I say, honesty is the best policy. Go change now, try on that dress, the floral one

So I did as I was told, but once again Amz said it was TOO colorful for a fashion show that was show casing abaya’s

ME: Why don’t I just wear Abaya and call it a day! (frustration all over my face)

AMMARRAH: Let’s re think ALL of this. It’s showcasing abaya’s, so lets add a touch of Arabia into your outfit You wanna wear your loubie’s?

ME: Err is that a trick question!?!?!? OF COURSE! Plus I’ll be sitting down most of the time so my feet won’t hurt..

AMMARRAH: (laughing) If the shoes hurt, buy those jelly inner sole thingies. They work wonders, believe me I know. Okay thats shoes we done with, I say no dress or skirt. JEANS! There’s nothing worse than having your underwear line showing through a dress

ME: Amzzz!!!!!! (looking confuzzled at to WHY she was talking about underwear lines)

AMMARRAH: I didn’t mean YOU have yours showing…..I’m just saying! Lemme see your jeans again?

So I pulled out all my nice jeans for her to see

AMARRAH: The black ones, those cute black jeans with the little zipper pockets, those jeans and your loubie’s will look fab! Yas, what you think about a blazer? You own any?

ME: Is that a stupid question? DUH, blazers are such a fashion statement nowadays, only problem is…I….err…I haven’t really worn it yet

AMMARRAH: YASMEEN RAHEEM! Can we just swap closets?!?! I’ll make better use of your clothes than you do (huffing)… What colors you got?

ME: (looking through the racks) A flora one, a neon yellow, red, light pink, …and a black and white checkered one

AMMARRAH: Yellow and pink is too bright, floral is too summery, show me the other two

ME: Here you go mademoiselle amz…Take your pick

AMMARRAH: OMG! I’ve seen that blazer! IT IS GORGEOUS! It’s Dolce and Gabbana isn’t it??

ME: I dunno, my mother bought it, she didn’t like it and then gave it to me.. HELLO! Stop getting side tracked! We on mission: ‘Make Yasmeen look fabulous’

AMMARRAH: (laughing) Sorry miss fabulous, wear the red blazer! With a top and the black jeans and the loubie’s. I swear those Arabs won’t know whats coming their way!

ME: (laughing) I’ll wear a white top. Gimme two secs I’ll try everything on and then you can gimme the final wave of your magic wand and make me look FAB!

After squeezing my big fat bum into those skinny jeans and steadying my self in my heels, I sashayed and did a model walk for Ammarrah

AMMARRAH: Work it! (laughing) You too much eh. You looking very nice  ماشاء الله . Now the last thing, scarf! Wear black

ME: Will this bag match? (holding up a Chanel bag)

AMMARRAH: (mouth hanging wide open) YOU OWN CHANEL?!?! (shocked face and completely hyperventilating)

ME: You mad! It’s not mine, it’s my mothers! I just decided to raid her closet and take what she doesn’t use…

AMMARRAH: Well you can’t blame me…You own Loubie’s for gods sake! Listen  I gotta go, mums calling! Lemme know how it goes at the fashion show. Take lots and lots of pictures eh (blowing a kiss) Miss you Love you

ME: Love you too Amz (blowing a kiss) Thanks again for all the help doll!!

AMMARRAH: Don’t mention it السلام عليكم

And then she logged off! I was ready, I felt ready. To do what exactly? Well to sit for two hours and watch a fashion show, that I was hoping wasn’t going to be a bore! I cleared up my clothes and packed it away, not trusting the maid to put everything in it’s place. I really missed Happy, she knew where everything stayed in my closet, how I wanted it packed, but shame I made shukr we even had a maid! My parents were out sorting some passport stuff so I got a taxi and made my way to Dubai Mall.

