About Diary of a Dubain


Season 1 Intro

(Part 1-30)

Yasmeen Raheem’s life has always been in Durban. From her best friend Fatimah, to her loving cousins and grandparents, everything has always been situated in the same country. But when her father accepts a job in Dubai, Yasmeen realizes that her ‘ordinary’ life in Durban is in for a real makeover. Is she cut out to be a Dubain Girl?

Season 2 Intro


All’s Fair in Love and Louboutins, Yasmeen Raheem’s new motto in life. After leaving behind Zaheer and all her troubles in Dubai, Yasmeen is back in Durban for Ramadan to help her Best Friend, mend relationships with people from her past, and start wearing scarf full time. Will Yasmeen be able to cope with under all the pressure AND ramadan? And are Zaheer and her ever going to get past their argument?

Season 3 Intro

(Parts 61-90)

Yasmeen Raheem could not be any happier! Not only has she learnt to love and enjoy her new life in Dubai, but she’s also managed to bag the man of her dreams. But how long will her fantasy life in Dubai last? And will the new man in her life stay true to her? You know what they say, once a bad boy always a bad boy…. Is there any hope for the two love birds? And what’s up with all the girls in school suddenly

Season 4 Intro

(Parts 91-100)

So much has happened in Yasmeen’s life! Both her best friends are engaged to be married! And what’s better, they’re having a Double Wedding! So with short notice, and much excitement Yasmeen finds her self back in Durban after 6 months of her Dubain life. But she returns to find a whole lot more hidden behind Uzair’s childhood friend Yasmin… The wedding fever is kicking in big time as Nuha takes over wedding plans and Yasmeen’s feeling left out. With everyone around her moving full speed ahead in life, will Yasmeen move on? Will she change? Or will she stay stuck in her rut?


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    • Sorry, it wont get emailed to you from season one… Only new posts get emailed if you sign up and since DOAD is finished, now new posts will be emailed out so its pointless to signup

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