Part 31 – Flashback: Zaheer

What went wrong?

This question haunted Zaheer for days!

What had happened between Yasmeen and him?

How had things escalated so quickly?

Was it his fault?

Had he let go of her too easily?

The very thought of this infuriated Zaheer, and he kicked all of his frustration into a football which landed in the middle of the ocean.

He was standing in his garden, over looking the water with villas on the opposite side. His breaths were short and heavy. He had been kicking footballs into the ocean for quite some time now.

It was the day the Raheems had left for Durban, the day after the argument between Yasmeen and Zaheer.

What was her problem anyway he thought. She’s just over reacting, like any other girl would, and with that he kicked the grass. He had run out of objects to kick into the sea and his frustration needed to be let out.

He dropped to the ground and lay down on the grass, staring up into the blazing sun. His mind drifted to last night…

It was going so well.  He was enjoying his last night with the girl he had thought had gotten away. He didn’t want the night to end. He didn’t want Yasmeen to leave. He wanted her all to himself.

But that entire day, a horrid thought had lingered in his mind; it was the thought of Tariq and Yasmeen. It drove him mad that the two were speaking to each other, getting along, laughing and smiling as if they were the best of friends.

They barely even knew each other!

It was jealousy that got to him and he had resorted to icing Yasmeen out while with his friends. He didn’t mean to. He was just filled with anger.

But once everyone had left, and it was just Yasmeen and Zaheer, the bursting sensation in his head vanished, and all he could think about was Yasmeen, and how he had been rude to her all afternoon.

And so a quick adjustment was made to the agenda; he took her shopping. And everything after that was pure bliss until the argument.

Now Yasmeen was gone and Zaheer didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t afford to wear his heart on his sleeve. He was notoriously known as the school’s commitment phobic heart throb. He never got attached to a girl because he didn’t want to put himself through that pain, but he was stuck.

He was stuck on Yasmeen.

He always had been, it was just a matter of when he was going to make his move.

And after the argument they had, he could kiss his chances goodbye. There was no way Yasmeen would listen to a word he said after his partings word. He basically told her to get lost. He had hurt her. He had broken his promise.

Zaheer couldn’t even remember how the argument started. All he could recall was that it was silly and stupid, and that it had progressively gotten worse as the night went on, until Yasmeen was telling Zaheer what she really thought of him and he was telling her to get lost.

Zaheer played the night over and over in his mind, trying to figure out if he was in the wrong or if she was. He was confused, but more than that, he was pissed.

She hadn’t tried to understand where he was coming from with his jealousy. And worse, she had accused him of being with Ashley. She had been judgemental and for that he couldn’t help but be mad at Yasmeen, but he was also mad at himself. He had let her rant endlessly, not stopping her once to tell her what he truly wanted to say.

He wanted to place a finger on her lips and say, Hey Yasmeen, this is stupid. Could we please not argue? I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being an idiot. Now can we please stand here and admire this beautiful view, and not think about the fact that you’re leaving tomorrow, and how I’m going to miss you like crazy. He wanted to pull her in for a hug and tell her that he couldn’t wait for her to move to Dubai, but what good was there in thinking about the could haves and should haves.

She was gone, and he hadn’t even tried to stop her.

Throughout the entire argument Zaheer could only see red. He had spoken out of anger, unable to think or see clearly. And now that he was remembering all that was said, could he blame Yasmeen for the comments she made about Ashley?

Maybe she was right.

Maybe Zaheer hadn’t intended for it to seem like Ashley and him were that close, but maybe it had come across that way to Yasmeen.

And maybe he had seriously crossed a line when he commented on Tariq being too friendly. After all, Tariq was his close friend and would never do anything of the sort.

But seeing them together had maddened Zaheer and instead of pulling Yasmeen closer and taking care of her with his friends, he had iced her out, argued with her and pushed her away.

Deep down he knew that the chances of forgiveness were slim and he wouldn’t blame Yasmeen if she told him she never wanted to see or speak to him again, but he had to at least try to get her back in his life. He had waited years for this moment. There was no way he was letting go of his childhood sweetheart that easily.

With the blazing sun beating down on his face, Zaheer stood up in determination. Just because Yasmeen hadn’t bothered to call him didn’t mean that he couldn’t call her.

He ran into the house, grabbed his phone and called her, only he realised that the only number he had was her Dubai number.

That was useless!

In a moment of frustration Zaheer walked over to a glass table and was about to lift it when Aaliya walked in.

AALIYA: What are you doing?

ZAHEER: Go away Aaliya! I’m not in the mood.

AALIYA: Theres no need to be rude.

ZAHEER: I’m serious Aaliya.

AALIYA: Why are you in a mood?

ZAHEER: Aaliya!

AALIYA: Is it because Yasmeen is gone?

Hearing her name, Zaheer’s eyes snapped into focus and he loosened his grip on the glass table. He walked over to his sister and offered her a sad smile.

ZAHEER: You could say that…

AALIYA: Do you miss her?

ZAHEER: Sort of…

AALIYA: What happened Zah?

ZAHEER: Hey, no one gets to call me that except Yasmeen.

Aaliya squirmed and Zaheer had realised his error. He ruffled her hair in an attempt to release the tension.

ZAHEER: She and I had a fight, thats all.

AALIYA: Did you say sorry?

ZAHEER: Nope. By the time I realised it was my fault, she had already left.

AALIYA: You could always call her?

ZAHEER: I could, but I don’t her number.

AALIYA: So? Ask Mummy for her number.

ZAHEER: Aaliya. You genius why didn’t I think of that!

And he whisked his sister into the air as she laughed.

Zaheer waited till the Raheems had landed, which was 8 o’clock Dubai time. With bated breath, he called the Raheem household, only to have the household help answer.

MAID: Hello

ZAHEER: Er, hello. Is Yasmeen there?

(on the other side of the call)

MAID : Madam, where is Yasmeen?

AUNTY SURAIYA: Who’s on the phone Happy?

MAID: Eh, I think its Yusuf Madam.

AUNTY SURAIYA: Tell him she’s gone to the hospital with Uzair.

(on the phone)

MAID: Eh, Yasmeen is gone with Uzair to-

That was enough for Zaheer to hear. He cut the maid off mid sentence.

ZAHEER: Thanks, bye.

He slammed the phone down and let it sink in.

Yasmeen was gone with Uzair.

Those words rang over and over in Zaheer’s brain!

Had he lost Yasmeen once again?

As if he couldn’t stand to be near the phone he ran, as fast as his legs could take him, he ran!

Out the house, down the steps of the garden, onto the beach sand, he ran until he was out of breath. Kicking furiously at the sand, he began to wonder what was happening to him.

He was always calm, cool and composed but now he was a mess. He was a mess because the thought of losing Yasmeen made him feel like there was something missing.

Had he meant those words yesterday, about how Yasmeen had left him once so she could just leave him again?

He didn’t think his heart could bear the pain if they never resolved their argument, and so Zaheer decided to have a little faith that hopefully, in time, Yasmeen would come back to him.

He made a little prayer for her safety and his sanity, and then he got up and started to walk home.

Somehow his prayer made him feel a whole lot better about the situation. Somewhere deep in his heart he knew that whatever was going to happen, it would happen for the best.

At the end of the day, Zaheer wasn’t all good, but he wasn’t all bad either. Maybe it was better this way, maybe it wasn’t. He cared for Yasmeen a LOT. But he had to decide, what was more important: his ego and reputation, or the girl of his dreams?

(Okay, seriously guys NOW I’m going on a break! Was just super excited to give you this post x)

Zaheer's Back Garden


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