I got to the area in the mall where the show was taking place. It was outside all the designer shops, so basically Zara was to my right, Tory Burch behind me, Armani to my left and Louis Vuitton straight ahead. I showed the lady my ticket, she opened the rope and let me through. I looked up and realized that people who were shopping could lean over the banister and also watch the show…for free! Only difference was that I got to sit. (woop woop) Ooooooo and I got a little goodie bag that was waiting for me on my seat. I sat down and started to rummage through the little packet, free samples of some make up, perfume samples and….AND…..OMG this adorable mini key chain from GUCCI!  Eeeep, yes yes, I owned a pair of Loubie’s yet I got excited over a GUCCI key chain…Oh well, I’m one of those girl that appreciate mini souvenirs. I looked around and started to see the seats around feeling up with Arabs, fancy Indians (the rich ones)  Russians, foreigners and then a sight kinda startled me. It was my kind of girl, I mean, it was a South African girl I knew because in the few months I had been living in Dubai, I mastered the art of telling the difference between South Africans and foreigners. She sat down next to me…

RIZWANA: السلام عليكم I’m Rizwana (big smile what was kind of contagious)

ME: وعليكم السلام I’m Yasmeen (smiling back at her)

RIZWANA: I love your blazer! Where did you get it from? ( blush)

ME: (laughing) Awww thank you, I bought it in Durban recently.

RIZWANA: Wow! If Durban sells nice things like that all year round, I’d be shopping there! So you from Durban?

ME: I’m a Durbanite at heart but we just moved to Dubai recently.

RIZWANA: Oh how awesome is that! I’m also from Durban. I’m visiting family, my sister is one of the fashion designers here today

ME: Nooo way! (shocked) That’s so cool! You should show me who she is…

RIZWANA: Will do

And then the fashion show started. In between we were giving our little side comments on how amazingly gorgeous the Abaya’s were! Some were seriously stunning, others were very goddy and extravagant, for the Arabs clearly! Rizwana was so sweet. It was nice to hear that familiar Durban accent that I missed so much. When the show was done, everyone stood up and clapped for the designer that had walked on stage to take her bow. I could see Rizwana’s face beaming with happiness, I guess THAT was her sister. She was very talented and they both had similar features!

ME: (shouting over the clapping noise) So I’m guessing she’s your sister

RIZWANA: Yaa how you knew? (still radiating happiness)

ME: You’ll have the same features (smiling) Hey, if you not doing anything we could have a quick coffee…I see your sister is clearly busy….(looking at the crowds of people around Rizwana’s sister)

RIZWANA: (laughing) Coffee sounds SO good right now. Lead the way!

So we went to the Fauchon cafe, expensive but I guess it was a one off. I wanted t show Rizwana the fabulous side to Dubai. It wasn’t all just Desert and Dune bashing! So we got a table, sat down and ordered our drinks

RIZWANA:  Wow the designs of the abaya’s were really stunning ey!

ME: Yeah, I love your sisters abaya! Totez gorgeous. You must be really proud!

RIZWANA: Yeah, she’s really good, I got to twist her arm to design me one for eid (smiling sweetly)

ME: (laughing) Yaa, lucky you! Fashion designer in the family…

RIZWANA: So hows life in Dubai?

ME: At first I hated it! I mean I know its DUBAI, but I was the new kid…

RIZWANA: I guess I know what you mean….So are you dating anyone?

ME: Yeah (blushing, why was I blushing??) His name is Zaheer. What about you?

RIZWANA: Nope. Single

ME: Really? Stunning girl like you is single? Sooo you like anyone?

RIZWANA: Well I think so, he’s my best friend, but he just broke up with his girlfriend, and I don’t know if he looks at me in that way, you know. (twidling her thumbs)

ME: Yaa I know…. (trailing off)

Rizwana’s eyes looking elsewhere, I turned to look where she was looking.

Rizwana: Salaams Uwais what are you doing here?

Uwais: We need to talk…

Rizwana: Uwais this is Yasmeen and Yasmeen this is Uwais, can I have your pin? We’ll keep in contact, make plans to go out sometime?

Yasmeen: Sure ( woah I sensed tension between the two of them)

After exchanging pins, Rizwana and Uwais left. They really did make a cute couple even if they weren’t dating. I hoped she was okay, I made a mental note to ask her what happened when I next saw her…

(P.S. You can read this post from Rizwana’s point of view, check out ‘what I like about you’ . Much Love DOAD ♥)

