Part 11- Fashionista Fun

Ammarrah was a lifesaver! We spent the entire afternoon looking through my closet.

I felt like a barbie doll, being dressed up then dressed down, then dressed up again in another outfit. She showed me so many new ways I could wear what I already owned and I actually felt like I didn’t need to go shopping.

Who was I kidding!

When does a girl ever say no to more clothes?

In the end, we settled on a long lace dress. It was fitted around my waist, but flowed till the floor. Instead of an inner I wore a cropped light denim jacket over it and we paired it with sequinned sandals to finish off the look. I looked modest but sophisticated, stylish but youthful.

Ammarrah loosely curled my hair, but she went the extra mile and added in a cute little braid. Her fingers really worked magic.

ME: Amz, question. Should I wear scarf?

AMMARRAH: If you do wear a scarf, you should wear it because of you want to, not because you want to impress someone else.

ME: Valid point. I’ve always thought about wearing it full time. I’ve just been so weak. In Ramadan I wear it the entire month, but after that I just get so lazy

AMMARRAH: We all get lazy.

ME: Thats true. I guess I won’t wear it today. When my heart is ready then I’ll make it a permanent thing. Thanks Amz, for everything.

AMMARRAH: It’s my pleasure. I wish you ALL the best with this dinner. Hopefully its smooth sailing with your parents.

ME: I hope so!

AMMARRAH: Phone me sometime before you leave for Dubai okay? We’ll catch up, get a coffee

ME: I will definitely do that! And thanks again for all your help.

I walked Ammarrah downstairs to the front door and waited till she left, then I went into the kitchen to get the approval of my outfit from my mother.

MUM: So you finally decided to wear the denim jacket I bought you six months ago?

ME: It looks nice with this dress right?

My mother ignored my question and turned towards the stove

MUM: Your clothes better not be dumped all over the floor in your room Yasmeen? We have guests coming over. Go clean up and then come downstairs. I need help in the kitchen.

I did as I was told and really did end up helping in the kitchen. I was careful not to mess my dress. I set the table, iced a dozen cupcakes and made drinks for the table, doing everything with the utmost care.

My mother changed into a navy dress while my father wore a white Polo shirt with jeans. At half seven Armaan decided to grace us with his presence. He walked into the house, sweaty, dirty and still in his soccer kit.

ME: WHAT are you wearing? Do you know what the time is? They’ll be here any second! GO. CHANGE!

But it was too late.

Before my mother could even see the state of my brother, the door bell rang.



13 thoughts on “Part 11- Fashionista Fun

  1. fatimz says:

    Lol can’t w8 2 seee wat happens plz post soooonish lol armaan hehe plZ post soooooon hope the supper goes off well……gr8 post

  2. golden eagle birdie says:

    Suspense kills
    Can’t wait 2 see wat happens nxt
    Oh gosh silly armaan
    Hope he doesn’t cause any troublee
    Update soooooooonnnn I canttt waiiiitttt mann

  3. DANIELA DALTON ;) says:

    heyy, if u r a muslim u r nt supposed to date no ? i do nt understand?! y r parents no angry at yas! nice story but . is it for really in really lyf?
    Uzair very handsome boy me 2 very jelous an lov him toh mooch

  4. muallimahnoorulain says:

    She chose a dress. . . . (Excited face) lol im definitely going to comment more often. .lol just kiding but the dres was a reali smart choice. 😀
    And yes Daniela muslims are n0t supose to date..but everybody has their fair share of naughtynes.
    Im guesing the blog is not real jus a story. .

  5. ..... says:

    Yippee she wore a dress*dancing face* oh Armaan u crack me up*larfing face* go bath haha can’t wait for next post wonder wat Uzair wore…love the pics too jzk xoxo

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