Fauchon with Rizwana

Fauchon with Rizwana

Part 56- Chit Chat and Nando’s

Music...A big no no

Music…No thanks

Life in Dubai fell into a pattern, a pattern that I fell in love with, a pattern that I depended on to keep my sanity in tact. Basically, that pattern mostly consisted of Zaheer, my studies and OF COURSE my new hobby, BLOGS! Yes, as much as I was  a book worm, reading these fab blogs online kept me super occupied in my free time, well the little free time that I had. Nowadays my weeks were pretty much filled up to the brim, school, extra hours of help in some subjects, MUN, and now, now my mother wanted me to start madressa at home and go with her to these talks every Thursday. Have you ever heard of an 18 year old……..STARTING madressa?!?! The last time I had a apa was in like grade 9! And she didn’t like me very much. I had a very big mouth, she kept moving my seat so I was never sitting by Fatimah (we really were partners in crime) Eventually my mother got fed up took me out of madressa and told me to just study hard on school work! I didn’t miss madressa, I read my surah’s every week so I never forgot them but now, now she wanted an apa to come home for me for an HOUR 4 times a week, ON TOP of the mountain of school work I had…Err, no! So we setlled on an agreement, no madressa, but every Thursday night I would have to go to these talks with her. I agreed because at the end of the day I would be gaining knowledge.Thursday night came and I was dressed in the most simple abaya I owned, a pair of flats and my phone. Of course I neeeded my phone! Just as we about to get into the car my mother gives me some news..

MUM: Soo because you not being a rebllious 18 year old daughter, and you agreed to come for this talk, I got you a little treat.

ME: Ooooo! Food? Chocolate? Cake? Chocolate Cake? (my face lighting up)

MUM: Yas! Of course not! Aunty Raeesa’s friend’s husband is in charge of these fashion shows that happen in Dubai and she got us tickets as well. We going on Friday and she got you a spare ticket for Saturday

ME: (reaching over to give my mother the biggest huge ever) Thank you thank you thank you! Although, you do know you don’t have to bribe me to get me to come to a talk

MUM: It’s not bribery! Just remember to phone Aunty Raeesa to thank her.

We got to the venue where the talk was being held, made our way inside and sat down on the carpet. The talk  started shortly after that. It was on the topic of listening to music, and how it affects ones iman along with their concentration. The apa that gave the talk made some really good points, and I actually did learn some stuff I never knew. Like, listening to music actually makes your memory worse! NO WONDER I couldn’t concentrate…it was the music! I made a mental note to go home and delete all music I had off my laptop, phone iPad. I needed to concentrate more than I needed to listen to Beyonce! The talk continued and she spoke about music making your heart black. I was really into the talk, I think my mother was even shocked to see that I was paying full attention. And it wasn’t because I wanted the fashion show tickets, my intentions were seriously for the sake of knowledge, to learn. I needed snap out of the love struck romance mode I was on and needed to start to absorb everything this  apa was saying and try and apply it to my life.

I got home and made a start! I downloaded EVERY nice nasheed that ever existed, everything from Maher Zain to Dawud Wharnsby. One time I deleted all the crappy music from my phone, laptop, iPad. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulder, and tried to get some studying done so that my Saturday would be free! I was super excited for the fashion show but I would have to contain my excitement as I put my head into Arabic mode and started to read up on my vocab. Once that was finished I read my Friday surah’s than hit the sack early! I had to help my mother the next day make a dessert…

We were invited to the Desai’s house for Friday lunch.(Layyah Desai, remember her and her super sweet mother Aunty Mariam) I was excited to go because apparently their house was done up very nicely. And the speculation was correct! It wasn’t fancy yet it wasn’t plain. It was tasteful, wallpaper in most of the rooms, a really sparkly chandelier in the TV room, a egg chair in this gaming room they had for her smaller brother Luqman. Armaan, for once, had company. He got on really well with Layyah’s brother who was 16 but had SUCH  a big mouth along with an ego the size of mars! First thing he does is start hitting on me

LUQMAN: Hey there!

ME: Umm, Hi

LUQMAN: The name’s Luqman, and whats your pretty name?

ME: My pretty name? I’m sorry, how old are you again?!?!? (shocked out of my socks)

LUQMAN: Age is but a number sweet thang (wink)

ME: (I could feel my gag reflex being triggered) Err,  Layyaaaaaaaah! Your brother is scaring the crap outta me!!!

LAYYAH: Luqman get lost! Get out of my room (shutting her door, turning to me) Sorry he can be a pain sometimes…

ME: (laughing) OhMyGod Was a 16 year old guy just attempting to flirt with me?!?! (cringing) Ewww, no offence!

LAYYAH: Non taken. I swear I’m embarrassed to be related to him, but what can I do, can’t change your family…

ME: That’s true…

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking through her clothes and making chit chat avout EVERYTHING! From hair to fashion to school to family.  I had a pretty big closet closet, so did Layyah, but she just owned a LOT of tops and blouses. Looking through her cupboards, you would think she just bought out the whole of Forever 21, of course that’s not a bad thing. Can never have too much of Forever 21. Ever!

LAYYA: Hey, before I forget, my birthday was last month, but I’m planning on having this little lunch thing next week. You up for it?

ME: Ye! Wait, who else will be there, cause…umm… it…is it like a family thing?

LAYYAH: (laughing) Don’t worry Luqman won’t be there. I assure you! It’ll just be the South African girls, maybe a few of my old school friends.

Layyah was finished with school, she finished last year, but she was busy studying psychology at a univeristy in Dubai. She told me how extravagant her campus was. I mean it was Dubai! Of course their uni’s weren’t going to be average! A lot of her friends were Arab though because they didn’t travel abroad to study.

ME: So why didn’t you go to S.A to study?

LAYYAH: My father didn’t want me to. I guess it made sense, they were still in Dubai, they have some okay campus’s over here and, I mean, if I had to live in S.A. I’d have to work to get my allowance! So I’m sticking around here and being a daddy’s girl. (batting her eyelashes)

ME: (laughing) More like daddy’s your bank and you make transactions whenever you want!

LAYYAH: (throwing a pillow at me laughing ) Shut up!

I got along with Layyah very easily. We both had lots in common ( we were both the only Durbanites) she was easy to talk to , and our families clearly got on very well. I mean my father never even stood up to leave! My mother had left at 4ish to go for the fashion show with Aunty Raeesa who had managed to get a last minute ticket for Aunty Mariam. So I just chilled at the Ameen’s house, steering clear from Luqman and Ameen who were both engrossed in a fifa match. We ended up talking boy talk

ME: So, you a good girl?

LAYYAH: hmm…in what ways are you asking?

ME: Well all around! Boys? School?

LAYYAH: (laughing) I never did the whole dating thing. I did once but it was a bad experience, the poor guy liked me for AGES! I dated him to make him happy, then dumped him.


ME: Shame poor guy (laughing) And now?

LAYYAH: It’s not like I don’t talk to boys, I just haven’t found any that are dating material, or even guys that fit that criteria.

ME: Are Arab guys THAT bad?

LAYYAH: Well the guy I had a bad experience with was South African, and YES some are very bad! Like when they try to act all cool and swaggy and stuff

ME: (laughing) SWAGGY?!?! Noooo! I thought I left all that ‘swaaggy’ stuff behind in South Africa!

LAYYAH: Hate to break it to you! We have some real idiots roaming around in Dubai.. What about you? I can see it plastered ALL over your face you in looove (nudging me) Shame, Luqman will be heart broken…

It was my turn to throw the pillow at her!

ME: (glaring) Keep quiet. Your brother triggers my gag reflex man! And yaa there is a guy. Dunno if you know him, Zaheer Mohammed?

LAYYAH: You mean…that guy…the one that goes to Saffiya’s school?

ME: Sweetie we all got to the same school!

LAYYAH: Oh yaa! Wait, so you two are dating? You know what happened between umm… Saffiya and hi….

ME: (laughing) Yes yes!! He told me (still laughing) Oh my god! Only Zah will do something like that! And she’s in the year above him and he wants to do stupid things like that!

LAYYAH: So tell me all! All the deetz, how you met, first date! Everything!

ME: That’s going to take me AGES

LAYYAH: You a fan of Nando’s?

ME: Err why?

LAYYAH: We got the whole night, and I’m pretty sure that lunch was not sufficient, so do you like nando’s?

An hour later we were all digging into our chicken meals around their dining table. My father, Layyah’s father, Luqman, Armaan, Layyah and I. I had told her EVERYTHING about Zaheer in the time we were waiting for Nando’s, from start till end not missing out a single detail. At the end of it all, all she said was ‘YOH, you can talk a lot’. Then she aww’ed at the love story. After all that talking I was famished. I made sure there was no eye contact between me and Luqman. That guy gave me the creeps! I enjoyed every single piece of my chicken burger…mmm….and the chips….with the coleslaw…..was just HEAVEN! After supper,  Armaan started to be a nag. Some match was on and he wanted to be in the comfort of his own house to watch it. Eh, Armaan, something else. We cleared the table, said our goodbyes and made our way to the car…

LAYYAH: Hey, I’ll text you the details for the lunch thingy

ME: Okays, جزاكم الله for everything! Mwaahs See you soon, السلام عليكم

And we were on our way home. I got home and went into FULL panic mode for tomorrow,




(Hey guys, I’M BACK 😀 And my leg is much better  الحمد لله Much Love DOAD xoxo ♥)

New friends...

New friends…



Part 55 – Aaliya’s Party





PINK PINK PINK! I needed PINK. Aaliya’s party theme was all princess’s crowns tiara’s and PINK! So of course I needed to match all of that. But pink wasn’t really my color. I had this really cute pink bag and pink jeans. But that was IT! I mean, I wasn’t a barbie doll! Can’t expect me to have a closet packed with pinkilicous princess clothes. I contemplated wearing the pink ball gown Fatz and I dressed up in, but the idea was a big NO! I did NOT want the Mohammed’s thinking I was some crazy 18 year old girl that never out grew her party clothes. So it was going to have to be the jeans. I matched it with a white crochet top, grey scarf and grey pumps.

I woke up pretty early that Saturday. My mother said Zaheer was baking the birthday cake, but Aunty Raeesa wanted cupcakes as well, so I offered to bake them! They came out sooo nice! Vanilla cupcakes with pink icing, fairy dust glitter, sparkles! Mashallah, Zaheer Mohammed could take back what he said! I wasn’t rubbish at baking, just wasn’t a pro. After the baking I changed into my clothes. Only, I didn’t feel like even wearing clothes.

MUM: Yasmeen! Come on. We needa go help Aunty Raeesa set up

ME: err, one second mummy! I’m just changing

MUM: Again? Hurry up! I’m waiting in the car

I dived into my walk in closet and started rummaging around. Pink pink, anything else! I came across a cloak that had pink embroidery on the sleeves and front. It was open front at the bottom of the cloak.  There we go! I could wear my pink jeans with the cloak. No, I was NOT holy… I was just not in the mood to wear clothes. I switched bags and shoved my camera, phone, lippie and cream into my bright pink clutch. Then I raced downstairs at the speed of light scared my mother would leave without me

MUM: (raising an eyebrow) You wearing cloak?

ME: Yaa, I’m too lazy to wear clothes

MUM: (laughing) Or maybe you becoming a proper Dubain

ME: I am NOT nor will I ever be a ‘Dubain’.

Half an hour later, my mother and I were knee deep into work, putting up banners, setting tables, tying party packs. His royal highness Zaheer was no where to be seen.

AUNTY RAEESA: sorry Yas, if he knew you were coming he wouldn’t have gone

THAT BUM FACE! He made ME come for a 9 year olds party that he wasn’t even attending! And it was HIS sister! Argh! Revenge was so being planned in my mind through out the whole setting up process, but I tried my hardest to not look disappointed and I continued to lay the table. Finally children started to arrive, girls all fancied up dressed in their shiniest dresses with the most adorable crown’s on. The entertainment arrived, two ladies dressed up as Disney princess’s, one as Cinderella, one as sleeping beauty. They got the party going, playing party games

AUNTY RAEESA: Yasmeen, do me a favor please. Would you mind taking pictures for me on my phone?

ME: I have my camera with me Aunty Raeesa, I’ll send you all the pictures afterwards

AUNTY RAEESA: (laughing) Can always count on you to have your camera!Thanks doll

So I was snapping away, taking pictures of EVERYTHING! The food, decorations, banners, the girls, Aaliya, the mothers. It was all so much of fun that I even got caught up in the world of pink, princess’s and crowns. I was so busy that I didn’t even feel or hear my phone vibrate, so when I went to check it, I was SHOCKED outta my socks to see 20 missed calls from Zaheer… TWENTY! He was phoning me again but of course, I was still clearly mad that he ditched me, so I cut the call, shoved my phone into my jeans pocket and continued to snap pictures of the pink fiasco going on around me. Then, it was time to limbo! I really wanted to try and see how low I could go but there were so many aunties around me so I just video’d the little girlies bending down, or cheating and running under the bamboo stick!When I looked at the time I was shocked to see it was nearly asr. I hadn’t even read my zuhr so I dashed to the only room I remembered in the house, the guest room downstairs. It brought back memories… I started to wander about how Zaheer and I had gotten so much closer in such a short period of time. It was sorta magical in a not cliched way. Childhood friends… And now, well ‘un labelled’ sweethearts. I did NOT just call us sweethearts?! I had eaten way too much sugar

I read my salaah, folded away the musallah, and turned around to leave, only I walked into someone. Looking up I realized I was looking into the gorgeous brown eyes of Zaheer Mohammed. Instead of saying anything he turned around, closed the room door and came right up close to me. I was literally standing on top of Zaheer. I could feel his heart beat he was so close to me. His arms wound up around my waist

ZAHEER: Hello gorgeous!

ME: Don’t gorgeous me you slick little idiot! (Slapping his face away lightly)

ZAHEER: Ouch! I sense anger….. Tension

ME: Yes! Anger! You ditched me! (looking away)

ZAHEER: I didn’t ditch you. I had prior engagements.

ME: Ya ya. Sure (grabbing the door handle to leave the room)

ZAHEER: (putting his hand over mine and taking it off the door handle) You not going anywhere till we clear this little mess up

ME: Its not a mess. You. Lied. To. Me.

ZAHEER: How did I lie??  I asked you if you coming (side wards smile) and you said you coming. I never said I was coming

ME: (crossing my arms across my chest.) Whatever Zah. You were suppose to BE HERE. And instead. What were you doing? Oh thats right you had ‘prior engagements’. I mean like seriou…

ZAHEER: (putting his hand over my mouth) Shhh!! You talk too much! (Moving his hand down to unwrap my folded arms and hold both my hands).I’m here now.. Isn’t that what matters?

ME: Appologize (butterflies began again)

ZAHEER: (Lifting my hand to kiss my fingers). I’m sowiee (adorable expression that made my heart melt) Am I forgiven?

ME: I’ll think about it… Sooo what exactly WERE you doing Mr.Mohammed?

ZAHEER: I went to fetch Aaliya’s Birthday cake

ME: What happened hot shot? My du’a got accepted and your cake got burnt?

ZAHEER: Me?? Buring my cakes? Those are two things that will NEVER go together babes!

ME: Don’t babes me.

ZAHEER: You can’t stay mad at me forever (putting his arms back around my waist pulling me closer)

ME: True, I can’t. But then again I can’t stay mad at anyone

I lifted up my hands and slowly traced his features on his face, from his cheek bone to his eyes to his lips, but that was when I froze. Zaheer was looking at me intensely, I blushed a scarlet shade of red

ME: (smiling) I’ve always wanted to do that…..trace your features.

ZAHEER: I’ve done it a million times to you in my head

And then my stomach was just erupting, I tried to keep calm, I tried to not be fidgety because if his face came any closer to mine I would’ve just BURST. Kissing Zaheer Mohammed was not on my agenda list for the day. Luckily he pulled me into a hug, I put my head into his neck taking in his scent. There’s something about guys perfume that just makes them smell so much better than girls… We heard foot steps outside the room and within seconds we sprang apart, each at opposite sides of the room. Zaheer started laughing, clearly finding this funny.

ZAHEER: (lightly laughing) What do I do with you Yasmeen Raheem?

ME: Well you can show me the kitchen Mr. Mohamed! I am STARVED

ZAHEER: The kitchen it is (holding out his arm)

ME: (linking my arm through his) Why thank you

We left the guest room and made our way through the quiet part of the house to the kitchen, not wanting to see either of our mothers. Once their, Zaheer told the chef (yes, they had a chef) to cook up something special

ME: No noo noo! It’s fine man. I’ll just have whatever’s here.

ZAHEER: You mean the party food?

ME: Yaa, look (opening up a container) This pasta looks yummy! I’ll heat it up

ZAHEER: Lemme do it for you (taking the container from me)

He was being such a gentleman! Heating the pasta in the microwave, asking what I wanted to drink, dishing out for me in a bowl, getting me a fork, literally pulling out the chair for me, waiting for me to sit, then pushing it in!

ME: What did I do to deserve all this attention Zah? (stuffing my face with the lovely white creamy pasta)

ZAHEER: Let’s just say I feel bad for ditching you (sitting in the chair next to me) Didn’t know you were going to miss me SO much

ME: Ya yaa, you wish!

ZAHEER: Hey, wait, you got a little something there (taking his finger and wiping sauce off my cheek) There, all gone.

ME: (smiling) Sorry, You know me, I love my food!

ZAHEER: (laughing) You don’t saaaaay!

Just then we were interrupted by my mother who barged into the kitchen

MUM: Oh there you are Yasmeen! I was going to tell you to come eat… But… I see you two have made your selves quite comfy here

ZAHEER: Aunty Suraiya, my house is her house! And all those little children screaming, they gimme a headache!

MUM: (laughing) Only your mother has the patience for all of this! Come, they cutting the cake now. Yasmeen get your camera

So with my camera in one hand, and Zaheer in the other (not physically holding hands, but he never left my side), we stood at the far end of the long table, and watched everyone sing Happy Brithday. Aaliya blew out the candles. I was in charge of making sure I had taken their family pictures. Funny thing was that Zaheer didn’t go stand for any of the pictures. He stood right next to me the entire time. As everyone was about to get up and start to leave Zaheer made a surprise announcement

ZAHEER: All the girls, and my dear darling Aaliya, come outside in the front I got a surprise for you

ME: (hissing) What surprise?

ZAHEER: You’ll see (wink)

We all went outside. there hanging from the roof of the garage, was a full pink pinata, in the shape of the number 9. Zaheer had gotten Aaliya a pinata! HOW CUTE

AALIYA: (Running to hug Zaheer) Zaaaaaaaah! You got me a pinata. Thank you thank you thank you Thank yoou!

ZAHEER: Only this once will I let you call me Zah! Otherwise it’s reserved only for Yasmeen (winking at me)

AALIYA: What was that?

ZAHEER: What was what?

AALIYA: Your eye? It closed

ME: Err…his face was just having a problem. Malfunction.

Zaheer looked at me with one big dramatic O shaped mouth! I gave him big eyes and told him to keep quiet. We blind folded each child and let them all take a swing at the pinata. I video’d it all which was the best part, shame some of those children couldn’t even hit it. By the time it was Aaliya’s turn, the poor pinata was so battered and bruised the sweets all came pouring out! It was like a freaking stampede!!!! ALL THE CHILDREN JUST DIVED ONTO THE FLOOR! Zaheer, being the insensitive child he is, started to laugh while I fretted over the safety of these children. Aaliya was so cute, she picked up a pack of smarties and gave it to me

ME: Aww, thanks doll!

AALIYA: Thank you for the cupcakes Yas

ME: My pleasure! Glad you liked them

After thanking Aunty Raeesa for the lovely wonderful pinkilicous day, my mother and I got our stuff and made our way towards to the car. Zaheer helped with the parcels that needed to go home with us. We shared a secret silent smile before I got into the car and drove off… That boy, he could ruin my day and make my day all at the same time…

Pink Abaya Outfit

Pink Abaya Outfit



Part 54 – Thor 2

After wallowing in my anxiety, stress and despair that came from school work and the Uzair situation, I finally decided to pull my self out of my sad miserable state. I had done enough hours of studying for a lifetime, and I was so over the Uzair and Yumna fiasco so I thought, why not treat myself to a little pick me up movie night.

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Part 53 – Realization

You know when something that’s not supposed to hurt you hurts you?

It hurts even more!

Because it’s not supposed to hurt you at all. You’re not even supposed to care, but because you do care, it hurts! In other words, finding out about Uzair’s girlfriend through Facebook was a slap in the face! It wasn’t the fact that he was in a relationship that was shocking but rather the fact that I had absolutely no clue. I had no idea about it until Facebook alerted me.

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Part 45- Yasmeen’s Birthday


You know when you meet that one person who changes your entire outlook on life?

Well, I met that person 13 years ago. At five years of age, I met Yasmeen Raheem. She was loud, bossy and just what I needed to get out of my shy shell. We became inseparable instantly! Seeing each other at school every single day for over a decade has turned Yasmeen into the sister I never had. I can’t imagine my life without her or at least without seeing her on a daily basis, but that is essentially whats going to happen.

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